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Chapter Nine- The Second Date


"Oooh! Sugoi!" Jirou blinked as he eyed all of the people around the courts. He frowned at some of the taller kids; it was no fair that they were so much younger and taller than him and yet he wasn't even 167 cm (about 5 ft 6 in)!

He heard Atobe give a small chuckle and looked over curiously at him only to see Atobe give a small shake of the head as he assured him it was nothing, before he was led over to courts, watching as people came and went. It seemed as if the match had yet to begun, though Jirou didn't know which school was playing.

Normally, this type of thing would make him bored (unless they were absolutely sugoi like Marui-kun!), but this time, he was with Atobe and felt almost incapable of sleeping, unless he was—of course—with his head laid down on Atobe's shoulder, or better yet—in his lap. Jirou smiled, he would bet that Atobe's lap would be very comfortable.

He wondered if he could maybe test that someday.

As a man eyed him somewhat predatorily, Jirou warily stepped closer to Atobe, unconsciously clutching onto the man's arm. Atobe—upon noticing the grip around his arm—looked up and sent a glare to the man eyeing Jirou up which he outwardly thanked Atobe for, but he still decided that he wasn't going to let go of the other man's arm, just in case. But of course, that was only just an excuse.

"Ne, Atobe-kun, who's playing?" he asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet excitedly, peering around at all of the uniforms.

"Hyoutei of course, ore-sama must make sure that they are up to par, ne?" not minding the stares that they were sure to get (as people were beginning to recognize him and point fingers in confusion at Jirou—or rather—Koiko), Atobe took Jirou's hand and he blushed, turning a bright crimson as he was led off to a bench placed under a tree. They sat and Jirou snuggled slightly into his side, blushing even more when Atobe stared down at him.

"And they are playing against Seigaku," Atobe laughed. "That does bring back memories." Jirou giggled and replied, "Didn't you lose against Seigaku? Twice?"

Atobe gave a small, playful huff—which surprised even himself—and told him, "Ore-sama will have you know that ore-sama beat Tezuka, even if ore-sama lost against that brat." Atobe said with narrowed eyes, still not over having had to shave off his hair.

Jirou laughed, shoulders shaking slightly. "Atobe-kun, you know that wasn't what I was talking about but I'll let you believe that it was."

"Good, because ore-sama will hear nothing else on the subject of losing," but he said this with a small smile. "Especially against Seigaku," he added and Jirou grinned, only to move away when he saw the camera pointed towards them. Atobe glanced over before looking at Jirou and tugging him back to him, causing the boy to stare up at him in slight shock. "Ore-sama doesn't see why you can't sit close to ore-sama just because of a camera."

"I didn't think you'd…" Jirou trailed, blushing with a small smile as Atobe held onto his hand. It was warm out that afternoon, but he didn't find sitting so close to the younger man in any way uncomfortable. In fact, the extra warmth was welcomed and he buried his head in the silver-haired man's shoulder, unsuccessfully hiding the pink on his cheeks.

Atobe chuckled and tilted the blonde's head up, staring at the wide, doe-like, brown eyes before he leant down and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. Jirou let out a shaky breath when he pulled back as his stomach squirmed, butterflies flapping freely in his stomach. But really, Jirou thought that they were much bigger then butterflies, probably something more like some type of wonderful, tropical bird.

Those birds were pretty.

"Uh," he averted his eyes. "I don't think I caught that, can you say it again?" He smiled, a little shyly at Atobe who let out a laugh and threaded a hand through Jirou's blonde hair, pulling his head closer so that their lips would meet.

Jirou didn't mind that they were in public somehow, he forgot all about the camera and the people that were sure to be watching. For a moment he forgot that Atobe thought he was a girl; that Atobe liked him even though he was a boy, and Jirou moaned quietly mouth opening to let in Atobe's tongue. The wet muscle moved against his own as they playfully fought inside of both of their mouths, Jirou trying to press himself as close to the heir as would be permitted in public.

