This is my new story. It is a Naruto x DBZ crossover story. And it is Naruto x Sakura story. Rated M for any language and lemons in the future.

"Quickly, King Vegeta wants our results" shouted Driega, who was the lead scientist of the lab.

"But we don't have anything successful to report sir" replies another scientist named Kakano.

"Damn it" cursed Driega "I better go before he gets mad" he continued as he walked towards the exit of the labs.

"WAIT!" screamed the third scientist, causing the other two to look over. His name was Verino.

"What is it?" asked Driega.

"We have made a breakthrough!" he said excitedly. Seeing them looking eager he continued. "Experiment R26 has accepted the latest gene fully"

"Excellent" said Driega and started running out of the room "I must tell his lordship".

"But wait…" shouted Verino, but Driega would not stop. He sighed.

"What's wrong?" asked Kakano

"Well even though it was a success, there is a small side effect of the procedure"

"Oh, how?"

"Well you see….."

About half an hour later, Driega returned along with the King and surprisingly the Queen as well.

"So where is the test subject?" demanded King Vegeta.

"This way your highness" Driega replied and led them to a cell near the back.

There was a three year old baby with black hair and like all of his species, had a tail sticking out of his backside.

"So this is experiment R26" said Vegeta and had a closer look "Wait, isn't this……"

"Yes, my lord. This is your youngest son, Prince Vedan"

"Please, bring him out" asked the Queen.

The head scientist unlocked the door and picked up the boy who was sleeping. The Queen held out her arms and the boy was laid into her arms. She looked down at her son in care.

Most races thought that the Saiyan's were cold, blood hungry people. Well….yes they are. But they are fiercely protective of their families.

"My dear son" she whispered, while stroking his hair.

Vegeta smiled at the scene, but then wiped it off his face. He turned to the head scientist.

"You said it was a success?"

"Yes lord. The gene was accepted by Prince Vedan fully. No side effects"

"I am sorry lord, but that is not true" blurted out Verino, earning an annoyed look from his supervisor, Driega.

"And how is that?" asked a concerned Queen.

"Well your son has grown attached to another test subject. You cannot remove him too far from her".


"Yes. You see the gene raises some natural attributes in us and causes us to act protective. It causes us to grow a sort of connection together. And since they have been allowed to interact with each other they are now emotionally attached"

"Show her to us" demanded Vegeta.

They walked to the next cell to their sons. Inside was another three year old baby Saiyan girl. But she had….

"Why does she have pink hair?" asked Vegeta.

"We failed an experiment and it permanently changed her hair colour to pink" explained Driega.

Driega went to pick her up and when he did, they heard growling nearby. They found it coming from their prince.

Naruto was awake and somehow glaring at the scientist and he was trying to get out of his mother's arms.

The scientist gave the sleeping girl to the queen who held her in her other arm. Naruto calmed down and fell asleep. They noticed that when they did, his tail wrapped instinctively around the girls.

"So the immortality gene works?" questioned Vegeta.

"Yes, but we wish to test it out more, before distribution" Driega advised.

"Very well. But you only have a week. We need to beat Frieza. He is pushing my patience everyday"

Vegeta and his Queen spent time with their youngest son for a while before both children were put in the same cell together.

"I wish you to apply the gene to the girl. Since my son is now attached to her and once the gene is applied, she will be attached to him. And no other will be good enough for them" explained Vegeta.

"They will be mates" concluding the Queen, earning a nod.

They started to head out of the lab, when Vegeta stopped.

"Take this" he said, writing a letter of sorts on a piece of paper and handing it to the scientists "If I do not return in four day, you are to do everything it says" he ordered.

They seen that he was serious and nodded, leaving the King to catch up with his Queen. He was going to bring his eldest child back, one way or another.

Five days later and there had been no answer or news of the King or Queen.

"Just been to the main city. Everyone is celebrating for some reason. But also something else caught my eye that was weird" reported Kakano.

"What?" asked Verino

"Bardock was spurting off nonsense that Frieza has come to destroy the planet" he told them and laughed at the end.

Driega looked grim. He turned and walked to the cells to find the young prince crying heavily.

"What do you think is wrong with him?" asked Kakano.

"Let me see the letter" said Driega.

