Summary-What if Naruto's mother was in fact Tsunade's older sister? What if he was reunited with his mother during the mission to retrieve Tsunade? What if Naruto got over Sakura sooner?

Pairing: Naruto X Fem. Itachi X Fem. Oc Uchiha

Slight Sasuke Bashing extreme Akatsuki and Orochimaru beatings

Chapter 1: The mission, Return of Hitachi

Naruto is happily eating some Ramen after helping the village against Gaara. He knew that village probably thought their 'precious' Uchiha defeated the demon.

'Yeah Sasuke is their 'hero' while I am still nothing more than the 'demon boy'. I sometimes wonder why I'm still here.' Naruto sneered inwardly.

"Sometimes I wonder do my parents love me? Hate me? Are they even alive?" The blond fox container sighed.

He then went back to eating his ramen. He didn't see the concerned looks that Ayame and her father Teuchi gave him. They loved this boy like a member of their family Ayame loves Naruto like a little brother and her father views him as the son he never had. They had noticed the look in his eyes even though his face hadn't changed. The look of a child who's in a lot of pain from his life.

'Naruto-kun I wish there was some way that father and I could help you other than just making Ramen!' Ayame thought.

Hidden location in a bar town...

A voluptuous woman with long black hair and chocolate eyes sneezed and wondered who was talking about her. She stood 5'7 and wore a black top with a fishnet mesh top underneath. Her pants were black. Over her outfit she wore a black jacket similar to Tsunade's but it had the kanji for 'medicine' on it.

She is Mizu Senju older sister of Tsunade and Nawaki Senju. The eldest descendant of the first Hokage Hashirama. But those titles don't matter to her only two matter to her.

Mizu is the widowed wife of the fourth Hokage and mother of Naruto Uzumaki. She appears to between 20-30 years but should actually be over 60, however due to a deal with a demon and inheriting a strange trait of the women in the family. She looks much younger than she really is (It's an ability that Tsunade did not inherit for unknown reasons hence the genjutsu she uses).

She had the same abilities her sister had: Mastery of Medical ninjutsu, inhuman strength, and Summoning (Foxes).

Mizu had an affinity for both Earth and Water which means she can use their grandfather's Wood Style jutsu, also she can use high level water jutsu by drawing water vapor from the air just like her uncle the Second Hokage Tobirama. Shockingly she has a third affinity of Lightning.

Mizu in fact was the one to train her younger sister Tsunade in the art of medicine and taught her how to utilize chakra into making yourself super-strong.

Tsunade took after her older sister in being the Leaf's greatest medical ninja.

On her right ring finger was a golden ring given to her by her late husband Minato when he found out she was pregnant with Naruto.

'Minato-kun, Naruto-kun why did I have to lose you both?' Mizu was in a bar drinking trying to forget the painful memories of losing her husband and son.

Even now 13 years later the pain was there also she felts some slight resentment toward her sister Tsunade.

Flashback 13 years ago after the Kyuubi attack...

"Sarutobi where is Minato-kun? Where is my baby?" Mizu asked.

"They're both dead Mizu-chan I'm sorry." Sarutobi then sadly told her.

"Where is my sister?" Mizu gasped and fell to her knees.

"I'm sorry but Tsunade's gone too I tried to get her to come back but she's still moping about the loss of her lover Dan and your younger brother Nawaki." Sarutobi sadly told her.

Tsunade was gone...she was wandering the lands drinking her sorrows away.

Mizu wouldn't stay another second in the village. She just ran out never to be seen again.

Flashback end

'Who could be talking about me?' A faint blush appeared on her face to show she was slightly tipsy.

An either drunk or stupid man started flirting with her. "Hey cutie how would you like to come with me?" He noticed her ring but ignored it.

Mizu ignored the idiot and continued drinking.

But the idiot persists. "Come on baby I could use a woman like you."

The man then did something that sealed his fate he reached out to grab Mizu and ended up groping her breast. One thing you should know is Mizu has the same attitude as her younger sister toward men like this.

Mizu is now fully sober and very angry...She the punches him clear out of the bar. "Hands off!" The man landed all the way across town.

"Perv."Mizu snorts, and returns to drinking her sake.

Several people back away from this beautiful yet insanely strong woman.

Mizu doesn't know her son is still alive and will be on his way to this town.

Hidden leaf village...

After finishing his ramen Naruto thanked the Ichirakus and then left.