When Atobe pulled back, Jirou panted for breath, somehow having forgotten that human need for oxygen. But it was worth it, and would be worth it to be panting again if only he could… he blushed as that thought sent less than innocent thoughts spiraling through his mind. How those thoughts would be wonderful but… they were completely impossible, that was for sure.

Atobe thought he was a girl, so if—when—he found out that he was actually a boy—which is not a girl, mind you—how would he react? He'd probably find it disgusting how he had made out more than once with him, probably tell him to leave and that he never wanted to see him again… tears sprung to his eyes at that thought. It was just a thought but it hurt, a lot, somehow.

Just the fact that he wouldn't be able to see… his Kei-chan again because his Kei-chan wouldn't want him when he found out that he was a boy. Why did gender have to matter so much?

"Koiko, are you okay?" Jirou looked over, hating how it was that name Atobe used so easily. It sounded wrong to his ears, he wanted someone—Atobe—to use his name which was not Koiko, but Jirou. He wanted that name to fall from Atobe's lips, to be used so nicely but the person he really… liked?

"Eh?" he felt something wet slide down his cheek and brought up a hand, wiping away—to his horror and curiosity—a tear. He nodded and forced a smile, "I'm fine, I just… thought of something sad."

"Oh," he watched as a small smile came over Atobe's face and frowned. What did he find funny in that? It wasn't funny at all! "Ore-sama thought for a moment there that he was losing his touch, but that is impossible seeing as ore-sama is ore-sama."

Jirou blinked and then grinned, laughing slightly. "No, you're definitely not losing you're touch. I'd tell you if you were." He gave a small wink and it was Atobe's turn to chuckle.

"Glad you found that amusing; it got you to smile." He explained. "You're smile is a rather… pretty one," he told him quietly and Jirou blushed even more, taking in a large breath and looking in front of him, swaying slightly where he sat.

"Oh," he bit his lip and looked shyly at Atobe. "Anou… arigatou, I rather like your smile as well, your real smile and not your smirk, though I do like that also." He giggled when he got that "real smile".

Atobe scratched at the back of his neck, fighting to keep red from his own cheeks. "You're going to make ore-sama blush," he admitted for some reason unbeknownst to himself.

"Hehe! I'll take that as a compliment! I'm sure not many people have gotten an Atobe to blush before," Jirou exclaimed, putting his face right up to Atobe's who stared down at him before once again kissing him, still staring into brown eyes. "And I don't think many have gotten you to kiss them before…" Jirou had meant it as a thought, but had instead stated it out loud, and looked down at the bench, embarrassed.

"Correct," Atobe whispered in his ear, softly kissing her cheek before pulling away and sitting up in the bench, clearing his throat.

"Eh? Ji—ow!—Jirou's sister?" Jirou looked over and paled when he saw Gakuto and Oshitari five or ten feet to the right of them.

"Gaku-chan…" he whispered before saying louder, "Mukahi-kun!" Gakuto twitched slightly at the sound of his surname coming from Jirou but otherwise didn't have much more of a reaction. "Hi," he waved, biting his lip.

"Mukahi, Oshitari," Atobe nodded. "It is nice to see the two of you again. What are you doing here?"

"We could ask you the same thing, Atobe," Oshitari stated, closing the book—Atobe wanted to roll his eyes, that was so Oshitari—that he had been reading. "We—Gakuto and I—always come to cheer on Hyoutei."

"Ah, so the two of you are still friends?"

"More than friends!" Gakuto exclaimed as he took Oshitari's hand and held it up, hugging him around the waist.

"Right, should've known. That's good for you, ore-sama is glad for the two of you," he said truthfully, casting them a small smile. Jirou felt like smiling himself, so Atobe wasn't homophobic? That was good, at least.

"So you and Koiko-san? What are the two of you doing here?" Oshitari questioned, shooting a glance at Jirou who averted his eyes innocently and kicked his feet into the air a bit.

