By: Beccatdemon13


Disclaimer: I don't own anyone except for Guinevere McDowell as well as anyone you don't immediately recognize. Please don't sue. You'd only be getting a hell of a lot of textbooks. What? Don't look at me like that College isn't a paying gig you know. But god I wished it was. Beccatdemon13 now will go off to fantasize about the lack of tuition payments that being paid would bring. Oh, right, the story! On we go…

Synopsis: Not all weapons were created equal. The transgenics were designed to kill: coldly, efficiently, and happily. They all had different triggers all you had to know was which button to push.

Author's Note: This story is a cross over between two of my favorite shows: Supernatural and Dark Angel. The story takes place in 2019 with some minor differences to both shows. Dean was born January 24, 1993, which makes him 26 in my story. Sam was born May 2, 1997, which makes him 22. The electromagnetic pulse happened in 2009 wiping out most computer systems as well as communication throwing the nation into anarchy. In this story the X5 series range from 22 to 16 years old. There are going to be spoilers for both season of Dark Angel as well as all five season of Supernatural. This story begins a few weeks after the stand at Terminal City.

Chapter One: The Prologue


Morning training was always horrendous. Maybe it was the glaring morning sun or the fact that the human drill sergeants seemed to not feel any remorse barking orders at the soldiers assembled in front of them broken down by ranks. X5-211 stood at attention, spine stick straight as she kept her eyes forward.

Psy-Ops had been brutal, not that anyone could ever consider it pleasant. If she failed another mission she'd be killed. Or at least that was what Director Renfro said. All the X-series were expendable, not one of them was special. Sure, the government had blown millions of dollars thinking up the perfect super soldier, whipping up embryos and putting them in to surrogates. The X-5 series was designed to be officers in their own rights, they were strong, they were fast, and most importantly they were completely lethal.

"What are you looking at soldier?" One of the human handlers barked.

"Nothing, sir!" X5-211 responded quickly knowing that she was walking a razor edge.

One false move and she'd be thrown back into Psy-Ops, which was Manticore's (the name of the facilities) own personal torture chamber. Where any identity an X5 could possess was stripped away and replaced by what they wanted. She had been in an out of there since she was eight years old. It was all because of those goddamn 09ers, earning the name for the 2009 escape, in which a small unit of twelve rebelled and flown the coop. It had been nearly ten years and they were still out there in the real world. Sometimes it made X5-211 jealous, she was recently cleared for solo missions, so she knew exactly what she was missing.

Her hair, which was normally platinum blond was dyed a very artificial red blew from her pony tail and into her eyes, a sparkling, bright green eyes moved past the sergeant and over the perimeter fence. Ever since those twelve X5s escaped Manticore they had cracked down on the unlucky ones who remained behind. Every X5 was taken back down to Psy Ops so that they weren't as independent as they were before. The ones who had been twinned with the runaways suffered the most. X5-211 was one of the lucky ones. She was twinned with X5-210, otherwise known as Jondy. The ones who had escaped had given each other names, which made names apart from one's assigned designation to be strictly forbidden.

X5-211 and her unit, the other twins of the twelve that had escaped had been in Psy-Ops for months at a time, causing them to fall behind in training, grouping them together. They were the troublemakers but they had gone through successful reindoctrination causing their designations to be changed to X5R, showing that they had been successful. They all had names apart from their designations but they were kept for special times when no human handlers were present. X5-211's name was Guinevere to her unit at least when they were alone. In broad daylight like this she was a soldier.

"Eyes front, 211!" The sergeant growled before moving on to the next victim.

Her eyes narrowed for a split second before refocusing straight ahead. She wasn't the normal soldier and her group wasn't the normal X5 unit. However all X5s shared a few things in common, for the most part, they all had feline DNA enabling to jump higher and see further. They could also see in the dark. Every soldier here could outrun the human overseers. The soldiers ran so fast, moved so quickly that it was commonly referred to as blurring. In order to keep the X-series in line Manticore had made the X7s who had hive minds. The X5s, X6s, and X8s, all had the same make but each one was stronger than the last.

