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Now, on to the next chapter…

This chapter features the Shield liger, specifically Van's Shield Liger. But the point is, who had the Shield liger before Van?

While the answer my own personal speculation, it is quite possible.

(ok very possible, here's a hint: check out the beginning of ep. 35 of Guardian force, say the 4 min. mark…)

The first reviewer to get the correct answer will… Get to chose the Zoid chapter 8. (Sorry but chapter 7 is already half done. Wink, wink.)

This piece is rather choppy and disjointed, well we all have to remember, the Shield liger was a derelict when we first met him…


Shifting winds and floating sand.

Darkness, light, and a mixture somewhere in between.

Memories. Soft, Distant.

Two soldiers, friends. And a Command Wolf.

Fierce battles, the same two men, with a form of kin-ship.

Fractured pieces, a glowing pink-white light.



Shifting sands, footsteps.

Rushing movement, battle cries.

A strange presence.

A far off voice with a desperate plea.

"Save him…"

Bright lights, a rush of power.


This strange entity has given me another chance at life, in which to save the life of a boy I do not know.

I remember everything now, everything past.

My last pilot, and his friend desperate to save everyone. And now this being, and that same desperation to save another.

Maybe I've become senile in my near death existence…

This being asks I help the boy. My last pilot, he would have wanted me to, so I guess I will.

I wonder what happened to him, the defiant soldier? His friend, I know died, I watched it happen. But this boy, he is so much like my last pilot, it is strange, so strange. He gives to others without thought to himself.

I included.

I will help him, for as long as I am able.

Another battle.

An impossible opponent.

My pilot doesn't want to fight, but he does anyway.

All in the defense of another…

Bright arching lights.


Armor peeling away from the core…

Instant death.


Swirling light, pain.

That same strange presence, and the girl…

Pleas, cries. "Return to the world…"

They are the same, but the reasons behind them have dramatically changed.

It wasn't out of companionship, or loyalty that they begged my return. A strange, pressing emotion.

Human emotion.


For him, for myself. Because he would sacrifice himself for another…

They want me to awaken.

They have given me all that I need to, but there is something more that I require.

His presence.

His strength and his loyalty.

This is something I want, something I need that they cannot give. Nothing more, nothing less.

He is here…

Fading lights.

Memories not my own.

An everlasting promise.

A new body.

Swift victory.


Happiness, peace.

Second chances are hard to come by, but to be given a third chance at life is nothing short of miraculous.

A new name…

AN: Semi happy with this one. Not a lot of input from the shield liger itself, but remember, throughout much of chaotic century Zeek was helping Van pilot the liger, so one would think much of the ligers consciousness would have been… held back? (if that's the right phrase) By the organoid system (Zeek).

Hopefully I dropped enough hints on (who I believe) was the Shield Ligers last pilot, and if not, Picture frames people, picture frames, episode 35. Its hard to spot, but the (possible) connection is there!

I'm crazy, but its there (or at least I'll make it be there…)

Oh, and please don't choose the Shadow Fox, I already have that one half done…