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Chapter One- The Bachelor


The silence was thick between the two of them as they stared unblinkingly at each other. Finally, the younger of the two sighed and looked away, shaking his head. "Ore-sama does not understand why ore-sama must do this." The silver haired man—merely nineteen years old—stated, almost wanting to twitch at the thought at what he was being forced to do.

Sitting down in his chair, the older man eyed his son with little interest and replied, "Keigo, you have escaped from every other attempt to find a woman to marry, but not this one. I have already signed you up and you will do this. Is that clear?"

Atobe Keigo frowned heavily and leaned back in his own seat, wishing he was able to tell his father the exact reason why he didn't want to marry a woman. He wasn't interested in any of them for multiple reasons. They wore that disgusting stuff they called make-up, they gossiped, they were nosy, and they had a few parts that he would rather they didn't and they also lacked a certain part of the male anatomy that he was rather fond of, if he said so himself.

But he couldn't tell his father that. Oh no, because that would ruin their perfect lives, in their perfect mansion, in their perfect little world where he would grow to take over the Atobe Corporation and marry and have a son who would then grow up to take over the Atobe Corporation and marry and have a son and so on and on and on until the end of time.

It all sounded rather boring if you asked him, but Atobe Keigo was quite sure that his father was not going to ask him so there was no way he would say it otherwise. "Of course, tou-san," he finally sighed, finger nails lightly tapping at the arm of his chair. "Ore-sama will behave like the Atobe ore-sama is and find an appropriate woman to wed."

His father gave a stiff nod. "Good, Keigo. Now if you'll excuse me," the older man stood and cast his son a last look before almost striding from the room without another word. Atobe closed his eyes with a slightly disbelieving laugh. It was hardly believable, the fact that he had to do something like this to find a woman to marry. It was something desperate and not at all Atobe-like.

But of course all his father cared about was him—Keigo—having an heir and a wife, the perfect image for the perfect family. He wondered though if this was the best way to go about it.


The blonde snored quietly on his bed, arms wrapped tightly around his pillow, and a small smile on his face as if he were having a nice dream. And—indeed—it was a nice dream. There were larger arms wrapped around his back while he clutched tightly around the other person's—a man he guessed—neck, a large, happy grin set on his face as he was spun around before he was set carefully down onto the ground and the man swooped towards him, lips attaching to his.

He trailed a hand down his dream man's chest and relaxed into the kiss, smile still fixed firmly to his face. Jirou liked the feel of the lips against his; they were soft and moved against his almost professionally. Not that Jirou would know though, he hadn't actually kissed anyone before despite almost being twenty.

As many people waited for the right person to have their "first times" with, he also waited for the right person to have his "first kiss" with. Why should the first kiss be just as special as the "first time" if not more? The first kiss is what began a relationship, not the first time… unless you were one of those kinds of people, which Jirou definitely wasn't.

A loud knocking interrupted his sleep and Jirou yawned as his dream abruptly stopped. His eyes blearily opened and he glared over at his apartment door through which he could see because of his own bedroom door that was opened.

"Jirou!" the loud voice of his friend Mukahi Gakuto called through the large wooden door and the blonde sat up, rubbing at his eyes.

"Gakuto, he's probably still asleep. Let's not bother him." Another voice said and he fell back onto the bed, eyes closing again, inwardly thanking Oshitari Yuushi—Gakuto's boyfriend.

The loud man huffed. "It's past noon already! He doesn't need to sleep so late, besides, this is important!" the knocking continued. "Jirou! Get up now!" Jirou pouted his lips heavily and glared over in the direction of the knocking, knowing that if he cursed, he would be cursing his best friend right that moment.

Jirou stomped over to the door, still rubbing at his eyes and yawning loudly before opening it, and glaring at his redheaded friend. "Gakuto, I was sleeping."

Gakuto huffed. "As I said to Yuushi, you don't need to sleep so much!" his friend pushed past him and removed his shoes before walking into his living room and flopping down onto the couch, beginning to pull something from his bag.

Oshitari gave a small, apologetic smile and Jirou opened the door wider, letting Oshitari in to remove his own shoes and follow his boyfriend over to Jirou's couch. The blonde shut the door and flopped down in an arm chair, grabbing the blanket next to him and throwing it over to his snuggled up body, relaxing back into the comfortable piece of furniture. It wasn't as comfortable as he would have liked, but that stuff was all too expensive for him.

"Look at this," Gakuto insisted, pushing a magazine into his older friend's hands. Jirou frowned down at it and spun it around to look at the cover, merely blinking when he saw Atobe Keigo to be the Bachelor on The Bachelorand a large picture of said person.

Jirou glanced back up at the two people sitting across from him and asked, "So?"

Gakuto bowed his head and sighed in annoyance, as if disappointed for some reason. Dark blue eyes glancing up into curious brown ones, Gakuto responded, "Its Atobe Keigo,"

Jirou merely frowned and shook his head in confusion.

