Swan Song Pt2

Drum roll...the final chapter! Oh man, the big worry strikes now.

Lucifer appeared in a room full of people standing completely still around someone sitting in a chair. He pushed a now unconscious Alice into another chair where she slumped over the arm of it.

"Alright Sam...I'm going to take the gag off." Lucifer said. He walked over to a mirror and looked at his reflection.

"I swear I will rip you apart from the inside out." Sam said from in the mirror.

"I'm not the real villain here Sam." Lucifer said. "In fact, I'm probably more family to you then Dean, or your mom or dad ever were. You're enjoying this."

"You're wrong." Sam said.

"Do you remember all these people?" Lucifer said, turning to look around the room at the people. "Your old teacher...your best friend Doug...Rachel, the girl you took to prom. All these people who you've let get close to you. They're all part of Azazel's gang you know, watching you since you were a kid, jerking you round like a dog on a leash." Sam frowned slightly, trying to see around the people to the one in the chair. "I know how you feel about them. Me too. So...what do you say we blow off a little steam?"

"No don't!" Sam yelled from the mirror but it was too late. Lucifer was killing all the people and Sam could finally see that the person on the chair was female. Freshly washed blonde hair fell in curls around her face. Her head was resting on her chest and she was dressed in an elegant floor length dress that was black as night.

"So...are we having fun yet?" Lucifer asked, once he finished his killing.

"You're sick." Sam muttered.

"Not really." Lucifer said. He walked over to the woman in the chair and picked up her hand from her lap. "Recognize her?" Sam frowned then gasped as the woman's head shot up and she stood, staring blankly into the distance. He felt sick.

"No." Sam whispered.

"Yes." Lucifer said, gently tucking some hair behind Cleo's ear. "Meet our bride Sammy. All set and ready. Oh, and there's a little surprise as well." He turned sideways, turning Cleo with him and Sam's breathing hitched as he noticed the stomach bump. "It's your child in there Sam. Soon it'll be mine. Once I've wed little Cleo, make her taste my blood, the child will be mine."

"You...sick...self righteous...son of a...BITCH!" Sam screamed the last of his sentence and Lucifer winced.

"Once...I beat Michael." Lucifer said. "Then Cleo, and the child, will be mine. It's been a long road of preparations Sammy boy." He walked over to the mirror and put his hand against it. "I will beat Michael. And not only will I have my bride, but I will have Alice...and Mary-Jo as well."

"That...sounds so...wrong." Alice groaned out. Lucifer spun around and watched Alice sit up in the chair.

"Well well." He said. "Looks like I underestimated you."

"Yeah...you do that a lot." Alice said, rubbing her head and looking around. "Where are we?"

"It doesn't matter." Lucifer said. "You have no way out of here."

"You killed your own brother." Alice said, standing up. "You're destroying...everything your father made...and you're aiming to kill another brother. And you say you're not the bad guy?" Sam, in the mirror, watched Alice's hand slip behind her back. Behind her, Cleo's eyes closed slowly. Sam noticed the slight glow in Alice's eyes and wondered how Lucifer hadn't spotted it yet.

"I'm not." Lucifer said.

"Well you sure as hell aren't the good guy." Alice said. "You really just couldn't stand someone else getting the attention. You...you're just pathetic Lucifer. I actually wish I was never your friend when you were in Heaven."

"Well...I see." Lucifer said. "If that's how you feel..." Alice's hand flew up just as Lucifer raised his own and they sent each other flying across the room either way. Alice scrambled to her feet faster and grabbed for Cleo's arm. "NO!"

"Too late." Alice said, throwing her free hand up again, eyes glowing brightly. Lucifer threw his arm over his eyes to shield. Cleo's eyes blinked open but she quickly closed them again and covered them.

"You can't teleport from here Alice!" Lucifer yelled. "You're trapped!" Alice frowned and dragged Cleo from the room. The witch followed, her eyes confused but no longer lifeless. She stumbled on the edge of her dress before she realized to pick it up as she ran with the Angel.

"Alice?" Cleo asked. Alice slowed then turned to look at her. "What's going on?"

"I'm getting you out of here." Alice said.

"What about you?" Cleo asked. Alice just shook her head. "Alice you can't."

"Help me." Alice said, grabbing Cleo's other hand. "Just focus on helping me, don't need to think about what I'm doing." Cleo, still confused, nonetheless nodded. Alice, eyes still glowing, began to mutter an incantation. Her whole body glowed for roughly ten seconds then it all abruptly stopped. "Thanks."

"I don't know what I did." Cleo said. Alice pulled her closer and whispered to her before stepping back. Cleo gasped as she saw Lucifer standing right behind Alice.

"End of the line." Lucifer said.

