Here is the next chapter of the story. In this chapter there is a time skip to when the children are older. Just to let you know that they will be more intelligent than other children their age.

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Chapter Three

It had been five years since Naruto and Sakura were brought into the village of Konoha. They were raised by their respective families.

They are best friends and do almost everything together. It would be classed as odd to the village if one was seen somewhere for long periods of time without the other there.

The village accepted the new arrivals fully, especially after what happened around a year after they had arrived.


The village was in panic. Word had gotten out that the feared Kyuubi No Yoko had begun a rampage across the land of fire and was heading straight towards them.

"Kushina" Minato said to catch her attention from feeding the then four year old Naruto.

"Yes, Mina Kun?" she responded.

"I have a seal that can defeat the Kyuubi" he told her.

"That is brilliant, dear. How does it work?"

"Well it is called the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. It seals the beast's chakra inside a child's body. But it also is a contract with the Shinigami. So when those who use the jutsu will sacrifice their life in exchange".

"NO. You won't use it" she screamed at him, while covering the child's ears to silence the noise.

"But it is the only way" he muttered.

"And who were you going to use to harbour the fox?" she asked.

She catches his eyes going to Naruto.

"Oh hell no" she said, glaring at him "Not my child".


"No buts. There must be another way. I won't lose you or sacrifice Naruto's happiness for that" she interrupted.

They had heard of what demon containers lives were like.

"I will keep looking" he said and got up from the table they were at and went to his private study.

Fast Forward

It was now about six in the evening. He could find no other options. It had to be the Seal he spoke of earlier.

The Kyuubi had arrived near the gates and was attacking anything that moved.

Minato had knocked out Kushina and taken Naruto to the battlefield. He was now standing on top of his boss summon, Gamabunta.

"You sure you want to do this brat?"

"Yes Bunta, there is no other way"

"What a night to do it though" the toad commented.


"Full moon and everything"

"Yeah.....wait. What!"

Minato looked to the sky and found the moon shining down on them.

'Oh shit'

He quickly looked at his son, to cover his eyes. But it was too late.

Naruto was staring at the moon in fascination. Suddenly his heart rate increased. His teeth grew longer and sharper. Also his skin started to turn to fur!

Minato knew what was going to happen, so he jumped down to the ground and put the boy on the ground.

"What are you doing brat. Your tadpole will be killed" shouted Gamabunta.

"No, he won't. You better go Bunta or you will be hurt"

"What are you...?"

"No time. Just go"

"Tsk. Fine" And he de summoned himself.

Minato shouted to his forces that were fighting to retreat to the wall.

Once they were there, questions were being asked.

"Why did we retreat, Hokage Sama?"

"It will be here in moments".

Minato ignored them and watched the scene.

"COWARDS" shouted Kyuubi and went to follow, but his attention was drawn to the young child on the ground.

"Hahahahahah. They send a mere kit to beat me"

The boy didn't respond. He was looking at the moon.

"Heh. Arrogant boy" Kyuubi muttered.

Suddenly the boy started to grow. He grew black hair and his face turned into an apes face.

Surprised by the action, Kyuubi stood there stupefied.

When the transformation was complete, there was a giant ape standing before him.

"ROAR" it screamed and beat its meaty fists on its protected chest. It looked around for an opponent.

It spotted a village filled with people. Tempting.

But when it spotted the large fox, it charged towards it.

Knocked out of his stupidity, the Kyuubi responded by trying to whack the beast with its tails.

The Ape smacked them aside, and punched the fox's body, causing it to fly backwards.

The Ape flung itself on the fox, but was put in a choke hold with Kyuubi's tails. Kyuubi started to tear it with its claws, but its chest protected the Ape.

Kyuubi flung it away. He then launched a torrent of fire at the Ape, burning some of its hair before it got away.

Suddenly the ape gathered a strange energy in its mouth, and then launched it. It tore up the ground before hitting the fox.

Believing the fox to be down, the Ape jumped up and down on its back hands.

