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The press had long been assembled on the lawn of Hogwart's waiting patiently. Every radio personality, reporter and magazine had accepted the invitation to 'The Harry Potter's' press event all anxious to hear the latest gossip from the chosen one himself..

Harry stepped out of the bathroom in the prototype outfit he was having the royal tailors whip up for him. He'd decided that his silk was pretty but not very functional for a prince in a war setting he held out his arms to show Draco the almost skin tight black deerskin pants and knee high crimson boots made of the same soft leather as the pants. Over his chest he wore a black dragon hide vest topping the whole thing off with a crimson silk hooded cloak . "What do you think love?" He asked softly while attaching his sword at his waist tucking a dagger in each boot his hair flowing freely over his shoulders.

Draco grinned and walked forward then kissed Harry firmly, slightly lustfully. "You're ruddy gorgeous." he teased.

"Well that I'm aware of." Harry smirked placing his hands on Draco's hips, "I mean the emperors new clothes." He teased stepping back to turn gracefully for the blond to see the ensemble. "How badly do you think Samuel will react?"

Draco's breath hitched as he watched then shook his head. 'Samuel is going to flip. Your only partly dressed." he teased.

"Because my arms are showing?" Harry smirked pretending to gasp in horror as he laid the silk cloak over the back of a chair, there was still another hour before the conference started.

Draco chuckled and nodded his head. "Because your skin is showing and it's not on your face. Because it's so tight." he admitted.

Harry laughed flopping with the utmost grace into an oversized armchair before pulling Draco into his lap, "I don't hear any complaints out of you that it's too tight." He teased.

They had decided it would be best for Draco to keep his disguise when they returned to the school but Harry had removed it immediately upon returning to their room and refused to ever put it on him again, After the conference he wouldn't have to.

Draco grinned and kissed Harry's lips firmly. "I love how tight it is." he said honestly.

"Well it also serves a function other than making me look good." Harry pointed out kissing Draco's bottom lip softly. "I had one made for you too." He grinned mischievously.

Draco blushed darkly and grinned slightly. "Maybe we can make it a little snugger for me and you for fun time." he teased.

"That one is for later." Harry pouted teasingly leaning back taking Draco with him. "I mean one appropriate for the conference.

Draco frowned. "I thought we were wearing the robes for the conference." he said softly, curling into Harry.

"You can wear yours for it if you want," Harry grinned. "I am wearing these." He got a defiant look in his now sky blue eyes.

Draco smiled and kissed Harry's lips softly. "Alright. I'll wear them with you. To show my support."

"This is going to irritate Samuel to no end." Harry laughed fidgeting a bit in his excitement. "I put yours in your closet." He grinned already imagining his mate in the tight white pants black boots and sapphire cloak. What he hadn't told Draco was of the thin onyx band also with his clothing. Harry had designed and ordered his mate's ceremonial crown to be delivered in time for the conference.

Draco smiled and stripped down in front of Harry, playfully wigging his tush at him then went to the closet and pulled on the clothes, frowning when he saw the band. "Harry?" he asked confused.

Harry watched him appreciatively with his eyes, His body completely motionless all except his eyes and mouth when he grinned. "Yes love?" He questioned softly.

Draco held up the onyx band. "How do I wear it?"

"Put the rest of your clothes on then bring it here." Harry instructed, still smiling. "I'll put it on for you." He promised

Draco nodded and pulled his vest on then buttoned it and put the cape on, then pulled the boots on over. "How do I look?"

"You look like..." Harry paused thinking a moment. "You look like, I wish we were getting married instead of going to a conference." He grinned teasingly.

Draco grinned and kissed Harry's lips firmly. "That good huh?" he asked teasingly.

"Better than that actually, let's call Samuel to come say the right words." Harry chuckled taking the onyx band from Draco's hand. "Please kneel."

Draco knelt down in front of him, now slightly nervous.