"Ore-sama is on a date, is it not obvious?" he asked gesturing to how close they were sitting so that their legs were nearly touching and Atobe's hand was lain atop of Jirou's.

"Atobe's dating a girl?" Gakuto laughed. "I had been sure you were gay!" Jirou cast him an odd glance as Atobe's hand tightened over his fingers. Did Gakuto really believe that, or was he just saying it? Because—if he had believed that, then what made him think that pretending to be a girl and make Atobe fall in love and then reveal himself as a boy and embarrass him, would work?

"Ore-sama does not believe that it is any of your business whom ore-sama decides to date," he stated, not letting go of Jirou's hand who giggled nervously and cast his two friends pointed looks—not completely sure if they wouldn't give anything away (or at least Gakuto) even if it had been Gakuto's idea.

"Now, now, Atobe, let's be nice, you too Gakuto," he petted Gakuto's head and the acrobat pouted, turning away, but Jirou could see the secret dazed look in his eyes that signaled he was getting ready to lean against Oshitari, wanting to be petted even more. "Gakuto," Oshitari continued, taking his boyfriend's hand. "I think I see Shishido, let's go say high," the bespectacled man pulled the redhead with him and Jirou could swear that he heard Gakuto asking, "Yuushi, weren't they kissing?" before they disappeared from sight.

With a small smile, Atobe returned to talking quietly to Jirou, but all Jirou was able to do was nod and smile back, eyes being drawn back to the heir's lips every few seconds now that his mind had been reminded of their earlier kissing.

Atobe was such a good kisser, and he was probably not so good, but he hadn't seemed to mind, and that made Jirou incredibly happy. It was nice to know that your first time kissing wasn't a complete fail. Well, technically it wasn't his first time kissing, but Atobe was the first person he had ever kissed. So, he figured, that had to count for something.

Soon, the matches started and Jirou was watching along with Atobe. It was amazing how big the tennis club was and how many people were in the cheering squad since they couldn't play, (Atobe—of course—stated and pointed out how it was nothing compared to when he was captain, but Jirou had seen some of the displays Hyoutei had done when Atobe was captain and he had to agree with that) and they were also rather good at tennis (again—another comment here made by Atobe).

Seigaku had won Doubles 2 easily (which made Atobe twitch), while Hyoutei repaid in kind by creaming them in Doubles 1. Singles 3 was taken with a little more of a fight by Seigaku while Hyoutei took Singles 2, a fight still harder yet. Finally it came time for Singles 1, which was what they all had been waiting for.

Singles 1 was definitely the most difficult match that had been played—captain versus captain—it was to be expected. And Atobe was glad to see that Hyoutei's captain was tough, not as tough as he had been, but tougher then some. In the end, Hyoutei one 3-2, both would be going onto the Nationals, but Hyoutei had finally beaten Seigaku, something which Atobe was immensely glad for, not that he let it show.

He gave captain a nod when they met eye contact, and the present captain—upon recognizing him—straightened up and gave a bow, beaming at being recognized by the greatest captain and student council president that Hyoutei Gakuen had had since the very beginning of the school.

Jirou smiled up at Atobe as they stood, clutching onto the heir's arm. "Would you like to come eat with ore-sama?" Atobe questioned and Jirou just stood there, blinking for a moment before nodding, "Hai, arigatou, Atobe-kun," he beamed, eyes closing and smiling with him, and Atobe couldn't help but give "her" a small pat on the head for the cuteness she was presenting him with.

Atobe slid into the car first before holding out a hand to Jirou, helping him in. As Jirou went step into the limo, he tripped over the step, sending him flying into Atobe's arms, the both of them sprawling onto the leather seats.

There was a moment of silence before, "Gomen! Gomen, Atobe-kun! Gomen!" Atobe could swear that he heard chuckling coming from his driver before the door was shut. "Its fine," Atobe responded truthfully, slowly sitting up as Jirou did.

