Chapter One – Outcast

Mostly everyone may think that a wolf's life is easy and simple. They think wolves can survive and they are the best of the best all by themselves. But those bodies don't KNOW the reality in which we have to confront each day of our life! It is NOT a piece of cake out here. We don't ALL have a pack to feel protected by! Each wolf has their own story. Each wolf has their own hardship. Each wolf has something they want to show off. Each and EVERY one of us has a problem. Possibly, just POSSIBLY, the Alphas are the ones without much hardship. They don't have much to do. Only the lower rankers do. All these listed above may be true. And I can HAPPILY prove it, with my story.

My story begins in the dense forest of Amethyst Mountain. I was born to a pack of wolves known as the Dense Ash pack. The entire pack was ash colored; or at least close to ash color. They had to be white, gray, dark grey, black. You get the idea right? My mother, Smoke, was the lowest rank you can have in a pack. She was also a very adventurous wolf. I can remember her shiny, soft gray fur coat, her calming voice, and her motherly smell. She had these piercing light blue eyes that would make you forget you were angry, or sad. I seriously wonder why she was the lowest. She loved to roam throughout the mountain, across the vast land, hunting elk, killing coyotes, and eating the carcasses that grizzlies had previously killed. She had ventured so far, that she had "accidently" bumped into a tan colored wolf. His name was Rufus. Rufus fell tail over paws for Mother. She ran off with him for a few days, into the vast land farther across than Mother had ever traveled.

The pack had noticed Mother's disappearance. They howled her name over, and over, and over again. But of course, she didn't answer. She couldn't hear their calls, for she was off in Slough Creek. Rufus had told her he was born there, he wanted to show her how much more there was to explore there. Knowing Mother, she loved the idea, but she knew she had her pack to get back to. Rufus didn't want her to leave just yet. He somehow lured her into a den, and well, that's how I came to be.

The next morning, Mother left. She walked those long miles back to the Dense Ash pack. The pack was relieved to see her. They all greeted her with licks and nuzzles, even the Alphas. Everyone wanted to know where she had been. Of course, she couldn't tell them the truth. She simply told them that she had been captured by a neighboring pack, but she annoyed them so much that they finally let her go. Surprisingly, they all believed her. They all licked and nuzzled her one last time, then, everyone went back to their jobs. Mother looked back to the trail she had taken. She slightly lowered her ears, and somehow, in her heart, she knew she would never see Rufus again.

Time had passed, and the pack started to see a difference in Mother. They all started asking her if she was pregnant. Mother would simply tell them no, and was on her way. Many of the wolves started to think that she was a rape victim, and that Mother was afraid to come out and say it. Mother told them that it was nonsense, and that they should be doing their jobs, instead of trying to spread gossip around. They would roll their eyes and walk away.

The questioning became so much, that eventually the Alpha female had to step in and ask Mother to have a word with her. Mother knew this now meant business, but she wasn't afraid.

The Alpha female circled mother, who was standing straight and alert, looking at the evidence, which was a much enlarged abdomen. "So, what is the story behind your new appearance?"

"Nothing, Female Alpha." Mother kept her posture.

The Alpha stood in front of Mother now. "Oh? Really now?"


The Alpha twisted her mouth, as if she knew Mother was lying, which she did know. The Alpha walked forward, getting directly into Mother's face. She threatened, "If you do not tell me the truth, I will have you exiled out of this pack. Everyone will know you as the one who repeatedly lied to the Alpha Female."

Mother kept calm, still in her straight posture. "Alright then. Remember when I had disappeared for more than a day?"

"Yes." The Alpha nodded.

"The story I had told everyone, was a lie. I ran off with a male wolf that wasn't part of our pack." Mother looked straight ahead, trying not to meet the Alpha's eyes.

The Alpha female stood in silence. Probably thinking of what Mother's punishment should be. Mother expected exile, but then. "Ok." The Alpha backed away. "I will inform the others, and let them know. If you get harassed, be sure to contact me, or the Alpha male. Good day, Smoke."

Mother was shocked, but she took the second chance. All she could manage to say was, "Thank you, Female Alpha."

Mother's nine weeks of gestation were up. She had given birth to two healthy pups. My sister, Cinder, and myself. We were both checked out by the Alphas, and were accepted due to our fur color. My sister was a silver colored pup, and I was a black pup. I was the second black colored wolf in the pack, so the Alpha's baptized me with the name of the other black wolf.

As I started walking, everyone believed that my sister or I would soon take over the pack and become the Alphas. We were the pride and joy of Mother, especially me. She would always tell me how much I reminded her of Rufus. She told me I would wiggle my tail, and be off to do what I wanted to do.

I love the outdoors. When I was old enough to be outside, I would lay out in the sun almost all day, just until Mother called me in for dinner time. Cinder was always with Mother, except for when Mother had to go hunt for food, then she was with the Alphas. She learned how to do so many Alpha things. The pack also wanted me to learn, but all I wanted to do was lay in the sun. So, they decided to teach me when I was older.

Many, many, many months pasted. The pack started to show disinterest in me. Many of the wolves that gave me lots of attention, stopped talking to me. I stopped hearing them say, 'He will become our Alpha one day.' Now, they only spoke of my sister. I was almost a year old, maybe a month before. I was called in by the Alphas, something that just can't be passed.

The whole pack was there, even my Mother and sister. I had a feeling that everyone knew why they had called me here, but I had no idea.

The Alpha male walked forward, "Do you know why you are here in front of the pack today, Young Wolf?"

I lowered my ears, "N-no, sir…"

He looked to his female, then to the rest of the pack, then back at me. "When you were born, you had the rarest color of fur that we have in our pack. Do you know what that color may be, Young Wolf?"

I lifted my ears just a bit, "Black, sir…" I put my tail between my legs.

"Exactly." He started walking around me. "And have you any idea of what color you are now?"

"N-no, sir. I don't know my colors yet…"

He stood before the pack now. "You, son, are the color tan. Said color is not accepted into this pack. There is a huge reason why this pack is called the Dense Ash pack. Can you tell me why, Young Wolf?"

I softly whimpered, "This pack is called the Dense Ash pack, because only wolves with ash colored fur are permitted…"

The Alpha male nodded, started to walk back in front of me. "Correct." He looked over my head to the pack. "From this day on, you will no longer be a part of the Dense Ash pack."

I could hear my Mother and sister gasp.

He continued. "You will go on your own, and survive. With what skills? That I do not know."

My heart dropped. It dropped all the way down to my stomach. What do I do?

"When I say 'Go', you will run as fast as you can, far away from this territory. Ready? Set……………………………………Go…"

I ran. I didn't stop. Especially when I heard that the pack was running right behind me. I thought that they were on my side, but then, the Alpha female came up right behind me, grabbing me by the tail, forcing me to fall to the ground. I fell, and once I did, the entire pack was on me, biting any visible part of my body. I yelped, yelling for help. My sister, Cinder, stood over my head, looking down at me. I pleaded for her help. She smiled at me, but it wasn't friendly. She forcefully bit my muzzle, making me yelp more than I ever have in my entire life. Then, I saw Mother, far off, hiding from the drama that was happening. I out-stretched my paw to her, but my energy had gone so fast, that I had lost consciousness. All I remember was the pain in her face. The pains of a mother watching her child get exiled from her own pack family, from his own pack family. I fell to darkness.

End chapter one