" Draco Malfoy," Harry began with a smile pulling his blade from his side tapping Draco on each shoulder "I now declare thee Principe Noiva Draco Malfoy future Draco Adrastos." Harry grinned like a fool sheathing the sword before placing Draco's crown on his head it rested over his blond hair with a beautiful contrast and rested just at the top of his forehead.

Draco grinned then stood up and kissed Harry deeply, pushing all his feelings for Harry into that kiss.

Harry caught Draco around the waist picking him up swinging him around in a circle. "I love you," He laughed happily. "Would you like to get mine for me?" He asked softly putting Draco down, "I'll tell you it's secret hiding place." He winked.

Draco laughed and kissed Harry's chest. "I love you too and I would love to. Where's it hidden?" he asked nosily.

"In a secret compartment in the bottom of your closet." Harry laughed giving the secret away as he sank into the chair, "Under your shoe boxes, you see the Adrastos seal." He promised. "Get me the velvet box out of there."

Draco grinned and went to the compartment asked for then raised an eyebrow at Harry. "why is it in my wardrobe?" he asked an brought the velvet box over.

"Because there is a lot more stuff in yours and hides it better." Harry replied with a smirk taking the box and opening it removing the white gold piece designed like a dragon coiling around his head with a sapphire in its mouth. "could you put it on me please?"

Draco smiled and took it from Harry then gently put it on Harry's head. "Kind of ironic." he said absentmindedly.

"What that you are the dragon and it's my ancestors symbol?" Harry chuckled standing and picking up his cloak just as Isabella knocked on the door. "Are you ready." She called rolling her eyes at Sirius and Grayson standing guard motionless by the door.

Draco nodded and smiled. "Yes we are." he called happily and kissed Harry's cheek. "And yes, that's what I meant."

Harry waved the door open letting Isabella in as he put Draco's hood up hiding his face from view before doing the same with his own.
"What on earth are you wearing M'lord?" Isabella exclaimed. "Samuel will kill me." she groaned.
Harry shook his head patting her shoulder. "I promise I'll take the blame."

Draco giggled and smiled at Isabella. "you have to admit they are sexy." he said happily.

"Okay," Isabella nodded blushing, "Absolutely I agree." She giggled before turning and rushing out into the hall for a little air until they came out. "Goodness," Grayson spoke up. "What did they do to you?"

Sirius chuckled. "I think she probably saw one of the boys with out their shirt on." he teased playfully.

Draco laughed and smiled to Harry. 'Definitely love these clothes."

Harry chuckled looping his arm through Draco's walking out into the hall cocking his head to the side at Isabella. "Is she okay?" He asked Sirius teasingly.

Sirius grinned as he raised an eyebrow at Harry. "I can see why she's so flabbergasted." he laughed giving Harry and Draco both a once over. "Nice look I want a new wardrobe too."

Grayson nodded. "But I can't say Samuel will like it." He chuckled. "But that's probably intentional isn't it?" He raised an eyebrow at Harry before stepping up next to them to escort them down to the stage.

Draco giggled and smiled to Harry. "Come on let's go see the grumpy old man." he said playfully.

"He's waiting for us in the front hall." Harry grinned in excitement he began to whistle with almost a skip in his step as he followed Isabella holding Draco's hand.

Draco smiled and kissed the back of Harry's hand, unable to stop himself. He really was in love with the boy, and it surprised him.

Harry grinned at him gesturing for Grayson and Sirius to get in front of them as they neared the entryway. Grayson rolled his eyes stepping forward to block them from Samuel's view.

Sirius chuckled as he did the same in front of Draco then shook his head. "Samuel is going to flip." he muttered. Draco grinned and slowly followed along.

Samuel paced the entry hall nervously stopping and looking up when he saw Grayson and Sirius, "Where are they?" He demanded before catching a glimpse of one. "Boys!" He scolded. "Come out here now."
Harry winked at Draco stepping forward. "Afternoon Samuel." He grinned as the Regents jaw dropped in shock.

Draco giggled and followed slightly behind Harry. "Afternoon Samuel, I hope you've had a good day." he said softly.

"What are you two thinking?" Samuel asked still in shock trying to change the clothing unsuccessfully,
"Sorry." Harry chuckled. "I had them made so they can't be altered with magic, and what's this oh no we don't have time to go change." He grinned deviously.

"We will talk about this later." Samuel huffed opening the front doors the crowd beginning to cheer as soon as they spotted them.

Draco giggled as he followed Harry, watching as Sirius flanked the right side. "I believe this is the best prank ever." he whispered.

"The most comfortable too." Harry chuckled still holding Draco's hand leading him up the steps of the stage behind Samuel who was still flustered over his Prince's last second wardrobe change.

"Good people," Samuel began stepping forward. "Let me begin by welcoming you and reminding you that by attending this conference you have entered into a binding contract." He looked around at them all. "You are legally and magically bound to only print about this event as it truthfully occurs." he warned.
Harry squeezed Draco's hand looking out at the assembled media. "Love you." He murmured.

Draco smiled and kissed Harry's hand softly. "I love you too." he whispered.

Samuel continued speaking while several camera flashes went off to capture the affection between the two hooded figures on the stage.

"As you have probably already noticed I am not of this realm, I am Samuel, Regent for the Adrastos kingdom of elves." he gave a slight bow, "And while we are usually content to stay to ourselves in the instance of major events we do like to announce it to the rooftops, in this case we felt your kind should know that we have located our long lost Prince Adrastos," Samuel looked back at him with a small shake of his head. "He has been your hero for far longer than I have known him but already he is a great man and a great leader. Prince Harry Potter-Adrastos." he stepped back allowing Harry to drop his hood amongst gasps and photos he gestured for Draco to stay back for a moment stepping forward waiting for the crowd to calm a bit.

Draco silently stayed back, keeping his hood up knowing he would not be favored with the crowd.

Harry held out his hands shushing the crowd while camera flashes went off brightly. "Thank you all for coming." Harry spoke up. "I have indeed discovered a new heritage, but I've not forgotten the old. I have returned to this realm temporarily to finish school and to continue with doing my part to end the war." He explained to them all. "I have no intention of deserting you. However this only stands as long as you do not desert me. Too many times I've been thrown to the wolves when a stray rumor from a revenge bent reporter muddies up my name." He looked around at them all pointedly. "If I find myself backed into a corner again by the media I will return to my kingdom and you will feel the desertion I too have felt he warned before glancing back to Draco
"I've also come up here today to announce my engagement to my mate and love of my life." He gestured for Draco to join him.

Draco slowly took his hood off and stepped forward, trying to ignore the gasps of shock amongst the reporters.

"Draco Malfoy was falsely accused of his role as a deatheater." Harry announced putting an arm around Draco's waist comfortingly. "He does not bare a mark and has not committed any other crimes, As my mate and intended he is under Elven protection and law." he made sure to warn. "Do you want to say anything?" He whispered to Draco.

Draco smiled weakly and quickly shook his head. "Nothing I say will make a difference to them." he whispered.

Harry kissed his cheek with a soft smile. "Thank you all again for joining us today." He bowed. "But we must be getting back to our studies."
As he turned to lead Draco from the stage someone began to chant. "Harry and Draco Harry and Draco." before long half the crowd had joined in while others chose to boo.
"at least some of them like us." Harry teased.

Draco smiled softly and kissed Harry's cheek. "only because you stuck up for me." he teased right back.

"I'll always stick up for you." Harry chuckled sighing when they made it back to the castle and Samuel grabbed his arm. "Sirius could you take Draco back to his room?" the regent requested sternly.

Sirius nodded and took Draco's arm to lead him away, only to have Draco pull away. "No the outfits were as much my idea as his." he snapped.

"Go on up to the room." Harry requested with a smile. "There's another pair of pants on the bathroom counter I want you to try on for me." He winked.

