To Mr. and Mrs. Taylor

The sun was still up high as the unusual yet the-best-day-ever for Max and Zoe was on-going...ish. Even though it was only for a few days, the two parents felt like it was years since they saw them smile so broadly...especially after Zoe visited them again in the afternoon and dragged the brunette to the mall to celebrate. Spike and Aki were now left alone in the empty house that used to have three roaming dinosaurs in it. It was weird that they weren't around cause some damage or humor. Everything was just...too quiet.

So that's when they both decided to go out as well and see what the kids were doing out of boredom. It's not like they were really going to eavesdrop on them, the two might just find them and see what Rex has done indirectly to the both of them. No harm done right?

Besides, today was the day Aki would normally go grocery shopping.

"Why do I have to go along..?" Dr. Taylor complained as his wife was gripping on his arm tightly.

"Because, I need someone to help me out in carrying everything. We're going to have a huge dinner later, so we have to buy what we need." she replied with a smile as they both entered the supermarket. The brown-haired woman got a metal cart and started to walk towards the first aisle with the man behind her.

"So...what do we need..?" Spike asked out of slight boredom. Grocery wasn't his thing at all; he would prefer to be studying dinosaurs in a rocky environment. A cliff would be nice too...with fossils and the usual danger of falling. Yeah...that would be an awesome adventure...

But instead of that, he's stuck here in a building filled with-

"STEAKS!" he shouted as soon as he whiffed up the smell of his beloved meat...beloved as in his favorite food ever. Spike was gazing at the large slice of red stuff, his hands firmly on the cold glass from the temperature inside the container keeping the other pieces of meat. Though before he could ask, Aki had already clutched on the back of his vest and pulled him to where they were keeping the eggs.

Whoever knew Max's mom was so strong?


After around an hour of mindless pacing around the store (to Dr. Taylor anyway), the lady was able to get all the things she needed. The pair went out of the supermarket casually when Aki noticed two kids not far from where they were having a chat over some milk shakes. It looks like they haven't seen them yet since the both of them looked like they were really engrossed in their conversation. Spike was about to ask if they could say hi, but his wife was already walking away to the parking lot. "H-hey..!" the dino-lover quickly caught up with her.

"We'll leave those two in peace okay Spike?" she asked as she was carrying two of the white plastic bags while the spiky-haired male was holding around...maybe three or four. "By the way, have you read Rex's letter yet..?"

"To us?" she nodded in response. "No...maybe later." he replied, curling his fingers so it won't go numb even if he was still grasping something.

"...Rex is such a nice boy isn't he Spike?"

"...yeah. It's sad that he had to leave."

"But it's the way it has to be...right..?" this time the man nodded too, and the walk back to their house was about what they were going to eat for tonight.

To Mr. and Mrs. Taylor :

How are you doing..? I guessed that you found the letters right Mrs. Taylor? Haha...if not, then thank the person who did m'kay? Are Max and Zoe managing well..? I hope case they haven't read what I left for them yet. I remember the first time I came into your house, I was so scared that I thought I would run away and somehow find my way back to Dad...but they more I hung around with you, the more I felt like you were the closest thing I could have to a real family. Dad was right; it was a good decision for me to stay with you. That way I met new people and gained life-long friends...and people who would care for me as well. Hehe...I hope I don't sound kind of weird here, but what I just wrote...I really mean it. And I hope to see you someday soon okay?


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