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Side note: its AU Alphonse is 13 years old and Edward is about 3 or 4 and part nekko. Why? Because its cute and I can. I know a couple others have done the Neko Edward… but its soo cute and can you blame me for jumping in? Also there is no slash in here… not even vaugly..

13 year old Alphonse could feel the heat as he ran thru the flames using alchemy to try and protect him as he blindly searched thru burning house for his younger brother Edward. How could their father do this to them? It was bad enough that that bastard had kidnapped, caused the death of their mother but why? Why did he have to do this to Ed? Only 2 hours ago it had seemed like him and Ed would escape his madness but Hohenheim had found out about Alphonse's plans somehow and took Ed from him as punishment. If that wasn't bad enough he had abused alchemy and turned Ed into part cat. Naturally a fight had broke out soon after resulting in Hohenheim torching the place and leaving them to rot. Now here he was looking for his brother.

He could feel the smoke starting to suffocate his lungs. This was not good. Edwards lungs were weak as it was and he wasn't in the best of conditions when they had gotten separated. If he didn't find him soon.. well Al didn't want to think about it.

He was awoken form his thoughts by a weak coughing sound. He stopped and listened. It was close. He followed the sound to a pile of debris. He could vaguely see a head of golden hair sticking out. Breathless he ran over and started to dig thru the pile. As soon as he found his brother he carefully picked him up and ran out of the house as fast as he could not bothering to look back. As soon as he was sure they were a safe distance away he tended to his brother being careful of his new feline ears which were clearly still tender. He had stopped his dad before he could too much to him.. However he now had cat ears a golden tail and his front teeth almost developed into a set of fangs but not quite.

How could he explain this to the doctors? They would surely take his brother away from him and turn him into some kind of lab rat. He clutched his brother closer to him fearfully. No he wouldn't allow that. There must be someone he could trust. His brows furrowed in thought. They really didn't have very many family members.. Suddenly he remembered that mom had a younger brother well Half brother.. but still… He hadn't seen him since the day his father had taken him and mother away and that was over 3 years ago.. Mom after all still pregnant with Ed at the time. What if He wasn't still in the same place?

No He would still be in central. His uncle Roy would be there. He better be. He looked down and noticed that Edward was shivering. Sighing he took off his jacket and wrapped it around His precious younger brother. His brother started to cry soft tears of pain and fear. He didn't blame him. Al felt like crying too but he had to remain strong for his younger brother. "Its ok brother we are going to see uncle Mustang and everything will be ok." He said not entirely convinced. However trying to remain optimistic he got up his brother in his arms and walked away from the burning building they once tried to call home.


Roy slouched in his chair as he glared accusingly at the never ending stack of papers. How he loathed them. It seemed that just as he finished a pile Hawkeye would only bring more. He heard a knock and quickly sat up. "Yes come in." he said as he pretended to look over the first paper he could get his hands on.

Hawkeye stepped in and instantly caught on to what her superior and lover was doing. She rolled her eyes. "Sir, if you are finished being a sloth.. You have visitors." She said narrowly as she fingered her gun. Roy's face paled as she started to take her gun out but he tried to keep his composure. Come one Roy get yourself together. You are the commanding officer and man. You didn't just obtain the rank of colonel for no reason. Be a man! He thought trying not to show fear. "Tell them him I am busy." He said yawning.

"With all due respect Sir I think you should allow them in." she said warningly. Roy sighed and rested his chin on his hands. "Who is it the damn Führer? "He asked agitated. Riza shook her head. "No sir its family." She said firmly. Roy looked at her in disbelief. "What that's imposable my only supposedly living family members have been missing for…." He stoped short. "Send them in." he gulped.

Alphonse nervously entered clutching his slumbering brother to him not letting anyone within 4 feet of them. His light brown hair was tied back in a pony tail and he was dressed in a neat pair of black pants and a white shirt had Edward dressed in a plain black shirt and slacks and his own unusually long hair was braided. He had tried to make him and Ed look their best. He wanted to make a good impression for his uncle. He was a bit ashamed of how they got their clothes but that couldn't be helped now.

Roy couldn't believe who he was seeing.. Could it really be his long lost nephew and if so where was his mother? How did he escape their vile father? He noticed for the first time that he was protectively holding what appeared to be a small child in his arms but he couldn't tell since a red blanket was covering it up. It was conferred however when the bundle began to wail. "Al.." it sobbed

He watched as the boy turned his attention to the bundle and began to try to comfort it. "Its ok brother I am here." He cooed as he rocked the bundle carefully. Al looked up and looked at Roy with those unmistakable grey eyes. "I don't if you remember me but.." he faltered

Roy suddenly got up from his desk tears falling from his eyes. "Alphonse you are ok." He said going to hug him but Al firmly stopped him motioning to the bundle. "carefully I don't want you to startle my younger brother." He said as he moved the blankets to reveal the crying Edward. Roy carefully reached out and touched this new boys perfectly golden hair. So this was the nephew he never got to meet. He studied him and noticed that he had his dads golden hair and matching eyes but after that it was all Trisha.

Under more observation however he was stunned to find that the boy had cat ears. Surprised he hesitantly touched one of the ears. "What the.." he stared. The boy turned and looked at him curiously for a moment before burying his face in Al again. He started to whimper some more. Roy looked to the older brother and frowned. "Tell me everything." He demanded