When they were sitting up in the seats, they noticed something rather… odd. Jirou had ended somehow ended up in Atobe's lap. There was another lapse of silence before a blushing Jirou went to move off of his lap, whispering a quiet, "Gomen,"

Against his will, Atobe tightened his grip on the boy's waist, causing the blonde to look down in confusion. "Ore-sama has no problem with you sitting here if you wish," he quickly explained, not being able to help how he averted his eyes slightly so that he was looking at Jirou's forehead instead of his wide, brown eyes.

"U-uh, hai," he stuttered, voice squeaking so that it actually did sound a bit more girlish than he had already been making it. He began to shift slightly before remembering that it was a bad idea to do on a guy's lap, especially when they had been kissing said guy not that long before.

When Jirou heard a sharp intake of breath from Atobe, he closed his eyes and swallowed tightly. He squeaked again when the limo hit a small bump, causing him to bounce a little on the heir's lap and his eyes widened before Jirou squeezed them shut again. Bad thoughts, bad thoughts, they needed to go away. Think gross thoughts; Oshitari and Gakuto having sex in public (his nose scrunched up), having sex with either Oshitari and/or Gakuto in public (he grimaced lightly), his brother and his girlfriend, ewww, a female.

Yucky thoughts, no, gross, he didn't want to think about a female naked! They had… and they didn't have… and they were! Just, no, he much rather preferred to think of Atobe naked. Yes, that was such a nice thought.

He froze. No, it was not a nice thought! Bad thought, bad thought! Bad thought needed to go away and leave him alone! Jirou kept his eyes tightly clenched shut. What were with all the bad thoughts? Of course he had had thoughts before, but he had been able to control himself a lot better than now, but—of course—it didn't help when he was sitting in the person he was… lusting (really?) after's lap.

There was another bounce and sharp intake of breath and Jirou's eyes snapped open, widening as he thought wait… was that…? He squeaked and slipped off of Atobe's lap and onto the floor, legs spread slightly and he was suddenly glad that he had worn loose jeans instead of tight ones or a skirt.

"Are you okay, Koiko?" he heard Atobe's worried voice ask and Jirou gave a jerky nod. "H-hai! Ne, that last bounce," he held his legs to his chest. "It just threw me a bit off balance there for a moment. I'm all goods though!" Jirou beamed and Atobe gave a small laugh, helping him up to sit beside Atobe instead of on him this time—which made Jirou a little sad… not that he would admit it out loud or anything though.

"Ore-sama is glad that you are 'all goods' as you put it," he said in amusement and Jirou smiled. Some people thought he worded things the way he did, because he thought it made him cute, but it just usually came out that way.

Without thinking, Jirou yawned and scooted down on the leather seat, laying his head down in Atobe's lap, smiling up at the younger man. "Wake me when we get there?"

Atobe stared at him for a second and Jirou smiled again, before closing his eyes and letting him fall into sleep, his last thought being, Kei-chan's lap really is very comfy.

Even when he was using all of his power not to, he still lost to the urge to run his fingers through Koiko's soft, blonde hair. It was beginning to curl again, and he wanted to ask her why she kept straightening it. Yes, she looked good with straight hair, but the wild and crazy curls seemed to suite her bubbly personality more. Either way, the girl's hair was incredibly soft, and he didn't think he'd ever get enough of just running his fingers over it, petting the girl's head softly.

He had been unable to help himself when he had had her on his lap. The cute blush had only added to how much he wanted her to stay there. It had been torturous for him indeed, to try and control himself from just attacking the girl, kissing her hungrily and probably even likely going further than that, a thought he had thought would never cross his mind about a female.

But it had, and—if it was her—he could put up with her having female parts instead of male parts (although they would be sorely missed). There was just something about this girl that he couldn't get enough of, and every time he saw her, or heard her, he just wanted more of her, and he promised himself that'd he'd have her one way or the other… as long as Koiko was willing of course.

