Chapter Two: The Legacy

The walk down to the makeshift jail cells that were in the basement of where we had set up command in the dead center of TC was awkward. Alec and Max were talking quietly. The distance between them was minimal and it was obviously to anyone that what started off as a hate-hate relationship had blossomed into a friendship and then into something a little bit more so. I wondered if the only reason why people trusted Max with complete control of Transgenic central was because they thought that Alec and Max were together. It would make sense that whatever Alec signed on for the rest of the transgenics would follow.

Two transhumans stood guard outside the cell. They stood at attention as Max and Alec stood in front of them. Both transhumans seemed they had a little too much cat in their cocktail. They were almost like Joshua, who had more canine. They had cat ears and the shining eyes that would glint in random lights.

"Be careful boss," Terry warned. His claws were out wrapped around his gun as both he and his partner Tyler both moved out the way of the door. Tyler opened it and we all moved forward into the room where two ordinaries were sitting against the opposite wall. Both Max and I recoiled at the similarities between the older of the two humans and Alec. If Alec was shocked by the similarities he didn't show it.

"Who are you?" Alec demanded as both Max and I got our composure back to go into the room, flanking Alec as we looked at the ordinaries.

"Who wants to know?" The ordinary with Alec's face shot back.

"You are in my jurisdiction," Alec began. "I don't know who you are or what you were doing interrupting a mission…"

"They were interrupting our investigation," The same ordinary growled, now standing up. "Your convoy was interrupting us and they started shooting their mouths off."

"And what investigation was this?" Max asked.

"Who the hell is this?" The ordinary demanded. "And who's the little redhead? What are you people?"

"We're not human," Alec corrected.

"Transgenics?" The taller one clarified.

"We prefer the term genetically empowered," Alec smirked.

"Dean, this is a little weird…" The tall on trailed off as the older one, Dean pinned him with an angry look.

"Max, we ran finger prints," Luke announced, handing Max two files.

"Thanks Luke," Max smiled as Luke turned to go back upstairs to where all the computers were.

"Finger prints?" Dean barked. "When the hell did you lift finger prints from us?"

"Dean and Sam Winchester," Max stated. "You boys have quite the record."

"Well, now that you know everything about us why don't you guys start answering our questions," Dean barked.

"Dean, that's 452 and 494," Sam hissed.

"Who?" Dean asked his brother.

"The transgenics in the news?" Sam prodded. "The siege at Terminal City?"

Realization sparked in Dean's eyes as he turned back to look at us.

"The public may know us as 452 and 494, however my name is Max," Max said firmly, "And that's Alec."

"And, I'm Evie," I introduced.

"I'm Sam," The tall one responded. "That's Dean."

"Great, now that we're all introduced can you tell me why we're here?" Dean barked.

As I stared at the Winchester brothers you could tell how close they were. Sam while quiet so far seemed really smart, they both did. Surprisingly or maybe not Dean reminded me of Alec maybe that bossy protective streak Alec had going was hereditary.

"Look," Sam finally spoke. "We didn't mean to get in the way. It has to be hard to be stuck here but we're just looking for our father. Ever since the Pulse it's easier to fall of the map. But, we need to find him. It's important."

"We could hook you up with one of my friends," Max offered. "It might take him awhile his operations were recently shut down."

Max was right if anyone would be able to find the elusive Winchester father it would be Logan Cale. Although, most of Seattle, Washington knew him as Eyes Only a cyber journalist who made sure people knew the truth. He had been a real thorn in Manticore's side as Logan fought for people to know the truth. Logan, with Max's assistance was also the one who brought Manticore crumbling to the ground. Though, Manticore had been willing to burn the facility to the ground along with anyone inside or at least that's what they wanted to happen. Instead we were all free and they had called the facility a veteran hospital that burned to the ground because of the S1W. The S1W was an action group that fought against the corrupt government that had merged after the electromagnetic pulse had knocked out nearly all computers. It had also killed a lot of people and sent the United States into a financial depression where martial law was enacted in nearly half the country.