Gakuto whimpered in exasperation. "Jirou! Yuushi and I have told you about him, remember? Atobe Keigo? The two of us went to Hyoutei Gakuen with him? He was a major narcissistic jerk who ended up moving back to Europe after middle school and his family only just moved back a few months ago? Does any of this ring any bells?"

He blinked and then, "Oh! Atobe Keigo! Hai!" he grinned. "I remember! What about him?"

The redhead facepalmed. "He's going to be the bachelor!" he yelled as he pointed to the magazine in Jirou's hand.

Jirou tilted his head and blinked down at the magazine. "Oh…" he looked up at Gakuto. "What about him?"

Gakuto's jaw dropped and he slowly turned towards his slightly amused boyfriend. "Jirou is an idiot, Yuushi."

The "tensai" chuckled. "Well you are being a little bit vague, Gakuto." He pointed out, crossing his legs. "Maybe it would help Jirou-kun if you told him what you were going on about."

"But-but… it's so simple Yuushi!" Gakuto exclaimed and Jirou blinked between the two of them, trying to pay attention but all he really wanted to do was go back to sleep.

"Then why don't you explain what is so 'simple'—as you put it—to him, Gakuto?" Oshitari questioned, picking up his book that he had set down on the coffee table and turned to the correct page.

Gakuto huffed and pouted, grumbling slightly. "Oh, fine," the redhead turned to his droopy eyed friend and began so loudly that it startled the blonde awake and he slipped off of the armchair, back splayed over the carpet and legs tangled with his blanket that had somehow managed to stay on the chair. "As I was saying," he stated in slight annoyance as Jirou rubbed at the back of his head and fixed himself back up in his chair with Oshitari's help. "That is Atobe Keigo who is going to be the bachelor and I've come up with an awesome plan!" Gakuto grinned in excitement.

Jirou yawned, blinking his large brown eyes at Gakuto. "Uh-huh," he replied slowly, beginning to feel himself drowsing off but fighting from doing so.

"—and I thought that maybe you could become one of the contestants and make him fall for you and then bam!" Jirou was startled back into paying attention by Gakuto's loud noise. "You tell everyone that you are actually male and make him feel like a fool for thinking that you liked him and that you were female!" Gakuto bounced in his seat. "Doesn't it sound fun?"

The blonde slowly shook his head. "…no?" Gakuto stopped his bouncing and frowned.

"Why not?" he whined, pouting and crossing his arms.

"Gakuto, that's mean!" Jirou cried loudly. "You shouldn't do that to people no matters how much you don't like them. Nope. Nope. Nope. You shouldn't." he shook his head and stood, picking up his blanket. "Now—if you'll excuse me—I'm going back to bed. I'm tireds and you guys interrupted my nice dream." Jirou pouted heavily himself and started walking back to his room only to trip and nearly fall when something grabbed onto his leg.

"Please?!" the something begged and Jirou looked down to see Gakuto clutching onto him, looking hopelessly up into his face. "Please, Jirou? You're the only one that I can trust to do it correctly and thoroughly! Please?"

Jirou frowned at the look on his friend's face. He knew that he shouldn't, that it was wrong to be so mean, but Gakuto was his friend and maybe he could make it to where he could end up breaking it to Atobe-kun in a nicer way? That was, if he ever even made it to the end…

A small smirk played at his face. "Gakuto," he said sweetly. "I'll tell you what. If you buy me a bed, I'll do it."

Gakuto straightened up. "A bed? That's it? What kind of bed?"

"Will you buy me one?" Gakuto nodded. "Yay! I get to pick the bed, you buy me it. And this is only if I get completely through, if I don't, you buy me a new couch. Kay?"

The redhead stood. "Of course! Let's plan this! It's going to be fun!" Gakuto exclaimed, pulling Jirou to his room to go search for any appropriate clothing that could pass as feminine for the time being.

Oshitari chuckled, eyes hovering over one word in his book. He knew that he wasn't going to regret not telling Gakuto that Atobe was actually gay. He glanced up to see a wary blonde watching his clothes fly across the room and laughed again quietly to himself. Jirou-kun was definitely in for a rude awakening.

Atobe Keigo sighed as he sat on the sofa, eyeing the staff around him to make sure that everything was being handled well. This was one of the Atobe Mansions and he would not like it if anything was broken by one of these peasants. In fact, he didn't like the fact that they were even touching anything of his.

He heard a loud crash and twitched, closing his eyes tightly. It was only a few months, no more than that, he could handle it. Or, he could try to handle it at least.

"I'm okay!" someone called from the other end of the room and Atobe let out a sharp breath and opened his eyes, quietly saying to himself, "Ore-sama doesn't care if you're okay, you impecile, you just better not have broken anything of ore-sama's."

"Atobe-sama," the heir slowly looked up to find the producer walking towards him and sighed yet again in annoyance. This man was nearly platnium blonde, had an accent and pale skin, obviously a forienger in his presense and yet he was still walking as if he were the king of the world, head held high, nose in the air, and moving towards him in an almost rediculous strut. "We are almost ready to begin."