Dean drove alone to Stull Cemetery in Lawrence, Kansas. It felt weird to him, driving anywhere on his own. He was so used to someone with him. But this he had to do on his own. He slid Def Leppard into the tape deck and cranked up the volume as he neared the cemetery. He couldn't help but grin as he pulled in and found Michael and Lucifer, staring at the Impala as it came to a stop nearby them. He bit his lip, frowning, as he realized that Cleo was perched on a tombstone not too far away either, her wrists tied in front of her with some sort of firey band. He took a deep breath then opened his car door.

"Howdy boys." Dean said, stepping out of the car. "Sorry, am I interrupting something?"

"Dean, Alice..." Cleo started but stopped as Lucifer waved a hand towards her, taking her voice. Dean frowned again.

"Hey, we need to talking." Dean said, looking towards Lucifer as he closed the car door and walked around it.

"Dean...even for you, this is a whole new mountain of stupid." Lucifer said.

"I'm not talking to you." Dean said. "I'm talking to Sam."

"You're no longer the vessel, Dean." Michael said. "You got no right to be here."

"Adam, if you're in there somewhere, I am so sorry." Dean said, looking at Michael.

"Adam isn't home right now." Michael said. Dean wondered momentarily what Alice ever saw in him.

"Well then you're next on my list, buttercup." He said. "But right now I need five minutes with him." He turned his attention back to Lucifer.

"You little maggot." Michael said, advancing on Dean. "You are no longer a part of this story!"

"Hey, ass butt!" Castiel suddenly called out. Everyone looked to see him and Bobby not far away. The ex Angel hurled a lit bottle of holy water at Michael, setting his heavenly brother on fire.

"Ass butt?" Dean asked, giving Castiel a look.

"He'll be back." Castiel said, shrugging. "And upset. But you got your five minutes."

"Much as I appreciate that...WHERE THE HELL IS MARY-JO?" Dean asked.

"We told her she couldn't come." Bobby said. "But she argued."

"So we...knocked her out." Castiel said.

"You got a lot of apologizing to do later." Dean said. Castiel sighed.

"Castiel..." Lucifer said, menacingly. "Did you just Molotov my brother...with holy fire?"

"Uh...no." Castiel said, backing up.

"No one dicks with Michael, but me." Lucifer said. He raised his hands and snapped his fingers. Next second Castiel exploded in a bloody mess, making Dean and Bobby stare in shock and Cleo scream. The younger of the two hunters slowly looked back at Lucifer, determination in his eyes.

"Sammy, can you hear me?" Dean asked.

"You know..." Lucifer said, turning to Dean. "I tried to be nice." He slowed advanced on him. "For Sammy's sake. But you..." He reached forward and grabbed the collar of Dean's jacket. "Are such a pain...in my ass." His grip on the jacket tightened before he threw Dean backwards. The hunter crashed into the hood of the Impala, cracking the wind shield. Lucifer advanced again but stopped as Bobby shot him in the back. He turned around and Bobby shot him again, this time in the chest.

Neither shot did anything to the devil.

Lucifer looked at the bullet wound in his chest then looked at Bobby and raised his hand. He twisted it in the air, causing Bobby's neck to twist and snap, killing the old hunter. Cleo screamed again from her spot on the tombstone but it sounded like a muffled noise.

"NO!" Dean yelled.

"Yes." Lucifer said, dragging Dean off the car hood and punching in the face.

"Sammy..." Dean said, slowly moving to face Lucifer again. "Are you in there?"

"Oh he's in here." Lucifer said. He punched Dean in the head again. "And he's gonna feel the snap of your bones." Another punch. Cleo was shouting behind the invisible and making every attempt she could at getting free from whatever held her to the tombstone. Dean fell to the ground by the Impala and Lucifer stepped to him again. "Every single one." He lifted Dean up and held him against the car. "We're gonna take our time."

Lucifer punched Dean in the face repeatedly until his knuckles and the hunter's face were bloodied up.

"Sam..." Dean said, reaching up to touch Lucifer's arm. "It's okay...it's okay I'm here...I'm here. I'm not gonna leave you." Lucifer frowned and punched Dean again twice. "I'm not gonna leave you!" Lucifer lifted his hand to hit again but something caught his eye. Dean stared in surprised as Lucifer's fist dropped and he suddenly stepped back, looking in pain for a moment. In that single moment, Dean's legs gave out and he slumped against the car.

"It's okay Dean." Sam said, in control of his body again. "It's gonna be okay. I've got him." Sam looked to be in pain as he reached into his pocket to pull out the rings. Dean could do nothing but watch as Sam tossed the rings to the ground and started the incantation. The ground sunk in to form the portal. Cleo fell forward off her tombstone perch and the second her hands hit the ground, the firey binds broke and she shuffled backwards quickly, away from the edge of the portal. She stumbled to her feet and ran around the portal, stopping at Sam's side.

"Cleo." Sam said. "I'm sorry."

"It's a boy." Cleo said. "Lucifer...didn't do anything to me...or him...we're gonna be fine. And he's gonna know his dad loves him."

