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Saiyan Ninja: Chapter Five

Naruto awoke with a long yawn. He looked down to his chest, to find Sakura snuggling into it with a large smile. He chuckled. Deciding to get up, he carefully shifted her off him and went to make breakfast for the two.

In the middle of making it, Sakura came down looking for him.

"You could have stayed in bed you know. I would have brought it up to you" he said as she laid her head on his back.

"I know. But when I woke up, you weren't there" she explained.

He turned and hugged her tightly. He glanced at the clock. 9.40am.

'Wait. Oh Crap!' he thought.

"Sakura Chan, we are running late for our team meeting" he told her.

"I don't care. Let's stay here and go back to bed" she whispered.

"I am afraid we can't"

He then let go of her and went back to finishing breakfast.

After eating, washing up (the dishes and themselves) and getting dressed, they left.

Arriving at 10:15am to find a sleeping Sasuke under a tree. He awoke when footsteps were heard. Looking up, his eyes widened in recognition and then narrowed.

"Where the hell have you two been? What part of 8 in the morning didn't you understand?" he yelled.

The two shrugged and started doing warm up exercises to prepare for the day.

Kakashi arrived twenty minutes after they did, to find the two Saiyans sparring lightly and Sasuke sitting.

"Okay, all of you over here" he called out. Once all three of them were in front of him he continued "We will be starting some missions today, then teamwork exercises"

"Why bother with teamwork. With me here there is no way we can fail" Sasuke arrogantly announced.

His team just rolled their eyes and started towards the Hokage's office.

"Good morning Hokage Sama" greeted Kakashi, as the three Genin bowed (though Sasuke reluctantly).

"Good morning Kakashi, Sakura, Sasuke, Naruto. Here for some missions?" Minato responded.

"Yes sir"

"Very well. We have several 'D' rank missions available. If you speak to Iruka, he will give you one".

They bowed and left Minato's office with Minato winking at the couple.

Later after completing three missions, they were doing some light sparing. Sakura was fighting with Sasuke. And beating off his attacks.

"Give up Sakura, you are no match for an Uchiha" he mocked.

"You disgust me Sasuke. You are weak to rely on your name alone" she replied.

"How dare you speak down on me girl" snarled Sasuke, before going through several handsigns.

"Sasuke I said sparring only" shouted Kakashi, but was ignored. He went to interfere but Naruto held him back and shook his head.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu" Sasuke said, before blowing a great ball of fire towards Sakura.

Sakura just stayed still. It hit her position, causing a large explosion.

"Heh. No match for me" Sasuke bragged.

He felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned only to have a fist slammed into his stomach, causing him to fall unconscious.

"Idiot" Naruto muttered, while Kakashi sighed.

"Well done Sakura. Just leave him there just now"

"Thank you sensei" she replied and sat down next to Naruto.

"Well Naruto, you can spar with Sakura later at home" Kakashi told him. He walked over to the fallen boy and opened a bottle of water he had. Pouring the water over Sasuke's face, causing him to awaken with a startle.

"What the...?"

"Come on sleeping emo, we are finished for the day" Naruto commented, while Sakura hugged his arm.

"Let's go Naruto Kun. We have shopping to do" she told him and started to pull him along.

"Same time tomorrow guys" Kakashi shouted after them.

"Tch. I would have won if she had not sucker punished me" Sasuke complained.

"Sure you would" Kakashi said, rolling his eyes.

Naruto and Sakura were walking down through the village market. People were chatting away and dealing with their stores.

They had picked up the messages they needed, along with utensils the house needed. They had also bought some new furniture needed, along with electrical equipment.

"What now?" Naruto asked.

"How about some ramen?" she replied.


They arrived at the ramen stall they like – Ichiraku's. They also found team eight, enjoying a treat from their sensei.

"Hi you two" greeted Ayame, the waitress "What can I get you two?"

"Just the usual please"

Ayame nodded and went to tell her father, Teuchi, the cook.

"Hey you guys, Kurenai sensei" greeted Naruto.

"Hey man" greeted Kiba.

"Yip" yipped Akamaru.

"N...N...Naruto Kun" greeted Hinata, twiddling her fingers.

Shino just nodded.

"Good afternoon" greeted Kurenai "Finished for the day?"


"Is Kakashi behaving?" she asked.

"You know Kakashi. Always goofing out, being late and of course reading his porn" Naruto responded, and thanked Ayame for the ramen placed before them.

