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The next morning, I woke up to find a warm body pressed up against me. Eric Northman was a snuggler? I thought to myself. Surprising. His arms were tight around me as I wiggled around, trying to get deeper under the covers. I assumed he was asleep and was startled when he let out a groan.

"Sookie, you need to stop moving around."

"Why?" I made to move again when I felt just exactly why I needed to stop moving. "Oh, my god, Eric!" I started giggling. Really giggling, which turned into laughing. Laughing until tears were streaming down my face. Eric, who was not nearly as amused as me, untangled his arms from my body and rolled away. "I'm so sorry, Eric, I just…" More laughter. "Just go walk it off, for goodness sake!" My cheeks were from laughing so hard, my tummy did too.

"Don't laugh at me, Stackhouse." I was back to giggling now. "I'm not afraid to hit you just cuz you're a girl, so knock it off." The irritated look on his face, which was mixed with just the slightest trace of embarrassment,sobered me up.

"Eric, I live with my brother and my best friend is a guy. The, uh, morning salute isn't a new thing to me." Though, I'd never been so up close and personal with it before.

On that note, Lafayette opened the door and sauntered in. True to his typical fashion, Lafayette's pajamas were just as loud as his personality: hot pink leopard print bottoms, which were definitely from the women's department and a purple colored tank top. Pam followed behind, very prim and proper in her matching pink and black plaid Burberry pajamas. Her and her designer brands. I don't think I'd ever seen her in anything but. Laffy settled back into that gaming chair I hated, while Pam perched on Eric's desk chair.

"Sookie, I contacted housing. First of all, let be begin by saying the imbecile I spoke with couldn't find her way out of a paper bag, even if it was open on both ends. Regardless, I got everything settled. Secondly, thank you for passing out before I even arrived last night. What a wonderful welcome to me," she snarked. "The bad news is housing feels, for our safety, we need to be moved to another dorm. The good news is, after I threatened them with a phone call from my father, that instead of being separated and forced into the filth that is Wilkinson Hall, we will be together in a two person suite. On the second floor of this building, actually." Pam smiled. "We can pick up our key-cards this afternoon."

By the end of the day, with Eric and Lafayette's help, Pam and I were settling into our new suite. While Pam was able to bring all of her stuff with her, mine was considered evidence and wasn't allowed to be removed. Considering the majority of it had been damaged, I wasn't interested in it anyway. Most of my clothes had gone home with me and the ones I left behind weren't that important to me, just t-shirts and old jeans. Plus, I could always replace a printer and school supplies. Pam had extra pillows and between the boys, they had managed to procure bedding for us and our new full sized mattresses.

After the boys left to give us some time to settle in, Pam and I stretched out together on our oversized couch. It was wide enough to accommodate both of us laying side by side.

"Let's order in tonight. All that heavy lifting really wore me out." I laughed at Pam's comment. She hardly moved a thing, opting to let the boys and me do must of the work while she packed, and complained any time she had to carry anything.

"Sound good." We laid quietly for awhile. "Hey Pam?"


"I'm sorry about all this." She rolled over so she was facing me.

"Sookie, I would never dream of blaming you for this. No one deserves this type of hatred. If anything, I'm thankful I moved in with you when I did. The Sookie I first met never would have been able to handle this." I couldn't help but agree with her on that. "Do you remember what I told you when I moved in?"

"Um…that some of your best friends were homos?" I shrugged as I tried to remember.

"No. You're my roommate now, Sookie Stackhouse. No one treats me or mine like that and gets away with it. We'll find out who did this to you and when do we, Sooks, I promise I'll make them pay." She winked before sitting up. "Let's get some dinner, shall we?

After watching The Hot Chick and pigging out on pizza and bread sticks, Pam and I said good night. It was weird sleeping in a room different from her. We were only separated by the bathroom that connected our bedrooms, but it was still strange. However, after all energy spent on moving earlier that day, I was exhausted and didn't spend time lingering on the new room situation. As I drifted off to sleep, I did find myself thinking how grateful I was that Pam had decided to room with me last November.

