Harry sat with his forehead pressed against the window of the train. He was going back to the Dursley's again and this time would be the last time. If this summer didn't kill him that was. The summer the year before had been hell on earth since the Dursleys had learned of Sirius's death. This year was sure to be worse if they learned of the death of Dumbledore as well. Their was no one left to make sure his relatives didn't kill him.

Ron and Hermione sat across from him holding hands. Both would cast concerned glances at him from time to time thinking he didn't notice.

"Guys I'm fine. I'm not going to spontaneously combust I promise."

Hermione dropped her gaze and Ron looked at him strangely.

"What's Spontaneously Combust?"

Harry chuckled and Hermione looked up at him with a slight smile on her face.

"Are you sure you're going to be okay mate?" Ron asked when they got to the platform at King's cross.

"Yeah I'll be okay just make sure you guys write." Harry shrugged giving his two best friends a weak smile.

With parting hugs from Hermione and Mrs. Weasley Harry was left on his own. The Dursleys seemed to have forgotten to pick him up. With a deep sigh he went to sit outside.

After several hours passed Harry realized his relatives were not coming to get him. It was going to be a long walk back to that hell hole. He didn't even know why he was going back not like there was anybody to make him do it.

Harry shuddered and a tear ran down his face seeming to feel his mood the previously sunny sky clouded over and rain began to fall. He had only made it about two miles when he just couldn't hold in his emotions anymore. He sat down on the ground and began to cry. The rain soaked through his clothes and his hair was hanging limp against his face.

So lost in his sorrow he didn't notice the group of people sneaking up on him until it was too late.

"Let Go of me!" He yelled kicking his legs and struggling to get his wand out of his pocket.

Several sets of strong arms were on him holding him down as a potion was forced down his throat and then let him go stepping back.

Harry rolled over onto his knees gagging and sputtering trying to throw the potion back up.

"It'll do you no good young one." One of his attackers muttered.

Harry's vision began to go blurry and he was finding it hard to stay upright. There were five of them that he could make out. They were dressed in odd pants and vests it looked like but before he could really figure it out he hit the ground unconscious.

"It'll be okay kiddo." Were the only comforting words he heard before succumbing to darkness.

When Harry opened his eyes again he was in a strange room lit by a chandelier. The walls seemed to be made of smooth polished wood and was hung with tapestries in dark hues. Harry soon realized he was laying on a huge bed with a down comforter over his lower half.

He jumped slightly when he realized he was naked. He sat up pulling the comforter up about his shoulders looking around the room in awe. So preoccupied he didn't even notice he wasn't wearing his glasses. Nor did he notice somebody enter the room.

"Hey kiddo how you feeling?"

Harry jerked his head up and rubbed his eyes. "I'm not wearing my glasses." He murmured. Then addressed the other problem at hand,

"I'm dead." Harry felt his lower lip start to tremble and he looked up at his godfather who had been dead for over a year now. "Those people they killed me with that potion."

Sirius held out his arms and pulled his godson into a hug.

"You are not dead and I was one of those people. We had to put your body into a kind of stasis until we could fix the things that have been wrong for so many years. Your eyesight being one of those things." Sirius explained.

Harry now looked at Sirius' strange attire he was wearing loose fitting woven cotton pants what appeared to be a tunic and leather moccasins. His long hair was pulled back with a leather thong and a belt around his waist held a sword.

"But you're dead." Harry stuttered in utter confusion.

"No Harry I didn't die. I just went to a different realm." Sirius smiled. "This is the Elven realm and they've been waiting to meet you for a long time."

"How long is a long time?" Harry asked still confused as to his where abouts.

"Well time runs differently here in the Elven realm. A month here is only about a week in the time you are accustomed to."

Sirius seemed different somehow. Calmer more tranquil. Harry finally got it through his thick Gryffindor skull that this could very well be a trap.

"What do I call you in animagus form?" Harry snapped.

"Snuffles. Wh.."

Harry cut him off before he could ask anything. "Who are the marauders?"

"It consisted of James, myself, Moony and that rat Pettigrew." Sirius was looking at him very strangely.

"How did you escape third year?" Harry fired another question. Very few people knew the answer to this one.

"You and Hermione broke me out of the tower and I flew away on Buckbeak. Harry what is this about?" Sirius finally lost his cool composure.

"You are different I had to make sure it was you and this wasn't a trap." Harry shrugged not in the least bit sorry for his paranoia.

"That was very smart of you Harry. As for being different the elves are a very calm people they are highly meditative and very in touch with nature. You will learn their ways as I have learn to be tranquil and calm. Once you're in touch with that tranquility you will have a much better control of your temper and your magic." Sirius explained.

"That makes sense when you think about it." Harry sighed. "Oh, Sirius I have to tell you Dumbledore he."

