Author's Notes: So, this happened.

Texts From Last Night

he's too big for this town, anyway; or, you can't clip matt rutherford's wings


Application for Transfer

Name:Matt Rutherford

Address:1212 Sunshine Lane, Lima, Ohio, 44452


mike (9:15 am) just got back from asian camp, wanna hit up a sonic?

matt (9:17 am) uhh sorry dude i got stuff i gotta do

mike (9:20 am) like what? ps totally hooked up with tina this summer

mike (9:23 am) i respect her as a woman and person but girl's got a mouth like a hoover

mike (9:24 am) if you know what im saying

mike (9:24 am) (i'm saying she gives good bjs)

matt (9:27 am) hahaha yeah i got that. phone five brother

mike (9:28 am) FIVE


Birthday: 5/16/1991


puck (1:30 pm) yo matt just woke up, u kno how to pick a lock? im stuck in some cougar's loft

matt (1:35 pm) i fuckin wish. youre just asking because im black

matt (1:35 pm) wtf dude i live in a gated community

puck (1:37 pm) so? im jewish and i got inside quinn's gated community if you know what im saying

puck (1:38 pm) im saying we had sex

matt (1:40 pm) dude why does everyone think i don't get sex references?


Current High School: William McKinley High School


mercedes (1:50 pm) did puck just ask you how to pick a lock because he texted me

mercedes (1:52 pm) he's so accidentally racist i don't even know how to respond

matt (1:55 pm) pretend he's retarded

mercedes (1:56 pm) that's not pretending that's real life

kurt (2:12 pm) hey matt, i didn't see your mom at our interpretive dance class this morning. is she feeling sick?

matt (2:14 pm) oh, uh, yeah, she's got a stomach thing

kurt (2:15 pm) well, tell her i said to get better! if she needs anything let me know

matt (2:17 pm) yeah i will, thanks man


Extra Curricular Activities (please list the activity and your role in the organization): Varsity Football (1st string running back), Varsity Baseball (pitcher), Varsity Basketball (Point Guard), Glee Club (Member)


santana (6:30 pm) party at brittanys, 10:30, BYOB or $10

matt (6:35 pm) don't think i can make it tonight, parents got me on lockdown

santana (6:45 pm) what did you do?

matt (6:50 pm) just school stuff

santana (6:52 pm) wtf matt school hasn't even started yet

santanta (6:53 pm) sneak out

matt (7:00 pm) wish i could. party down

santana (7:02 pm) party foulllll

matt (7:05 pm) haha fuck you. next time!


In a few sentences, tell us why you want to transfer to the Ryan Murphy School of the Arts.

I would like to attend RMSA because I feel that my artistic abilities are not being fully developed at WMHS. I have the drive and passion to develop my skills and nurture my talent, but there is no appropriate outlet at WMHS. Even the Glee club stifles me. I feel like I can't really let myself go and show others my talent, so I stay quiet and am reduced to swaying in the background. RMSA can make me a better artist and allow me to focus on what I'm passionate about, rather than what my fellow students feel I should be passionate about. RMSA can give me a chance to really spread my wings and fly free from my WMHS cage.


mike (12:00 pm) yo dude srsly where ARE YOU?

matt (12:02 pm) i've been in augusta the past few days

mike (12:05 pm) augusta? wtf is in augusta?

matt (12:07 pm) my new school

mike (12:07 pm) WHAT?

mike (12:10 pm) wtf dude are you TRANSFERRING?

mike (12:15 pm) matt are you serious? wtf? why?

matt (12:20 pm) its nothing personal. i'll be back for christmas and thanksgiving and st patricks day and shit

mike (12:22 pm) 1st of all give up, st patty's day is not a holiday, and 2ndly why the fuck are you transferring?

matt (12:24 pm) i just think rmsa is a better fit for me

mike (12:30 pm) rmsa? how the fuck did you get into rmsa thats likeā€¦ the best art school in the country


matt (12:35 pm) FIVE

mike (1:40 pm) yo matt

matt (1:42 pm) whutup

mike (1:45 pm) im really gonna miss you bro, keep in touch ok

mike (1:47 pm) dont sleep with any more dudes cuz once is an accident and twice means you like it

mike (1:48 pm) unless youre gay after all in which case GET IT

matt (1:50 pm) i'll miss you too.


Intended Concentration: Ballet.