Despite the crappy initial start to the semester, I woke up Monday morning ready for to begin the semester. While some of my classes were lame gen-ed classes, a history class and speech class plus a lousy math class, I had two classes I couldn't wait to start. The first was an art history class I had been looking forward to since before I signed up for it. Laffy had taken it a year ago and couldn't stop raving about the professor when I told him it was in my schedule.
"Doll face, yous gonna love that class. Professor Joe is one of the most fabulous men I've met. He's from Texas and a true southern belle."
I also had a psychology of women class in my schedule that I also looking forward to. As in most fields, women's efforts in psychology were often overshadowed by men and I was eager to learn more about important female figures in my major.
After getting through my 9 AM math class and rushing to my 10 AM history class, I met up with Pam and Laffy for an early lunch.
"So hookahs, how is our first day back?" Laffy asked after we all got settled at a table.
"I don't have class until 2 on Monday-Wednesday-Fridays," Pam gloated, checking out her manicure before digging into her lunch.
"Lucky slut. I don't know about you, Sooks but I've been up since 8. Had to look fabulous for my 9 AM." He tossed his head to the side, the teal colored hair scarf he was wearing flipping over his shoulder like a pony tail would. "My biology professor is from Canada or somethin'. She's always adding this 'eh' onto the ends of her words. Some weird shit." He shook his head.
"Well, math and I never really got along and taking it at 9 in the morning definitely doesn't increase my comprehension. This professor is a ridiculous man from India. Dr. Dip?" They both shrugged their shoulders. "The way he talks combined with his accent cracks me up." Pausing, I took a bite out of my cheeseburger. It was dry as usual and I reached across the table to grab the ketchup bottle. It needed some saving. "My history professor on the other hand," I said as I squirted some ketchup onto my burger. "He is kind of pompous, he really talked down to the class. I don't think I'm going to enjoy his class."
We continued chatting about classes over our lunch. Lafayette and I both had noon classes so we had to finish up quickly while Pam was taking her own sweet time. That wasn't really unusual for Pam, though. She always seemed to expect people to adjust to her time rather than scheduling around others.
After dropping off our trays, we left Pam and walked towards the bell tower side of campus. Laffy's class was in Founders Hall and mine was right next door in Hart Chapel. I left Lafayette on the steps of founders and made my way over to the chapel. The chapel was one of the four oldest buildings on campus, built shortly before Becht Hall. Originally, it had been used as an actual chapel but as the college grew and drifted away from religious courses, it was eventually converted to a small auditorium. It was a drafty old building that smelled like moth balls and desperately needed a face lift. It had character though and I loved it.
I sat near the back, on an end seat and waited for class to start. A few minutes later, a short man came rushing into the building. He was dressed impeccably and had a leather satchel. It had to be the "fabulous" Professor Joe.
"Oh my! Let me just, oh let me...what's the time?" He looked at the clock on the back wall, above the doors. "Oh, I've got another minute. No need for me to rush." He had a bit of an accent, obviously Texan but lacked the "gay accent." Fumbling in his bag, he pulled out some folders along with a thing of slides and what appeared to be batteries? He pulled out the lapel mic from under the podium and attached it to his shirt. Before clipping the battery pack onto his pants, he opened up the back.
"Always remember, class, BYOB. Bring your own batteries. You just never know when you'll need fresh ones!" He winked as he clipped the battery pack onto his belt loop.
I fell in love instantly. Laffy was right, he was pretty fabulous.
Professor Joe got himself situated eventually. After handing out the syllabus and unit 1 study guide, one of the back doors creaked open. They were heavy and wooden, impossible to open quietly. A quick glance at my watch told me whoever this was, was 15 minutes late. People like that irritated me and apparently Professor Joe too.
"Miss Broadway, what have I told you about showing up late to my classes?"
"That you'll humiliate me in front of the whole class the next time I do it?" She answered as I heard her walking up the aisle.

"So glad you learned your lesson," was his response.

He only wanted us sitting in the main section of the auditorium and it was quite full. There were two free seats next to me though. Just as I was hoping she wouldn't sit near me, she tapped me on the shoulder. "Do you mind if I sit here?" She whispered. With a murmured no, I shifted my legs out of her way. It wasn't until after she passed by me and sat down that I actually looked at her.
"Miss Broadway" was the girl from the library.

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