Draco smiled shyly then nodded his head and kissed Harry's cheek softly. "Be safe." he said quietly and allowed Sirius to lead him up to his room.

Harry followed Samuel like a lost puppy distracted by the thought of Draco in the pants he'd left out for him. When they reached Samuel's room Harry bit his lip. "Samuel before you scold me let me show you the benefits." He pleaded his case.

Samuel nodded. "Fine, impress me."

Harry nodded, "Well before when I wore the loose fitting pants and such they limited my movement." he explained. "But now," He pulled his sword swiftly spinning across the room launching into somersaults and flips with the blade in hand his clothing not inhibiting him at all.

Harry was finally dismissed from Samuel's office with permission to continue his wardrobe in the new fashion as well as tasked with designing similar for the royal guard and the elven hunters. He rushed up to his and Draco's new private suite, they'd gotten it upon their return as an engaged couple. He slipped silently in peeking into the bathroom with a low whistle at the leather pants skin tight against the blond The sides of the pants were attached only by leather string lacing them loosely together leaving little to the imagination.

Draco blushed darkly and smiled to Harry. "A little provocative but I like them. "he teased and wiggled his ass at harry again.

"Now that is what I call perfection." Harry purred walking into the bathroom picking Draco up onto the counter kissing him. "But only wear those for me." He warned.

Draco smiled softly and wrapped his legs around Harry's waist. "I only want you to see me in them." he said honestly.

"You make me lose my resolve." Harry pouted kissing Draco softly pulling him closer.

Draco smiled and kissed Harry's lips firmly. "I want to make you lose your resolve." he whispered.

Harry groaned. "You are so mean." He murmured nipping at Draco's neck. "Wedding night, special remember?"
Draco sighed and nodded his head then pulled away. "Fine." he whined.

Harry almost lost his resolve again and quickly headed out into the living space moving the furniture back he pulled out his sword practicing with it, dancing around the living room spinning it into the air and catching it again.

Draco slipped into the door way and watched, not wanting to get hit but knowing Harry would never do that. He smiled softly as he watched, just loving the view of his mate in front of him. "Is that how you talked Samuel into liking the new clothes?" He questioned curiously.

"Yep." Harry laughed still not losing focus on the sharp sword flying through the air. "So how about we go out to dinner tonight?" he questioned catching the blade again by the tip between his fingers.

Draco smiled. "I'd like that. Can we eat something fruity?" he asked hopeful.

"you may have whatever you want." Harry promised putting the sword down before creating a lasso out of fire and caught Draco with it pulling him closer the flame cool to the touch.

Draco grinned and slowly allowed himself to be brought forward. "Well well well what have you caught?" he teased.

"A most gorgeous specimen." Harry chuckled reaching out to hug the blond when he was close enough. "What should we wear to dinner?"

Draco smiled and hugged Harry gently. "Our knew clothes with a shirt underneath the vest just to be a little classy."

"You are putting different pants on for that right?" Harry teased thinking about where to take Draco for dinner.

Draco pursed his lips then smirked and shook his head. "Nope. I want to keep teasing you." he said happily.

"Then we will not be going out to dinner." Harry grinned pulling Draco back onto the couch with him.
Draco laughed and cuddled into harry happily. "Aw but you asked." he whined.

"Then you'll have to put your other pants on," Harry tickled Draco teasingly. "Then I figured out where I want to take you."

Draco sighed before going to change his pants and get dressed before returning to Harry.

"Hold on tight, we are going to travel with fire." The prince warned and wrapped his arms around Draco who hugged him back tightly keeping his face buried in Harry's chest.

"You can come out now love we are here." Harry chuckled less than a second later, they'd arrived in a dark alleyway in a section of muggle London.

"That was quick," Draco murmured staying close to his fiance. "Where are we?" he questioned.
"The diner is just a few blocks away." Harry promised keeping Draco close feeling as if something were off he wished he'd brought one or two of the guard out with them but he didn't want to cause Draco to panic so he remained calm keeping him close as they walked to the diner in relative silence.