"Achoo!" Naruto sneezed.

'Hmm.. I wonder who was talking about me?' Naruto thought after he sneezed.

Naruto was mindlessly wandering the village wondering what to do now.

"Hey kid." A familiar voice spoke.

Naruto turned to see his sensei from the Chunin exam finals Jiraiya the Toad Sannin.

"Pervy sage?" He spoke with a mouth full of noodles.

Jiraiya had a mission from the council to find his old teammate Tsunade and make her return to the village to heal the injured. What Jiraiya doesn't know is that on this mission he will meet the older sister of his teammate who also happens to be the mother of the boy he's traveling with.

"Sure pervy sage I'll go with you." Naruto could use a break from the glares of the villagers.

He then left with him.


Kakashi is waiting for Sasuke near a dumpling stand. Inside the stand two mysterious and powerful figures are there drinking some tea.

then two of his fellow Jonin Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi come by.

"Hey you two together now?" Kakashi grins in a teasing manner.

"Fool. I'm just getting some dumplings for Anko." Kurenai looks slightly embarrassed, her face slightly heats up.

"What about you Kakashi?" The son of the late Third Hokage asked.

"I'm waiting for Sasuke to arrive." Kakashi chuckles.

The shorter figure's grip tightens on her cup, which creaked under the almost superhuman grip.

both other Jonin looked shocked.

"Weird that you would actually be waiting for anyone." Asuma spoke.

"Well it's a first for me." Kakashi continues to smile.

Then the mentioned Uchiha avenger arrives slightly shocked to see Kakashi waiting for him.

"Kakashi you're here before me?" Sasuke asked surprised.

Well I was just..." Soon Kakashi stops as he senses the chakra of a speed jutsu being used. He noticed two thing of smoke a tattle-tale sign of teleportation jutsu.

Kakashi looks at Kurenai and Asuma who both nod. They both disappear in wisps.

Hidden village riverside bridge...

Soon the two figures from before are seen. They quickly are intercepted by Asuma and Kurenai.

"It's been a long time Kurenai...Asuma." The shorter figure spoke.

"You can't be from this village...You would only know our names if you were ninja from this village." Asuma was shocked.

The shorter figure lifts up her hat to reveal red eyes with three comma-marks in a swirl pattern... the legendary Sharingan.

Both Asuma and Kurenai were stunned as the person took off her hat and unzipped her cloak slightly to reveal her face fully.

"So it's you..."Asuma spoke with some disdain.

The person is revealed: A tan face with very well developed pefrect features. She had long black hair tied into a ponytail. She wore underneath her cloak her old clothes from when she was living in the village. She had unzipped her cloak down to above her breasts, though the top of her cleavage was visible...her figure matched Anko and Kurenai.

"Hitachi...Uchiha." Asuma said.

The person who murdered her entire clan except for her little brother and older sister , also she became an ANBU captain at age 13. The true Uchiha prodigy: Hitachi Uchiha.

"Are these friends are you Hitachi? I suppose I should say hello as well." The taller figure spoke in a deep voice.

He took off his hat.

"The name's Kisame Hoshigaki hope we can get acquainted later."

The shark-man grinned showing off sharpened teeth.

"There's no later..cause I'll just wipe the floor with both of ya now!" Asuma spoke.

"Hitachi it seems you aren't liked much in your village either." Kisame grinned in an even more disturbing way.

"I've heard of you..Kisame Hoshigaki you're a former Mist ninja." Kurenai had read about this man. He was now as the 'Phantom' of the Mist.

"You're a rogue ninja currently wanted for attempting to assassinate the Mizukage." Kurenai finished.

"You're both S-ranked ninja." Asuma adds. "Hitachi you've guts to come back after what you did."

"Asuma, Kurenai do not interfere I have no desire to kill you." Hitachi spoke coldly.

"That's rich coming from someone who killed her own people." Asuma snorts.

"There's no way you would just show up in those clothes for no reason. What are you after?" The son of the third demanded.

"Hitachi he's annoying me shall I kill him?" Kisame annoyed lifted his wrapped blade from his back and slammed it down on the ground.

"Well it looks we won't be able to leave without a fight. Just try not to go overboard you tend to draw attention."Hitachi spoke calmly.

"Understood!" Kisame charges at Asuma.