It was smashed out of its celebration, by the fox bashing into it.

Kyuubi was pissed. All he wanted to do was destroy this village. Which was weird because, he didn't feel like it before. But then this monkey got in his road.

He was currently biting its neck, to rip its throat out.

The Ape was getting weaker. It needed an upper edge in this battle.

Kyuubi continued to bite, until it was knocked away suddenly, shocking him.

Looking to see what hit him, he found another Giant Ape standing protectively over the other. It smelt Female.

The male ape got up and grunted to the other. The Female seemed to understand. They both charged the fox and hit it towards each other. Like ping pong, Kyuubi was bashed towards the other and vice versa.

Suddenly the Female punched it extremely hard in the head, making the fox fly into several trees.

The fox came around and shook its head.

"Where- where am I?"

He picked himself up and moved towards the Ape.

The Apes had calmed down and were reverting back to human state, due to exhaustion.

Minato moved in front of the two, now unconscious children, to try and protect them.

"Where am I human?" Kyuubi demanded.

Minato looked at the fox in mild confusion.

"You should know fox. This is Konoha, which you blindly attacked with rage. We have done nothing to antagonise you".

The fox looked ashamed.

"Last I remember, I was going around my den with my mate, when a man with an orange mask looked me in the eye. He had red eyes with black marks, which seemed to swirl".

Minato looked shocked. Unfortunately others heard and were muttering about Uchiha.

"I will leave. But tell the kit there, that I will want a rematch in the future" Kyuubi said, before turning and running back home.

Minato sighed in relief. He turned and looked at the two sleeping children.

He heard an angry snarl and looked to see Kushina charging him, with her fist cocked back.

'Oh crap' were his thoughts, before being launched across Konoha's airspace.

End flashback

A few Ninja had died and several more were severely injured. People praised the two, which they had no idea about, due to their age.

They were now eight years old and currently in the back gardens of the Namikaze mansion.

"Can't catch me Naruto Kun" shouted the pink haired girl, who was running from the black haired boy.

"I will catch you Sakura Chan" he yelled back, as he tried to get a hold of her.

She tripped and fell safely onto the grass. But before she could get away, he caught her. She squealed in excitement.

"I got you now Sakura. You will pay".

"No. I beg you. Don't!" she begged him, but it was to no avail.

He started to tickle her.

"Hahaha S-stop Hahaha I-it n-n-Naruto" she gasped out.

He suddenly stopped. He stuck out his tongue out and ran away from her.

She looked surprised, but then it turned to a smile. She got up and took off after him. She caught him by the tail, which was one of their weak points.

If squeezed it could make them weak, but if rubbed......

She sat on his back to keep him down and rubbed his tail gently, causing him to utter a purring noise.

"N-no fair" he whispered.

Kushina and Minato watched from a window inside the mansion. They were happy that the two had so much fun together.

"I think it is time that they were trained" mentioned Minato.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. They must learn to use their energy. They are entering the Academy next year" he explained.

"But they will learn the truth" she whispered.

"It was bound to happen at some point".

They walked to the back garden and interrupted the twos fun.

"Naruto, Sakura. We have to talk" said Minato.

"What about pops?" asked Naruto when they reached the parents.

"We need to begin your training".

The two Saiyans let out cries of joy.

'Must be their Saiyan blood' thought Minato.

"Well, this way" Kushina said.

They followed the adults down to the basement.

"Mrs Kushina, why are we going to the basement? You told us never to go down there" asked Sakura, tilting her head in confusion.

"Yes. You see we have been doing some major renovation work done down here" she responded.

When they arrived, they were surprised.

"It looks the same, as before" Naruto stated, looking at the Family Portrait.

"Oh, it isn't this that has been changed" answered Minato.

He wiped his blood on the seal, which opened the wall up.

"Whoa" "Sweet"

They walked down the corridor, which they noticed was heading downwards. Naruto went to one of the doors and his hand went to the handle.

Kushina stopped him.