Once or twice throughout the meal Harry thought he saw Ronald Weasley across the street from them but kept passing it off as his paranoid nerves until the third time in which he saw the redhead right outside their window briefly before vanishing.

"Draco we need to go." Harry put down enough money to cover the bill plus a generous tip. He reached around touching the brand on his back speaking the distress word in elvish.
"What's wrong?" Draco asked putting his cloak on quickly trusting Harry.
"We are in danger here." Harry replied softly moving them away from the window waiting patiently for a few minutes he watched the windows as well as everyone in the diner suspiciously until Sirius and Grayson walked through the door.

"Grayson, What is my greatest accident turned accomplishment?" Harry tested the man quickly. He was answered with the correct response of "Fire Harry. What's wrong?"
"Sirius, who did you take third year?" He demanded of his godfather.
"Ron Weasley, I broke his leg." Sirius replied before reading the look on Harry's face and nodding his understanding.
"I need you to get us back to Hogwarts and get Draco safely to our room." Harry began to dictate orders. "No arguments Draco." He raised his finger cutting the blonde off from refusing to leave him. "This is my battle to fight and I will fight it to the death." His eyes were the color of an ocean storm.

Sirius took Draco by the arm with a slight bow to his prince while Grayson bowed low, "I could accompany you M'lord" He offered. "I would of course leave the fight to you and remain in the shadows."

"Thank you Grayson." Harry smiled. "But no, if I have not returned in an hour look for my signal."
Draco looked at him with a scared deer in the headlights expression, "What do you mean if you don't return? What signal?"
Harry looked around the restaurant suddenly aware of the looks they were getting from the few patrons sitting around and the waitress, with a flick of his wrist he had obliviated them before he gestured to the other three to sit down.
Sirius made it so their conversation could not be overheard and anyone looking at them would see nothing more than a group of people eating dinner. "If something happens and he doesn't come back after his designated time a light only visible to the elves will appear in the sky above his location allowing us to find him." Sirius explained.
"That still doesn't help much." Draco interjected. "He could be anywhere a light won't do much good if you're thousands of miles away."

Harry smiled reaching over to pat Draco's cheek. "That's why Samuel and Grayson know where I will be." He promised. "Don't worry, it's Weasel I'll be back." He nodded giving Draco a quick kiss before heading out the door leading Ron away from the restaurant before vanishing in a burst of flames he arrived in the forest where he'd rescued Draco from the deatheaters and leaned casually back against a tree waiting patiently. He knew now that there was a tracking spell on him somewhere, somehow and it would only be a matter of time before his former best friend found him.

He only needed to wait a few moments before the sound of crunching leaves alerted Harry to someone else in the woods and just as the first few streams of light shot through the forest at him he pulled his sword reflecting them back at the caster. One of them a cutting hex caught Ron in the elbow as he tried to hide behind a tree.

The red head stepped angrily out into plain view but Harry knew he still had the advantage, it was dark and he could see better than Ron could.

"Give it up Weasley." Harry warned his voice ringing out through the woods at the same time as he cast his senses out to make sure Ron was alone. "You're marked I have the right to kill you on sight, make it easier on yourself and back down."
"You can't tell me what to do anymore!" Ron spat his whole body shaking in anger. "I'm not your puppet on a string anymore golden boy," He mocked.
"I never told you what to do." Harry replied keeping his distance knowing what a hothead the teen could be. "You were never a puppet not my puppet anyway, if anyone kept you on a string it was yourself."

"That's bullshit and you know it!" Ron screamed firing a few more sporadic spells which Harry easily dodged. "It was always all about you wasn't it? Had to have the spotlight and it wasn't good enough to be the chosen one you had to be Prince of the bloody elves too didn't you?!"

Harry's temper began to flare up at the accusations. "You think I asked for any of this?" He asked his tone deathly quiet. "To have my parents killed, to be worshiped one minute and spit on the next?" Without realizing it Harry had begun to move silently forward.
"Are you kidding me?" Ron scoffed. "You beg for it, the publicity, the notoriety, the worship. All of it."