The oldest Sarutobi left alive was branding trench knives onto his hands. Soon the two clashed in a battle of blades. Kurenai meanwhile went through handseals. The Jonin-level kunoichi seemed to disappear.

Hitachi focused on Kurenai. 'This is...' Hitachi focused on Kurenai.

Her Sharingan began spinning. 'Genjutsu!'

Kurenai fully disappeared.

'He's easily keeping me down with just the tip of his sword?! This guy's strong!' Asuma was struggling against Kisame.

"My Sword Shark-Skin doesn't cut..It slices you to ribbons!" Kisame easily broke through his guard and slashed him with his sword.

He then cut through Asuma's shoulder causing him to bleed. As he attacked the sword was slightly revealed it was big, ugly, and was spiked.

'What's taking you Kurenai?' Asuma groaned and had to step back.

Just then plants seemed to grow out of the ground and wrapped around Kisame.

Hitachi then felt roots wrap around her and soon she was wrapped by an entire tree.

The Uchiha prodigy then looked up to see Kurenai appear above her with a kunai.

"It's over." Kurenai said.

she slashed with her kunai but then Hitachi using her Sharingan easily reflected the genjutsu right back on Kurenai.

"Your genjutsu is too weak to affect me." Hitachi told the shocked genjutsu mistress.

Kurenai was shocked by how easily her genjutsu was reflected.

Hitachi then revealed a kunai from her sleeve. Kurenai bit her lip and got free from her own genjutsu in time to duck a slash from the kunai. But then Hitachi aimed at her with a kick. Kurenai couldn't block it fully and got sent into the river.

"Kurenai!" Asuma yelled.

"Don't get distracted!" Kisame chuckled and aimed a slash with his sword.

"You are impressive Kurenai however...." Hitachi spoke.

"It's over for you." A woman said.

Hitachi looked back with some slight surprise.

Asuma was dodging the attacks from Kisame. Then he aimed with his knife and attacked right back.

Kisame smirked as he dodged or so he though a cut appeared on his face much to his shock and anger. Asuma then revealed the secret of his knives he sent chakra through them and they gained a blue charka making them bigger.

"Water style: " Kisame went through hand-signs.

"Water Shark bomb Jutsu!" another voice cried out in tandem with his. Soon the same jutsu were seen colliding.

'This is my jutsu!' Kisame was shocked.

Soon two people stood there. One was a silver haired man with one 3 tomoe Sharingan eye. He wore a blue mask over his mouth and wore a Jonin vest with black pants.

The other was a woman who looked similar to Hitachi but with creamy-white skin and her black hair flowed down to her waist. She wore a Jonin vest and black pants. Her eyes both were a fully mature Sharingan. Underneath her vest she wore a dark blue shirt with the Uchiha emblem on it. her busty figure easily outmatched Tsunade's.

"It's been a long time big sister." Hitachi looked back as a clone of the woman had a kunai at her neck.

This other Uchiha woman is the eldest child of Fugaku and Mikoto Uchiha: Hibara Uchiha, elder sister of Hitachi and Sasuke Uchiha. She was 7 and Hitachi was 4 when the third great ninja war happened. That was also the year she graduated the ninja academy at the top of the class and the trauma of the war had awakened her Sharingan.

'You haven't changed at all little sister.' Hibara frowned. Their Sharingan eyes met.

The two Uchiha siblings faced each other something that hasn't been seen since Hitachi killed the rest of the clan.

'Her eyes haven't changed at all...She's a true Sharingan heir I'll have to expect the worst.' Kakashi looked at Hitachi.

"Well, Well I wasn't expecting this two others with that eye. You two must be Kakashi the copy ninja and Hibara the fire rose of the leaf." Kisame spoke.

"Kakashi had informed me that there were two mysterious ninja sneaking around...and who would it be..." Hibara spoke gazing at Hitachi.

"I never imagined it would be my own sister Hitachi." Hibara then looked at the tall shark man. "And the phantom of the Mist Kisame Hoshigaki."

"My you even know my name I feel honored." Kisame chuckled.

"That giant blade Sharkskin must belong to the seven swordsmen of the mist." Kakashi added his two cents.

"I heard you and young Zabuza had a spar." Kisame chuckled.

"I'll slice you to ribbons!" Kisame then grinned in his disturbing way.

"Enough Kisame." Hitachi spoke firmly.

The whole group looked at the cause of the Uchiha massacre.

"If you fight with him and my won't escape without a scratch." Hitachi explained.

