Chapter 18

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I woke the next morning to find that I was the first one awake and I quietly slipped out of the bed so as not to wake the others. I found our plane tickets back to Scotland on the dresser as I grabbed a few fresh pieces of clothing and headed into the conjoined bathroom for a shower. By the time I came out of the bathroom freshly showered and fully clothed, the girls were already up and I moved out of the way as Sandy headed into the bathroom to take her turn. Tony was just waking up but he was entirely reluctant to get out of bed and I sighed as I made my way over to him and lightly shook him.

"C'mon Tony, get up" I said, "We've got a plane to catch"

"But Tanya" Tony whined, "what if Rudolph and the others show up here and we're not here? What if that happens?"

"Tony, we have to go home mom and dad are waiting for us. Besides, the Sackville-Baggs' will show up at home soon. Now get up and get dressed. Now"

Tony groaned but got out of the bed as Sandy came out of the bathroom fully clothed and then Andrea took her turn in the bathroom. Sandy came over to me as I began packing up the bags for our flight.

"You think she's going to be okay?" Sandy asked and it took me a short moment to realize what she meant.

"Yeah" I replied, "I went through the same thing when Gregory and his family first transformed into humans. It was about two or three days before we saw them again. I'm guessing it'll be the same this time. I hope"

Sandy nodded as she helped me pack up the bags and Andrea came out of the bathroom fully clothed and I sent Tony into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Within an hour we were packed and ready to go and we all headed down to the hotel lobby to check out and call a taxi to the airport. The plane we flew on was one of those large planes that had three seats on both sides with four seats in the middle and two aisles on both sides. We sat in one of the four seat rows with Tony on the edge with me sitting beside him and Andrea on my other side and Sandy beside her. I could see that Andrea was still rather nervous about flying as she took a few deep breaths to calm herself. I reached out and took her hand and sandy did the same on her other side and Andrea smiled at the both of us and we smiled back as the plane began to take off. We made it home within a few hours and mom and dad were waiting for us in the arrivals section and as soon as they saw us, mom rushed towards me and pulled me in a tight embrace.

'Welcome home, honey" mom said as she released me from her hold and then dad came up to hug me as mom moved on to Tony.

"Everything went smoothly?" dad asked and I nodded. Dad smiled as he moved on to Tony and the girls and as soon as we got our luggage we were in the car and we drove home in silence.

The next few days were spent being lazy as the girls, Tony, and I spent the days watching movies and hanging out around the house. Once in awhile we would occasionally go outside but we would just end up walking around and either sit on the grass or on the front steps in silence not talking very much. We didn't have much to talk about and the other stuff that we could talk about nobody wanted to bring up at the moment. The worst part of all was that spring break was coming dangerously close to an end meaning that the girls would have to leave soon and the Sackville-Baggs still haven't shown up since England. Mostly I felt for Andrea and so did Sandy, would she get to see Cedric before she left? What if she didn't get to see him? Then she would never see him again and there would be almost no chance of them seeing each other again. The dreaded day finally came for the girls to return to San Diego and we stood inside that airport saying our goodbyes.

"I'm going to miss you guys so much" I said as I hugged my two best friends in the whole world and a few very small tears began to fill my eyes.

"We'll miss you too, Tanny" Sandy said and I could see in both of their eyes that they too also had small tears in their eyes as well.

"Spring break wasn't enough time for us to be together" Andrea said.

"I'll call you guys as soon as I hear from Gregory and Cedric" I said.

"There's no need" a very familiar voice said from behind and we all turned to see Gregory and Cedric as humans standing only a few feet away from us. "We're right here"

I smiled as I rushed over to Gregory and he laughed as I hugged him and he returned the gesture. We pulled away from each other and smiled as we watched Cedric make his way over to Andrea and they shared a memorable kiss. They pulled away from each other after a moment and smiled at each other as Cedric took Andrea's hands in his.

"Aww!" Sandy and I chorused and Andrea immediately went red and Cedric laughed. An announcement suddenly came on indicating that it was time for the girls to go and we all had disappointed looks on our faces. Gregory indicated for the girls to come over to him and they obeyed as he hugged them both.

"Have a safe flight" Gregory said as he released them and then Cedric came over and embraced the two girls as well.