There were a lot of negatives to the Pulse but there were some positives. For one anyone with criminal records or on the most wanted list could evade police. I wasn't talking about the people who deserved to be behind bars. But, as I glanced over Max's shoulder as she passed the folder to Alec as she continued to talk to the Winchesters' I realized that they had been unfairly targeted by police. Something we all could relate too.

"Hey, Evie, I think it's time for you to go to sleep," Alec suggested.

I sighed giving Alec an irritated glance. I hated it when he made an order sound like a suggestion because either way he wanted me to follow it without any arguing about it. I walked up the stairs that would lead me out into the streets of TC.

"Hey, Evie!" A voice called.

I turned around to see both Luke and Dix huddled around a computer. As our resident hackers and information gathers they were essential to command. They were also really nice guys.

"Hey boys," I grinned. "What's up?"

"We have something you should see," Luke said.

I walked over to the computer monitor and saw that Luke and Dix had found a lot of old Manticore paperwork. It was a lot more than I ever expected to see knowing that the powers of be were meticulous in covering their tracks.

"Where'd you guys find all this?" I asked.

"Zack took all the hard drives he could find from the DNA lab that Max and her brothers and sister blew up," Luke explained.

"That's why they made us start copulating with each other," I sighed. "And that's why X5-599 died and Max landed back into Manticore."

"She never told you about it?" Dix questioned.

"I never asked," I shrugged. "In the facility everyone knew everything about everyone. If anyone deserved some privacy it was Max."

Dix and Luke nodded in agreement as they allowed me to read the files. There was a list of all of us and who our surrogates and sperm donors were. I scrolled down and saw that Luke and Dix had nearly every unit there except for the nomalies or transhumans, the politically correct term for them, and Max's unit. Though, they listed my unit's donors so one would assume we had the same since we were all twinned. For some reason Alec's surrogate wasn't listed but the sperm donor or however else they collected people's DNA willing or otherwise was John Winchester.

That explained everything especially why Dean and Alec looked exactly like each other. I didn't know how they had to made us but it seemed to me that they took the sperm mixed it with an egg and then added all the enhancements before they popped us into surrogates. I scrolled down and saw that my surrogate wasn't listed either but John Winchester was also listed as my sperm donor.

"You okay, Evie?" Dix asked. "You're pale."

"You guys need to show all this to Alec," I replied. "Right now."

"But you're okay?" Luke asked eyeing me in concern.

"I'm okay," I responded. "It's just been a long day."

Dix and Luke smiled at me as I waved goodbye as I quickly moved into a run going full speed back to the apartment. The door was still open, just the way we left it, knowing that no one was stupid to try to steal from Alec's apartment. I moved up the stairs and closed the door, locking it behind me. I wandered into my bedroom and collapsed into bed, falling asleep surprisingly quickly. When I woke up it was nearing noon as I slipped into the shower and changed into a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans. I smelled coffee as I wandered into the kitchen pouring myself a cup.

"Dix and Luke certainly found something interesting," Alec mused.

I jumped turning around. I hadn't seen him in the back of the kitchen.

"Well, you must've figured as much, right?" I shrugged. "You and Dean really are like twins, Alec."

"I wasn't talking about that, Evie," Alec shook his head. "I saw that we shared the same sperm donor."

"It doesn't really change anything," I replied. "You're already my brother. A little bit on the bossy side but I'm beginning to think that's hereditary so it isn't your fault."

"Cute," Alec laughed. "Sarcasm and being a smart-ass must be genetic too. Since Dean was certainly not holding back."

"Where are they anyway?" I asked.

"They're both crashing at Logan's," Alec answered. "I showed them my file. They seem like they might be cool. Mole was right they don't present themselves like civilians."

"Their father was a Vietnam Veteran," I replied. "Their mother died when they were young so he probably raised them slightly how we were raised."