"And if you take too long then you give backup time to arrive." The clan killer added.

"Do not forget our mission..we did not come here to fight!" Hitachi sternly stared at her partner.

"What is your mission little sister?" Hibara asked. She inwardly knew but wanted to confirm.

"There's something we're looking for and we know it's here."

"And what are you looking for?" Kakashi asked.

Uchiha compound...

Sasuke was walking down the stairs holding a candle with his level 2 Sharingan active. Soon he made it to a hidden room with candles. He looked at a writing scroll on the wall.


Hitachi remained calm but was actually inwardly nervous because she didn't count on her older sister showing up.

"What is the thing you are looking for?" Kakashi asked again.

"Unlike Kisame I wouldn't take much time at all." Hitachi spok calmly.

Kakashi and Hitachi faced other. Then Hitachi suddenly drew several shuriken.

"Water Style: Water Wall!" Kakashi was quick to act he went through hand-signs.

He managed to summon a barrier of water just as several water spikes slammed into it.

'Unbelievable she used the shuriken to distract from her water jutsu! And that speed! she was so fast I didn't even see a hand-sign!' Kakashi was stunned by her skills.

"You have incredible almost fooled me, " Hitachi spoke.

"Almost." Another Hitachi said.

Then Kakashi gasped as a shadow clone stabbed him in the back literally with a kunai.

"That speed's inhuman!" Kurenai was stunned by the Uchiha's skills.

'Tch. you haven't changed a bit little sister.' Hibara's eyes narrowed.

Hitachi's shadow clone had dispelled the water clone Kakashi.

'Water clone?! It seems my former villager should be honored that he's mastered our jutsu so well.' Kisame thought.

Just then Kurenai watched in the water as Kakashi suddenly appeared.

"Nice Kakashi!" Kurenai chose this time to try and strike with her kunai.

"Get away Kurenai!" But Kakashi suddenly leapt out of the water and tackled her away. "That one's the shadow clone!"

Kurenai was shocked as the clone suddenly exploded. The explosion knocked the water flying.

"Kakashi! Kurenai!"Asuma yelled worried for his comrades. He jumped onto the river.

Soon it showed water raining down. Kakashi had a large burn mark on his back.

"Kakashi...!" Kurenai spoke.

"Don't let down your guard she rose to ANBU captain at age 13."

"I can't believe that she's so powerful." Asuma added his two cents.

"No my sister is even stronger than this she hasn't even begun to show her true skills." Hibara chose this time to speak.

"Impressive for one who is not of Uchiha blood you have mastered the Sharingan quite well." Hitachi spoke.

"However not being of our blood you lack the stamina and endurance needed to use it properly and over a long length of time." The Uchiha prodigy added.

"She's right! I get fatigued pretty easy after using this eye for awhile." Kakashi groaned.

"Do you know why our clan has been feared as the most powerful?" Hitachi asked.

"Let me show you the true strength of the Uchiha!"She closed her eyes. She slowly began to open them. "I'll show you what the Sharingan can do when wielded by a true heir of the bloodline."

"Quickly all 3 of you close your eyes!" Hibara shut her eyes.

The 3 other Jonin complied. Kakashi closed both eyes.

"Listen to me very carefully you three if any of you open your eyes now you're finished!" Hibara explained.

"You did well in warning them sister after all..Even with one Sharingan eye Kakashi cannot break the Tsukuyomi." Hitachi spoke. Her own eyes morphed into a warped pinwheel shape.

Hibara then slowly opened her own eyes to reveal the ultimate form of the bloodline..the Mangekyo Sharingan. Hers was similar to her sister's but the points were more curved and longer.

"Only I can handle her now." Hibara spoke.

"Shall we battle in the Tsukuyomi sister?" Hibara asked, her Mangekyo beginning to spin.

"I am ready." Hitachi said.

The two began a battle of wills which lasted a good 4 days (In their world) soon their eyes returned to the three tomoe form.

Hitachi was now straining her eyes slightly and sweating a little from the effort of battling her sister. But Hibara didn't even look winded.

"Unbelievable she managed to outmatch you...meanwhile you've overused those eyes of yours Hitachi you know that's dangerous." Kisame spoke.

"This thing you're looking for it is Sasuke?" Kakashi opened his eyes and asked.

"No...we seek the legacy of the Fourth Hokage." Hitachi spoke.