Forgetting all about his wand, his magic and his abilities Harry swung out a fist punching Ron in the nose with enough force to knock him back off of his feet. "You are jealous because you are nothing and you will never be anything." He shook his head, "Your brothers have all made something of themselves haven't they? Bill and Charlie moved on to be successful, Percy got into the Ministry, Even Fred and George, the black sheep of the family. Even they have a good running business." Harry took a few steps back as the blood rushed down Ron's face.

"Harry Potter's bloody best friend is all I have ever had!" Ron snapped firing at Harry with a silent cutting curse that hit Harry's shoulder with a weak effect.

Harry staggered back a step grabbing his shoulder while mumbling something about 'bloody cutting curse' while Ron got to his feet still holding out his wand shaking with anger. "But no more, tonight when I take you to my master I will be revered above all. Everyone will know my name." He sneered pulling his wand back to strike again but before he could Harry used his manipulation of wind to pick the red head up and throw him into the air and back against a tree with a loud thud before releasing him.

Ron fell to the forest floor with a crack as he landed on his wand snapping it in half. Harry leaned back against the tree whistling while he waited for Ron to catch his breath and get back to his feet. "Oh sorry I don't have any spello tape on me." He mocked when Ron finally stood holding his snapped wand in hand. "Guess you won't be taking me to meet your lord after all eh?"

With a roar of rage Ron rushed forward tackling Harry about the waist knocking him onto the ground punching him anywhere he could reach fighting in a blind fury. It took Harry a moment to process what was happening but as soon as the shock wore off he reversed the situation using his feet to kick Ron off of him into the dirt before kneeling on the redheads chest getting in a few punches before picking him up by his shirt collar pinning him up against a tree kneeing him in the groin.
"Are you done now?" He asked spraying blood from his busted lip as he spoke.
Ron's response was to spit in his face struggling to get away or at least get in another punch. With a growl Harry headbutted him hard enough to see stars himself and hard enough to put Ron out cold on the forest floor.
With a rope conjured out of fire Harry bound the unconscious teen checking his arm long enough to scowl at the fairly fresh dark mark before slouching against a tree. Physical fights weren't something he'd been trained to stand up to very well to begin with and to know what his best friend had become and what he had genuinely thought all along, it drained the young elf emotionally more than anything.

After Harry's hour had passed Grayson went to Harry and Draco's rooms where Sirius had been sitting with Draco just to keep him company until Harry returned. "It's time Sirius." Grayson announced quietly poking his head in the door.

Sirius stared worried and stood up then looked to Draco. "It will be okay." he promised softly.

Draco nodded and hugged his knees close against him, worried for his fiance.

Harry hadn't even noticed his beacon to alert his guard until he heard footsteps in the forest. Well one set anyway Sirius sounded like a wounded animal tromping through the trees, he could barely hear the elf who accompanied his godfather.
"I'm over here." He called out his voice seeming to echo through the trees.

Sirius quickly ran through the trees to where his godson was then quickly pulled him into a hug. "Are you hurt? where are you bleeding? Is he dead?" he asked worried.

Harry winced with a small wave at Grayson as he appeared behind Sirius, "Well I'm sure my face is a mess." He chuckled lowly already feeling the bruising and swelling though he was fairly certain the bleeding had stopped mostly he could still feel it soaking the shoulder of his shirt. "My shoulder is bleeding and no he is not dead though I probably should have killed him. He's marked."

Sirius stared at him then sighed and shook his head. 'How could he have fallen so far so fast?" he asked disappointed.

"Jealousy." Harry replied with a bit of a wince as he stood up using Sirius for support. "He was tired of living in my shadow."
Grayson sighed collecting Ron from the ground throwing him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes not showing any care.

Sirius gently put his arm around Harry. "Let's get you home to Draco, he's worried sick." he said softly.

