Medieval- year unknown. December, England.

"Congratulations, Mr Merlin. Your wife is expecting. However, I found traces of a curse in her system. Was Nimue ever subjected to an infertility curse?" Merlin pondered for a moment as he took in all the information. "We removed it before we tried to have children. I assume that since she is pregnant, I must have been successful." The man nodded, and then opened his mouth to speak. "I am aware that it does take a while for the backlash from the removal to happen. What could be wrong?" The healer realised that he was being asked. "The curse appears to be a contingency plan for whoever cast the curse. It is a sacrifice curse. When the mother delivers the baby, the mother or the baby; or in rare cases both, will die." Merlin paled and sat down in a nearby chair. The healer felt immense pity for the man. He was one of the most powerful wizards to date and yet he appeared so frail at the news. "If there is anything I can do for you at all Sir, let me know and I will help in anyway I can." He left the man to his musings thinking, if anyone can discover a cure he would.

January of the next year, same place.

"I've found the answer!" Merlin rushed into the room where his wife was relaxing on a lounge chair. "I've found a way to keep you both alive! It is complex but I believe I can do it. It's called foetal transference. It involves transferring the foetus into the body of another woman who is also having a baby at the same time you are due. The woman will instead have twins and will deliver both healthy. The mother will survive if she is a witch. Non- magical women have a lower survival rate but in most cases they live." He looked at Nimue to seek her opinion. "How will this help me?" She sighed, and stroked her baby bump in comfort. "If we transfer the foetus, you will not go into labour so the curse will not go into effect. We merely have to find someone with the same due date as yourself and then transfer the foetus about two weeks before the birth." Nimue had perked up when told the curse would not work but then slumped again at the mention of another woman giving birth to her child. "We do not know any pregnant witches due in the middle of August. If we do find a witch, we should transfer it straight away so I do not have to suffer carrying a baby that I will not be able to birth." Her eyes had filled up with tears and Merlin sat beside her. He held her in his arms giving comfort to the woman he loved. "The transfer often causes the woman to go into early labour. