Well everyone, here is the next chapter of the story. Another time skip in this chapter. They will be 12 years old. Also Sakura will be wearing the same clothing as in the Manga/anime. Also there will be Sasuke bashing throughout the story and some Ino bashing (which will stop as the pre Shippuden series ends).

Sorry for any Sasuke fans, but this is the way the story was going to be from the beginning.

Chapter Four: Genin at last

Years passed since they began their training and they were now 12 years old. They were in their final year of the Academy and were top of the class.

They had learned how to use their chi and also how to use it to use their village's jutsu, since they had no chakra in their bodies.

The king had left detailed messages on how to do some of his races techniques. Along with one of their favourites. Learning how to fly. They found flying to be extremely fun, but were limited to inside the village to stay safe.

After their first lesson in the training area, they encountered their parents. They advised them that they were slightly annoyed at not being told, but they were glad. They also advised them that though they were not their real parents, they still thought of them as such.

In honour of their fallen race they raised a tombstone in the back of the Namikaze Mansion.

The Academy was a pain for them though. Naruto had a fan club of girls, who he called weak. They did not like Sakura, due to her beating anyone who tried a move. Though the worst thing was the emo of the class – Uchiha Sasuke. He believed that because he was an 'elite' of the village that Sakura was his.

Of course Naruto had to 'change' his mind for him a few times, but he was persistent.

It was now the day to meet their sensei's. Most had past the graduation test, while most fan girls and some others were dropped.

Naruto and Sakura were sitting together in class, waiting for Iruka to arrive. Sakura sat at the window, while looking outside. Naruto was sitting next to her with his head down resting. Sakura had her hand in his hair, gently caressing it, making him calm.

The door opened and everyone's favourite emo duck haired elite wannabe entered. He looked around, and upon spotting his target, coolly walked towards them. He stood next to the Saiyan prince and glared at him.

"You dobe. Move now"

"Piss off Uchiha" Naruto mumbled.

"Grr" Sasuke growled. He grabbed the boy's wrist and pulled him up.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you" commented Sakura, glaring at the boy.

"Why not. He is pathetic, nothing like me. Now let me get rid of this nuisance and we can spend time together".

Suddenly Sasuke's wrist was grabbed by Naruto.

"What are you.....?" Sasuke began before screaming out in pain as Naruto gripped his wrist with more pressure.

"You're pathetic Uchiha" Naruto commented.

He then threw him effortlessly across the room, to smack into the wall knocking him out. Naruto was annoyed. He went to follow the boy down, but his hand was grabbed.

"He is not worth it" she said before pulling him into her arms and continuing to caress his hair. Naruto calmed down and leaned further into her touch.

Their fellow classmates were always awed at how the hot head Naruto could be calmed down so easily by the pink head.

Of course since only one of Naruto's fan girls passed, Sakura only received one glare.

From Ino.

Ino was told by her father Inoichi to chase after the boy, for the good of the clan. After a while she had a crush on him. She viewed Sakura as an obstacle towards love.

Sakura felt the glare, but just ignored her.

The door opened to reveal Iruka, who had bandages around his forehead. He looked at Sasuke and realised he was knocked out.

He sighed "Again?"

"Yes sensei" Choji answered.

Iruka picked up the boy and placed him on the desk.

"What happened sensei?" asked Hinata.

"Mizuki was a traitor. He stole the village's technique scroll and was going to leave the village" was the answer.

The class was somewhat shocked, but not surprised as he was always showing favouritism to some students than others. Like the Uchiha.

"Lord Forth has ordered the following statement be told to every soldier" he started.

Everyone paid attention.

"If you decide to betray your fellow comrades and village, you WILL be caught and brought to justice".

The class was shocked.

"You mean Mizuki was...." started Choji.

"Yes, he was executed. Now remember, you accepted the rules when you signed up. And now since you are Genin you must follow them".

He then told them his congratulations speech and began the team selection.

"Team seven, shall be consisted of Namikaze Naruto, Haruno Sakura...."

The two hugged each other in joy, until they heard the third name.

"....and Uchiha Sasuke".

Their cheerful attitude dropped and glared at the boy, who was now waking up.

"Your sensei shall be Hatake Kakashi" Iruka continued.