"You can see inside there later Naru Chan" she told him.

He nodded and they went to the final door.

"Don't be too surprised" Minato said before opening the door.

The two Saiyans were shocked.

Inside was a full training area. It was like it was an outdoor mountain range. There were large boulders, streams, a few waterfalls. It seemed like the land went on forever. (1)

"This is so cool" commented Naruto, while Sakura just stared.

Naruto turned to his parents.

"So what are we learning first?" he asked.

"I don't know" commented Minato, causing Naruto to falter.

"What do you mean you don't know?"

"I won't be teaching you" Minato answered.

Naruto turned to his mother.

"Me neither"

"Then who?" asked Sakura.

Minato pointed to an area nearby. There was a round machine sitting there, open.

"What is it?"

"You will find out" Minato answered. He walked to Naruto and grabbed him into a hug. When he was released, Kushina hugged him also.

"Remember we will always love you" she said. She walked with Minato to the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" he asked.

"For just now, only you and Sakura can advance from this point. Sakura" Minato said.

"Yes Sir?"

"Your parents have told us to tell you, that when this time came, that they will also love you always".

Sakura nodded, more confused than before.

"When you are ready, press the first button in the pod" Kushina said, pointing at the machine.

They opened the door and exited via it. When they closed it, they locked the door.

Minato hugged Kushina, who was crying.

"Hopefully once he learns the truth he won't hate us" he muttered. She just nodded into his chest.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Sakura were carefully approaching the 'pod'.

"Do you think it is safe?" asked Naruto.

"I don't know. But if anything happens, I will protect you" Sakura responded, earning an annoyed look from him.

Naruto looked inside the pod for the button. He found several.

After looking for a few minutes, he found it. He pressed it, but jumped backwards when he heard Sakura squeal in fright. He looked to find a man in front of him.

"He kind of looks like you, Naruto Kun" Sakura commented.

"Yeah. That is kind of weird"

"Hello my son" he began.

"I think he has the wrong guy" said Naruto.


"I am sorry for sending you away, but it was for your own safety. Your mother and I loved you very much. The tyrant Frieza...."

"Who?" said Naruto.

"....has destroyed our home planet Vegeta..."

"Wait. Planet! So whoever this message was for is an alien" commented Sakura, but had a feeling.

"....As you no doubt have noticed you have a tail...."

This struck realisation in them. He was talking about them.

"S...Sakura. H-he He...." Naruto started.

But she didn't say anything. She just listened.

" you can see its part of who you are" the man continued.

Naruto thought it had been strange that he and Sakura had similar traits, but were from different families.

He turned and looked at Sakura, who was crying. He went to help her.

Sakura had realised she was not human. She was not her parent's real child. She came from another planet. She sobbed, but cried more silently when Naruto hugged her.

"It provides us with balance and makes us stronger. But a dire warning my son. We have the ability to change into gigantic apes..."

This shocked the pair.

"I-I thought that was just a story" commented Sakura, who had calmed down.

They were welcomed as heroes when in the centre of the village. As the victors against Kyuubi. They thought people just made it up.

"...when we see a full moon. Powerful, yes, but we lose a lot of intelligence and attack anything".

They looked shaken but believed they could beat that condition.

"Another thing is you should have a pink haired fellow Saiyan with you".

This confirmed it for Sakura. She was not a blood born Haruno.

"You are probably very protective of each other" the King continued.

'How does he know that?' they wondered.

"That is because our race was experimenting on you both" he continued, alarming them both.

"What the hell" screamed Naruto, while Sakura looked angry.

"We are ashamed of this. But since Frieza has been controlling our race, we needed a way to destroy him".

The two calmed down when they heard this; they could understand the situation their people were in.

"But it shames me to say that he is too powerful. We experimented on immortality..."

"Heh Sakura, did he just say 'Immortality'" he asked while chuckling.

"Yeah, he did. But that's impossible" she chuckled.

"...and you were injected with the successful gene".