"Thank you." Sam said. "I love both of you."

"I...you too." Cleo said, a tear rolling down her cheek. She bit her lip then nodded at the portal. "You...you have to go, Sam. Before he takes over again." Sam looked like he wanted to argue that fact for a moment before he realized she was right and nodded. He swooped down and kissed her quickly before stepping around her toward the portal.

"Sam!" Michael called out. Everyone looked to where he had just reappeared. "It's not gonna end this way. Stand back."

"You're gonna have to make me!" Sam yelled over the sounds the portal was making.

"I have to fight my brother, Sam." Michael yelled. "Here and now. It's my destiny."Sam looked at Dean and Cleo and, as the two watched, he closed his eyes and lifted his arms up, ready to fall back into the expanding portal. Michael moved forward and grabbed at his shoulder. Sam opened his eyes in surprised then grabbed Michael's arms, causing both of them to tumble into the abyss.

The portal sparked then shot out a blinding light, making Dean and Cleo cover their eyes and look away. Dean looked back when he heard a sob from Cleo and the sound of her dropping to her knees. There was nothing now, just the rings sitting in the middle of the grass.

"Cleo." Dean said, the sound grating on his own ears as his throat hurt. She lifted her head to look at him. "What...what happened to...to Alice?"

"I don't know." Cleo said, softly. "He...he went to stab her...or...or something...and then she just...just vanished. Big light show though." Dean got to his feet slowly and Cleo watched him move to where the rings lay. When he fell she quickly moved over to him. "Dean?" They both looked up when they felt someone else with them and stared in surprise to find Castiel standing over them.

"Cas you're alive?" Dean asked.

"I'm better than that." Castiel said, reaching forward and touching Dean's forehead. Cleo gasped as the hunter was healed. Dean looked around then slowly got to his feet. He pulled Cleo up as well and let her lean against him as he took in her somewhat rounded belly.

"Cas are you God?" Dean asked. If Castiel was anyone else, he would have laughed slightly at that question.

"That's a nice compliment." He said. "But no. Although I do believe he brought me back."

"And gave you a promotion it seems." Cleo said. Castiel nodded once and turned around. He walked over to where Bobby was lying, dead and still, and touched his face, bringing him back to life. "Archangel now." Bobby sat up and Castiel pulled him to his feet.

"We need to leave." Castiel said. Nobody argued with him. It took a moment but Bobby claimed he was good to be on his own and got into his truck while the other three got into the Impala. Cleo sat in the back, staring out the window quietly.

"Now what?" Dean asked, glancing at Castiel.

"I need to return to Heaven." Castiel said.

"What?" Dean asked. "What about MJ?"

"She...she'll be...alright." Castiel said, sighing and looking out the window. "With Michael in the cage, it's going to be total anarchy up in Heaven."

"So what? You...you're going to just abandon my daughter to go play sheriff?" Dean asked. "Just because God brought you back?"

"You're angry." Castiel said.

"NO SHIT!" Dean said, loud enough to startle Cleo. "So you're back, that's great really. But what about Sam? What about me? Where's the grand prize? All I've got is my brother...in a hole...and my wife fucking missing."

"She's in Heaven." Castiel said.

"What?" Dean asked.

"Alice." Castiel said, looking at Dean. "She's somewhere...up in Heaven. I'm not returning to...play sheriff. I'm returning to find her."

"Well...then...good." Dean said.

"I don't know how long it will take." Castiel said, looking out the window again. "But I promise you...I will find her."

"What do I tell MJ?" Dean asked.

"You won't have to worry." Castiel said. "I have it taken care of." Dean turned to look at him, only to find the new Archangel gone.

"You're all alive!" Mary-Jo yelled, running out of Bobby's house as the two vehicles pulled up. "CLEO!" She dove straight past her father to hug her aunt. Cleo gasped and groaned slightly as the teenager squeezed her but welcomed the emotional embrace.

"MJ..." Dean said, drawing his daughter's attention to him. "There's umm...some bad news."

"Sam's in the pit." Mary-Jo said. "I knew it was gonna happen." She hugged Dean just as tightly as she hugged Cleo and he broke down, crying. "Dad...don't make me cry more." The Hybrid started crying as well. Bobby came over and stood next to Cleo, watching the father and daughter. There were several minutes where no one said anything before Mary-Jo finally got herself together and leaned back to look at her father's face. "Where's mom?"

"Uh...well she..." Dean said.

"Cas...said she's in Heaven." Cleo said. "He said he was going to find her. He's an Archangel now."

"That's...great." Mary-Jo said. "Uh...one thing though."

"What's that?" Dean asked.

"Who's Cas?" Mary-Jo asked. Everyone stared at her.

To Be Continued...


Oh man I cried so much writing this. I bawled when I wrote the Cleo/Sam bit. Now you people can see why I want to do a sequel and have pretty much the whole of the first chapter in mind.

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