This diary is set after the events of War for the Sphere.

The Secret Diary

Companion to The Sphere of Varrock

Entry 1

I write not for my perverse fascination or egotism, but for those who also stand on the line-the line separating good and evil. I have made mistakes…ones that cost me friendships. I implore those that read to not choose the path I follow, for it is wrought with heartaches and pain…so much pain!

I know I do not have much time, my days draw to a close even now. I-I just wish I hadn't betrayed them, betrayed my dearest friends. If I could go back, I would wipe the slate clean and start anew.

Wait! There might be a way to right the wrongs I've committed! There is a man known as Artus Sorrai who has the magical ability to control time, if only a limited amount. I will visit him at his home in Varrock and see if he will help me.

This is only the first in several entries. Can you guess who is the author of this secret diary?

Until next we meet, adieu!