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Chris sat curled up tightly in his closest; eyes squeezed shut and heart beating fast. Outside he heard Mel scream as Wyatt found her. Chris shivered as he heard Wyatt's running footsteps as he neared where Chris was hiding. He froze as he heard someone grab hold of the round handle and open the door. Light spilled into the cramped space illuminating a ten-year-old Chris crouched tightly in the corner.

"Found you," Wyatt sang out. "But don't worry, I found Penny first so she's it."

"Yeah," Mel said poking her head over Wyatt's shoulder. "She tried to hide behind a curtain."

"So?" Chris said grabbing Wyatt's offered hand to help pull himself up. "I've hidden behind curtains."

"Yes," Mel agreed. "but she hide behind the lace curtains."

"Ahh," Chris said shaking his head at Penny's naiveness. "Have all the others been found?"

"Of course they have," Mel said flinging her arm over his shoulder. "You're always the last to be found."

"That's just because I'm awesome," Chris said smirking with a shrug.

"No," Wyatt said disagreeing. "It's because you're so puny you can hide in places other ten-year-olds can't."

Chris scowled at his older brother while giving him a punch on the shoulder. Wyatt jumped away rubbing at his shoulder.

"You pack a punch little dude," Wyatt said laughing, reaching over to ruffle Chris's hair. Chris smacked away the hands in annoyance, but he was smiling as he did it.

"Hey guys," someone called out from behind them. They turned around to see a young seven-year-old with long chocolate brown hair and big blue eyes running up to them.

"What Prue?" Wyatt asked his younger sister.

"Mum said to come tell you that lunch was ready and you all had to go down and eat it," she said breathlessly. "Also do you know where the others are?"

"I'll go get Penny," Mel offered. "She's probably still where she was found waiting for the game to be over."

"I'll get Sam and Em," Chris said walking backwards down the hall to where the playroom was located."

"Thanks Chrissy," Prue said smiling happily. Chris winced at Prue's nickname for him and glared at Wyatt when he snorted.

"No problem Prudence," Chris said smirking. Prue glared at him for using her full name but stayed silent.

"Come on Prue," Wyatt said walking up to Prue. "Let's go find Patti and Henry."

Chris watched them walk off before turning and jogging to the playroom's door. Knocking once he pushed it open to see two identical brunettes siting on the carpeted floor playing dolls.

"What?" Sam asked twisting around to face him.

"Lunch," Chris replied. "You coming down?"

"Yep," Sam answered, beside her Emily nodded.

"Ok see you down there," Chris said stepping back to let the door swing shut. "Don't be late, or you'll miss out."

Chris then took his own advice and hurried down the hall and stairs to reach the dinning table. Wyatt and Prue were already down there and so were Prue and Penny who arrived at the same time as him. Henry and Patti sat next to each other at the table head together as they talked animatedly to each other. Chris gulped nervously at the sight. It was never good to leave Henry and Patti alone together for long periods of time. Even at four they were lethal pranksters.

"Lunch is served," Piper announced walking into the room with plates covering her arms. "Where are the twins?"

"Coming," Chris said sitting down. The girls were down a minute later and quickly grabbed some chairs so that they could tuck into the beautiful meal in front of them. Piper made the best food out of all the sisters and you could find the large group of cousins over most nights and days. Not that Piper minded.

"Do you know when your mums are coming to pick you up?" Piper asked when she finally allowed herself to sit down.

"Mum's picking us up at seven," Mel said after swallowing. "After she's handed in her column."

"Right, Sam?"

"Oh um... seven as well, I think," she said turning to Emily who nodded in confirmation.

"Ok then," Piper said, "So do you guys want an early dinner here or late dinner at home?"

"Early, early, early," everyone chanted. Piper smiled at them all.

"Ok, fine," Piper sighed, grinning. "But this is only possible because it's my night off at the restaurant."

"Thank-you," they all sang out. Piper just smiled waving them off.

Chris looked at them all happily. He never told any of them his dreams. He never said anything about how he knew of the alternative future. It clearly wasn't happening again. None of the things in the other Chris's life had happened to him so he decided not to worry any of them. He didn't want Wyatt to feel quilt over things he'd never done and never would do. Looking over at his smiling brother as he helped Patti put her roll together he knew he'd made the right choice, both times.

With going back to the past and keeping quite in the present.

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