Chapter 1

Okay guys, this is it! Here is the Sequel you have all been dying to read since my last story. Just a little heads up, it will be a little mushy and all at first but I promise there will be more action later. Right now the first chapter is to just get an idea about the characters and such. I might be slow at updating because I'm still working on ideas for this plus I have my own busy life to deal with at the moment. But for now, here it is! The sequel! ENJOY!!!

It has been almost a whole year since Gregory and the rest of the Sackville-Bagg family transformed from vampires into humans. A year since Gregory officially became my boyfriend. A year since I moved to Scotland from San Diego.

Gregory was now going to the same school as me and, ironically, was now in my History class with me. Tony was overjoyed when he found out that Rudolph and Anna were in the same class as him. I couldn't blame him, the boy didn't have any friends here in the first place he even had friendship problems back in San Diego as well so it's good for him to finally have a few friends here in Scotland. I was pretty happy to find that the few friends that Gregory made didn't mind me being around all the time. They told me they rather liked having a girl around for once and I was overjoyed at this news.

And so, I stood outside in front of the school this morning waiting for Gregory to arrive as I leaned against the brick wall that lined the front of the school. I was so glad it was the last day of school before spring break I could finally relax for two weeks and not have to worry about school work or anything. I didn't have to wait long when I spotted Freda in her car driving all three of her children to school and was dropping Gregory off first. Gregory was in the front seat while Rudolph and Anna sat in the back as the car pulled over to the sidewalk for Gregory to get out. I suddenly had one of those 'hot guy appears on screen' movie moments as Gregory began walking over to me with his backpack hanging over one shoulder. That kind of movie moment when the sexy music starts playing as the hot guy walks in slow motion; yeah that's what it was like. For me anyways. Gregory spotted me and smiled and I almost dropped my binder I was holding as I smiled back.

"Good morning, love" Gregory greeted me as he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"'Morning to you too, handsome" I replied.

"I'm not as handsome as you are extremely beautiful, especially in the morning sun"

Now I know I blushed at that comment! Back in San Diego I wasn't exactly one of the 'hot-looking girls' so for him to say that would always make me blush no matter what. Gregory laughed as he took my hand and we walked inside to our first class which was history. We walked into the history class room and sat in our usual spots in the back of the class room. History was easy for both Gregory and I considering that Gregory had been a vampire for over three hundred years and practically knew almost everything first hand. I was just really good at memorizing dates and facts about people in history. The teacher walked in as the bell rang and we all pulled out our notes and began the class. The teacher began talking about the kings and queens of history and he also included a few high ranking nobles as well. I glanced over at Gregory when the teacher began talking about the nobles and he quietly snickered at a few points the teacher had said.

I leaned a little closer to him and quietly whispered, "What's so funny?"

"Oh, nothing in particular. Just that a few points are a little bit fiction rather than fact" Gregory replied. Yeah, because he would be the one to know.

"Such as?"

"Well, take Queen Anne for example. She was the second daughter of James the II; father described her as a lovely young lady when he first met her"

"Your dad met queen Anne?"

"Yes, he told my siblings and me that he got the privilege to dance with her at one of the balls in 1684. He was about eighteen at the time while Anne was about seventeen before he met mother"

"It must have been a very fortunate privilege to dance with Queen Anne"

Both of us stopped talking just in time before the teacher turned to face our side of the class room as he began talking about more nobles. "Another noble family that was brought to my attention was the Sackville-Bagg noble family in the early 1700's" the teacher said and I stiffened a little bit. "Speaking of which, Gregory, would you care to share with the class a few points about them? Considering you are obviously one of the descendants of the family"

I glanced at Gregory and was a little surprised when I saw that he didn't have any worried expression or anything like that on his face. What was he going to say?

"Well sir, to be honest, I only know very little facts that don't matter these days. Plus my father would rather I not tell certain facts at the moment" Gregory calmly replied.

"Well then, would you care to say the few facts that you can share?"

"I know that I am named after the eldest son" he winked at me, "I only happen to have the same last name because it was a result of son's having sons and so on"

"Well… not exactly what I had in mind but thank you, Gregory"

The teacher continued talking about other stuff and I turned to Gregory.

"How did you handle that so smoothly?" I asked and Gregory smiled.

"What do you think I've been telling people when they ask about my name? I do it all the time, plus I had to come up with something in the first place" Gregory replied. It did make sense; he couldn't go around without an explanation as to why he had the exact same name as he did in the 1700's. I, on the other hand, knew the real reason. We got through the rest of the class and then headed to the cafeteria for lunch hour. Gregory and I walked hand in hand towards our regular table with Gregory's two other friends and a girl sat with them.

