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This collection is mine.

Because I lack sleep, and I suspect Narumi sleeps more than he should.

Plums and Lemons

a Narumi-centric collection


"No wonder half of your students hate you," Misaki commented.
Narumi raised an eyebrow. "Because I get more sleep than they do?"

"Did you oversleep again?" Misaki asked as soon as Narumi stepped inside the faculty room. It was a fine Tuesday morning, and the blond teacher was late. As usual.

"Good morning, Misaki," Narumi chirped instead, smiling despite his friend's frown. "I gave Class B a break for their writing assignment."

"You said that last week."

"Oh, did I?" Narumi asked, an innocent, puzzled look crossing his face. "Well then I suppose I should have attended today's class."

"Which you didn't."


"Don't you think you should be attending more of your classes, Narumi?"

"Maybe," Narumi said, shrugging as he walked to the coffee percolator in one corner of the room. "All this talk about attending my classes is making me feel sleepy. I really should get more sleep, don't you think, Misaki?"

"I think you get too much of it, Narumi."


Misaki huffed. "No wonder half of your students hate you."

"I wasn't aware of that," Narumi said, sounding mildly curious as he looked up from the cup of coffee he was fixing for himself. "Because I get more sleep than they do?"

"That's not my point!" Misaki protested. "You don't attend classes you're supposed to, and when you do you give them the most ridiculous schoolwork!"

"Ah." Narumi nodded. "I get what you're saying now."

"I doubt you do."

Narumi smiled. "You're saying I should be more like you – attending my classes, teaching my students, giving them schoolwork…"

Misaki frowned. "Surprisingly, that's about right."

Narumi stirred his coffee, a thoughtful expression on his face. "Misaki, did you know that all your students hate you for that?"