Green eyes found hers and she looked away her CO frowned at her, reproachfully before he turned back around. Alec, X5R-494 was more than her unit's leader, he was Manticore's alpha male, the highest-ranking X5 within the entire facility. Within a facility where the Xs series were supposedly ruled by ordinaries, it was his word and will that was law. X5-211 flushed at the silent reprimand, she was not supposed to draw attention to herself, she was to do as she was told and stay under the radar as much as possible. She was the smallest and the most protected within her unit; one thing that she had learned well in her time her was how to hide her feelings.

Now: Guinevere's Point of View

When Manticore was still standing I despised working out. I hated the drills; I hated sparring and weapons training, and most of all hated running. For as angry as I was with a lot of things. The torture I went through, the childhood I never got to have, the blood on my hands as a direct of result of Manticore; there was no denying the fact that I was a soldier, designed to kill, to be an assassin. I often wondered how many innocent people I had killed on Manticore's say-so. I was a good little soldier, a lethal attack dog. It was at night where the past was the closest to the surface. I tried to ease my conscious by telling myself that the people I had killed were bad people, they had to be for getting targeted by Manticore. Especially since Manticore had always been classified above top secret.

Not many people knew about us transgenics or genetically empowered people as Alec liked to say or at least I should say they hadn't until a man named Ames White, the man originally in charge of keeping all of us under wraps and out of headlines had shown the people of Seattle, and by extension the rest of the country what we were. Granted White was working a different angel that being a card-carrying member of this centuries old breeding cult who had it out for all of us.

Panic had spread like wildfire. They thought we were dangerous, uncontrollable animals. We weren't people so we should be put down like animals we were. The police were persecuting us; watch groups were formed to kill us in the streets. A member of my own unit had gone down in that, X5-245 otherwise known as Biggs had murdered in the streets. The police had found out that we run hotter than average people Ames had let that little tidbit slip to local law enforcement and Biggs had been brutalized because of that strung up in the middle of the street. Alec and Joshua, who had a little too much canine in his cocktail had found them and kicked them out of the city. But there was still more who sprouted up, hating us and blaming us for what we were. Even though it was their government who made us, their tax dollars had funded our production.

It really wasn't my fault. Well, okay it was, there had been standing orders from Max, our CO (commanding officer) and Alec our SIC (second in command) that no transgenic was supposed to leave Terminal City, otherwise known as Transgenic City or TC. We had been holed in there ever since Bigg's murder and the Jam Pony incident, which resulted in major national attention and some pretty bad publicity from people who said we had held all the Jam Pony messengers captive. Luckily, Normal, OC, and Sketchy were preaching a different word. They were our friends but people thought we had threatened them to say that. I guess people would believe whatever they wanted to. Point was transgenics weren't exactly popular at the moment and for our own safety we were supposed to stay in TC. An area that an ordinary could go in because of the chemical spill a long time ago. Whatever it was that happened we were immune to whatever the ordinaries weren't. It gave us shelter and a place to call home. Most of the days were spent rebuilding the apartments, salvaging through the wreckage, restoring a command, and getting the supplies we needed.

In the past few weeks we had gotten the National Guard to back up but we couldn't exactly come and go. Police patrolled the perimeter as well as our own kind to keep out the protesters who were a little too overzealous. Of course I just had to run into that type of group. I just wanted to take a walk and all hell broke loose. For ordinaries they could run faster than I anticipated. The urge to blur was nearly impossible to ignore but I feared that would turn an already bad situation even worse. The gates of TC loomed in the distance and I was distracted for a moment and that moment was when they decided to attack. One of the ten people pursuing me decided it was a good idea to throw a rock at my head. It was smacked me hard in the back of the head bringing me to my knees. In seconds hands were everywhere keeping me down as fists and kicks, and blows from baseball bats rained down.

I didn't want to hit them. I didn't want to add fuel to the transgenics are evil fire but when it came down to fight or flight my instincts, while sharper than most kicked in and I struggled tooth and nail to get free.

"This tranny bitch is feisty," One grumbled as my fist found his eye. "And strong."