He shooed the man away with the wave of his hand, saying, "That is fine," Atobe stood and elegantly walked over to the window facing the large drive way, peering out to see if anyone had arrive yet. No one had yet and he inwardly cursed the drivers for not driving faster.

"Atobe-sama, you should probably head outside; the first woman will be arriving soon." The host told him quietly and Atobe nodded, knowing that the man was naturally a quiet person until he started reading from his lines.

"Hai, ore-sama will go now," and without casting the host another glance, he walked from his mansion and took in a large breath of fresh air as he stood on the steps where he was supposed to stand. He didn't like following directions given to him by a plebian but since it was something as little as standing on the steps, he would do it.

Atobe ignored the cameras pointed at him as he waited silently—if not a bit impatiently. He just wanted these next few montsh to be over with and he sincerely hoped that at least one of these girls were decent, because no matter what, he had to walk away with one. But he thought it was rather desperate of these girls to go on a love show to find "love" (probably more like a man with a lot of money, which he had).

Finally—after what seemed forever—the first car pulled up and a butler opened the door. A female stepped out wearing a flowing floral dress and small, two-inch heels. She had shoulder-length auburn hair and bangs that curved around her forehead. Her smile was bright and shining, eyes a dark green. She walked elegantly and gracefully over to him and bowed, pridefully stating her name, "Ikeda Arisa, yoroshiku."

The heir smiled politely and bowed back. "Atobe Keigo,"

Ikeda shot him another sparkling smile before walking into his mansion, Atobe dropped his smile slightly and watched as the next car pulled up and a girl walked out. She had short blonde hair, a mini-skirt with a matching sweater with neat, expensive tennis-shoes. Atobe couldn't tell if either of them was prettier than the other but he guessed it would've been Ikeda, but he could see something in this girl that would probably suit his tastes more—if he was interested in women. Ikeda would be what his parents wanted.

"Tachibana An, yoroshiku." Atobe blinked slightly, recognizing the name for somewhere before introducing himself and gesturing the way towards the door. It went on like this for quite awhile, no one that really caught his eye even a little bit. There had been some giggling fangirls, shy fangirls, foreigners, but nobody of great interest until one of the last contestants.

When the woman began to step out, he could automatically tell that she was both small and short for her age after only seeing a delicate leg exit from the car. His butler held out a hand and the woman took it, smiling brightly up at him as she whispered a quiet "Thank you". Atobe's breath seemed to catch in his throat as he stared at her. The girl was definitely very… beautiful.

She turned back around and looked nervously over at him, slightly wavy blonde hair blowing in the wind. Her brown eyes had only a little gold circling them, drawing his gaze even more so to them. Her lips were glazed in a soft, pink gloss and for some reason Atobe found that he didn't mind the make-up covering her face, it was light and hardly there, which was a nice change.

The girl was wearing a simple outfit, but to Atobe it just made her look even prettier and highlighted her natural looks. She was wearing a white dress that feel just abover her knees, black tights that ended just below them. On the dress was a thin, stitched patern of lavender just at the chest line. At her waist was a lavender bow and what looked to be a lavender daisy. She also wore a long, simple, silver chain, at the end yet another lavender daisy and flip-flops with a lavender daisy on each toe. On her right wrist she wore different colored, bangle bracelets that still matched her outfit, and her left wrist was bare of anything at all.

She bit her lip nervously as she walked up to him, coming to a pause when she reached him. "Akutagawa Koiko, yoroshiku, Atobe-sama." She greeted quietly, a small shake to her voice and Atobe picked up her hand abruptly, laying a soft kiss.

Koiko blushed and took her hand back after a moment. "Atobe Keigo, it is nice to meet you, Akutagawa-san."

There was a small smile on his face as she stuttered slightly and replied, "It's Koiko," before giving him another nervous smile and heading inside.

Atobe waited a moment before glancing over his shoulder, watching the girl walk into his mansion and then turned forward again, wondering what that was about. He had founder Koiko-san attractive, which was odd considering he was gay or at least he was pretty sure he was gay. He had never found females to be very… appealing whereas males… well, not many of them caught his interest either but they were still a lot more appealing than breasts.

And yet, there was something about that Akutagawa Koiko that he couldn't put his finger on. He would probably have to wait awhile longer to figure out what it was, but he was sure that there would definitely be time. But—then again—she might be absolutely horrible later that night when they had to mingle and try to chat him up to stay for another day. There were nearly fourty women in his house at the moment, twenty would go home, leaving twenty left. And then a few days later, five would go home, and then four, and so on until they got to six and then only one girl at a time would go home.

When the last girl had been introduced to him, Atobe gave a quiet sigh of relief. The very beginning was over and next it would be to talk to them. How he loathed having to do so. Well, he loathed talking to everybody except that one person, for now.

And so, he headed back inside to see what awaited him as The Bachelor.