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Let's start with the characters of the story (The main characters here are hot and young, like the usual anime characters!)

- Noa Kurebayashi (first name retained) - Gunlance user and a slight pervert, but a nice guy, has a liking for melon or strawberry bread, is allergic to cats.

- Marina Otogamine - Hunting Horn, user and looses eyesight when tired, she cares for Yuko like a sister, foreigner from a nearby town, tomboyish yet can be a soft spoken girl.

- Yuko Matsudaira - a Lancer and has the sharpest eyes, nice to everyone.

- Ken Ryuugasora - a Great Sword user, he loves eating rolls, contradicting Noa and teases him to people.

- Mineko Nagato - a different kind of human, having features of a cat such as her ears and tail.

- Gao Kirikaze - a Bow user, often random, and would pop-up anywhere.

- Yuri Kouzuki (retained) - a Dual Swords user, she is quite innocent with a pretty voice and is shy around people.

-Elder - The elder that has identical relatives. (A/N: Pokemon?)

Chapter 1:

Behold the Sand hunter: A dream later to be attained!

The Village of Sand… One of the leading villages in the world know for Iron works, heavy weaponry, the inventor of the Gunlance, Hunting horn, and Bowgun, and exporting cheap metal weapons to other villages.

The village resides within different rock formations cut into buildings all encircled in an iron wall, protected from storms. The centre of the village is a large towering building made of iron, known more as the Central Tower, it is where the Village elder resides along with the Sand Village training school for hunters, and it is also the dormitory of the hunters. Hunter floor is where the hunters reside, it is also their armoury.

Sand Village buildings—with the exception to the Central Tower—are all carved out of stone, giving them stronger resistance against the elements, unlike huts from different villages.

They are the only village with a secondary test. The first is to fight a Daimyo Hermitaur with full body weight, and the Second is to fight a fellow hunter until he is incapacitated and if they kill the opposing hunter, they would be banished and never return to the village again…

The Sand village is one of the seven great villages...

Tower village: The Village of the Strong. The finest in the world and creator of the strongest weapons anyone has ever seen. The village is within the ruins of an ancient tower that is as high as a mountain; it rests upon the dense jungle in the northern continent.

Volcano village: The Village of the Fast. It is remarked for their weapons made out of the strongest bones of the mightiest monsters. It resides within a large dormant volcano that has not erupted for millennia.

The Forest village: The Village of Stealth. They are hidden in trees, and are known for the best ambushers, which could trap any monster imaginable. They hide in the largest forest in the northern continent.

The Sand village: The Village of the Heavy Handed. The village known for iron, and different metal ores used to make weapons. The hunters are known to use the heaviest weapons anyone could ever lift. They live in the largest yet coldest wastelands in the southern continent.

The Swamp village: The Village of Poison. They train the finest archers in the world, known to use the deadliest poison from the muck of their Swamps. They are trained to both use and counteract any venom known. They reside in the swamps of the southern continent.

The Snow village: The Village of the Light Handed. Bread the hunters for the harshest of blizzards. Trained to kill with only small weapons, they match even the Volcano village in speed. They have the rarest of monsters residing in their mountains. They reside in the snowy mountains of the southern continent.

The Jungle village: The Village of the Wild. Making the most barbaric hunters and trained to survive an inhumane test where they have to be stranded on an island for three weeks, no supplies. They are in the largest and densest jungle within a peninsula at the southern tip of the northern continent.

Four students from the Sand village saw a man with heavy weights on his back and legs killing a Daimyo Hermitaur. He bashes it to the left, then the right, and then breaks the shell. The giant crustacean was enraged, foaming black water from its mouth.

The hunter was panting, exhausted from the fight, but he continues on. He smashes the angered monster in the head, and performed his final move. He dashed to the monster and gave it the mightiest blow he could ever give. The face of the monster was broken much like its shell, and then, the Hermitaur fell down from its legs and died.