Naruto and Sakura cheered up after hearing that.

"Why couldn't I be placed with Naruto Kun instead of that forehead monkey freak" screamed out Ino while standing.

"Sit down and shut up" Iruka shouted. He turned to Sasuke. "Your teammates are Naruto and Sakura. Please sit down near them".

Sasuke sat down in the row below them. He turned to Naruto and smirked.

"Team eight shall be Inuzuka Kiba, Hyuuga Hinata and Aburame Shino. Your sensei shall be Yuuhi Kurenai"

"Team nine is still in use from last year"

The Saiyan pair smiled. They had met the team plenty of times before. Tenten was good friends with Sakura, while Lee was with Naruto. Neji though pissed the two off completely.

"Team ten shall be Yamanaka Ino, Akamichi Choji and Nara Shikamaru. Your sensei shall be Sarutobi Asuma".

'Great. Lazy ass and lard ass' thought Ino.

"You may go now for a break. Please return in an hour to meet your sensei" said Iruka.

The students filed out and went their own ways. Naruto and Sakura quickly left before either Ino or Sasuke could annoy them. They went to Ichiraku's Ramen shop and ordered their usual two bowls each.

Once finished they took a slow walk back to the Academy.

"Makes me sick" Naruto commented.

Sakura didn't need to ask. She already knew.

People were bowing to them both and talking about how great they were. She agreed with her boyfriend.

They knew they were 'married' in a sense. So before they could get married in real life they decided to date.

They were holding hands and people were also talking about how cute they were together. That escalated when they noticed the couples tails together.

"Well we have Kakashi for out sensei" said Sakura.

"Yeah. Better get used to his tardiness and those porn books" chuckled Naruto,

Sakura was seething. She hated how the man read those books almost everywhere.

They arrived at the Academy and sat back down and cuddled. Four hours later, they were still waiting on Kakashi.

"I don't care if he is a Jonin. How dare he be late to a meeting with an Uchiha" Sasuke gritted out.

He was annoyed with his new sensei and also because 'his' Sakura was snuggling up to Naruto.

Suddenly the door opened causing Sasuke to throw a kunai at the door. It smacked into the wall next to the intruder.

The man had grey hair that seemed to defy gravity and he had a mask over his mouth. Also his headband covered one of his eyes.

"You know, your teammates have been sitting with me for about 30 minutes. Meet us on the roof" the man said before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Sasuke turned to look at his teammates to find them disappear as well.

'Damn them' he thought before running out the door.

When he reached the roof he saw the two Saiyans chatting calmly with their new sensei. He sat near them.

"Well since we are all here now, we shall begin" began the masked Jonin. "We shall begin with introduction. Like name, likes, dislikes and dreams for the future"

"Why don't you start sensei?" asked Sasuke.

"Very well. My name is Hatake Kakashi. I have some likes and some dislikes. And my dream for the future doesn't concern you" Kakashi replied.

Sasuke sweat dropped, while Naruto and Sakura chuckled.

"Well now, your turn sunshine" Kakashi said, pointing to Naruto.

"Name is Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto. I like my girlfriend Sakura and my friends and family. My dislikes are Tyrants and fangirls. My dream is to marry the love of my life and have a family. Oh and meet my older brother. And finally get revenge for my 'clan'".

"Very well. Now you pinkie" Kakashi said, pointing to Sakura now.

"Grr. Name is Haruno Sakura. I like my boyfriend, Naruto, and family. I also dislike Tyrants and a certain fangirl. My dream is to marry Naruto, have a family with him and stay with him for eternity".

"Okay. Now you brooder"

"I am 'the' Uchiha Sasuke of the Elite clan. My likes are training and learning stronger techniques. My dislikes are fangirls and a certain blonde. My dream...no...ambition is to resurrect my clan..."

He looked at Sakura, who stuck her middle finger up to him.

"...and to kill a certain man" he concluded.

'Two powerful alien warriors and a broody 'elite' boy' thought Kakashi, before accepting it.

"Very well then. We will begin tomorrow morning with a short test. In survival training" explained Kakashi.

"How the hell will that help us? We already did that back in the Academy. We should be doing better things, due to being Genin" snorted Sasuke.

