Summary: In the last episode of Dinosaur King, Rex had to leave the present time to live with his parents in the future. They had their tearful goodbyes...and thought they all said what was need to be said. But Rex thought it wasn't enough.

And so...this little story starts a few days after saying goodbye, when Aki Taylor, the mother of our energetic protagonist Max, went to clean Rex's room like usual. The Taylors didn't have the heart to do anything to the young boy's room; all of his belongings were still in there. They have left the room the same state as to when Rex was previously here, which was prior to the farewell. The family couldn't exactly enter the place because...when they did; any of them would have burst into tears. The whole house has already gotten quieter simply because the blonde, clever child wasn't around. And the one who was most distressed was Max. He couldn't get over that his best friend would never return. Everyone was worried that he wasn't eating enough because he was always in his room alone, and once in a while you could hear small stifle sobs coming from behind the door. This time Chomp wasn't with him, which made the house even more miserable.

Aki stepped in the still nicely decorated, but a little dusty place. She tried her best to restrain herself from crying, but even she could not hold a few tears back. Aki wiped her tears away and began to clean the room. She first started with his cabinets filled with all kinds of books, mostly about dinosaurs. Apparently there was one book that was slightly sticking out, which is rare for Rex. In curiosity she took out one book from the shelf and began to read. It was about carnivores, but what amused her more was about the little notes on the side. It was easy to see Rex wrote them, probably for research purposes. She turned the page about Carnotaurus which is Rex's dinosaur, Ace. There seemed to be more notes here than the other pages, but that was natural of course, until Aki noticed one of the notes that weren't related to the giant lizards at all.

It read: Leaving soon. Finish everything by then. Place them under the pillow.

That single note quickly piqued Aki. She faced the blue-colored bed. 'Under the pillow? I wonder what it is...' she knew that it might have been private, but she reached her hand under the white pillow anyway. She did find something, but she didn't expect anything like this.

'Papers?' she looked at them closely, they weren't notes, but envelopes. Made of paper. But what was written on them surprised her.

They were addressed to each one of them. Dr. Taylor Max, Zoe, Dr. Owen, Reese, and also herself. She covered her mouth, trying to hold back herself from weeping. Aki decided not to read the letter yet, she wanted to tell a certain someone about it first.

So, with the envelopes in her hands, she went out of the room and soon, faced the door next to Rex's. It was Max's room, and to her dismay she could still hear her son inside, sobbing. Hesitantly, she knocked on the door.

"Max? It's me. Please open the door." she said as gently as she could. After a few seconds of standing there, the door slowly opened in front of her. Max was standing there, still in his usual outfit, the one he normally wears every day. His visor wasn't on his head; Aki presumed that it was on his desk.

"M-mom..." he said sniffling. His eyes were blood-red from crying so much. It pained to see her son like this. She hugged him tightly so that, it might calm him down.

"You don't need to worry about me mom...I'll be fine." Aki was happy that there was a small hint of his old self returning.

"There's something I need to show you's from Rex." that single name already made Max want to break away from his mom's arms and shut the door on her face. "What about him?"

"I found it under his pillow." she showed him the envelopes she was carrying. She pulled out one, and gave it to her son.

"Wh-what is this?"

"A letter. For you Max." she smiled. "It's a goodbye from Rex." the brown-haired boy just stood there, silent.


"Don't call me that." he said bluntly. "I'll read the letter inside my room okay?" Aki nodded, and went downstairs.

"A letter...from Rex huh?" he thought to himself. He was sitting on his slightly dirty bed. He grabbed his visor and turned it on so that he could read it. Already, he felt nervous taking out the piece of paper from the hand-made envelope. He was afraid what was written there...Max even thought that this wasn't even Rex's at all. But the handwriting was too strikingly similar. It couldn't have been forged...