"Grayson, take him to Samuel for now." Harry instructed referring to Ron. "Sirius can you apparate us back? I don't think I can do it."

Sirius nodded and pulled harry close, not wanting to splinch him. "I can make it." He promised then apparated them to the castle gates.

Harry let go of his godfather as soon as they were on solid ground again taking a weak step forward. "Thank you Siri." He smiled causing his lip to crack open and bleed again he wiped it on his sleeve not caring. "I'll get back from here, go get some rest yourself."

Sirius nodded and stared worried. 'Are you sure it's okay?" he asked softly.

"I'll be fine Siri, I promise." Harry gave him a hug before limping his way up to the castle and to his room slipping into the sitting area. "Draco love?" He called sinking down onto the couch leaning his head back against the cool leather closing his eyes.

Draco quickly ran out from the window and stared happily. "Harry! Are you alright? Is that freak dead?" he asked hopeful while grabbing his wand and starting to run diagnostics.

"Please don't use that word." Harry requested softly opening his eyes the best he could, both were swollen and blackened. "You won't find any spell damage other than on my arm, we did it the old fashioned way and used our fists to beat the hell out of each other."

Draco nodded and gently kissed Harry's forehead. "Want me to heal you the new way or the old fashioned way?" he asked softly.

"I don't know, What's the difference?" Harry questioned leaning up with a hiss of pain as he pulled off his vest and peeling the shirt off of the gashes in his arm still slowly oozing blood.

Draco stared worried and quickly started casting healing spells on his arm. "You should have told me its this bad." he said worried.

"Didn't know that it was." Harry replied watching Draco heal him with a loving smile. "Have I told you today that I love you?" he asked softly.

Draco smiled and kissed Harry's lips softly. 'I love you too." he said then cast a quick spell on his eyes to heal them.
"Still want me to release you at the end of the school year?" Harry asked teasingly pulling Draco down to straddle his lap.

Draco shook his head and kissed Harry's eyelids. "Not a chance." he teased softly.

"So about our wedding..." Harry began before trailing off with a grin.

Draco frowned and stared at him nervously. "Yes?" he asked softly.

"We need to set a date I believe." Harry chuckled kissing the tip of Draco's nose. "I'm anxious to call you my husband."

Draco smiled softly and kissed Harry's lips. "Can we do something this summer?" he asked softly. "A few days before when I accepted you?"

"Cutting things a little close aren't we?" Harry chuckled. "You do remember what happens if we don't complete the bond within a year right?" he nuzzled his nose into Draco's neck.

Draco nodded and cuddled close. "we could do it the first month out of school instead." he offered.

"We could do that..." Harry murmured kissing along Draco's jaw before capturing his lips a bit rougher than usual.

Draco kissed back with a soft moan and pushed against Harry softly.

Harry lifted Draco by his hips standing up he carried him to the bed .laying the blond down before joining him kissing every piece of exposed skin he could find from his forehead to his ears and down to his shirt collar. "You are so beautifully amazing." He murmured softly.

Draco moaned softly a bit surprised but laid back and closed his eyes, enjoying it. "I love you." he whispered.

"You know," Harry bit his lip. "We could wait and have our wedding on the anniversary of when you accepted me." He suggested with a mischievous smirk.

Draco looked to Harry and bit his lip. "But won't that be cutting it too close?" he asked softly.

"I was thinking we move up the bond completion a bit." Harry raised an eyebrow. "Then we can have the wedding in our kingdom."

Draco frowned confused. "But for the bond completion we have to have sex don't we? Doesn't that effect your whole, Special Wedding Night thing?" he asked softly.

"I think our wedding night will be special regardless don't you?" Harry asked. "Unless of course you are wanting to wait now." He teased acting like he was going to move off of the bed.

Draco growled and quickly grabbed Harry's hand, pulling him down into a deep, needy kiss. "Don't you dare say psych on this." he warned.

"Wouldn't dream of it." Harry pulling the velvet rope tying up the hangings for the bed. "Wouldn't dream of it."