As I flew through the cool night, I think about my newfound life. Of my new Cullen family consisting of, Edward my beautiful boyfriend, Carlisle the father, Esme the mom, Alice and Jasper the optimistic couple, then Rosalie and Emmett the scary couple.

But along with my future I think of my past, fighting the yeerks with my friends, my love. What Edward didn't know was before him was Jake. My one true love, but once I left we left each other.

Without knowing I noticed I was flying to the Culluns. I seem to do that a lot, like gravity pulling me in. I landed roughly a half-mile from Edwards house, since he doesn't like me morphing. Exactly his quote, "I don't like seeing you change, youre perfect the way you are.."

I started to change back ino my true form. My feathers started to melt away turning into pink flesh, my beak unhardening turning into flesh and skin. Everthing turning into normal size as I grew. Then I was complete into my clumsy human body, one little thing I forgot was I was in my morphing outfit and it was less than 56 degrees.

"brrr….." chattered from my teeth. I needed a good morph hat could handle this cold. I accessed my morphs I had in my mind to use, one that sood out was the wolf. The last time I used the wolf was with the animorphs, and I was a little anxiose to use it.

But as soon as I pictured the wolf in my mind the changes immediately took affect. My nose changing into a snout, my legs becoming powerful and strong as I stood on all four. After a minute the morph was complete, and almost immediately the smells were overwhelming. Animal smells that have been around for days.

As the wind blew I smelt a different smell. The smell of another wolf nearby, actualy a couple wolves, but with the same smell. How is this possible I thought, maybe could it be the others? I quicly followed the smell through the trees. Then I see wolfs, about 6 of them.

I moved silently through the bushes to get a closer look. Those wolves looked exactly a like.

{Hello?} I asked in public thoughtspeak. But as I asked, I noticed the wolves were looking around to see where it came from. Maybe I was wrong I thought. I started to walk away from the pack until I heard it

{Bella} I heard from a familiar voice that made me feel happy inside.

{Jake? Is that you} I asked, only in private thoughtspeak.

{Yeah, it is and we have a lot to catch uup on}