Verino went to a safe and took it out and handed it to him. He broke it open and read.

Sweat covered his forehead. Once finished he dropped it and began to run to the machines. Kakano picked the letter up and read aloud.

'If you are reading this I am probably dead. I went with my royal guards to return my eldest son from the tyrant Frieza. Since I have departed from this existence, follow the following orders carefully.

Put my son and his mate in the two pods outside the complex. The code is 6669237.

Send them both to a far off location

Destroy all that remains of the experimental gene

These are my final orders. Frieza will destroy the planet to rid himself of us. Though the planet will blow, equipment could survive. His minions will shoot anything large, so my son and mate should survive intact.

That was all they needed to hear. If Frieza got his hand on this gene, he would be near unstoppable. And if the two Saiyan's successfully survived and escaped, Frieza could still be destroyed.

Verino ran to the cells where the Prince and the girl were crying. He picked them up and prepared them both. He waited for his colleagues, who had finished destroying the data. They headed to the hidden pods. They entered random coordinates into the computer, once it accepted the code.

"You sure you want to send them there? There have been strange readings from that sector" asked Kakano.

"Better there than here" muttered Driega.

They placed the kids in separate pods. Suddenly multiple pods were fired into orbit from other sectors of the planet.

"Does someone know of the attack?" Verino asked.

"No, it is just the low level newborns being sent out" answered Kakano.

"Good luck Prince Vedan" they said before closing his pod's door "And you too pinkie" and shut her pod's door.

"Clear" said Driega and once it was clear he pressed the launch button, firing the two pods into space.

They stared at the pods until they were out of sight.

Verino brought out three beers he had saved and handed them to his other two colleagues. They sat down.

"Cheers" they toasted.

"Well I hope they make it" Driega muttered.


They just sat there watching a large ball of energy head towards the planet, while drinking some good old local beer. And then……nothing.

"Sir, we have more contacts" announced a random gunner on a patrolling ship.

A monstrous blue alien soldier walked over to the controls and looked.

"Nah, let them pass, they are no threat" he responded.

"But we already let those other pods go as well before"

"Are you questioning my orders?" the commander snarled.

"N-No sir"

"Good. Now SHUT UP. And watch the show" he responded and turned to watch the savage Saiyan's annihilation.

The two pods sped out of orbit and into normal space. Away from their destroyed home world.

They entered the sector and headed to a nearby planet. But there was a problem. A BIG problem.

There was a hole in space, where the planet was supposed to be. And they were heading straight into it.

They were sucked in and transported to a different dimension.

It was another peaceful night in the village of Konoha. The Forth Hokage was walking along with wife Kushina.

Minato Namikaze loved his family. Which was his wife, father (Jiraiya) and mother (Tsunade).

Both husband and wife enjoyed walking during the night these days. It was summer time and warm during nights. Pleasant to walk through.

"Are you okay Minato?" Kushina asked knocking him out of his thoughts.

"Huh. Yes I am. Just thinking of what I am going to do" he responded.

"Do what?"

"Well since Obito's death, Kakashi has become secluded. And Rin…..Rin…"

"She can't stop thinking of his death, can't she" concluded Kushina.

"Yes. She realised that she had loved him not Kakashi. She misses him so much"

"You're afraid that she might do something?" she asked.

"Yes" he sighed.

"Do not worry, something will be sorted out" she said softly and stroked his arm.

Suddenly the ground shook and a loud rumble was emitted.

They looked to the sky to find two shapes falling to the surface. With a bang they landed in the forest.

"W-what was that?" asked Kushina.

"Don't know but let's find out" he responded and they took off to the gates.

When they arrived, they met up with some of the Anbu of the village.

"Report" ordered Minato.

"Yes sir. Two objects have crashed into the nearby forest. Fires have broken out. We must stop it immediately or it will spread" one responded.

"Very well. Three of you, follow me"

The group of five sped through the forest and reached the impact zone.

"Span out. Put out this fire immediately. Kushina with me" he ordered.

The three Anbu leapt off to use their skills to help the situation.

Minato and Kushina approached the craters with care. They looked like some sort of machine. Kushina approached one of the pods.

"Careful babe" said a worried Minato.

She reached for appeared to be a doo, when a tree fell down, causing a loud bang.

She flinched backwards. She wouldn't admit it, but she was somewhat afraid. Anything could be in there.

She stiffened when she heard something. It sounded like crying. And it was coming from the object. Determined that it was a child she acted.

"Minato, I hear a child in here" she shouted and tried to wedge the door open. Minato hopped into the crater and tried to help. They found a viewing hatch but could not see through.

They struggled on for five minutes before Minato accidently pressed a concealed touch pad. It beeped causing them to jump back. Then the door opened outwards.

Kushina due to being an orphan cared deeply for children, she ran forward. She reached into the craft and lifted out the child.

It was a boy who appeared to be around three. She looked at the child carefully; this was when she noticed the tail.

"What kind of weirdo would dress a child as a monkey" she blurted out loud. Minato shrugged and looked around inside the pod.

"Let's get this off you, little one" she said and pulled on the tail. But she stopped as soon as the child screamed out loud.

"Oh I'm sorry kiddo" she rocked the child until it calmed down. She lifted the boys top to see the problem.

"Some sick bastard has medically attached a tail to this boy" she told her husband.

"I am not too sure of that dear" he replied. He had seen a range of buttons. Deciding to take a chance he pressed the first one.

Suddenly a man appeared near the pod. Alarmed Minato went to attack but passed straight through.

"What is he?" he said.

"He might be an illusion. Quiet he is speaking" she replied

"…my son. I am sorry for sending you away, but it was for your own safety. Your mother and I loved you very much. The Tyrant Frieza has destroyed out home planet Vegeta. As you no doubt have noticed, you have a tail, but as you can see it is part of who you are" the Hologram of King Vegeta said.

"Well that shows how he got it" commented Kushina.

"It provides us with balance and makes us stronger. But a dire warning my son. We have an ability to change into gigantic apes or as we call them Oozaru. This happens when we see a full moon. Powerful, yes, but we lose our intelligence and attack anything"

Alarmed they look to the sky, but there was only a partial moon out tonight. Sighing in relief they continued to listen.

"Another thing is you should have a pink haired fellow Saiyan with you. You are probably VERY protective of each other. That is because our scientists were experimenting on you both"

Kushina and Minato looked appalled.

"We are ashamed of this. But since Frieza has controlled our race, we needed a way to destroy him. We experimented on immortality and you were both injected with the successful gene"

"So he is…." Started Minato.

"So yes son, you and your mate are immortal. Yes, she was injected as well. But the side effect was you become emotionally attached. So in our race you are classed a mates. You will never be able to love another person".

"Wait, girl?" commented Minato who rushed to the second pod. He searched around and found the touch pad. The pod opened. He reached in and carefully lifted the pink haired girl. He walked back to the other pod and handed the girl to his wife, who took her in her other arm.

The two children were asleep, but sensed one another. Their tails met one another and entwined together, causing them to be calmer.

"Once again we are sorry. But you are probably wondering what you are. We are a race called Saiyans. We are a mercenary race, that specialise in destroying planets and/or their inhabitants"

"Destroy planets" Kushina whispered and looked at the sleeping children in wonder.

"This will be the final part of my message. Wherever you are now, take a new name and have a great life. Keep these pods safe and when you are at training age, play the other messages. They will teach you how to use our energy, Chi. Remember to practice in a large area, as they are quite destructive".

Kushina and Minato sweated at this.

"Farewell, my son. We will always love you. And if whoever is looking after you sees this, please, please look after them both. I must go now and try to rescue your brother, fellow Prince Vegeta. Goodbye from King Vegeta of the Saiyan race" he finished and the image disappeared.

There was silence as they thought of what was told.

"The Anbu should be finished shortly, so we better take these two to the village" said Minato.

"What of these pod things?" she asked.

He took out a scroll. He walked to the boy's one first and wrote some seals in the scroll. He swiped it over the pod and it puffed away. He took out another scroll and repeated with the girls pod.

They took a last sweep of the area and left to meet up with the Anbu.

They did not see the hidden eyes watching them. And when it slipped away silently into the dark.

Yes, I know King Vegeta is OOC but in this story Saiyans care more for their own kind than cannon. I know it is short
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