Hey guys! Remember me? You freakin' loved my story? XD

Well, as I said, I was going to have a new SWAC story up soon, and I know it's been about two months, but that's because I've been planning it and such.

So if any of you guys pay attention to my profile, you might of noticed that there's a new story called "Have My Heart", and it IS the new SWAC/Channy story.

I can't tell you much about it, because it would give away some stuff, BUT I made a sort of trailer for it on WMM (so it sucks) but here it is anyway.
www . youtube . com /watch?v=keyQtzlS0I8

So, all I can tell you about "Have My Heart" is that it's a sort of Sonny heartbreak this time, but not so insane like Chad's heartbreak was. It's serious, like most of my newest stories, and it could probably be a little M-rated, but not so much. It's more in the middle of T and M. XD

But here's the summary:
Y-you had my heart Chad," Sonny said, "and that's what you took with you, when you walked into that bedroom. "Sonny, please!" Chad cried. Tears falling from his eyes now. "No . . . I'm done. We're done."

Two more things, the first thing is, that instead of 1st person, it will be in 2nd person, like the last few chapters of BTV.

The last thing, is that the first chapter will be posted on August 1st. Which is in about three days. So, I hope I'll recongize a bunch of BTV reviewers, and even get some new ones.

Thanks guys, see you soon.