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Brown suggests stability and denotes masculine qualities

2 years later…

It was a late fall day, Booth and Brennan had just returned from the diner, Booth needed pie. Brennan smiled as she walked past the den; Booth was in his recliner cheering on whatever team was playing on TV. Brennan went outside and finished clearing out the flower boxes and pots on the porch. Two hours later she was done, and she went inside to sit with Booth. Her smile fell as she entered the room, most would have thought booth was asleep, but 40 years of work and training told Brennan otherwise, her rock, her stability, her best friend was gone forever.

"Booth why now? Why you?"

Blinking back a tear Brennan crossed to Booth picking up his hand she held on to it for a long time thinking that she'd never see the charm smile, or feel his arms around her at night again or see the way his eyes still lit up when she walked into the room until she heard Parker's footsteps in the hall.


"Mom, what's wrong?"

"Your Dad's gone Parker."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes. We came home from getting your Dad his daily pie fix, apple, his favorite, he settled in here to watch the game. I went outside to clean out the flower boxes and pots on the porch so you or somebody could put them in the shed for me; I came in and found him."

Parker went to Brennan wrapping her in his strong arms, taking one last look at Booth; Brennan gave him one final kiss on the cheek and let Parker take her to the couch on the other side of the room.

The service was nice, Brennan sat between Parker and Jenna, wishing that it was like the last time Booth died, any second he'd come out of the processional and she'd beat the crap out of him, even at 88 she could still do it! Now they were at the house, friends and former colleagues were gathered at the house remembering Booth. Brennan was as far away as she could get, when she felt Parker come up behind her, "Mom you okay?"

"Yeah I just miss your Dad a lot."

Parker turned her and pulled her in a hug, "We all do Mom."

"Booth only broke one promise he made to me in 55 years."

"What was that?"

"He promised he'd never leave me. I knew he'd die someday, but I always assumed I'd go first, I am five years older. I don't know what I'm going to do now."

"You're going to enjoy your new Grandkid and your new great grand kid. Let's go get some food, I'm starving."

"When are you not?"


Brennan laughed and took his hand. They were met by the littlest great grandson Three year old Ryan, "Grandpa!"

Parker picked him up," hey Bub."

Ryan reached for Brennan, who took him and headed to the porch swing. Parker smiled and got a plate of food and a blanket; he sat the plate on the side table and put the blanket over a sleeping Ryan and a contented Brennan.


Hours later Erin came up to Parker, Dad have you seen Ryan?"

"Yeah, he's with Mom on the swing, I just checked on them."

"I'll go get him."

"No don't he's fine, Mom's telling him stories about Dad, let them be they're good for each other."


The End

Don't hate me, but I had to end it like that.