Lucky Star Summer Trip

Authors Note

Ok, my first ever Fan Fic story, I'm so nervous lol I hope that I give you all something to enjoy reading and that this is something that you can share with others so sit back and enjoy!

M.J.W 2010

Tokyo, Japan the most populated city in the entire world and home to the biggest stock of Anime and Manga. It was a typical Summer's day with tourists exploring the sights and taking photos but it was this year that a small group were to become tourists on what would be a life altering trip for each one of them. The only problem was that in the city centre, stood outside the train station was Kagami and Tsukasa, fraternal twins. Kagami had worn a pretty yellow top with a black skirt and black pumps while Tsukasa was sporting a pink skirt with a white shirt decorated with flowers along with white pumps. They were waiting for the arrival of their long time friend, the blue haired Otaku, Konata but after an hour of waiting, Kagami was seriously about to lose it and this moment is where the long and dramatic journey begins.

''Where the hell is she?'' cried out a cross Kagami who was fed up of waiting for Konata to show up. Konata had promised faithfully that she would be on time today but Kagami felt like she had gotten her hopes up for nothing and for her this was nothing new.

''I'm sure that she'll be here soon sis'' Tsukasa assured her sister as she checked her cell phone to see if Konata had rang or texted her and she hadn't heard it but there was no new text messages or missed calls.

''She's always late no matter what we do. It annoys me so much that after she promised to be on time, she's an hour late'' sighed Kagami as she checked her watch for the hundredth time in an hour.

''Don't let it get to you sis, this is-''

''This is what? How she is and how she always has been,no Tsukasa it's pathetic, Miyuki told us to be at her house for ten and its now eleven and we haven't even gotten on the train yet!''

''Ok, Ok you don't have to take it out on me!'' replied Tsukasa who felt Kagami's anger and didn't want to anger her sister any more. After yelling at Tsukasa, Kagami looked into the puppy eyes of her sister and regretted that she was taking it out on her twin.

''Your right I'm sorry Tsukasa'' Kagami wrapped her arms around Tsukasa and hugged her. She didn't want to take it out on someone she really cared about but she felt that she had no choice, Konata was nowhere to be seen and she struggled to keep her emotions inside. ''I just wish that for once Konata would try to get here on time, it's not too much to ask for is it Tsukasa?'' Kagami asked her sister who shook her head and agreed with her.

Kagami and Tsukasa decided that they would give Konata five more minutes before they would give in and set off without her to Miyuki's but they were both unaware that quietly sneaking up behind them was the blue haired Otaku herself. Cat like grin on her face, she carefully snuck up behind the twins and listened in to their conversation.

''I'm sure that Konata has a good reason for being so late, maybe her alarm didn't go off'' suggested Tsukasa but Kagami didn't buy that lame excuse for a second, she didn't believe that something as simple as an alarm clock failing to not go off was really a proper excuse for a high school student even if it was Konata.

''No way Tsukasa That's an excuse for a normal person like you or me but knowing Konata she stayed up all night playing games or watching anime as usual'' groaned Kagami as she knew how predictable Konata could really be in fact she knew that more then anyone.''That's the excuse she always gives us Tsukasa and I doubt today's going to be any different if you want me to be honest''

''Aww sweet Kagamin knows me too well!'' said Konata as she humbly whispered her words into the ear of the Tsundere who immediately jumped back in horror. The twins bumped into each other and sent the other crashing down onto the concrete floor bellow. Tsukasa immediately started to cry and this was enough to make Kagami snap. She was now angry enough to show her true anger towards Konata who was laughing at the sight of the two twins moaning in pain.

''WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING!'' screamed an infuriated Kagami as she got back up to her feet with fire in her eyes.

''I'm sorry but I so couldn't resist, you both just looked so cute waiting for me for so long'' Konata giggled

''You nearly gave us both Heart Attacks you idiot!'' yelled Kagami but still all Konata did was laugh and this made Kagami even angrier ''Tsukasa are you ok?'' Kagami helped Tsukasa back onto her feet and calmed her sister down as she sobbed and moaned in pain as her elbow was raw red and a sharp pain was coming from it .