"We'll visit as soon as we can" Cedric promised as he released the girls and Sandy picked up her carry-on bag and began heading towards the gate but Andrea held back for a moment.

"I'm going to miss you… so much" Andrea said and Cedric reached up and caressed her cheek.

"Me too" he replied, he then reached into his pocket and pulled out a small slip of paper and handed it to Andrea. "Call me as soon as you get home"

Andrea smiled as she took the slip of paper from Cedric and moved to kiss his cheek. "I will" she said and she kissed Cedric one last time for a short moment before picking up her bag and following Sandy to the gate. Both of the girls turned to us and waved and we smiled as we waved back before they finally disappeared through the gate. Gregory put his arm around me and I indicated for Cedric to come over and he obeyed as he put his arm around me as well and I put my arms around both of the boys as we began walking out of the airport to meet our parents.

The next day was our first day of school from spring break and I wondered if Cedric and Charlene have been enrolled in school yet. Mom drove Tony and me to school and she dropped off Tony at his school first before dropping me off at the high school. Gregory was already there before me as he leaned against the school's brick wall with his backpack sitting at his feet and he watched me as I got out of the car and mom drove off. I smiled as I made my way over to him and he smiled back.

"Good morning, Gregory" I said in an oh-so-sweet voice and Gregory laughed.

"Good morning to you too, gorgeous" Gregory replied as he leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Are Cedric and Charlene enrolled in school yet?"

"I think so; they should be around here somewhere"

I began to look around for Cedric and Charlene's familiar faces and I finally spotted them making their way towards the school. I called out to them and they looked over in our direction and I waved them towards us and they gladly obeyed. Charlene ran over to us and immediately pulled me in a tight embrace and we both laughed as I returned the gesture. We talked amongst ourselves for awhile until we finally decided to head inside and show Cedric and Charlene their new classes before heading off to our first class which was history. Cedric and Charlene weren't in our history class with us but we found a few other classes that we were together in. Gregory and I headed into our history class just as the bell went and it wasn't long before the rest of the class filed in and sat down in their seats. After a few minutes, me and some of the other students began to wonder where the teacher was as the teacher was usually here by this time. The door to the classroom opened and most of the class turned to see the principal and a very familiar looking man walk into the class.

"Good morning, students" the principal began, "I'd like to introduce you to your new history teacher, Mr. Strongings. Please make him feel welcome and have a good day"

It then instantly clicked as to why this man looked so familiar. It was Zachery! Gregory and I turned to each other and smiled as Zachery began to speak and we turned our attention to the front of the class.

"Well, as you know my name is Mr. Strongings and I am your new history teacher" Zachery said, "I look forward to being able to teach this class and learn some new things myself along the way. So without further adieu, let us begin"

Zachery began to talk about the lessons we would be learning as he also wrote a few notes on the chalk board for us to write down. By the end of the class, Zachery had taught us many things in history mainly focusing in the seventeen hundreds which had been Gregory's and Zachery's time before they were vampires. The bell went indicating the end of class and as the other students quickly rushed out of the room, Gregory and I held back for a few minutes to talk to Zachery.

"It's so good to finally see you again" Zachery said as he held out his hand and Gregory shook it.

"You too, Zachery" Gregory said, "I mean… Mr. Strongings"

"Please, out of school you might as well call me by my first name considering what we all went through together"


"And it's very nice to see you especially, Miss Thompson" Zachery said to me and I smiled as Zachery stood and I made my way over to him and embraced him.

"It's good to see you too" I replied as we released each other.

"Alright, you might as well get out of here now. Don't want you missing your lunch hour because of me"

Gregory and I nodded as we said our goodbyes and headed out the door for lunch. After lunch, I found that I had PE class with Cedric as well as Gregory's other friend, Luke, from earlier in the year. Finally, it was the end of the day and Cedric and I walked to my locker together where gregory was waiting for me. We met Charlene outside in front of the school and we decided that it was such a good day, why not walk home? And we did. We called our parents to let them know we were walking and we were soon on our way. Gregory and I found that Cedric and Charlene didn't live too far away from the Sackville-Baggs making it much easier for us to al hang out. We began walking down the street and I realized that my life just seemed so perfect now. I had great friends, I had a loving boyfriend, I had a family who loved me, life was just pefect.

~The End~

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