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They had arrived back in Konoha and sent messages to Hiruzen Sarutobi, along with Tsunade and Jiraiya Namikaze, to come to the Namikaze mansion.

When the couple arrived at the mansion, Kushina stayed in the lounge with the two children, while Minato went down to the basement.

He took down an antique painting of a family ancestor, to reveal a delicate seal. He swiped his blood over it. The seal absorbed the blood and glowed brightly before it disappeared. Suddenly the wall slid apart to reveal a hallway.

He walked down the hallway towards the end, not even flinching when the wall closed back. In the hallway he past several doors, until he reached the final door.

He opened the door to reveal a large open room. It was used for the Namikaze to train in secret. He walked to the middle of the room and pulled out the two scrolls from before.

"Well this is going to be interesting to explain" he mumbled and went to prepare for the others arrival.

Kushina was rocking the two children in her arms to keep them asleep. She looked at them in wonder. She couldn't believe that these children could destroy planets.

She was knocked out of her thoughts by a mere knock on the door. She opened the door to reveal an old man with white hair and a pipe in his mouth. Along with a young looking blond woman with two pigtails.

"Good evening Kushina" greeted Sarutobi.

"You can come in old man if you put out your pipe" she told him, causing him to groan and did as she said.

On the way past, he seen the two children, but decided he would just wait until told.

"Hello dear" greeted Tsunade, who kissed her on the cheek and noticing the children, gave her a small hug.

"Where is your idiot of a husband?" Kushina asked as she let her past.

"Peaking as usual" she muttered and sat down.

Kushina shut the door and carefully walked over to the sofa and sat next to Tsunade.

"I guess you wish to know about these two then?" she asked, earning nods from both of them.

"Tsunade can you take her, please" she asked indicating to the pink haired bundle.

"Sure" she said and went to pick her up, but stopped when Kushina pulled away slightly "What's wrong?"

"When you take her, please don't freak out and don't pull" she advised and let Tsunade pick her up.

"What are you talking about Kushina?" asked Sarutobi.

Tsunade looked at the child and smiled gently. Beautiful little fingers, little toes. Cute hair and face. And look at that tail, all cute and fury. Wait…..

She turned the child around to look better. She had a monkey tail attached to her.

"What the hell Kushina, who did this?" she screeched quietly so not to wake the children. Sarutobi looked at the boy and seen the same thing on him.

"When your husband graces us with his presence you will find out"

They sat mostly in silence, while looking at the children in wonder. Suddenly the door banged open revealing a man with white spiky hair in pony tail and a crazy grin on his face.

"Behold it is I, the great and magnificent Jiraiya Sama" he screamed doing his dance.

Of course this awakened the two children, who practised there vocal cords to the fullest.

"SHUT UP YOU OLD FOOL AND GET IN HERE" shouted a pissed off Tsunade.

Scared he shut the door and marched over to his darling wife. He looked at the children.

"So you and Minato Kun got busy, eh" he commented to Kushina, while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Shut it, pervert" she said and punched him with her free hand, making him fly into the wall. Luckily the house had been fitted with seals to automatically repair the walls if damaged.

He sat up and rubbed his stomach. She was no Tsunade, but it still hurt. He looked at the children and noticed the tails.

Now, Jiraiya may be a legendary super pervert, but he cared for children. And of course, concluded that a human being had attached it.

"Before you start Jiraiya, we have to go see Mina Kun" Kushina commented and walked to the basement with the three guests following, carrying the children.

When she reached the barrier, she repeated the procedure Minato had done. Once the wall opened they walked down the corridor to the room Minato was in. She knocked the door twice and was called in.

They all walked into the room and were greeted with Minato sitting at a table with five chairs around it.

"Good day Kaa Chan, Jiji and of course Pervy Sage"

"Damn you Gaki" muttered Jiraiya.

"Can we get on with this" said Tsunade, eager to know about the two younglings.

"Yes, well here is the story"

Minato with help from Kushina explained what had happened from the time of their walk to just when they arrived at the mansion.

"Interesting" mumbled Sarutobi, who stuck his pipe in his mouth, but did not light it.

Tsunade just stared at the children in wonder, trying to believe the story or not. Jiraiya though just burst out laughing.

"That is the best one yet kid" he uttered out "But alien landing pods, come on, try some imagination".

Minato sighed. He stood and walked to the two scrolls he left lying on the ground. He picked them up and pored some chakra into them and tossed them. They disappeared in a cloud of smoke, which disappeared to reveal the two pods.

All of a sudden Jiraiya and Sarutobi were beside them and going over them.

"Boys and their toys" muttered Kushina.

"What are they?" asked Tsunade.

"We believe they are pods that brought these two from a far off planet" stated Minato.

"Play the message dear" said Kushina.

Minato pressed a button and the pod opened. He reached in and pressed the first button and the message played.

Once the message had played, they were discussing what to do with the two.

"We should not tell anyone else the truth, the council would either make the two breed as soon as possible or have them killed. And we all know what Danzo would want" advised Sarutobi.

"I haven't spoken to Kushina about it, but I was thinking of adopting the boy" stated Minato, earning a nod in approval from Kushina.

"Why just the boy?"

"Well seeing as they are basically 'mated', or married in Saiyan terms, it would not look right" Minato responded to Sarutobis question.

"So what of the girl?" asked Tsunade.

"I was thinking of the Harunos. They have been looking to have a child, plus their hair is also pink" said Kushina.

"Very good, but what of their cover story?" asked Sarutobi.

"We found them near Konoha and they were abandoned. Come from a bloodline family" said Minato.

"Fine. We should invite the Harunos to the mansion and explain the truth. I believe they won't act negative on the decision" said Kushina.

"Well it is late. We better go to bed and continue this for tomorrow" said Jiraiya.

"Very well, these two will stay here tonight" said Minato.

The following day, the Namikaze family spoke to the Haruno family. They were happy for a child of their own, but upset of them being married. To protect them from the council and other clans, a marriage contract was constructed.

The two adoption contracts were signed by each family for their consecutive child and the third Hokage as a witness.

Afterwards the council was advised. Several adoption and marriage proposals were produced, but were declined.

Danzo demanded they be given to him to bring up, but was also denied.

The Harunos had named their child Sakura, as it was what they wished to name their child, when they conceived one.

Meanwhile, the new Namikaze was named Naruto, after the lead character in one of Jiraiya's books, though the unsuccessful one.

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In this story Minato and Kushina are unable to have children. Over the next five years they will have constant contact with one another.

Also the marriage contract would help protect them and technically they are married anyway.