''Yeah I'm fine sis, don't worry about me'' Tsukasa groaned as she frantically rubbed her elbow to make the pain go away but to no avail, the long and aching pain was not going away.

''Apologize to Tsukasa right now!'' Kagami ordered but Konata assumed that she was just kidding and didn't take her seriously. ''It's only a sore elbow Kagamin, she's fine''

''I don't care if you made me nudge her ever so slightly, I want an apology for being so reckless!'' said Kagami in a cold voice. This time Konata took her seriously, she knew when Kagami was angry and this was really angry Kagami.

''Sorry Tsukasa I hope that I didn't hurt you'' apologized Konata and with that Tsukasa immediately smiled at Konata for she was happy to hear Konata apologize.

''It's already forgotten about Kona chan'' smiled Tsukasa ''Accidents happen and I know you didn't mean it''

''So what's the excuse this time Konata?,was it another all nighter or is it a normal excuse that normal people use for a change?'' asked Kagami who was determined to find out what had kept Konata from arriving on time. She was expecting the usual excuse and wasn't prepared to let the cocky and arrogant Konata simply say her excuse and move on as if nothing ever happened, not this time.

''Well Kagami I was late because-'' Konata was quickly cut off by Kagami.

''Don't try and make something up shrimp, Tsukasa and myself are an hour late and it's all because of you'' said Kagami ''So will you just tell us the truth for once in your life so we can get going and try to explain to Miyuki why were so late''

'' If you'll let me explain and not cut me off then you'll know'' said Konata as she was starting to get the feeling that Kagami wasn't messing around with her and that she was in big trouble from her best friend. ''I was late because I decided to buy-'' but Kagami again cuts Konata off. Hearing the word buy drives Kagami right around the bend and it's here that Kagami decides to teach her friend a lesson.

''You were buying a new Manga or Game right? You are seriously unbelievable at times Konata Izumi you can't help yourself can you? Buying two or three copies off the same thing every time, and not to mention never coming off your computer but when you do it's to only to watch anime or read Manga'' Kagami took a deep breath before continuing her rant at the Otaku. Konata looked on with a shocked face as her friend listed her supposed faults, a feeling of sadness slowly edges it's way into her heart as she feels that she had really upset Kagami this time. Tsukasa decided to stand on the sidelines as she too was afraid of Kagami's sudden mood swing.

''And whenever we have something planned, you always turn up an hour late and say you were up all night playing a game or something lame like that, ''If you rang us up on your mobile, I wouldn't mind as much because at least we knew where you were but you never us it do you?''

Konata- Kagami, I was late because I took a detour to buy you-

But Kagami was no longer interested in Konata's excuses, she felt that Konata needed to hear what she too say. It was like Kagami had wanted to say this to her from the day they first met after Tsukasa introduced them to each other. Taking another deep breathe, she continued to release her anger towards the scared Otaku.

''And then all you do is spend the entire day reading the Manga you buy and ring us up to tell us all about it, you never listen to what we have to say do you! you try to get me to buy Manga even though you've told me all about it a million times before and pointing out everything you think is Moe about it, it's so embarrassing I mean-'' This time Tsukasa cut off Kagami as she felt that she was going to far after looking at the scared and upset face of Konata. Kagami was so busy yelling at her friend that she had failed to realise that Konata was slowly starting to cry, her cheeks lit up a rosy red and those emerald green eyes were flooding waterfalls.

''Sis, I think that's enough'' begged Tsukasa but her words fell on death ears as Kagami had a little anger left to release.

