I woke up from my horrible dream of the last battle I have ever fought against the yeerks.

"AHHHH!!!" I scream from my bed. "Its just a dream," I said as I remember the memory it brought up (The memory of the hork-bajir attacking me in snow leopard morph.) I cant take this anymore I thought this war is still after me even when I'm not fighting.

Characters thoughts….

Let me rewind. Hello my name is Bella and a few months ago I was a typical teen, who before dealed with teen problems like boys or school. But one night in day a construction sight I was given the power to morph into any animal I can touch and acquire. The power to morph was given to us 6 kids to fight intergalactic yeerk slugs that take over your mind.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention a dieing alien prince gave Us the power to morph. By us I mean five kids that went to my high school who managed to walk into the construction sight. Us 6 made up the animorphs team. Now you might be wondering, "who is this team?" To answer your question Jake(our leader, and my secret crush), Marco, Rachael, Cassie(my very secret enemy), and Tobias.

Back to present…

I lie down watching my ceiling. "What time is it?" I ask before looking at the clock "Barely 12:50am?" I couldn't look at my ceiling no more. I had to do something. I got out of my bed and shut my door. "It's freezing," I say as I shut the door.

I put my leotard on I used for ballet. (In twilight Bella stops being in ballet along time ago, in this story she has been in ballet again for a week in ballet in school.) Then I opened my window to fly. I concentrated on the bird morph I wanted to use, the snowy owl. For some reason I love the cold, the white snow makes me feel at peace.

I concentrated on this morph. Cassie and I posses this strange ability to morph faster and better than any of the others. After about a minute I was complete. My snowy owl morph was complete; I powered my legs jumped and flew out my window into the cool night.

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