"Well you see, you aren't 'Officially' Genin yet"

"WHAT" screamed Sasuke.

Kakashi chuckled.

"You have to pass a final test of mine and it will then be decided. You see 66% of all graduates actually become Genin"

"That's not fair!"

"Life's not fair kid. Anyway meet me at training ground seven tomorrow at 0700 hours. Oh and try not to eat breakfast, you might be sick" Kakashi finished before disappearing in a puff of smoke.

Sasuke could swear he seen their sensei wink at his teammates before leaving.

"Why aren't you two surprised?" he asked them.

Naruto chuckled while Sakura answered.

"Kaka sensei is Naruto Kun's father's ex-student. We have known him for years"

"Anyway, see you later Uchiha. We have training to get to" Naruto said before the two Saiyans walked to the roof edge.

"Dobe, I demand you teach me your clan's secrets" said Sasuke, while glaring at him.

Naruto just smirked and Sakura shook her head. They just left via jumping off the building and then walking to the Namikaze mansion once they landed.

The next day, Sasuke was sitting in the wooden area of the training ground. It was now 10 am and there was no sign of his sensei or his teammates.

He decided to take a nap, when a noise of footsteps approaching, alerted him.

It was Naruto and Sakura, who were holding hands.

"Where the hell have you two been?" he demanded.

"Getting some breakfast. What's it to you?" Naruto responded.

"You idiot! You are not allowed breakfast. And you are 3 hours late" Sasuke screamed.

"Calm down Sasuke. Kakashi is usually 3-4 hours late for things. And he said 'try not to eat', not don't" Sakura explained.

"Tch. Whatever"

Naruto sat down with his back to a tree, while Sakura sat in his lap.

They sat there in silence, until 15 minutes later Kakashi appeared.

"Yo" he greeted them, raising his hand.

"Your late again sensei" said Sakura.

"Well you see..."

"Save it, we have heard them all. Fangirls held you hostage, Attacked by cats, or even that a squirrel stole your nuts" interrupted Naruto.

"Well peanuts go nice when reading good material" responded Kakashi.

"You mean your porn"

"Hey. Icha Icha is more than porn. It has romance, action, suspense and of course girl on girl ac..."

"Okay, enough already. We get it. Can we get a move on?" Interrupted Sakura.

"Very well"

Kakashi approached some posts and dropped a package. He then set up an alarm clock.

"You have until midday to get these two bells from me"

"But there are three of us" said Naruto.

'I'll help sensei along. See if the Uchiha can understand the real meaning' Naruto thought, while nodding to Sakura, who played along.

"Correct, which means the two that get the bells pass, while the third goes back to the Academy" Kakashi finished, shocking Sasuke.

'I can't go back. I must go forward. Towards 'him' '

"You must come at me with the intent to kill or you will lose. Ready...Go" he finished.

The three students took off into the woods separately.

'Hmm Naruto and Sakura will be a formidable opponent to face. But knowing about the Uchiha's ego, he will...'

Sasuke landed in front of him and took out a kunai.

'I thought so'

"Fight me" Sasuke screamed.

"Are you sure? Don't you want their help as well?" Kakashi asked.

"Hn. They are both no match for me. As long as she passes to bear my children. The dobe could die for allI care" commented Sasuke before charging the disgusted Jonin.

Kakashi easily blocked the strike.

Feeling bored, he reached into his pocket, causing Sasuke to retreat slightly. He brought out a book and started to read.

Annoyed, Sasuke flipped through a few handseals and launched a large fireball.

Kakashi dodged the blast and charged the boy to engage him in hand to hand combat.

"Lesson One: Taijutsu"

Sasuke fully launched himself into combat, but couldn't hit the man. He was suddenly hit in the chest and launched backwards. He managed to flip onto his knees when he landed.

Raising his eyes at Kakashi, he was met with the sight of the man melting.

"What is this?" he said before feeling constricted. He looked down to see himself being coiled with snakes.

"Lesson Two: Genjutsu" he heard

Dispelling the illusion, he found himself tied in rope on the ground. Kakashi went for a knockout blow, but missed as the boy disappeared.

Sasuke opened his eyes after closing them in defeat. He looked up to find himself being carried by Naruto.

"Let go of me dobe" he ordered, squirming in the Saiyans arms.


