Supernatural Wonderland

Summary: While at the brothel, Dean has a run in with a girl who seems to know more then Dean's comfortable with her knowing. At first he thinks she's crazy but then things begin to make sense and add up. The only question seems to be how she knows what she knows.

Rating: M

Disclaimer: right, here it is once again, I don't own the Winchester boys or Castiel, or anything that Eric Kripe owns (lucky bastard).

Dean's eyes traveled around the room, a grin on his face. Across the table from him sat a very nervous Angel. Dean could have, and had a few times already, laughed at the expression on Castiel's face and the stiffness in his posture. This was the same Angel who had been a huge rebel against heaven, fighting other Angels for his unwavering belief that God was still out there.

"Hey, relax." Dean said, making the Angel jump.

"This is a den of iniquity." Castiel said, glaring at the young hunter. "I should not be here."

"Dude, you full-on rebelled against Heaven." Dean said. "Iniquity is one of the perks!" He looked up as a little blonde woman in a negligee walked over to them. "Showtime."

"Hi." The woman said, smiling at Castiel. The Angel stiffened up again. "What's your name?" Dean looked at his friend when there was hesitation. He watched as Castiel began to fidget and avoid looking at anyone around himself.

"Cas!" Dean said loudly. Once again, Castiel jumped. "His name's Cas. What's your name?"

"Chastity." The Woman said.

"Chastity?" Dean asked. The woman smiled again and nodded, humming in affirmative. "Wow. Is that kismet or what, buddy?" The only answer Castiel gave was to drink the majority of his beer in one go. "Well, he likes you, and you like him so..."

"Come on baby." The woman said, taking the Angel's hand and pulling him from his seat.

"Oh hey, listen." Dean said, standing up quickly and grabbing Castiel's elbow. The Angel turned to look at him, looking slightly panicked. Dean took out money and put it into his friend's hand "Take this. If she asks for a credit card, no. Now just stick to the basics, okay? Do NOT order off the menu." Grinning, Dean patted Castiel on the back. "Go get her, Tiger." When Castiel just gave him a helpless look, Dean changed his expression. "Don't make me push you."

The woman led Castiel into the back and Dean looked around, his eyes following another blonde woman before his feet followed as well. As he was about to open his mouth to say something, someone bumped into him, causing him to fall over with a soft body landing on top.

"Ow, oh crap, I'm sorry." A woman's voice said. Dean blinked his eyes several times before looking at the young woman lying on top of him. Pale, almost white, blonde hair fell down over her shoulders and onto his chest. There was a streak of purple on the right side. The woman scrambled to her feet, a bit unsteady, before helping Dean up. She was wearing dark blue, killer looking high heels over thigh high light blue stockings. A tiny little deep purple skirt and a purple corset with blue designs finished off the outfit. Around her neck hung a white gold chain with a cat's eye pendant hanging off it.

Dean finally looked at her face. Pouty pink lips were parted slightly to reveal white teeth. Purple and blue eye shadow framed...purple eyes? Dean blinked a few times to make sure he wasn't seeing things. Her eyes were definitely purple. They had to be contacts.

"Are you okay? I'm really sorry about that." The woman said. "I haven't quite gotten used to walking in such high heels."

"Hey, it's no problem." Dean said, his customary heart melting smile in place. "But if you feel bad about it, how about making it up to me by letting me get you a drink?"

"Nice line." The woman said, smiling. "Sure." They went over to the bar and Dean grinned in amusement at the sigh of relief the woman let out as she sat down.

"So what's your name?" He asked, after ordering the drinks.

"Alice." The woman said.

"Like in that movie, Alice in Wonderland." Dean said, unsure what made him think of that.

"Exactly." Alice said, smiling. She almost looked like she wanted to laugh. "So what brings you here?"

"Helping my friend." Dean said.

"I hope everything goes okay." Alice said. A knowing look was on her face.