"Naruto-kun." Hibara thought.

"Naruto." Kakashi thought.

The Copy ninja then began to remember his meeting with Jiraiya where he learned of their objective.

"There's seven more of you out there isn't there? You call yourselves the Akatsuki." Kakashi spoke.

Hitachi and Kisame were both a little surprised.

"Change of plans Kisame we're taking Kakashi and my sister with us make the other two disappear."

Kisame smirked and charged forward with his sword poised to rip their guts out.

But a green blur appeared and struck Kisame. "Severe Leaf Hurricane!"

It's none other than Might Guy the leading taijutsu ninja of the hidden leaf the leaf's noble green beast.

Kisame was sent back but he easily recovered, he spoke. "Who are you?!"

Guy smirked and was in his pose. "The noble green beast of the leaf: Might Guy!"

Kisame spoke. "A beast? looks more like a wild animal."

Hitachi spoke. "Do not underestimate him."

Guy's eyes narrowed. "It's her...Hitachi!"

Soon Guy explained to them he has developed Sharingan-counter techniques from his battles against Kakashi. Hibara told Guy she would love to test his techniques out some time. Guy and Asuma are about to face against the two Akatsuki members. Then Hitachi and Kisame re-treat! shockingly yes they re-treat! Kakashi is taken to an apartment where he can rest. (Because he wasn't trapped in the Tsukuyomi he won't be one of the ones to be healed by Mizu)

Outside the leaf village...

Naruto and Jiraiya are traveling. The blond is in some deep thought. He's reminiscing about his life so far...He remembered the academy days when he tried to make Sakura happy after Sasuke rejects or ignores her but she just yells and hits him. does he really want a girl like that?

Naruto then suddenly realized that he and Sakura were just too similiar in a way: Sakura wanted acknowledgement from the other girls and Sasuke while he wanted the entire vllage to acknowledge him.

"Well she doesn't need to worry about me bothering her anymore!" Naruto snorts.

With that thought he put all thoughs of ever dating Sakura out of his mind.

In the village...

Sakura suddenly had a feeling that she lost something that could've been the best thing to happen to her.

Back with Jiraiya and Naruto...

"Hmm...wonder what the kid s thinking about?" Jiraiya looked at his silent new apprentice.

"Probably thinking about ramen or something!" Jiraiya thought with a mental laugh.

"Hey Pervy sage why did you choose me to come with you? Not that I'm complaining."

"All right enough with the 'pervy sage' already!" Jiraiya then began a series of stances out of some bad Habuki show and starts introducing himself in the msot ridiculous way ever.

"Okay." Naruto sweatdrops.

"To tell you the truth...The Fourth Hokage was my apprentice a long time look so much like him it's not even funny."

"Y-You trained the fourth?!" Naruto was stunned.

Hidden Leaf Village...

Sakura was thinking about what Sasuke told her.


Naruto was asking Kakashi to teach him the Chidori. And now he was currently trying to form the attack. Sasuke was watching the blond with jealously hidden in his black orbs.

Sakura walked up to Sasuke.

"Sasuke-kun thank saved me from the sand ninja." Sakura smiled at her crush.

"It wasn't me Sakura...Naruto was the one who saved you."

"Oh come on Sasuke-kun you're so modest! Sure Naruto has gotten stronger but against that sand ninja?" Sakura denied it.

"I'm telling you the truth...He fought with a strength I never knew he had."

'Naruto saved me...?' The pink haired kunoichi was stunned at what she learned.

She looked at her blond teammate who was straining to make a chidori. Sakura smiled.

flashback end...

Training ground...

Sasuke was panting and the training ground was littered with holes from his chidori strikes. He was thinking of Naruto's progress.

"He just keeps getting even stronger! It's like he's a whole different Naruto than from our academy days! Could the Naruto now be the true Naruto?" The Uchiha avenger thought.

"Naruto just what or who are you?" Sasuke wondered. "How can I...become stronger?"


Hitachi and Kisame were perched on a rock near where Jiraiya and Naruto were.

"Even if you could fight him..I'm not so sure I could." Kisame spoke.

"Yes even if we'd fought it would probably be a tie..and even if there were more of us it would not change the outcome."

Hitachi was especially focused on the blond demon container. "Naruto-kun you've grown so much since I last saw you."

