So this is a new experimental story I'm trying out. And yes I've hardly updated my other fics but this computer I'm using now has this story on and the notes to this one which I've already written quite a bit for in little bits and pieces. However updates for this may be a bit slow because I just found out last tuesday that my dad just got a ob offer on the east coast (Yes I'm American) and we live on the west coast. After a week of debate however I'm working on getting a second job to get my own home and I don't know how limited my access with internet will be when that happens. But I do know some places to get internet so rest assured I will not be totally out of the game!

Now with stuff with the story. As mentioned in the summery it's a HP FMA crossover. It'll take place in the fourth year and I haven't decided if it'll continue past that. Probably depends on the story popularity and how many reviews I get. However I will finish this one! I've been reading and have been very disappointed with how many unfinished HP FMA crossover fics there are that haven't been updated in years! (Anyone know any good nonyaoi ones?) When I say I might or might not do a sequel I have two endings in mind to go each way, or at least the general idea. But by now I'm sure you're all sick of me babbling right? Well then I guess I'll just let you guys get on with reading. I hope you enjoy!

I do not own Fullmetal Alchemist or Harry Potter, only my imagination.

And heads up, I do not believe in guy guy or girl girl pairings. This is a Roy/Ed parental fic with some side romances!

Footsteps stormed down the hall, belonging to a furious young colonel who had a look on his face that made the prison guards cower in fear. He had just received orders and been in conference with the fuehrer regarding one of his men. His fist tightened unconsciously at the newest orders he had received. He then paused in front of a cell holding a young boy in a red jacket, his head hanging low so that his bangs covered his face "What the heck were you thinking?" Roy Mustang demanded.

Edward Elric didn't respond, merely lowering his head. Mustang placed his fingers on the bridge of his nose "You attacked a camp where military officials had been watching and you completely ruined any chance of taking them by surprise. That camp had composed of several dangerous criminals, including Scar. You're so reckless! What were you thinking attacking them!?" the colonel asked his young subordinate.

Ed's shoulders trembled but he stayed uncharacteristically silent. Roy scowled before turning, sliding down against the bars "Because of your idiotic actions the fuehrer has stripped us both of all privileges and duties. We are both being assigned to some teaching job out in some country requesting an alchemist. We're both on thin ice and unable to return until further notice. You've pretty much put us both into the hot spot because you can't think! Now where the heck is Alphonse? I have to tell him he can't come with us. He's being confined to house arrest" he growled, turning to face the young alchemist behind him.

Instantly Roy froze. Before he could not see Ed's face but by sitting on the ground it gave him a whole new look on Ed's emotions and the one that was most clear startled and even scared the colonel. Ed was crying. The pain of loss was clear on his face as tears streamed down. Roy carefully got to his feet, unsure of what to do "Fullmetal? What's going on? Where is Alphonse?" he asked.

Ed's shoulders only shook harder as he shook his head "I was going to the camp to save him…I was to late" he whispered.

Instantly Roy's anger left him and he felt the world spin as he regretted his words earlier. Ed placed his head in his hands "They only wanted to know how to bond a soul to armor and had tried taking him apart but…they didn't realize the seal was the only thing keeping him alive" he whispered.

Both alchemists fell silent, one in sadness and the other in regret and pity. Finally Roy looked at the guard "Open his cell. Fuehrers orders" he commanded softly.

Ed didn't look up as the guard followed orders, allowing Roy to enter. Carefully Roy touched the young boys shoulder "Unfortunately we have our commands. We have to do this" he said quietly.

Ed looked away "How can you expect me to do anything? I just lost my remaining family" he asked.

Roy's eyes hardened "Do you think Alphonse would forgive you for acting like this? He would want you to move forward. You've got two legs technically speaking. Get up and use them" he rebuked.

Ed's eyes widened at that but he did nod. However he didn't get to his feet until Mustang went to his side, picking the boy up gently in his arms. He was shocked at how light the boy was, the only weight coming from the automail. He suppressed a shiver as he exited the cell, making his way towards his office where he'd have to inform his men of what was going on. It took several minutes (Plus a lot due to questions and curious glances) to reach his office where his men all gasped in concern, bombarding him with questions.

Roy held up one hand as best he could with the boy at his arms. The men quieted while Riza knowingly cleared some paperwork off of the couch. Roy carefully set the young alchemist, who had been overcome with exhaustion at some point during the trip and fallen asleep, down before turning to his men "I don't know much but I believe Alphonse was kidnapped by a group of men the military had been watching, a group of criminals. Ed rushed in to save him but jeopardized the mission. As such the two of us are being relocated to some school in London to teach. Edward hasn't been informed yet but we are to pose as father and son" he said quietly.

Riza shot him a small look "What about Alphonse?" she asked.

Roy's eyes hardened before he shot a pitying look at the young boy behind him "He didn't make it. According to Edward the men broke the blood seal without realizing what it was" he said quietly.

The men stiffened, glancing at Ed in concern "Poor kid" Breda whispered. The only one who didn't was Riza. Instead she tensed, turning and walking briskly out of the room, leaving many stares in her wake.

Fuery was the first to recover, looking at Mustang with a small look "When do you leave?" he asked.

Mustang sighed, running his hand through his hair "Tomorrow" he whispered, looking down at the young boy who slept soundly.