Silence went through the clearing.

"Th-that means. I...I...I am..."

"You're immortal" Sakura whispered as she stared at him.

"So yes son, you and your mate are immortal"

"Me too!!" she squeaked.

"Yes she was injected as well. But the side effect was you became emotionally attached. So in our race you are classed as mates. You will never be able to love another person".

This shocked them to the core.

"That's not fair" shouted Naruto.

Sakura looked to the ground upset at the news, but more so at his outburst.

'Naruto Kun doesn't love me'.

"Sakura should be allowed to choose for herself" he shouted.

Sakura decided to talk to him about it later.

"Once again we are sorry. But you are probably wondering what you are".

They just nodded their heads.

"We are a race called Saiyans".

'Saiyan' Naruto thought as he stared at his tail.

"We are a mercenary race that specialise in destroying planets and/or their inhabitants".

"But we aren't" shouted Sakura, upset at their ancestors.

"This will be the final part of my message. Wherever you are now, take a new name and have a great life".

Naruto approached the hologram and went to touch the man's hand. But it just passed through.

"Father" he whispered and began to cry.

His real blood father was before him and he couldn't touch him.

He jumped slightly when he felt someone hug him. But relaxed when he realised it was Sakura.

"It's okay. I am here" she said.

They just sat and listened to the rest of the message until the final part.

"Farewell my son. We will always love you. And if whoever is looking after you sees, these please, please look after them both. I must go now and try to rescue your brother. Fellow prince, Vegeta".

'I have a brother' Naruto thought.

'He's a prince' Sakura thought.

"Goodbye from King Vegeta of the Saiyans" his father finished and disappeared.

"NO!!" screamed Naruto and the tears returned in force. Sakura gripped him tighter, while tears fell from her own eyes.

They sat there together until they both calmed down. They separated and looked at each other.

"That was a lot of information to take in" commented Sakura.


"Are you okay?" she asked concerned.

"Kind of. I find out I am adopted and then meet my real father, only for him to be taken away" he replied.

"What about Minato and Kushina?"

"Though they are not my real parents, they have taken care of me. So they will still be my mother and father" he answered. "How about you?"

"Same. I don't know who my real parents were, but mum and dad will always be my parents".

They smiled at one another.

"I still can't believe we are aliens though" he said.

"I'll say. You're an alien immortal prince" she chuckled.

"I wonder if my brother escaped and is alive?" he said.

"Maybe. One day we can go and find out" she responded.

Sakura remembered what she was going to ask. She gulped and a slight blush rose to her cheeks.

"Umm, Naruto?"

"Yeah, Sakura Chan?"

"About before. Do you....?"

"Do I what Sakura" he asked gently.

"What I meant was, what do you think of us being 'Mated'?"

"I think it is unfair"


"Why should you have to settle with someone like me? I am nothing special" he explained.

"That's not true. I love you deeply" she screamed out.

"Sakura, it's the stupid gene affecting us" he said lowering his head in sadness.

"Naruto" she said, lifting his head so their eyes were level "Even if I didn't have the gene, I would still love you".

"You mean that?"


"I love you too Sakura, now and forever" he said.

"Well since we are immortal that will be a very very long time, huh" she joked.

"Yeah" he said.

He kissed her on the cheek, causing her to blush brightly.

"Well should we listen to the next message?" he asked.


Naruto approached the pod and pressed the second button causing the hologram to reappear.

"That's not father" said Naruto.

Indeed it was not. It was another Saiyan, which looked like a scientist.

"Good day. This message will teach new recruits, the usage of our energy Chi. My name is Driega and along with my colleagues we will teach you" he said.

Naruto and Sakura looked at each other and smirked.

'Bring it on' they thought.

Well there is the next chapter for this story. Just to let people know that the two children are smarter for their age, so they are 8 but mentally around 12 years old.

Also Vegeta won't be in this story. Maybe a sequel down the road.

(1): This is supposed to be like Uruhara's basement under his shop in Bleach.