"I know Kiddo. There are elves that patrol outside of this realm and a few that have been keeping an eye on you. After last summer we couldn't let you go back there so we staged the kidnapping." Sirius rubbed the back of his neck in an apparent show of uneasiness.

"Why are they keeping an eye on me might I ask?"

That was the question the one thing he hoped Harry wouldn't ask.

"I'm actually not allowed to tell you. The high regent asked to speak with you as soon as you awoke so that he could explain."

Harry looked at him in disbelief shaking his head. "Okay fine where are my clothes?" He sighed dramatically.

"The wardrobe there to the side has a whole new set of clothes in your size you've been out for about a week the tailors had plenty of time to prepare your wardrobe. I'll wait for you outside the door." Sirius gave a half bow before leaving the room.

Harry groaned and went to the closet indicated upon opening it he discovered a lot of the same outfit Sirius was wearing only his were in black instead of white and the baggy pants seemed to be made of silk.

With a shake of his head Harry pulled out the odd outfit and put it on he also found a pair of black moccasins. After he was dressed Harry met Sirius outside of the room and walked with him down a long series of corridors and winding staircases.

"Right through here Harry I'll wait for you." Sirius indicated a large gilded door carved with intricate Celtic knots.

Harry swallowed the lump in his throat and slowly entered. He found himself in a large thrown room a young male sat upon the throne and several other people sat around the room in various places amusing themselves with polishing swords and carving.

"Ah Harry Potter." The man on the throne greeted in a smooth voice that made Harry think of a warm spring day.

"Sir," He greeted bowing his head.

"No no no. You do not bow to me. It is I who bow to you my prince." The man had stood and made his way down to stand in front of him. The regent was at least six foot something and he stood well above Harry's small stature.

"Prince?!" Harry exclaimed.

"Yes," The regent replied with a bow "Please forgive my rudeness. I am Samuel Aiolos.. Please follow me to the inner chamber we may discuss things in private I imagine you have many questions."

Harry nodded and followed him into another room beyond the thrown room.

The Regent gestured for Harry to sit behind the ornately designed desk while taking a seat in front of it.

"Let me first start by telling you your mother's true heritage." Samuel began. "When I have finished my story you may feel free to ask questions."

Harry nodded his understanding and Samuel began.

"Your mother was the only child of King Alexander and Queen Victoria which made her heir to the Elven realm. However she was kidnapped shortly before her second birthday. By the time we found her she had been placed in a muggle home and they all fully believed she belonged there. We suspected memory altercations.

We watched her for years trying to find a way to reintroduce her to our world and then she disappeared.

We found out later that The one your kind fears had killed her but she had a son who had survived. We could not get to you because of the protection on the home you were kept at. Until you turned sixteen and by then you were gone again." Samuel stopped for a moment to make sure Harry was understanding everything he was being told.

"Why did it have to wait until I was sixteen?" Harry asked.

"Because you are royalty you would start training along the side of the king to take over the crown at the age of sixteen. Though you aren't old enough to be king until you are nineteen. Therefore any spells of protection the wizarding world had on you dissipated on your sixteenth birthday." Samuel explained with a smile.

"I apologize for interrupting. Please continue." Harry then waved his hand.

"Sirius filled us all in on what your holidays were like and we decided to come get you before you made it to the Dursleys. We are aware of the prophecy stating you must defeat Voldemort and if you would stay you would be trained in the ways of the Elves as well as being prepared to rule until you turn nineteen and can take over."

"Whoa whoa whoa. You want me to rule over the elven realm?" Harry asked flabbergasted.

"Yes, We have waited many years to find the last of the Adrastos blood line and now we have you."

Samuel responded enthusiastically.

"Um no offense but I can't even handle my own life how am I supposed to handle being a king?" Harry squeaked.

"We will teach you young one. We will teach you all you could need to know and I will remain at your side for as long as necessary as will Lord Black." Samuel could feel Harry's resolve starting to melt. He would be their king.

"Sirius is a lord?" Harry then asked quirking up an eyebrow.

"Yes, Did you not see his clothing?" Samuel asked before mentally smacking himself. "Sorry of course you wouldn't know the meaning behind that. Sirius wears a softly woven cotton. That means he is of a higher class but not of the royal family. Your black silk symbolizes your ranking power. The more common class wears a more roughly sewn brown cotton."

Harry nodded his head in understanding though rather or not he actually understood Samuel wasn't sure.

"Will I be able to go back to Hogwarts for my final year of education?" Harry asked skeptically.

"If it is your wish to do so my highness though I don't think you'll need to go for the education. We will likely have taught you past your seventh year equivalence by the time you return." Samuel shrugged thoughtfully.

"I want to go back and if that is guaranteed then I will agree to try my best to be your prince. Though I still think you are all nutters." Harry sighed. Just another surprise in his life he couldn't control.

"Very well it is getting late. I will set your coronation ceremony for a week from today that should be plenty of time to prepare. Sirius will help you with your speech." Samuel smiled triumphantly.