I was stronger than a girl three times my size but that didn't mean much when ten people decided to attack at once.

"Otto, the gates are opening," One of them warned and the attacks stilled for a moment.

"Help!" I screamed. "X5-211 is in need of assistance!"

"Shit," Otto growled. "Shut her up."

"Evie!" A deep voice boomed in the night as the gates of TC opened.

I sagged in relief as both Alex and Max strode forward with half of TC's midnight patrol on their heels. For Alec, I was use to him swooping in and coming to my rescue especially when I called for him. But, my trust in Max wasn't quite there yet. She was one of the twelve that had escaped in 2009. Manticore had captured her nearly four months ago and that's when my entire world had fallen apart.

All my life I had been taught to hate the 09ers they were traitors to the cause, the reason why I kept being thrown in Psy-Ops but I couldn't find the hatred that Sam held for all of them but her twin X5-452, Max, most of all. Sam's designation was 453 and I hadn't seen her in years. She went deep undercover nearly seven years ago; she was still there when Manticore fell. Sometimes I wondered what happened to her because even though she refused to admit that we were a family, I knew exactly how protective she was with all of us. Even though, she said we were acting like the traitors but you could tell it meant something to her somewhere.

The crowd seemed unprepared for the sudden influx of transgenics and released their hold on me before stepping away. I stayed on the ground as I watched as some braver ones stayed put glaring at us all.

"You're all abominations," Otto hissed. "And you," This time he kicked me, "next time you won't be so lucky tranny bitch."

A shot rang out and my eyes swung out to land on Alec his normally easy going façade was replaced with one very pissed off super soldier. His glare that he leveled on the ordinaries was fiery enough to temper steel.

"Don't call her that," Alec growled. "I missed on purpose. That will not happen if you force me to shoot this again."

That seemed to be what clued the people that stayed that they really should leave while they could still walk. They ran away as fast as they could leaving me slumped on the ground, bleeding from the various wounds they managed to inflict.

"Dalton, call Luke," Max ordered sharply speaking to the X6 a couple paces behind them.

"What are you doing out here?" Alec hissed to me as he closed the distance between us, crouching down to slip a hand under my shoulders and knees as he shifted me so my head was resting against his chest as he began to walk along with Max back to the TC gate.

"How'd she even get out?" Max asked. "None of the guards saw."

"That's just Evie," Alec huffed.

"Huh?" Max asked, lightly.

"She was the youngest in my unit and she's also the smallest. So, she's small and wiry, she figured out a couple of years ago how to sneak out of the barracks and go for walks when she wanted too. Did it everyday up until we broke out. She only got caught once. She was one of Manticore's best assassins," Alec explained. "She probably already knows any and all hidden exits out of this city. "

"She shouldn't have done that," Max frowned as I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah," Alex agreed. "She won't do it again."

"Hey, Alec?" Max asked lightly.

"Yeah?" Alex replied.

"Why do you and Guinevere share a last name?" Max wondered.

"We both had the same person make us IDs so we could work at Jam Pony, you know how Normal gets," Alec explained.

"What did she do in Manticore?" Max inquired.

"Same thing I did," Alec stated. "Assassinations."

"She was an assassin?" Max repeated after a moment. "She can't be older that eighteen."

"Actually, she is eighteen. Even if she wasn't Manticore doesn't care about age, Maxie," Alec noted. "Most people were cleared for missions when we were fourteen. You think things were hard when we were nine? You should've stuck around because it got worse, a lot worse. And the ones who were twinned with your unit like Evie, Sam, and I, we got it much worse. They thought we'd be just like you. We were in and out of Psy-Ops for all the years you were out in the real world. In fact, Evie had just finished a stint when you were captured."

"What happened?" Max wondered.

"She failed a mission," Alec sighed. "Refused to assassinate this senator's family to send him a message. We're supposed to kill when ordered not question our superiors. Anyway, I'm going to take her back to her apartment."

"What about Luke?" Max protested.

"Luke might be the best field medic we have here but we all have training, Maxie, I can handle it," Alec responded.