His hands kept shaking as he stared at the letter, reading every word and every line closely. He would sometimes bite his lip to keep himself from crying. He really missed much...until the very last word--

"...hey...there's something scribbled on the bottom..!" Max read it, and then, just stared. "Only Rex would say something like that..." he mumbled. But somehow, it made him feel...nostalgic. The young boy ran out of his quarters with a big smile, a smile the family hasn't seen in quite a while...

"Mom! What's for lunch? I'm soooo hungry!!" he shouted as he ran downstairs, and accidentally tripping.

Aki heard the crash and swiftly went to where Max was, on the floor. "Max! Are you alright?!"

"...yeah I'm fine!" he smiled while standing up. Aki felt so happy, her son was finally smiling again.

"So mom, what's there to eat? I'm starving!!!!" Max shouted, like his old, energetic self.

"Alright...just wait a moment; I'll make something to eat okay? Today we're going to have steak!"

"Steak you say?" suddenly, Dr. Taylor, or Max's dad, came from the door. "You haven't made that in a while Aki! Oh and Max! You're finally up!"

"Yup! Hey can we invite Zoe over dad?"

"Sure." he replied as he sat on the couch, exhausted. Max thanked him and dashed out of the house. After it seemed like he was out of earshot, turned to his wife. "How did you..?"

"It was Rex. He was able to tell him to stand up again."

"Good 'ol Rex. He always seems to be the one reaching to Max when he's down..."

"Even though he isn't here." she added. "Oh, Spike? Rex didn't write only to Max."

"Really? Did he write to Zoe as well?" Aki stepped out of the kitchen and gave him an envelope.

"He wrote to everyone Spike. Including the both of us." now it was Dr. Taylor's turn to be speechless.

"That boy...he always thinks of everything." he finally said with a small chuckle. "Let's read this later, for now, we feast!" he gave his wife a big grin. She smiled back.

"Mom, dad, I brought Zoe!" Max yelled as he burst into the house with the pink-haired girl behind him.

"Max what is this about? And when did you get so hyper?!" she looked like she was about to punch him for disturbing her awhile ago in the house, but in truth she was glad that Max was normal again. Normal as in jumpy and is ready to eat anytime.

"Kids I'm almost done with the steak. You can do something else for the meantime." Aki shouted from the kitchen. Dr. Taylor stood up from his comfortable position. "How about we go on a walk? We haven't done that for some time." Max agreed wholeheartedly, as so did Zoe, but not as much enthusiasm. So the group went out of the house and Max sprinted for the park with a humongous grin on his face. After being surrounded by a few trees, he gazed at the sky and muttered two words before Zoe and his dad were able to catch up to him.

Thanks Rex.

To Max:

If you're reading this letter, then that probably means that I'm already back in the future with my parents. We wouldn't have enough time to say goodbye, especially for me, so I wrote it down for you instead. We've been best friends for so long, it just feels wrong to go away. Even though we fight a lot and we have our differences, I might not be here now without your help. I wish that you won't get in trouble so often. Will you be okay without me being there to help out?...I hope so. Because aren't I the one always helping you out in your homework?...and bailing you out? Sorry, that wasn't meant to be an insult.

It's also so hard to believe the battle is finally over. And that...well, your lives are going to be back to normal...I'm sorry that you couldn't keep Chomp. But that's just the way it's supposed to must be hard for all of you to adjust to the circumstances.

Please try to stay out of trouble Max. And I'm sorry about this letter being so short. I don't have much time left to stay at present. I guess I had less time than I thought. Thank you for everything, really. I couldn't ask for a better was fun while it lasted, and maybe...someday it won't be the last.


P.S. Good luck with your Math test next week!

Author's Note : Well this is the first time I've written something quite depressing. Sorry if it sucks, I haven't watched Dinosaur King in a while....oh yeah, I didn't want to post this story yet until I made an explanation as to when Rex wrote the letters, and I finally made one! It took some time since I actually missed the last episode of Dinosaur King to watch the first episode of Bleach.
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