"Woah!" they went, astonished by the skill and brutality of the hunter who slew the monster. Their eyes widened at amazement on how one man with many burden on his body defeat a beast greater his size. He was like a role model for them, to be used as an inspiration of their undying determination.

Moments later, they left, still amazed of the fight.

"That was so cool!"

Said Yuko Matsudaira, the girl who uses a lance. She had long hair which reaches down to her back; jet black, as dark as a cave, but as smooth as silk. Her eyes were big and blue that showed true emotions, blessing her face with astonishing beauty. Her body was that of a slim woman, not given a great bust, but given good charms. She was a young girl of only fifteen, young yet full of spirit and has consideration for other people.

"Hey Noa, I wonder if we can do what that man did?"

Asked their friend Ken Ryuugasora, the man who wields a great sword. A man who charms any woman, his skin was tanned from going outside his home, and exposed to the sun often. He was not muscular, instead, he was slim. The boy had short-back dirty-blonde hair with black highlights, he had few thick strands of hair reaching up to his eyes as his right bangs, with one strand on the middle, and thinner strands to the left. He was a boy of only sixteen years of age.

"Ehehehe… I don't think that might happen…" said Noa Kurebayashi, the man of the gunlance. He has a slight appearance of a young maiden, a beautiful young boy. He shows charisma in his more angled red eyes, it shows his ferocity, his courage. His hair is grey like the finest steel in the land, his spiky hair pointed to the right, with one loose strand falling down near his forehead. He was a boy who is as old as Ken.

"Besides… we have to do two tests and one of them is to fight another hunter… what a bummer even for me!" said Marina Otogamine, the maiden who uses a hunting horn. A girl who came from a different village in the desert, she was beautiful as she was courageous. Her jet black hair was longer than that of Yuko, long up to her waist in a ponytail, with thick stands of hair as her bangs. Her grey eyes gave out her attitude; they were well formed and charming, despite the colour. She dazzles men with a body of a mature woman. She is the eldest at the age of seventeen.

"Yeah you have two weak spots, one is that you're half-blind and two, Yen-chan-" said the ever jesting Ken. Marina suffers from a state of temporary blindness whenever she has exhausted herself and it is rare to have such a case.

Marina—who had a short temper—punched Ken in the face out of annoyance. Ken's right cheek swelled as he was left leaning on the wall as Marina angrily left him.

"You didn't see that coming, and you call me the blind one!" she said.

As they kept walking, Yuko thought of an idea. An idea which will lead to the four hunters to what they thought of as their fate.

"Hey! I got an idea! Let's make an oath!" she said to them happily suggesting her idea. The others were confused at first as they have no idea what "oath" they will partake in. They asked her what kind of oath they will be committing to.

"An oath?" they went
"Yeah!" Yuko said, giving her charming smile. She then explained to them what the oath will be. She said.

"Let's swear that we will be able to finish the test and be known throughout the entire village of Sands!"

The others thought of this as a great idea. They were delighted of the suggestion and agreed to have an oath. An oath where they will never back down, and strive to be legendary hunters for their village.

"Yeah!" they agreed with smiles on their faces
"Okay now that's settled let's grab a roll!" Ken—the boy who loves eating rolls—said.

Finally, it has been a month after their oath… They have all strived in order to graduate from the sand village as hunters and finally be able to see the outside world and be the legends they want to be. They have passed all the tests, fight monsters with weights, and fight a fellow hunter to pass.

Noa was the last to fight the secondary test against their hunting instructor. His instructor had a hammer as his weapon of choice, Noa used a gunlance. The instructor used his hammer and smashed it to the ground to make a quake. Noa loses balance by the shake of the hammer

"Gah!" he went as he struggled to keep his footing. Getting his balance back, he shot a shell forcing the instructor to fall down. The instructor got back up, dusting himself off, and prepared another attack on Noa.

