~Hellsing, Nature of time~

~Chapter 8: Fate~

Present day...

Angelo observed with a smile, the woman he loved. He had watched her grow from that shy, confused little girl whom he had loved for so long, into the beautiful woman he was so thankful to be close to.

"Oh drat! I'm sorry, I just can't seem to get it." Yumiko turned to him and held up her hands, which currently had a small amount of vine wrapped around it.

Angelo merely chuckled and walked over behind her and showed her what to do. She had been showing a growing interest in his plants and world and wanted to learn more about them. Currently, he was trying to teach her the right way to 'touch' his plants, earning their trust and respect. It was also to stop them from wrapping around her too much and attempting to molest her.

"And carefully open your fingers out...yes...well done love," Angelo smiled and watched as she closely followed his instructions, "and when the vine unravels itself, just slowly pull away and it won't bother you."

The vine did indeed pull away, Yumiko followed, turning around to face Angelo with a large, sweet smile.

"I done it."

"You did indeed Fiore." Angelo smiled right back at her and leaned forward, stealing a small, blissful kiss from her lips.

When he pulled away, he admired her blushing face and happy, drugged smile.

Angelo closed his eyes and rubbed the side of his head, making sure to put slight pressure on his temple as he felt a headache approaching.

"I-I think it's time for a break," he sighed, reminding himself the control he used to stop him releasing his powers, "I really don't like these headaches. Makes me wish I still had the collar Father Anderson gave me."

Yumiko looked up at him as he walked away to organise some papers on his desk.

"Headaches? Are you-," She cut herself short as something he said snapped in her mind, "collar? You used to wear a collar?"

Angelo turned back to face her, slightly distracted from his headache to realise that he was about to spill the truth out to her.

"Yes, a metal collar to control my brain waves... it was rather conspicuous, don't you remember, fiore?"

Yumiko just shook her head and allowed him to continue.

"Either way," Angelo turned back around to concentrate on his paperwork, "I stopped using it several years ago, thankfully...I hated that thing."

Yumiko shook her head and began to recollect a 'dream' she'd had since she was little. Something that only her and Father Anderson had known.

"Your collar was...metal. And," Yumiko looked up at him and remembered important details, "you had brown eyes. And you used to read a big book...with different plant names in."

Angelo looked back at her and slowly realised he had given the game away.

"Yes...I...both my eyes were brown," he carefully stroked under his golden eye, "I got this when I injected myself with vampire venom. And the book...Father Renaldo bought it for me as a birthday present."

Yumiko stayed very still as he walked back over to her, kneeling down and gently taking her hands in his.

"So...," Yumiko looked at him with big watery eyes, "so it wasn't a dream? Father Anderson...he told me I'd had a dream when I ran out in the snow. That an Angel had come to protect me."

Angelo didn't say anything as he slowly swept the tear off of her cheek, waiting for her next question.

"You...you were my angel?"

Angelo looked at Yumiko for a long time before he closed his eyes and sighed.

"I'm sorry," his hands slid up her arms and behind her shoulders, embracing her tightly against him, hiding his face in her neck, "Fiore it was no lie...It was an angel. I'm your angel. I've always been your angel and...and I will remain to be your angel."

He heard a sharp intake of breath before he felt his weight pushed back, Yumiko pummelling forward and throwing them both on the floor.

"Angel!" She cried out happily, tears streaming down her cheeks as she embraced him tightly.

As she littered his face in kisses, Angelo could only lie back and blush, just allowing the wonderful feeling of her kissing him and telling him how much she loved him to sink in. He didn't even care that all his plants were tingling with anticipation as their relationship grew more and more.