Zim stooped over his lates creation so deep in thought thathe didn't notice the scythe-shaped hair poking up from behind a crate in his lab. "THERE!" he smiled proudly, "Finally, my latest plan is complete!"

What is it, WHAT IS IT?!!! Dib inquired in his head, the tension just killing him.

"Behold, I shall call it-A ZIM!!!!" he held out a coiled spring proudly.

"THAT'S A SLINKY!!!!" Dib slapped a hand over his mout and mentally kicked himself.

"DIB" Zim snarled, "Well filthy pig-smelly – this time I'm glad you're here…I need someone to test out my ZIM's power and accuracy, and a moving target is much better…" He held up the ZIM (which was in fact a Slinky) and screamed as he whipped it towards Dib's head with the force equivalent to a freight train. Had Dib not ducked, he would have been impaled by the small metal coil that had just now embedded itself in the piece of equipment behind where he was standing. "Nooooo-my Torture Device of Doom!!!!" Zim howled.

"Wow that's impressive…" Dib pretty much wet himself.

"'Wow' indeed, human. You see, I have taken a mere Earth toy and made it into a weapon of mass destruction! I sharpened the edges and tipped it with a diamond stud to allow it to cut through flesh like a knife through hot butter!" he cackled evilly, "All I have to do is hit you with this and you'll be swiss-cheese!!!" Then he attempted again. If Zim's aim was better, Dib would have been very dead but, due to the fact that he was used to guns, hitting a moving target was deemed impossible. Zim pretty much was just ruining his own base's equipment, "Why-won't-you-hold-still!!!" he punctuated each word with a wild throw of the ZIM. Then, the unthinkable happened.

GIR wlaked in just as the ZIM punched a huge hole in his cranium with a sickening 'shnick' noise. GIR blinked then screamed in joy, "YAAAAY! I GOTS A WHOLE IN MAH HEAD!!!! IT HURTS!!!!" Then the defective SIR yanked the ZIM from his master's hands and smiled, "ooh, whazzat?" he flailed wildly, punching holes in everything, Zim having to duck and dodge to avoid dying.

"NO, GIR – GIR! STOP IT RIGHT NOW GIR!!!!" Zim screamed as the ZIM whizzed past his head, "please…" he added.

GIR paused and thought, "okay!" he stopped flailing then-


"He ate it…" Zim said incredulously. "He ate the ZIM…"

"Victory for Earth…" Dib remarked, "I guess…See you tomorrow, alien scum…"

"Same to you, human filth…"

"i gots a ZIM in mah tummy!!!!" GIR smiled happily.

"GIR…you scare me…" Zim sighed.