Alec quickened his pace, as the gates of TC swung shut behind him. I saw the people that were on guard, some gave me disapproving glances as Alec continued to carry me towards my apartment. The apartment itself was probably one of the most run down places I had ever lived in but compared to the rest of Seattle it was on the same level. Ever since the pulse hit everything had gone to hell. Money was hard to come by along with anything else, businesses and people were happier just to have a roof over their heads and walls to shield them from temperature extremes. In a way the Pulse could be seen as a blessing in disguise because it reminded people what really mattered.

My apartment was falling apart. The furniture on the inside was old but it was home. It wasn't a cell and it had a television that I couldn't get enough of. Televisions hadn't been available at Manticore. We all had cells, that had a bed that could be folded against the wall. We all wore the exact same thing. The only thing that was somewhat nice was the older X-series got to keep their hair once they hit puberty. They also didn't freak out when it was dyed. I sort of liked the red hair. Sure, it was the fakest color I had ever seen but it was the only thing remotely colorful that I had back there. Everything else was the same.

"Guinevere!" Alec barked.

I flinched and flushed guiltily, by the tone in Alec's voice he had been trying to get my attention for the past few minutes at least. I realized that Alec was apparently a lot angrier with me than I thought he was. He almost never called me Guinevere; it was always Evie, or sometimes Gwen.

"Yeah?" I responded.

"What the hell were you thinking going outta TC after hours?" Alec demanded as one of his hands slipped into my jeans pocket pulling out my set of keys and unlocking the door. He kicked it shut as he began turning on lights. He didn't place me back on my feet until he had gone into my bathroom where there was a first aid kit ready and waiting for whatever could possibly happen.

"Wanted to take a walk," I shrugged, wincing as a bolt of pain ran down my body.

Alec placed me gently on the counter top in our bathroom as he folded his arms, glaring at me, "I thought we agreed you wouldn't be going AWOL anymore. You saw what happened to Biggs and Cece."

"We didn't agree," I muttered. "You ordered and I was being careful, Alec."

"I don't want you being careful, Evie, I want you alive and following orders," Alec reproached. "They could've easily killed you. Look at you."

"I've had worse," I growled.

I hated this, I really did. For one thing I was whining, I was eighteen-year-old soldier, and here I am whining at the guy that had always been like a brother to me. An annoyingly, overprotective, bossy brother, but a brother nonetheless. Little did Alec know, I had been out after 'curfew' for days and so far this was the only time something had gone wrong.

"Yeah?" Alec retorted suddenly running a finger down the side of my face. He pulled away before holding it up for me to see it came back bloody. I winced and looked down unable to bring myself to stare into his snapping, angry green eyes. He lifted my chin up gently with his hands so we were looking eye to eye. "You have to be careful, Evie, I haven't been busting my ass trying to keep you safe all these years just so some ordinaries can get the drop on you."

"Aw, Alec, how sweet," I smiled.

Alec rolled his eyes before he gently pulling off my sweatshirt and tee shirt, leaving me in my bra as he began to clean out the scrapes and scratches. As he began to clean my head wound his eyes narrowed, "What did they do to you?"

"They threw a rock at me," I sighed. "I wasn't expecting it and went down."

Alex's expression tightened before he continued wiping away the blood and making sure that there was no there weren't any hidden cuts. Once Alec was done I hopped off the counter and padded into my bedroom throwing on some random button down shirt before going over to the kitchen with Alec trailing along behind me as I began to make dinner.

"You okay?" Alec questioned.

"I'm always okay," I replied.

"Evie," Alec frowned.

That's what Alec always use to say. "I'm always okay." He'd say it when he came back from stints in Psy-Ops, he said that after he came back after solo missions and he said that when he came back from the Berrisford job. When Alec said he was okay, he never was. What he meant to say was that he didn't want to talk about it, that he wanted to go off by himself and lick his wounds in peace.

"What do you want me to say, Alec?" I asked.

"Tell me the truth," Alec said. "You don't gotta lie to me."

