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Edward sat boredly in the back of the kindergarten classroom as their teacher told some stupid story of a chicken that was lying about how the sky was falling. He started to fidget. He would much rather be outside playing or playing with dadda as he bar hopped but instead his Dadda and Momma made him go here. "Edo pay attention!" Winry hissed poking her friend who was obiously somewhere else at the moment. Edward scowled but snapped to attention none the less. If there was one thing that Ed knew was never make Winry angry. the last person who did that infront of him got knocked out with a hammer. Why Winry even carries arround tools was beyound him. All he knew was that they hurt. He sighed and laid his chin on his fist. bets dadda is having more fun. he thought enviously. Bastard


Roy starred at the pile of papers on his desk. Grumbling he took a piece of paper and blindly started signing it. Seeing this Riza snatched the paper from him before he could fully sign it. "Roy Mustang just because you have been nominated for fuher doesnt mean you can start slacking on your papper work!" she said deathly. "Now actully read the damn pappers! I dont want to have to go through them all after you because of your lazyness! I swear its things like this that makes me pray you dont get elected!" ROy responded by head planting into the pappers. "When I become fuher I am going to make a law against this cruelty." he said into the desk.


Roy and Rize were married in a fancy and showy wedding everyone they knew came. it was promised to be a grand wedding. it had to be. this wasnt just a memorable occation for them but nearly all of Amestris was there if only by tv and radio tunning into this momentous occation. It wasnt everyday that you got to see a young handsome fuher get married. there was only one problem the flower girl and ring bearer were missing.

After making sure that Edward's little tuxedo was just right Alphonse momentarly left him with Winry as he went to make sure that they were ready to come out. A moment was all Edward needed. HE turned to his friend Winry whom was also the flower girl and grinned mischeously. "Want to go find the cake?" he asked her as he licked his fangs. she shook her head. "Noes Edo wesa can get in trouble." she said nervously. "No we wonts! i just wants to fix it." he said stobornly. "fix it?" winry asked wavering.

"ya ya. it looked so borring. it needs our special touch." he said reaching out for her hand. after a seconds pause she put her hands in his and they hurried off. it didnt take them long to find the cake. Edward always had the unncany ability to sniff out food like nobodys buisness. they stood on their tip toes gazzing upward at the tall and vast cake. "Wowsers." Winry said in aww and Edward nodded. "Whats yous think?" Edward asked her tilting his head to the side in thought.

"More flowers." WInry said firmly. nodding Edward transmutred some of the frosting to make big gaudy flower decorations appear sporatically arround the cake. "oohhs and flames!" edward said clapping his hands. "Rainbows and hearts!" winry squealed. "momma and daddas face!" Edward sneered as he made a near perfect pic of Roy and RIzas faces on there . Rizza was scowling in disaprovment and Roy was wearing his trademark sneer. "Kittys." WInry said batting her eyes. edward seemed taken back. "WHy kitties? he demanded. "CUz i thinks they are cute." wirny said coyly. blushing a deep shade of crimson red he formed kitties on there none the less. they both stood on chairs admiring their work. the once simple and elogant cake now looked like crazy collage of abserd and random showy designs. they grined proudly at the finnished product. "Dadda and Momma will love it." Edward said surilly. suddenly they heard music and remembered the wedding and hurried off. all would remember the infamous cake for years to come.


Roy stood infront of the church trying to keep his composure as he waited for more news on the disapearance of his mischevious son. He had a fealing he up to something but he couldn't quite place what. sudently the musc started and the best men Maes, Havoc, and ALphonse stepped in and took their places by him. ALphonse leaned in and mouthed we found them. to roy who only nodded curtly. next came the brides maids SHeska, Riza's best friends Sabrina and Nellie one of Roys old friends from his time with madame christmas. Roy held his breath as it was time for the flower girl and ring bearer to arrive.. after a few seconds Winry and Edward emerged. Edward was holding onto the pillow with one hand as he helped throw or rather chuck flowers into the guests faces while winry merly dropped them boredly. ROy cringed as madame christmas had a lily casted into her face nearly going up her nose. SHe took it in stride though and instead of being mad took out a camera and began to take picutres of her grandson who stopped dead in his tracks and flasheda big smile for the camera before he and winry contiued on wards.