Kurenai scowled. The man was attractive, but she couldn't stand his 'hobby'.

Sakura agreed with Kurenai. But she was slightly more concerned with the shy Hyuuga.

'She better not try anything' she thought.

'CHA keep your hands off our man' Inner Sakura thought.

Another side effect of the experiments happened to Sakura. It awakened a few years ago and she now had an inner persona.

"So how's duck butt?" Kiba asked.

"KIBA!" scolded Kurenai.

"He is fine. Still acting superior and trying to get Sakura to 'marry' him" Naruto replied.

The others chuckled.

It was a normal thing in the village of Konoha, of the boys arrogance.

A lot of people in the village hated the Uchiha. When they had heard it was an Uchiha that had sent the Kyuubi to annihilate the village.

They talked a while longer, before they went separate ways. When Sakura and Naruto arrived home, they unsealed their purchases and started to put them away.

"What do you wish to do now Sakura Chan?"

"Let's do some sparring"


They eventually reached the underground cavern, which indeed did join Naruto's parents' house. At certain points Kushina would invite them in for meals.

"Ready love" he asked as he went into a stance.

"Anytime" she responded, while getting into her own stance.

Naruto charged towards her at high speed thrusting his fist to her stomach. She blocked it and retaliated with a kick. Dodging, he sent an array of punches at the girl, causing her to evade, but was hit on the cheek. Sakura flipped backwards away from him. She rubbed her cheek, trying to take some of the stinging away.

"You'll pay for that" she said, before powering up.

A pink glow surrounded her, while her energy multiplied.

'Oh crap' he thought.

She put her palm out towards him and a orb appeared.

"Isn't using energy bombs, a bit much for a spar?" he asked, while sweating a little.

She just smirked and sent the orb towards him at high speed. He managed to dodge it causing the orb to explode behind him.

'Phew. That was close' he thought. He turned towards her, only to find dozens of the bombs heading towards him. The orbs hit his location causing a larger explosion to occur.

Sakura tried to sense her boyfriend, knowing he would not be harmed from that. She could not sense him below her, so he was... above her! She quickly looked above herself, to find the boy floating mid air.

'What is he...? Oh crap'

Naruto's power increased. He had his hands cupped to his side.

""he said slowly, as a bright ball of energy appeared in his cupped hands, next to his waist.

"No fair Naruto" she shouted.

"...ha!" he finished, pushing his cupped hands forward, firing the energy in a destructive beam towards her. She dodged by flying straight upwards.

The energy wave hit the ground, causing it to upturn in the blast. Once the smoke from the impact cleared there was a large hole.

'Dad's going to go nuts' he thought, panting for air.

He was interrupted from his thoughts, with a fist to his face, sending him towards the ground. Before hitting the ground, he was kicked to the side, tumbling into a rock face.

"How do you like that Naruto?" Sakura shouted.

She got worried when there was no answer. She floated towards the cavern made from his impact.


She looked into the dark cavern, with the light of the outside shining in. There at the far side was Naruto's unconscious form, bleeding. Sakura ran inside and held him up. She shook him gently until he came around. He opened his eyes slowly and smiled.

"Good hit" he muttered.

She smiled.

"Sakura, do me a favour" he asked.


He motioned her to bend down so he could speak in her ear.

"What is it?" she asked, when she was level with him.



"Fooled you" he said smirking. He then disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Before she could retaliate, the real Naruto dropped from above and grabbed a hold of her.

"Got you"

"I should have known" she responded.

"And for falling for it, you must be...tickled" he chuckled and began to tickle her.

Sakura squirmed and laughed.

"Haha. S...stop Naruto. Haha. P...please"

He stopped and they stared into each other's eyes.

Naruto bent forward and kissed her, which she gladly joined in with. They detached after a few minutes, panting for air. He stood up and helped her up.

"Finished for the day?" he asked.

"Yeah. Let's go have dinner and then go to bed" she responded.

As they moved away towards their own entrance, there was another person inside the training area. There stood Minato with a camera, looking pleased with himself.

"Blackmail" he said, thinking of the picture he just took and then went to tell his wife.

Sorry for the short chapter, but the next one should be longer. I had wanted the Kamehameha to be in the story from stage one, so I decided to have Bardock slip it into the capsule before they took off. He had seen it in the memories of his son's future.