"I'm sick of this," I shrugged. "The only place we're safe is within this City. We go outside we die. People think we don't deserve to live. That we don't deserve basic human rights because we were made in a lab, that the only parent we know was Manticore. Figures they'd love us to death when we do what we were made for but the second we all stood up and said that we were going to stop doing what they wanted, we were expendable."

"It will get better, Evie, you just gotta have faith," Alec sighed.

"I think I missed that class," I grumbled. "What I have seen is that we traded one cage for another only in this one we're the freak shows."

"It's not like that," Alec retorted.

"Don't be so naïve, Alec," I huffed. "That is what it's like and what's worse is it isn't going to stop not until every one of us is six feet under."

"What's gotten into you?" Alec asked.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled visibly deflating. "I shouldn't have said anything."

"Maybe you should go to bed," Alec suggested after a moment.

"Let me finish making dinner first," I muttered dumping a box of pasta into the boiling water and putting some tomato sauce on to boil.

I sighed as Alec began to help pulling out two plates and serving up the pasta and the sauce. He walked both to the table while I carried glasses of water. We sat down to eat, neither of us really had that much to say. I had broken the rules and had been reprimanded for it. After we had eaten Alec took our plates to the sink after he had ordered me to get some sleep.

It was the middle of the night when the warning alarm began to sound. I jumped out of bed, barely pausing to slide into sweats and sneakers as I met Alec in the hallway. His door was thrown open and he was wearing the same thing he was earlier and running shoes. Despite the rude awakening we were both awake and ready to see what was going on. I followed Alec out of our apartment barely pausing to close the door behind us as we joined the crush of transgenics running to central command.

As we arrived most people carrying a weapon of some kind we saw Max standing on the metal bridge that was once used o connect two buildings together.

"What's going on?" People demanded.

"Everyone calm down," Max ordered sharply as Alec quickly climbed up to stand by her side.

For as much as Max hated being a soldier and Alec pretended Manticore never happened they looked like Lydecker's wet dream standing up straight looking out at all of us ready to rally the troops. They oozed authority as a hush fell over the crowd.

"This was part of a test of the new warning system," Max said. "In the event that something does go wrong we need to act like the people we were trained to be. However, it has come to my attention that people have not been taking the lockdown seriously. Both Alec and I were there tonight as we watched X5-211 get attacked by one of those watchdog groups."

I glared up at them not even flinching as Alec's eyes found mine as the crowd began to whisper. Most people had seen the groups were wanted all of us diminish over the past few weeks but there were still others that were waiting in the wings to attack. I knew that the lockdown was important for safety reasons but if I could sneak in and out of Manticore, I could handle ordinaries. I wouldn't underestimate groups like them again. They wanted our blood and were willing to fight dirty to see every single one of us die.

Max had used my number instead of my name because half the crowd still went by those numbers and we could always indentify by them. Max was trying to get them to have real names, any name other than their numbers but some were stubborn. I think the names were another way to humanize us to the public. It was hard to feel sympathy for a number.

No one complained as the meeting was dismissed. After all we were all used to the very rude wake-ups that Manticore loved to provide. In fact no one really complained about anything, except for maybe how we traded on cage for another.

"You should get more sleep," Alec said suddenly startling me as I stayed behind.

I turned around and saw that Max was standing right behind Alec and I frowned at her.

"Did you really have to tell all of TC what happened?" I demanded glaring at Max. "What the hell, Max?"

"We were hoping that what happened to you would show the others that we are still in danger," Max replied.

I didn't reply knowing that even with countless orders and requests to stay within TC's secure borders people would still come and go. While we couldn't just go strolling out the front door I knew that I couldn't be the only one who knew every single exit out of here.

"Uh, Alec?" Mole called. "There's a problem out by the gate."

"What is it?" Alec asked.

"The unit recently dispatched for food came back," Mole began. "The mission was successful but they picked up two tag-a-longs."

"Meaning?" Max snapped.

"Meaning one is apparently a spitting image o' you, Alec, and the other one says he's the doppelganger's brother."

"I have another clone," Alec groaned.

"Actually this one's older. He's twenty six that's all we got out of them," Mole shrugged. "We locked them up in central. They have training. They're the weirdest ordinaries I've ever seen in my life."