AN hour later they were married and the crowed cheared as Roy and his family(plus Ross and Brosh who now due to ROy being fuher became the boys' permant security gaurds.) drove off into their future.


A week later Ross and Brosh stood unsure of what to do as they watched WInry and Edward wrestle violently in the play room located on the east end of the mansion. WInry sat on top of Edward and was trying to keep him down just as ROy and Riza walked in with ALphonse close behind. Riza shot a gun off in the air and Edward looked up from his sprawled possition on the floor and WInry from her dominating one. "WHat do you two think you are doing?" she demanded.

"Whats it look like we are doing?" edward scowled. "Were playing house of course." ROy and Riza eyed each other uneasily. "What do you mean Kitten?" roy dared to ask. this caused both tots to give an exasperated sigh. "were playing pertend." Winry said pointedly. "Yeas me and winry just got married and so now we are doing the wrestleing in the bedroom just like yous and Momma did when you got home." Edward said smiling.

"wrestling like.. we did?" Roy stammered and Riza hit him. "I told you that you were being too loud!" she snapped as she shot a few rounds above his head. "you have corupted my son!" she snarled.

"I corrupted? your son?" Roy said incrediously. "Why is it always my fault?" the only response was another gun shot. "YOU will not be getting any "wrestling" tonight." she said as she turned on her heels and stormed out with Roy follwoing pleadingly behind. the two kids watched curriously for a second before WInry broke the silence. "Wow.. you weres right mommys and daddys are rather violent to each other." she said in wonder. Edwrd only nodded. "But momma only shoots at dadda cuz she loves him.. if she didnt love him she wouldnt miss." Edward imformed her. WInry nodded. "When we get married I promise i wont shoot at you only throw wrenches." She vowed as she held up a wrench from her pocket causing Edward to shrink back. "WIn Win carefuls with thats!" he cried out. in response she patted his cheek sweetly with it. "No worries I wonts ever hits you. You ares too cute to hit." she said sweetly.


11 years later Roy was of course still fuher. *once you became fuher you were so until you died or resigned and roy was not about to just give up his title for a long time. THey had brought their country to a prosperous state and most people loved him and adored his wife and children. ALphonse and SHeska were married with one 2 year old son which they named Alex. Alphonse followed in his dads footsteps and became a alchemist under his rule. He was now known as the soul binding alchemist. Edward was now ending his sophmore year and still close freinds with WInry but now also had two more friends named LIn and Lan fan. THey went to a govermental based high school for kids whose parents worked in the higher ups. Edwards bronchitis was far from getting better but he still managed to get by so far and it still dint stop the boy from causing trouble or challanging authority. Namely Roys.

"damnit Edward Listen to me I am not just your father but the damn fuher!" ROy scowled causing Edward to laugh contemptuously. "Please dad your Fuher excuse wont afect me any. It wont get me to do anything you say. so shove it because I am not doing it!" Edward snorted. they glared at each other from opposite ends of the dinner table. "You know its no wonder you are so short!" roy jabbed causing Edwards vein to pop. "who says i am short?!?" edward screamed. "I do now drink your Damn milk or so help me I will make you!" ROy screamed back. "I would like to see you try old man!" Edward challanged now roy was mad. "OLD MAN? I WILL SHOW YOU OLD MAN!" ROy fumed as he got up from the table and grabbed the glass and the boys head. "leggo!" edward struggled. However ROy was waiting for him to open his mouth and the minute Edward did he sputtered at the vile substance poured into his mouth he gagged but ROy held his mouth closed and the milk had no choice but to go down. Once Roy was sure it was all down he put the glass down ane let Edward go. "What was that for?" Edward demanded. "that..." he said slowly. "was for calling me old. Im only 41 damnit."

Riza sipped her tea as she watched the whole scene in silence smiling privatly to herself. What a wonderfully deranged family she had. However she wouldnt give them up for the world.

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