"I have to make a speech?" Harry groaned.

After returning to Sirius he was led back to his room where a lovely young woman waited with a tray of food and a pitcher of some sort of drink.

"My lord." She curtsied. "I didn't think you would feel up to venturing to the great hall so I brought you a tray."

Harry realized she was addressing him.

"Please call me Harry and thank you for your thoughtfulness." He sat down behind the desk the food was sat upon. His room was much larger than his first inspection had shown. Aside from the large bed there was also the desk with several book shelves and a sitting area in front of a fireplace complete with couch and two armchairs.

The young woman quickly poured a bright red liquid into a crystal goblet and placed it in front of him.

"What is your name?" Harry asked extremely uncomfortable with the woman waiting on him he felt like a chauvinistic pig.

" Isabella, My Lord, I mean Harry." She curtsied again. Her light brown hair falling loose from its braid and falling about her shoulders.

"Well my fair lady I thank you deeply for your kindness." He reached out and took her hand kissing her knuckles. "I can serve myself however if you would be so kind as to allow Lord Black and I to talk in privacy."

She bowed with a giggle and backed out of the room never turning away.

"Sirius, What is happening to me?" Harry asked unsure of where that little show had come from.

"You are close to turning seventeen. You are probably simply tapping into the innate knowledge of the customs and mannerisms of the Elven Monarchy." Sirius shrugged.

"Any other surprises I should be aware of?" Harry asked sarcastically.

"If you were still in the real world you wouldn't have any surprises at all but sense you have entered this realm the elven blood in you is awakening. You will probably go through a transformation on your birthday."

"What kind of transformation?" Harry then asked while asking himself what the hell he'd gotten himself into.

"Well you've noticed I'm sure that the Elves are all slender and tall. They have skin the color of moonlight and hair smoother than the finest silk. They are all very strong though you don't see it. I imagine you will pick up many of their attributes."

Harry groaned after Sirius finished his explanation. He pushed his food away leaning his head back.

"You need to eat." Sirius said simply and with that Harry let out a growl.

"I don't want to bloody eat. I want my life to be under my control for once. Instead of having everything decided for me. I want to curl into a ball and never move again!" He exclaimed.

"I'll leave you to your thoughts Sire." Sirius bowed curtly and left the room.

One of the first lessons Harry would need to learn was controlling his temper. The elves had no patience for a hot head as Sirius had learned first hand.

Harry sat there brooding for a few moments and his stomach growled telling him to stop being an idiot and eat something.

He found the meal of roast venison to be rather tasty and the drink which was a very sweet wine of some sort was good as well.

He felt like a moron and wanted to apologize to Sirius but he didn't dare leave the room to hunt him down he'd get lost in a heart beat in the maze of hallways and staircases that made up the castle or whatever this was.

A soft knocking at the door brought him out of his thoughts.

"Enter.'' He stated

Isabella entered the room. "Are you finished your meal My Lord?"

"Yes Thank you Isabella it was quite filling and please call me Harry." He had a feeling she would never get the hang of calling him by name.

"My apologies Harry. Is there anything else you might require before retiring." She bowed.

"Yes I would like to speak with Lord Black. Do you know where I might find him?" Harry stood up and stretched. The young woman blushed and Harry wondered if he had done something wrong.

"I'm sorry I don't know your customs have I done something offensive?"

"No, You've done nothing wrong you are simply a very handsome prince I am happy to serve you as for contacting Lord Black call for Sasha and tell her who it is you want." The girl flushed an even darker crimson color and fled the room. Harry blushed as well before calling out for whoever Sasha was.

A moment after calling a bird like creature floated into the room. She looked like a pure white phoenix.

"Sasha I need to speak with Sirius Black." Harry requested.

The bird gave a nod and disappeared in a flash of bluish white flames.

Harry was standing looking out the window of his room. He gazed out over green meadows as far as he could see.

"You asked to see me?" Harry turned around to face his godfather.

"I wanted to apologize for my actions I was wrong to take my anger out on you."

Sirius nodded. "It has already been forgiven."

"Please sit." Harry motioned towards the chairs. Once Sirius had complied Harry took the other armchair.

"So are you an Elf too you don't look like them." Harry asked in curiosity.

"No, I ended up here when I fell through the veil and was recognized to be your legal guardian. I was allowed to stay and help in bringing you here and now my title is advisor of the prince." Sirius leaned back in his chair and clasped his hands in his lap seeming pleased by this.

"At least I don't have to do this alone." Harry sighed then fought back a yawn.

"You should get some sleep Harry I'm sure you'll have a long day tomorrow." Sirius smiled.

"Let me guess speech writing and rehearsing for the coronation ceremony?" Harry mumbled.

"Right on the mark kiddo." Sirius laughed showing himself out.

Harry climbed into the large bed and curled up into a ball in the middle of it. He quickly fell asleep.

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