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What if Chris hadn't accidentally said 'wish' when yelling at Leo in "I Dream Of Phoebe"? What if when the Elders had sent Chris back to the future something had gone wrong sending the sisters and Leo there with him? This is a Chris Revelation Fic.

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"How am I meant to take charge and take commands at the same time?" Phoebe complained.

"Well you wont have to," Leo cut in. "Chris is coming back up there with me. The Elders have agreed to send him back to his time."

"What!" Chris exclaimed.

"You don't know what you're doing here Leo," warned Phoebe.

"You don't belong here," argued Leo. "And as your white lighter he's doing more harm then good."

"You are so full of it!" Chris ranted. "This isn't about me being a bad white lighter it's about you feeling like I've let you down somehow! So whatever issues you might have with me, I just want you to get over them all ready!" Leo just stared impassively at him as Chris paced. Phoebe looked between them with concern.

"Maybe we could check to see if Piper has got Paige's help," suggested Phoebe. Without looking at each other both men nodded.Chris hurried out of them room and down the stairs. Shaking her head Phoebe walk past Leo trying to come up with a plan to help her…master stay in the past whilst also trying to figure out how to find Ginny the genie turned demon. Leo watched them both leave not allowing any doubts about his decision to creep past the barriers in his mind.

Chris orbed into the kitchen mentally berating himself for another dud lead. Piper was busy cooking breakfast as a half awake Paige made he way into the room.

"Did Richard take the stripping potion?" Piper asked without turning away from her cooking.

"Yeah," answered Paige happily. "And I know it's true because I haven't received one gift in almost twelve hours," she informed happily snatching a piece of toast off the pile Piper was making.

"I never thought I would see a girl so happy to no longer be receiving gifts," Piper mused. Paige just gave a little shrug and took a bite out of her toast. "Find anymore leads?" Piper asked Chris forcing her tone to be neutral.

"Not yet," grumbled Chris.

"Out of my way, out of my way," Phoebe shooed rushing into the kitchen and almost bowling Paige and Chris over. "Fast approaching deadline and I've left my laptop at work," she mumbled to herself. Piper had to quickly lift up her hands, one of which was holding a hot cup of coffee, to dodge Phoebe.

"Will you slow down, you're going to burn yourself out and actually burn me," Piper scolded half-heartedly. Phoebe quickly scoffed down of piece of buttered toast and cup of burning coffee ignoring Piper's warning.

"Ok I better get going."

"Just make sure to choose a human in need of help this time," Paige teased earning herself a glare from the middle sister.

"How often can you say turning into a ghost was a good thing," Phoebe shot back. Paige held her hands up, palms forward, in surrender. Just then a shimmer of blue orbs signalled Leo's arrival. He quickly took in where all the sisters were before focusing in on Chris.

"It's time," he said simply. Chris felt his stomach plummet. He'd been secretly hoping that the whole 'going back to the future' thing had been forgotten. But that clearly wasn't the case.

"Time, time for what?" Piper inquired taking a sip of her coffee.

"For Chris to go back to the future," Leo answered and by the look on Piper's face it hadn't been the one she'd been expecting.

"What do you mean?" Paige questioned.

"Exactly what I said," responded Leo.

"Leo," Phoebe started sending Chris a worried look. "You can't do this."

"I can and I have to. Chris's intentions are good but he's putting you all in danger," Leo argued. Chris just sighed exasperated running a hand through his brown hair in annoyance.

"You can't do this," Chris finally spoke up. "If you do Wyatt will turn evil, this whole thing could be for nothing," he seethed.

"We can protect Wyatt, you've told us all we need to know," Leo disagreed.

"Leo he came back to save Wyatt shouldn't we at least…"

"No. He's coming up with me, now. The Elder's wont wait much longer," Leo stated cutting off Phoebe.

"Piper, Paige can I have some back up here," Phoebe asked.

"Well he has put us into danger before," Paige whispered quietly. "But that doesn't mean he has to be sent back," she added quickly.


"He withheld information on Wyatt," she shrugged. "He is reckless and I still don't completely trust him." Every word was a stab to Chris's heart and he turned away from the sisters to make sure they didn't see his eyes moistening. He could feel Phoebe's sympathizing gaze on his back. "Maybe it would be better if he did go back to his time. Who knows he may have gotten rid of the evil that turns Wyatt," she finished.