"Hey guys" Gregory greeted.

"Hey man, how's it goin'?" one of them said.

Both of the two boys were dressed goth-like just like Gregory except one of them had chocolate brown hair, who was Luke. While the other boy had poofy curly black hair, who was Jeff. The girl that sat at the table with them was Luke's younger sister who started hanging out with us. I sat down beside her and smiled, "hey Cassie" I said to her.

"Hey, how was history?" Cassie asked me.

"Not bad, same as usual"

Cassie was practically the only girl friend I had in Scotland even if she was a year younger than me. I didn't mind that I hung out with Gregory's friends even though they had a totally different style than me but I didn't care. I at least had a few friends.

Lunch ended and Gregory and I endured the rest of the school day. It kind of sucked because I had PE class while Gregory had math, the only other person I knew in PE class was Luke. Truth be told, I wasn't exactly very good at the whole PE thing, I was rather clumsy and fell down half the time. Thank god I had Luke to back me up and help me out, nobody else would.

School finally ended and I went to the girls change room and quickly changed into my normal clothes. I hurried down the hallways and wasn't surprised when I spotted Gregory by my locker. "How was PE?" Gregory asked.

"What do you think?" I replied.

"That bad, huh?"


I shoved the last of my books in my locker and closed it. Gregory took my hand and led me outside where Freda was waiting for us as she sat in the car by the side walk.

"Tanya dear, Tony and your parents are at our place. I offered to pick you both up from school" Freda said.

"Cool, lets get going then" I replied. Freda forced Gregory to sit in the back seat while I sat up front with Freda. The drive didn't take very long as we pulled into the drive way of the Sackville-Bagg residence. We got out and walked to the front door and the next thing that happened, I never in my life time would have seen it coming. As soon as I walked into their house, I was suddenly very loudly greeted by two people who I swear I have seen somewhere before.

"TANNY! We're here!" A very loud Sandy practically screamed as she hugged me tightly.

"Oh my God! Sandy?!" I happily cried.

"And me!" Andrea said as she came around the corner and also leaped at me and hugged me just as tight as Sandy.

"Andrea! You guys are really here?"

"Yeah girl, our moms hooked up over the phone and wanted to make it a surprise for you"

"I am definitely surprised" I then turned to Gregory who came up behind me. "Did you know about this?" I asked him.

"Maybe" he answered as he put his arm around me and my two best friends noticed.

"Aww Tanny! Is this your bf we heard about?" Sandy asked.

"Yes I am, Gregory Sackville-Bagg" Gregory said as he held his hand out and Sandy and Andrea shook it. "I've heard plenty about you two"

I then spotted my mom come around the corner, "kids, we're all in the backyard. It's such a nice day, come out and join us" mom said. Gregory and I dropped our school bags on the couch and headed out to the backyard. Mom and dad were sitting on the patio with Freda and Fredrick while Tony, Rudolph and Anna were running around playing some sort of tag game. The four of us decided to sit in the shade by a tree in the large backyard as Gregory leaned against the tree trunk as I talked non stop with Sandy and Andrea, catching up on the year we missed together.

After what felt like hours of talking, I glanced over at Gregory and found that he had fallen asleep against the tree trunk. One hand was behind his head while the other was lying across his stomach. Sandy and Andrea also glanced over, "aww, that's so cute" Sandy whispered.

"Oh you guys" I said and I reached over and lightly shook Gregory awake. "Gregory, wake up. Gregory"

"Huh? What?" Gregory said as he opened his eyes tiredly.

"You fell asleep"

"I wouldn't be surprised considering your constant talking obviously bored me"

I spotted Tony, Rudolph and Anna run over to us and plopped down on the grass beside us obviously out of breath.

"Hi Tanya" Anna greeted.

"Hey, are you keeping up with your school work?" I asked.

"Of course I am, especially in English. So, won't you introduce us to your friends?"

"Just get right to the point don't you? Well, these are my friends Sandy and Andrea. Girls, this is Anna, her brother Rudolph, Gregory is their older brother, and you already know Tony"

Sandy then turned to my little brother, "by the way, I haven't gotten my hug yet from you" she said and Tony leaped into her arms and laughed. He then went over to Andrea and did the same thing and Andrea ruffled his hair. I noticed that Rudolph had been awfully quiet and I glanced at him and noticed that he was looking at Sandy like he wanted to say something but was to nervous to say it. I started to suspect but I decided to shake the thought off. As all of us sat on the grass talking and socializing the day away, I knew that this spring break would be the best spring break of my life.