A memory flashed through her mind when she was in ANBU and assigned to watch over him. She had taken to him like an older sister figure but now her feelings for him are deeper. The true reason she joined Akatsuki was to keep an eye on him in secret while providing information on the Akatsuki for the village.

"We found him at the ramen shop but his escort is one of the legendary Sannin and if we fought him and died then the names of the seven swordsmen of the Mist and the Uchiha clan would be mud." Kisame spoke.

Hitachi told him. "True but even the strongest has weaknesses."

Hidden Leaf village...

The other Jonin are watching over Kakashi while he rests from his battle with Hitachi

"I don't understand how they couldn't have found Naruto-kun already I mean my sister knows what he looks like." Hibara spoke.

"Yes it does seem that they gave up too easily." The green beast agreed.

soon they heard a noise and Sasuke appears.

"Huh...Kakashi." The youngest Uchiha left alive looks confused.

Sasuke noticed his teacher was bedridden. "Why is he in bed...and why are the other Jonin here? What's going on here?"

"Oh nothing's going on baby brother..." Hibara smiled at her only male sibling.

"Is it true that Hitachi has returned?! And that she's after Naruto!" another Jonin named Aoba rushed in and yelled that out.

"Gah..." Guy slapped his forehead.

Hibara and Kurenai both muttered. "Idiot."

Sasuke stood frozen before his face darkened then he turned and took off...

"Sasuke! Get back here!" Hibara yelled.

Hibara took off after him. 'He should know he's not strong enough to match her yet!'

Guy followed her. "Why do things happen like this?!"

Sasuke thought. 'She's returned?! And she's after Naruto?! If she gets her hands on Naruto he's finished!'

He soon made to Naruto's favorite ramen stand where Teuchi and his daughter Ayame were making the ramen that Naruto loved so much.

"Old man! I know Naruto was here for lunch earlier! Any idea where he went afterward?" The young Uchiha asked.

"Naruto huh...I do remember that he ate some ramen with master Jiraiya then they left afterward."

Teuchi added. "They did mention something about heading to the entertainment district in Tanzaku town."

"Jiraiya?" Sasuke was confused.

"He's one of the legendary Sannin he appears to be an ordinary old guy with white hair..."

That was all the information Sasuke needed. The young Uchiha took off.


Teuchi then sighs. "If you're going to ask someone a question at least sit down and order some ramen in return."

in a small town...

Naruto is looking around this very active town. No one is glaring at him or throwing things at him or threatening him or anything else. He thinks he's going to like this mission.

He and Jiraiya are in an inn... Jiraiya already has their room. Soon Jiraiya and Naruto notice someone watching them. they turn to see a gorgeous black-haired woman wearing a beautiful dress. She looks at them and winks. Both Naruto and Jiraiya grinned huge goofy grins (Naruto prefers older women)

"Here Naruto take our room key and go practice your chakra control!" Jiraiya quickly placed their room key in Naruto's hand.

"Hey! You can't just...!" But the blond complied while grumbling all the way.

With Sasuke...

Sasuke thought. 'That place isn't to too far off! Naruto try to stay alive!'

The avenger soon made it to the town and groaned. "So many inns! do I have to knock on every door?!"

Sasuke soon went to the closest inn which unknown to him is the right one...he asked the keeper if in their registry they have an old man with white hair and a blond boy his age. the keeper gave him the room number and he ran up.

Another woman was also in the inn she had long black hair, brown eyes, and a voluptuous figure. She had entered just in time to hear what Jiraiya called the boy.

Mizu thought. 'He called him...Naruto.'

the black haired senju noticed how much like her husband the boy resembled but what confirmed her thoughts were the 6 whisker marks on his face. She remembered her husband Minato having to seal the nine-tails within their son.

Mizu thought with happiness.'It really is you Naruto-kun!' She quickly and sneakily followed him. But she noticed two others going up to the room he was in as well. So she kept in the shadows like a true ninja.

Inside the room...

Naruto growled. "Stupid pervy sage! He better be right about teaching me this technique!" The blond then heard knocking and walked up.

"What she reject you already?" Naruto grumbled then opened the door.

Different room...

Sasuke saw the door open and then forced it open, "Naruto!" Unfortunately it was another pair. Sasuke paled, "Wrong pair!"

Naruto's room...

Naruto was frozen in shock as he faced a dangerous person. Hitachi loomed over him with her Sharingan active.

Next chapter: Battle of Uchiha, Appearance of the Senju