"Well it's no longer up to you or any of us to decide. I might have suggested it but the Elders now share my fears. They've settled on sending him back and they're not going to change their minds." Chris felt panic settling in. He couldn't go back, not yet, not until he could change the future. He wouldn't be able to survive there again, knowing that he could have changed it. Could have saved so many members of his family.

"You can't make…" Chris started.

"I can and I have to," Leo interrupted. Chris started to feel a tugging at his being. The Elders were calling him up.

"Phoebe help," he begged spinning to face his Aunt. She gave him a helpless look before turning beseeching eyes on Leo. Chris felt the tugging get stronger harder to ignore. Careful to make sure the tears filling his eyes weren't noticeable he turned to face his Aunt's and Mother, even though two were still oblivious. "When the future turns out to be hell on earth, don't blame me," he lashed out trying to force the pain out of his heart. He couldn't survive the future if his last memory of them was them crying. Phoebe's pained eyes and Paige's upset expression were bad enough. Though they didn't top the pain that came from looking into his Mother's expressionless eyes or his Father's uncaring gaze. "I tried," he whispered before giving into the insistent tugging and orbed Up There.

As the blue orbs disappeared towards the roof Phoebe spoke up. "I'm certainly not going to blame him."

"Me either and I will know who to blame," added on Paige who looked pointedly up at the roof. Piper just put her now empty cup in the sink and exited the room. Like always when something involving Chris was going on her maternal instincts were on the fritz. So she searched out Wyatt to calm herself down and force what was going on with Chris out of her mind. She'd be able to save her son from evil without Chris's help she had to.

Chris stood agitated in front of a council of Elders. He had an almost impossible to ignore urge to scream at them all. To tell them everything about the future and the hundreds of reasons why he needed to stay. But so far every time he'd opened his mouth he'd been silenced by one of the council.

"Chris Perry it has been brought to our attention that you pose a threat to our present Charmed Ones." Chris scoffed and rolled his eyes receiving many glares.

"You shall be sent back to you own time."

"Listen you have no idea what you're doing," Chris finally spoke up and continued refusing to be quietened. "If you send me back he'll kill me and I wont be able to return to fix it," he warned desperately.

"You have done enough," cut in another Elder. "And not all that you have done we agree with." Chris opened his mouth to retort.

"There will be no more discussion. Chris Perry you are being sent back to your future and that is final." With that the Elders all raised their hands creating an unbroken semi circle. Electric blue circles of light grew out of the palms of their hands spreading forward to engulf Chris. They begun chanting under their breath and Chris felt a sharp pull at his navel. His last thoughts were worry that he had changed the future. Enough to make sure he wouldn't be in it.

Piper smiled down at Wyatt as she lent against the doorframe of the conservatory trying her best to quell the quilt blooming in her heart. She wished she could take back the words she'd said to Chris. She'd felt the pain it had caused him even if only for a second. Lost in thought she didn't notice the blue light growing rapidly behind her before it was to late. She felt a sharp pull and everything went black.

Phoebe was pacing around her office. Ranting mentally at the idiocy of the Elders and the lapse of judgement from her brother-in-law. The cry for help she'd felt like a physical hit from Chris when he'd turned to her this morning had left a bruise on her heart. To be betrayed by his parents like that. She couldn't even think about it. A blue life suddenly sprung from the roof and surrounded her. Feeling a quick tug she was lifted from the ground and into darkness.

Paige was grumbling to herself as she packed her things back into her closest. Moving was such a pain, she thought. Though she was glad to have the worry of Richard practising magic off her shoulders. But now she had the worry that with Chris being forced back to the future her innocent little nephew would turn out to be a lot less innocent. An electric blue light suddenly raced down from the roof trapping her and pulling her upwards into darkness.

Leo was reflecting on his decision to have Chris sent back to his future. He knew it was for the safety of Wyatt and the girls but he couldn't shake of the heavy guilt blooming in his chest. He suddenly found himself surrounded by bright blue light before the ground disappeared from underneath him.

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