"They handle themselves like soldiers," Alec shrugged. "If we didn't have half the advantages we had on our side it would be a pretty hard fight to win."

"I don't think that matters," I replied. "Sam apparently decked Diego before Terry and Tyler threw them into the cell."

"Wow," Alec nodded.

"Any of this weird to you?" I asked. "Finding out that we're related and have brothers?"

"Hell yes," Alec responded. "But I wouldn't go calling them our brothers yet. They haven't exactly said anything to the fact that we're related."

"Are they coming back?" I asked.

"Yeah, after Logan gives them a job and a place to stay," Alec said. "He owes us one."

"Only one?" I scoffed.

"Hey, he saved your ass a couple of times," Alec replied.

"You too, playboy," I retorted.

Alec shot me a look to which I smiled widely as I made myself some cereal. It was Lucky Charms and it was delicious. Manticore never let us have processed food and it sucked. We never got any chocolate or chips, or soda or anything. That was one of the reasons why the apartment was completely stocked with anything and everything we never got at Manticore; bed's that couldn't get folded up to the wall, sodas, chocolate, chips, and television. Alec loved the big television that took up a good chunk of our living room with free cable.

I ate quickly and then sat back. There wasn't really much to do. I wasn't allowed to go outside of TC's borders and walking around the chain link only served to irritate me further. I could watch television or head down to central to see if they needed my help. I began to tap my fingers on the table knowing that central really wouldn't be doing much of anything. White had backed off, for now. The government was beginning to treat us like people instead of criminals, which meant the only missions we were having was working to get TC up and running like a normal city.

With those stupid heat sensors if I risked going outside I could be completely fucked and that would make it 0 for 2 where I went outside after orders were given to stay inside and it ending badly. It sucked for my entire life I had managed to sneak in and out of Manticore without being caught and now civilian police were able to catch us.

"Hey," Alec called dropping his bowl and mine in the sink as he regarded me carefully. "You even think about going outside these walls you'll have morning PT for three months."

"You gonna wake up that early, Alec?" I asked knowing how much Alec enjoyed his sleep.

"No, but Max never sleeps so I figured she'd do it for me," Alec smirked. "She doesn't want anyone getting hurt. Which means you stop pushing that envelope. As long as those watch dog groups want all of our heads on a pike that means we use the buddy system. Got me?"

"Yes, sir," I huffed.

"Yes, Alec works just find, Red," Alec smiled. "Come on, watch a movie with me until Dean and Sam come over."

"How are they getting in here?" I asked.

"Coming in through the sewers," Alec explained. "Terry and Tyler will escort them here."

"Is it okay for them to be in here?" I asked.

"Yeah, they'll be okay," Alec said. "Now what do you want? Action? Horror? Romantic Comedy?"

"You own a Romantic Comedy?" I laughed.

"Nope your choice is horror or action," Alec grinned.

"Horror," I stated.

"Good choice," Alec applauded.

We settled in on our ratty couch as we began to watch something that had been made in the 1980s. I think it was called Nightmare on Elm Street, all Alec kept saying was that it was a classic. The movie was entertaining enough, I wouldn't exactly say it was scary but it could be, I guess. Just as the movie was ending there was a knock on the door. Alec sprang up to get it up as I stayed on the couch.

"Evie, come greet our guests," Alec called.

"Hey Sam," I smiled. "Hi, Dean."

"Hi, Evie," they both said smiling at me.

"Has Logan helped at all yet?" I asked.

"Well we have jobs," Sam sighed. "And he promised us that he'd look into it."

"He's a good guy," I shrugged. "He'll keep his word. You're not afraid to be in this place?"

"Why would we be?" Dean asked.

"You're not afraid of the transgenics?" I gaped. Even though I knew the general population was slowly getting use to the idea of us, we were still being avoided like we were bad people.

"Nope," Dean stated. "Trust me, sweet heart, we've seen much worse than whatever the government made up."

"Is it true that your barcodes are encoded into your DNA?" Sam asked.