After they had eaten and were returning to the Atobe Manor, Atobe interrupted Koiko's excited chatter by asking, "Koiko, ore-sama if you would mind playing a match against ore-sama,"

There was silence. "Eh?" she blinked, hands placed on her knees as she stared up at him. "Play a match with me?" she pointed to herself and Atobe nodded. Koiko blushed and stammered lightly, "I'm sure you wouldn't have that much fun playing me even though it'd be completely SUGOI to play with you because you're an awesome player, but I don't think it'd be as sugoi to play against me." She shook her head, blonde hair flapping around her face.

"Ore-sama is sure that it would be fun to play against you and that is why ore-sama asks. So, will you?" Atobe asked again and Koiko stared at him before nodding. "Aa! I'd be crazy to pass up the chance to get to play against you!" she smiled.

Atobe chuckled. "Ore-sama is sure that we will have many chances to play each other in the future if everything works out well," as he said that, the door was opened and Atobe stepped out of the car, holding out a hand to the shocked looking Koiko to help her out as well.

The two of them quickly entered the manor and went their separate ways to change and to gather their equipment, the girls looking on in confusion as to what was going on. When the saw Koiko exit her room with her tennis outfit on and bag in hand, they decided to follow, coming to the likely conclusion that Atobe and Koiko would be playing a match, seeing as Atobe had also appeared in a tennis uniform.

Koiko ended up getting the first serve, and to the audience watching, she was a lot more excited then she had been while playing them, which made sense just by the fact that they sucked and Atobe… he was amazing.

They knew nothing about tennis and they could still tell, every time Atobe would bring his hand up to his face, they'd swoon, as well as when he would return a lob, his shirt rising up to expose his chest. Even Koiko looked a bit distracted by it all.

But Koiko got her revenge when she volleyed, slipping onto the ground with a proud smile on her face, legs a bit parted underneath her. Atobe stared before turning a very light pink and looking away as the ball was returned, earning Koiko a point.

He looked over to see her standing and dusting off her hands on her skirt. She cast him a small wink before picking up her racket and swinging it as she walked back over to the starting position, waiting for him to serve.

Some of the girls glared over at Koiko for that. That had to be cheating, right? Though the smarter ones knew that she really had done nothing wrong; that had been Atobe and his mind wandering.

And his mind had definitely wandered, just the image of her legs spread over the court… although he had imagined her as a male once again, and he couldn't fathom the reason as to why he kept doing it, if there was a reason at all. Koiko was a girl, of course, not a boy.

Although, there was one thing all of the girls had to admit, she hadn't just been saying that she could play tennis to get into Atobe's good books, because Koiko definitely could play tennis, and—as far as they knew—she could play very well.

And this definitely made them angry. Was there anything about this person that Atobe wouldn't like?

But as Atobe jumped into the air to perform his final shot, Koiko bit her lip and concentrated hard, knowing what was coming. "Hametsu e no Rondo!"

I can do this, I can do this, was what was spelled on Koiko's face as the tennis ball shot towards her racket. She flicked her wrist and slipped onto the ground, beaming as she successfully returned the shot. Atobe's eyebrows raised and he smashed the ball, ending the game 6 games to Love.

Koiko bounced to her feet and ran over to Atobe, brown eyes shining in excitement. "Ne, Atobe-kun! I returned your shot! Sugoi!" most of the girls looked at each other, not at all understanding what had just happened, only An was staring, understanding what Koiko had just done, and was blinking in slight shock.

"Sugoi! I can't believe I returned it! That's such a powerful smash! I had seen you use it before but to actually try and return it! It's a lot more difficult than it looks but I did it! SUGOI!!" Koiko exclaimed, bouncing up and down in front of Atobe who was unable to keep a smile off of his face as he complimented her on her serve and volley. She blushed. "Arigatou, but you were so much more sugoi!"

"Koiko, why don't we head inside? It's going to be getting dark soon," he pointed out and Koiko nodded, another light blush on her cheeks. "Ne, Atobe, we should do that again sometime, like you said. That was lots of fun!"

Atobe was—thankfully—able to keep himself from saying that he knew something that would be even more fun that they could do together.