"Oof" Sasuke grunted as he was dropped. He groaned and got up and glared at the couple.

"What the hell are you two doing? I need to beat him to pass this stupid test"

"Idiot" muttered Sakura.

"You haven't even realised what the 'true' purpose of this test is have you?" Naruto asked.

"Of course I have. How to properly use our skills and impressing our sensei"

"Okay. Partly right. How are you going to achieve this?"

"By myself of course" Sasuke replied.

"Idiot. That's not what this test is about" commented Sakura "Naruto Kun's family have been using this test for generations".

"That's right. To pass this test we must work together" Naruto confirmed.

"Tch. I don't need help. I can do this myself"

"IDIOT" screamed Sakura "Think about it. All new Genin teams have how many members?"


"Correct. The sensei and three students. So Kakashi said those things to test what?"

"Teamwork!" Sasuke realised.

"At last, he gets it" Naruto muttered.

"So what do we do?" asked Sasuke.

"Here is what we I have"

The two boys listened to Sakura's plan.

Kakashi stood in the middle of the clearing, reading his book.

'Hmm, they have been gone for a while'

Suddenly a fireball was fired at him from behind. He dodged it and had to quickly block a punch from Naruto. Pushing the boy away, he put his book away and took out a kunai.

Suddenly Sasuke appeared next to Naruto and punched the boy in the stomach.

'What the...?'

"I don't need you dobe or your pink haired harpy" Sasuke commented and advance on Kakashi.

Kakashi sense something and realised he had been caught in a Genjutsu.


The two boys disappeared and he turned to find the three behind him, with Sakura and Sasuke holding the bells.

"Well done. So Naruto are you ready to go back to the Academy?"

"No sensei" Naruto responded.


Sakura threw her bell on the ground.

"I would rather be a civilian than be without Naruto"

Kakashi gave her a neutral stare. He then looked at Sasuke.

"And you?"

Sasuke looked at the two Saiyans and then back to his sensei.

'I hope their right' he thought 'I need to pass, so i can get revenge'

"Same with me" he said throwing his bell to the ground.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Kakashi asked for the final time.

They just nodded.

"Well then, that's a shame..."

The students looked a little unsure of themselves.

"...I guess I won't have so much more time now to do anymore reading"

They looked at him in hope.

"Congratulations. You are now officially team seven. Meet here tomorrow at 8am to begin missions" Kakashi announced before collecting his things and shunshined away.

The three cheered and Naruto hugged Sakura tightly.

"At last"

"I know"

Confused Sasuke asked what they were on about.

"What are you two talking about?"

They both looked at him and smiled. They held their hands together.

"We wanted to live together, but our parents wouldn't let us. They agreed that when we became Genin officially, that we could" Sakura explained.

Sasuke looked angry. He didn't want the dobe to take HIS girl.

"Anyway, we better go get you ready Sakura" Naruto said and they both turned to go.

"Dobe!" screamed Sasuke "I challenge y... Uurgh"

Naruto had his fist in the boys stomach, causing the boy to collapse.

"Shut up Uchiha. She will never be yours" Naruto said before leaving with Sakura.

'I swear she will be mine'

At the Hokage's office, Kakashi appeared in front of the Hokage himself.


"They all passed and understood the teamwork idea" Kakashi answered.

"Damn. Kushina is not going to be happy"

"Why sensei?"

Minato sighed and scratched the back of his head.

"You know their situation?"


"Well we, along with the Haruno's, agreed with the two, that when they passed their true Genin exam, they could get their own place" Minato explained.


"How did they do it anyway?"

" Well..."

Naruto was currently in his room packing his things for moving. He was excited as Sakura and he would move in to a new property together.

Knock Knock

"Come in"

The bedroom door opened and his mother entered.

"Are you okay mother?" he asked before he was gathered in a hug.

He then noticed she was crying.


She pulled away to look at him.

"Are you sure this is what you want? You can stay longer you know?" she said.

Naruto just hugged her to him.

"Mum, you know I will always love you and dad forever, but I can't stand being away from Sakura Chan anymore. It's driving me mad" admitted Naruto.

Kushina smiled through her tears.

'At least they love each other' she thought.

"Need a hand?" she asked.