''Not now Tsukasa'' barked Kagami. Tsukasa didn't say another word, she turned away and put her hands in her ears to avoid hearing the banter and abuse Kagami was throwing at Konata. ''Konata needs to hear this because it's for her own good!'' Kagami now noticed the look on Konata's face but instead of stopping like everyone else would do, Kagami wanted to finish her off because she felt that she would be proud of herself for finally telling Konata how she truly felt. She didn't want to stop now and regret letting Konata get away with it again.

''You don't have much off a life do you Konata, all you ever do is live in your own world all day and all night'' It's no wonder Me, Tsukasa and Miyuki are your only friends! And you know what Konata, I Sometimes I wonder why I bother with you at all!'' Kagami screamed before breathing heavily and wiping the sweat from her forehead. She felt like the massive weight that had been growing over the last year and a half was finally gone. Tsukasa turned around and saw that Kagami had finished, she saw Konata's frozen yet crying face and she felt terrible that she had allowed Kagami to do such a horrible thing to her friend.

Kagami you're not letting Konata-''

''Tsukasa please, stop defending her'' ordered Kagami ''you're not doing her any favours by babysitting her''.

But as Kagami was about to face Konata again, she was caught off guard by Tsukasa who gave her a look of disgust. Kagami didn't understand why she was doing so but got a hint as her sister approached her.

''You're not even giving Konata a chance to explain, all you're doing is embarrassing her in public!'' yelled a red faced Tsukasa. Kagami was taken a back by her sister's words but as she turned around she was horrified too see the small crowd surrounding them. A small group of children who were with their parents had witnessed the entire fight and most were cuddling their mothers from fear. The disgusted parents quickly left with their frightened children and as they left Kagami began to realise just what she had done.

'Did I just say those horrible things, have I stored up that much anger that I had to let it out over something so small?'' contemplated Kagami

After a minute of silence, Konata appeared to break her frozen face. Now that Kagami had finished she was going to tell Kagami what really had kept her so long and why she was an hour late. Opening a bag that she was carrying she pulled out a couple of boxes that said 'Pocky Sticks' which happened to be Kagami's favourite snack.

''I thought you might like something to eat...on the way to Miyuki's house'' muttered Konata as she stared into Kagami's eyes, her voice felt weakened and was without the usual comeback that Konata would have. ''I was late because I thought I would surprise you for a change but a lot of shops were sold out so I had to travel quite a distance because I thought it would make you happy'' explained a distraught Konata who then gently tossed the snacks towards Kagami but they slided across the ground and bumped against Kagami's black pump shoes. Konata quietly turned and walked into the train station, casually passing Tsukasa as if she wasn't there to wait alone on the platform.

Tsukasa felt like everything was coming down, she saw as Kagami was now the one with the frozen face, looking down at the snacks that Konata had worked so hard to buy just for her lay there.

''See what you've done Kagami! Kona chan did had a good reason for being late'' yelled Tsukasa as she was upset with Kagami for being so mean ''she tried to do something nice for you and all you do is chew her head off for it''

Kagami was in total shock, she was absolutely speechless and completely taken surprise by Konata's out of the dark gesture of kindness. Going into deep thought, Kagami felt awful and contemplated on what to do next.

'What have I done, I went too far, I didn't mean to insult her like that. She was late because she bought me some sweets, she actually tried to be nice to me and I do that to her. I need to apologize'

On the train platform, the train pulled into the platform where the silent Otaku was standing. Doors opening she stepped onto it as if she was a ghost, being so quiet. Tsukasa and Kagami ran onto the platform and dived onto the train as the doors closed. Quickly moving around the coaches of the train, they both were unable to locate Konata.

''I don't see her anywhere'' panicked Tsukasa

''Where could she be?'' said a worried Kagami who now wished that she could take back everything she had said. Why did she say that Konata had no life when in truth it was Konata that made her life interesting. The train pulled out of the station and into a tunnel with three girls on board, destined to meet their friend Miyuki who had some surprising and life changing news for them but would they all get their before their friendship crumbles like the Pocky Sticks Konata had purchased for Kagami?

End of Chapter 1