"Ain't the only one." Dean said, glancing towards the back. Their drinks were put in front of them and Dean put money down.

"Women make him nervous." Alice said, lifting her glass to her lips. The hunter looked at her. Alice's purple eyes sparkled mischievously. "I wouldn't be too surprised."

"By what?" Dean asked, raising an eyebrow. Alice reached up and twirled her purple strand of hair around her finger.

"That's telling." She said. She leaned towards Dean, an innocent smile on her face. "I'll see you around Dean." Alice knocked back the rest of her drink and walked into the crowd before Dean could say anything. He frowned, wondering how she knew his name. There wasn't a lot of time to ponder the question when a scream from the back brought him to his feet and hurrying through the curtain.

"Get out of my face! Leave me alone!" Chastity was screaming. "You bastard, screw you jerk!" She threw something at Castiel. Dean didn't know whether or not to laugh. Castiel was standing there, his coat hanging off one shoulder, knocking away the object that was thrown at him. "I'll kill you!" Chastity turned round and marched towards Dean. "Screw you too!" Dean put his hands up and watched her walk out through the curtain before he turned his attention to Castiel.

"What the hell did you do?" He asked.

"I don't know." Castiel said, shrugging. "I just looked at her in the eyes and told her it wasn't her fault that her father Gene ran off." Dean stared at him, hardly believing what he was hearing. "It was because he hated his job at the post office."

"Oh no, man." Dean said, trying not to laughing.

"What?" Castiel asked.

"This whole industry runs on absent fathers." Dean said, putting his hand on Castiel's shoulder. "It''s the natural order." He shook his head then looked back at the curtain just as bouncers came through. "We should go. Come on." They ran outside where Dean doubled over, hands on his knees and laughing.

"What's so funny?" Castiel asked, looking at the hunter. He wondered briefly if Dean had lost his mind.

"Oh, nothing." Dean said, straightening up and putting his arm around the Angel. "It's been a long time since I've laughed that hard." He patted Castiel on the back as they headed towards the Impala. "It's been more than a long time. Years."

"Who are you?" Castiel suddenly asked. Dean looked at him then looked at the Impala to see Alice sitting on the trunk. She had somehow managed to change clothes and get outside, appearing as if she had been sitting on the car for a few minutes. She was now in blue skinny jeans which disappeared beneath calf high boots that were black with what looked like slashes of dark purple on them. Her coat matched the boats and beneath that was a dark blue shirt with a low neckline. Her hair was now tied up in a pony tail, the purple streak still standing out against the rest of the pale blonde mass.

"What are you doing here?" Dean asked, before the girl could respond to Castiel's question.

"Waiting." Alice said.

"Why?" Dean asked.

"Because." Alice said, jumping off the car. "I need your help Dean."

"How do you know my name?" Dean asked.

"I...I can't tell you." Alice said. "Just...please, okay, you gotta trust me on this."

"Why?" Dean asked.

"Because I can help you as much as you can help me, probably more." Alice said.

"We need to go." Castiel said, cutting into the conversation. With a nod of his head, he pointed out that the bouncers had come out the back down.

"Get in." Dean said, climbing into the driver's seat of the Impala. Alice and Castiel quickly followed his lead and he sped off. Alice turned around to look out the back before she faced forward and looked at the men up front.

"Alice." She said, suddenly.

"I know your name." Dean said.

"He doesn't." Alice said, nodding at Castiel. "And I never got to answer his question." Dean had no idea what to say to that. He chose to stay quiet. They made Alice stay in the car when they got to the house and she sat in the back seat, watching the events unfolding inside the building. Her eyes sparkled with interest but she knew she had to stay in the car. She needed their help.

Alice sighed.

How was she really going to convince them to help with something she couldn't tell them about? She might manage with Castiel, but Dean? She had a better chance of stopping the apocalypse single handed.

Alright so maybe it wasn't going to be that hard but she knew it wasn't going to be easy.