"Yup," I replied. "We laser them off but they come back in a few weeks. There's nothing we can do about it. Manticore wanted the X-series easily identifiable."

"Interesting," Dean muttered.

"So, what is the two of you do?" Alec questioned. "You both have quite the rap sheet. And, Dean, yours says you died in St. Louis, Missouri."

"Would you believe me if I said it was a shape shifter?" Dean smirked. "Sam and I hunt supernatural entities."

"Hell why not?" Alec laughed. "It would certainly explain the rap sheet."

I looked at Alec and smiled. While I knew that he always had my back in Manticore and would do anything for me he possibly could, he was still a soldier. He wasn't like some mindless drone but ghosts and werewolves? Yeah, he wouldn't have believed that six months ago and now he did. It was a remarkable thing how much we all were growing outside Manticore's influence. Although, I think no matter how much we grew up you couldn't ever take the soldier out of any of us. And maybe that wasn't such a bad thing. The soldier in me was completely ingrained; it was something that couldn't be removed no matter what. The way I observed my world, the way I perceived people and places. Alec's cell phone began to ring and I knew that it was Max.

"We gotta get down to central," Alec announced. "You guys want to come?"

"Sure," Dean shrugged.

"What's going on?" I asked as we walked out the door and down the block, leading to Central control.

"I don't know," Alec sighed. "Max just said it was important."

We kept a normal pace more for Sam and Dean's benefit then our own. As we walked through the opening of central, people turned to stare at them while smiling at us.

"Morning Mole," I greeted.

Mole was a lizard-like transhuman who was made for Desert Acclimated Commando or DAC for short. Mole was incredibly tall most likely six foot six or so. He also had a penchant for smoking cigars.

"Evie," Mole returned, bumping fists with Alec.

We climbed the stairs were Max was standing overlooking all of control.

"Max, what is it?" Alec questioned.

"We all need to find a way to make money, Alec," Max replied. "We can't keep stealing things whenever we need them. Not if the government is actually going to recognize us as a free nation. They're okay with us for the moment but the second we steal something shit's going to go down."

"That's it?" Alec scoffed. "Come on, Maxie. We can figure out ways to make money. There are a bunch of antiques. Joshua loves painting so much and people would willing buy his pieces. They just have to give us time to get up and running."

"You make it sound so easy," Max sighed.

"It'll take at least a few weeks to get up and running but you're dealing with a mess of soldiers who are itching to do something," Alec said.

"Yeah everyone's climbing the damn walls so we all might as well do something," I muttered ignoring Alec's reproachful look.

"Evie, why don't you show Sam and Dean around?" Alec suggested. "Either that or find someone to spar with if you have so much energy to burn."

I glared at Alec before turning around and jogging down the stairs towards Sam and Dean, "Come on, guys."

"Where are we going?" Sam asked.

"I'm going to show you around my new prison," I muttered.

"Is this place really that bad?" Sam whispered.

"I spent my entire life inside a fence," I began. "When it was destroyed we all ran. Most of us came and went to ground. A man named Ames White was responsible for our extermination but he had other loyalties. A loyalty to a group that wanted us exterminated so White leaked our existence to the general public causing people to panic. Most of us took up shop here and we've been safe. But, to me, we only traded one fence for another."

"But this fence is to keep out people who mean you harm, not keep you in," Dean rationalized.

"There are still people who want us dead," I mumbled. "They made a heat sensor just so they can pick us out of a crowd. We're not safe anywhere but for some reason they all think that as long as we stay inside here we'll be safe and maybe that's true."

"There might be one day where you all can go wherever you want to," Sam said. "But this is your home. These people are your family. It's only a prison if you look at it that way."

I turned to look at Sam, mulling over what he said only to realize he was right. After everything that happened we deserved one place where we could be ourselves. So what if there was another fence surrounding the perimeter? Who said that it would be that way forever? Things were already looking up and I hoped it stayed that way. We all deserved at least that much.