Summary: Ashley Davies was a closeted nerd in high school. Ten years later, she is a famous celebrity who can get any girl she wants. Instead, she searches for the girl she fell in love with in high school.

Italics are the past.


I find it hard to believe on how much my life changed in a little over a week. A little more than a week ago, I was on a stage in L.A. with my supermodel girlfriend and was hoping I can schedule my tour dates for next year. But, the moment I saw those beautiful blue eyes, my life changed for the second time.

Today, I no longer have a supermodel girlfriend, I just performed what might be my last concert of my music career, I reacquainted with one of my best friends from college, and I have the girl of my dreams wrapped in my arms. No supermodel or Maxim's Hot 100 girls can compare to the hotness, sexiness, or beauty she has.

I get lost in her ocean blue eyes every time I see her, her long blonde locks frame her face perfectly that show off her features, and her body is in perfect shape which is a bonus.

I gently push away some hair that is in her face while she is still sleeping. She looks perfect and I can't help but stare…in a non-creepy way of course. All my dreams came true last night, and I never felt happier in my life.

"Morning," Spencer mumbled as she smiled while still half asleep.

"Good morning baby," I did my popular nose crinkling smile.

"I love it when you do that," she laid a light kiss on my lips. Our lips lingered millimeters apart, and I wanted to kiss her again so bad, but she kept teasing me. And if you are wondering, yes, I did sleep with Spencer, and I mean sleep as in share the same bed and sleep next to her sleep. As much as I wanted things to go further, I didn't want to rush things and make her uncomfortable.

"I love it when you kiss me," I replied as I finally went in for the kiss I've wanted. The kiss became more intense and the next thing I knew, I was straddling her as her hands went over my bare skin. The combination of the Egyptian cotton sheets and Spencer's touch on my skin was the true definition of heaven on Earth. Oh, and Spencer and I ended up sleeping in just our underwear and bra. Like I said before, we didn't want to take things too far, so we agreed to stop.

"Back in high school, when people asked how you see yourself in ten years, did you expect us to be like this?" Spencer asked as she made random designs on me.

"What do you mean?"

"Did you ever think you were going to be a famous singer and be lying in a bed with me in Las Vegas?" she asked as if she were nervous.

"Lying in a bed with you was a dream, and being a singer never crossed my mind," I replied honestly. "I mean seriously, I was a nerd back in high school," I giggled.

"Well then, that makes you one hot nerd," she grinned.

"And you were one hot girl," I replied with a smirk.

"Why thank you. I considered myself one hot girl too," she joked. She continued running her hands over my skin and it felt amazing.

"I want to stay in this bed all day," I sighed as I pulled her closer to me.

"If we could, I would. But, I think we should probably go and eat something. It is one in the afternoon and I haven't eaten since before the concert," the blonde said right when her stomach growled.

My hand moved down to her stomach as I rolled to my side and pulled her closer towards me. "Let's go get some food," I smiled. I was going to kiss her again, but right when my lips barely touched hers, she jumped out of bed.

"I want waffles!" she shouted as she jumped out of bed and walked around the bed looking for her clothes.

"You're such a tease," I groaned.

"You love it," she grinned as she slid into her shorts.


"Oh my god," Spencer moaned. "This is orgasmic. You need to try this," Spencer stuffed a forkful of waffles in my mouth. And can I just say, the waffles were the best I've ever eaten. Maybe it's because Spencer is serving it to me.

"Ash, you need to eat more or else I'm going to end up eating all of this all by myself," she said putting another mountain of waffles in her mouth. She looked so cute and she had a little bit of whipped cream on the corner of her mouth.

"You're half way through already Spence, and it looks like you're saving some for later too," I laughed as I licked the whipped cream that was on her mouth. Let me just say, whipped cream tastes way better on Spencer.

"Always looking out for me," she smiled as she took another bite into her waffles. "Do I have any more food on me," she asked in a suggestive voice. Her eyes turned dark blue and full of want.

"You may have some here," I grinned as I leaned in and kissed her. "And here," I whispered as I made a trail of kisses down from her lips to her neck. I sucked on her pulse point and I'm pretty sure I left a mark on her.

"Hey you two," Kyla and Olivia said as they slide into the seat across from us. Spencer and I quickly pulled away trying to act like we weren't doing anything.

"So I'm guessing you two are 'so happy together'" Olivia sang. It was so obvious those two were feeling each other up while they were right across from us.

"Will someone tell me what's going on between you two," I asked pointing to the obvious couple across from us.

"Well, let's just say I realized I was…born during an awkward silence," Kyla said in a small laughter as her and Olivia shared a kiss.

"Born during an awkward silence?" Spencer asked with a tilted head.

"You know, everyone says a gay baby was born when there's an awkward silence," Kyla replied.

"Oh yeah! I guess that makes the four of us," Spencer squealed doing a little happy dance while sitting down.

"Anyways," Kyla said interrupting Spencer. "We're just here to see how you two are doing. Oh, and uhm I just wanted to tell you I had to spill the beans that I was your manager," she said twirling her thumbs.

"What why? You're gonna get so much shit from gossip columns now," I exclaimed.

"Okay, well you know how that article came out about us," she pointed between us. I nodded. "Well, when I called them, they said they were going to publish more articles and the only way they wouldn't put up more articles was if your manager called…" she trailed off. "So yeah, I had to tell them."

"Ky," I said softly. "I'm sorry. I know you didn't want to tell anyone."

"Nahh, don't worry Ash. I had to say eventually," she shrugged. "Anyways," she said quickly changing the subject and mood. "Olivia and I are gonna go now. We will see you later," she said as they got up and left.

"Bye!" Spencer and I said together.

"So why does Kyla not want anyone to know she is your manager?" Spencer asked.

"Well, she hates being in the media and since we are so close she didn't want anyone to assume anything, but then the article and yeah."

"Oh I see."

"Anyways," I changed the subject again. "Where were we," I grinned as I continued from where I left off before Kyla and Olivia interrupted us.

"Ashh," Spencer moaned as she squeezed my thigh. My hand moved higher up her leg and I loved the feeling of our contact.

"Oh my gosh it's Ashley Davies!" a shrill voice screamed from across the restraunt we were in. Once again, we quickly pulled away as a swarm of people crowded our table asking for autographs and pictures. "Oh my gosh, you're Spencer!" the same girl exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm Spencer," she said a little shy. It was obvious Spencer was not used to the attention. Hopefully she will get used to it eventually.

"Are you two together now?" everyone started asking. Spencer and I looked at each other with a grin. We haven't really established what we are yet. Until now that is.

"This is my girlfriend Spencer," I said without averting our gaze as I placed my hand around her.

"You two are so cute together!" someone shouted.

"Are you sure you are okay with all of this?" I whispered in her ear as people were still taking pictures.

"Of course I am," she replied. "I love you."

"I love you too," I whispered as I gave her a small kiss while everyone was still crowded around us.

I waited ten years for this moment. I went through so much, and finally, my dream has come true. I finally know what it feels like to kiss and hold her. I finally know what it's like to call her mine, and I can finally confess my love to the blonde beauty I fell for in high school.

We are given two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, and two ears to listen. However, we are given only one heart. Why is this you ask; it is because the other was given to someone else, and for us to find. And now, I can finally say I found it.

The End

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