Planets sprawl before her eyes in a never-ending stream of beauty, the universe vast and filled with hundreds of thousands of wonders, planets to be explored, sights to see. It's so big sometimes it boggles even her infinitely intelligent mind, but at the same time, it's soothing. That vast space is not totally empty, but it is quiet.

She comes here sometimes to think thoughts that are her own, uncluttered with the daily background hum of Serenity's children, their thoughts like bees buzzing around her head and making her eyes hurt. She comes here to sink into the quiet calm of the ship, which lives and feels, in it's way, but does not consciously think. Cradled in the comforting metal holes of Serenity, it is the closest thing to a mother's lullaby she's had in years, and one of the very few times she can sleep, and dream dreams that are hers alone.