After he had packed, he had sealed his belongings in scrolls and was almost at Sakura's to help.

'Hopefully Mr Haruno won't try to kill me'

He reached the front door and before he could knock, it opened.

"Good afternoon Naruto"

Naruto gulped. In front of him was Sakura's father. Though Naruto was stronger and he was a civilian, the man could be pretty scary.

"Hello Mr Haruno"

"Please Naruto, how many times do I say to call me Shinji?"

"Fine Shinji"

"Good. Now if you don't mind, can I have a word?"


They went outside and closed the door. Suddenly Naruto was up against the wall, being held by his shirt.

"Now boy, a few questions"

Naruto just looked at the man.

"Will you take advantage of my baby girl?"

"No sir"

"Will you treat her fairly and protect her?"


"Going to have children?"

"Yes sir"

"Thatta boy" Shinji said before putting the boy down and patting his back.

It was no secret the Haruno's wanted Grandchildren. But not too soon.

They entered the house and closed the door.

"Naruto Kun" he heard before being knocked over by a pink blur. He looked up to see his favourite girl smiling down at him.

"Hey Sakura Chan"

"Hi Naruto Kun" she responded before kissing him briefly. She then got off him and help him up. They hugged and she led him to her bedroom.

They went into find Sakura's mother folding some of her daughter's clothes. She turned to see her adopted daughter holding her soon to be son in law's arm.

"Well hello Naruto Kun. How are you?"

"I am fine Katsuki"

"Very good. Now if you two can seal your belongings, Sakura will be finished"

Naruto took out several different sized scrolls and unrolled them on the ground.

They grabbed her bags of clothes, accessories and furniture and sealed them. Sakura picked them up and put them in her battledress.

She hugged her parents, as did Naruto and they left for their new home.

"So how are we paying for this place?" Sakura asked.

"Mum and dad are going to pay for it. But when we become Chunin, we will pay them back"

Sakura closed her eyes and hugged him tighter, allowing him to lead her there.

Of course this forced his arm into her growing breasts, making him blush.

They continued on until Naruto stopped them both causing Sakura to open her eyes. She gasped.

When they said they were getting their own place, they thought they would be getting a apartment or a small house.

But in front of them was a good sized house.

"Let's go" she said and grabbed his hand, leading him in.

They looked around. There were two bedrooms and a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom. Another bathroom. A large kitchen, dining room and a living room.

They had just finished their tour in the living room, when the door was knocked on.

"Yes" Naruto answered, when he opened it.

Outside was Naruto and Sakura's parents, his grandparents and the third Hokage.

"Uhh. Hi everyone" he welcomed.

He let everyone inside and closed the door. He showed them to the living room.

"Oh. Hi" said Sakura "We would let you sit down, but..."

She waved her arm around to show the empty room they were in.

Their guests just laughed.

"Don't worry about that Sakura, we have it covered" said Jiraiya.

The Namikaze grandparent produced several scrolls.

"What are these for?" Sakura asked.

Jiraiya unsealed the contents to reveal a lot of furniture.

"And that's not all" said Tsunade "We got you these. They are from your parents as well Sakura"

Tsunade gave her several scrolls marked with different types of food.

"Th...this is too much" Naruto said, who was in awe.

"Nonsense, your family my boy" Sarutobi replied.

After everything was set up, they had a very cosy looking home.

"Thank you all so much" Sakura answered.

"No problem. Anyway we came to celebrate you passing your exam" said Minato.

They celebrated until around midnight, when their guests left.

"Just to let you know, we joined the training area in our house to the basement in this house" whispered Minato before he left.

Sakura and Naruto waved them goodbye and prepared for bed.

Naruto went to sleep in one of the spare rooms, giving Sakura the master bedroom. Suddenly his hand was grabbed and dragged into the master room.

They both got in bed and prepared to go to sleep. Naruto went to the other side of the king sized bed, to give her room. He jumped slightly as she slid up against his back and put her arms around his chest.

"Night Naruto Kun" she mumbled.

"He put his hand on hers.

"Night Sakura Chan"

They then fell asleep, happy that they can finally stay together, after so many years staying apart.

Well there is the fourth chapter completed. I am in the middle of writing out the fifth one. Until next time.