The instructor jumps hoping to hit Noa with his hammer, but the wyvern's fire, the gunlance's most powerful ability, was activated. This knocked the instructor, flying to the wall from the blast and left him unconscious…

"Whoa…" his friends went.

After the smoke clears out, Noa was breathing deeply, struggling to keep himself standing as he embraced his gunlance. Dust on his face and scratches on his armour, he was sweating, tired, but he was excited. Because he knew, he had won the battle.

"WHOA! NICE ONE NOA!" they went.

As they left the arena, the group was very happy that every one of them has passed the test. Smiles were seen in the faces, as well as sweat from their fights and sand from the arena. Noa was still sweating and grasping for air, but was happy and celebrating his victory with his friends.

"That was so awesome Noa-kun!" said Yuko, going to his front and holding him by his exhausted arm.

"Ehehehe you think so?" he said with a slightly exhausted voice.

"If I can see you, I'd give you a knuckle punch." said Marina, blinded from exhaustion and had her hand on Noa's shoulder as a guide.

They finally headed to the Elder's private floor in the Central Tower. Since it was the highest floor of the tower, they made use of an elevator using a pulley system powered by monsters running inside large wheels encasing.

They then reached the Elder's floor; the whole floor was one big pond inside a room with only a stepping stones and bridges as well as one stone platform to step on. On the sides there were two fountains with two statues of hunters who were believed to have been the founders of the village. Water was dripping out like a waterfall, falling to ponds filled with water lilies. The elder was sitting on the stone platform on the other side of the room, behind him was a large sword made of steel, said to have been used to carve the village by its founders.

The elder was a small old man wearing a cream cape with yellow patterns. Yellow was the colour of the Sand Village.

He was delighted to meet the new hunters, congratulating them on their job-well-done, and informing them what is going to happen next after leaving the Sand Village. He spoke

"Ah I shee that you'sh wash able to pash zhe tesht… Good, good, Now, what you need to do to become a legendary hunter ish to make a weapon of metal. Name yer weapon, and engrave its name and the emblem of the village to yer weapon and to yer armor. Then will yah be a recognized hunter in zhe shand village…"

They nodded as a reply that they understood what they needed to do. They received materials to make their armour from the Elder and were told to go to the blacksmith to have it made and engraved. Quickly they went to the blacksmith like children leaving school and heading home. As they got out of the Central Tower

"The guild even gave us the necessary material to make the weapon." said Ken.

They went to the blacksmith and were told to have their weapons and armour be made by them as well, yet it was no trouble for hunters to make their own armour. Quickly, they made their weapons. For days without rest, they forged steel, poured down sweat on the floor, and made the mechanisms of their weapons. Then finally, engraved their emblem on their weapons as well as the name of it, and engraved their emblems on their armour…

"Bathala, that is your name…" said Ken, as he wiped of the sweat from his forehead after engraving the name of his Great Sword.

"Ylla…my home village's founder and legendary mistress, that's this horn's name." said Marina, as she was making her final adjustments to her Hunting Horn, slowly engraving the name of the weapon in fancy lettering.

Yen and Noa used old characters of their village to name their weapons as well as the old Sand Village tongue.

"The Steel Skeleton, In the old sand village language, Gang Lou '鋼髏',what about you Noa?" Yen said when she finally finished her Lance, engraving characters in her lance.

"Mine, is Divine Tiger! In our old language, Shen Hu, '神虎'." said Noa, when he finally finished attaching the parts and loaded his Gunlance, then engraved his weapon's name.

Finally, they all finished their weapons. When they got out of the blacksmith while carrying their weapons, they looked at the iron gates, separating them from their destiny. Their exhausted faces from days of work, gave smiles as they look forward to a new tomorrow. When they can finally see what awaits them.

"I can't wait to leave the village…" said Noa.
"But we need to get an elder quest before we leave and we have to prepare too." said Marina.

"Yeah…" he went. They all turned back and headed to the Central Tower, to rest and prepare for their journey into the outside world.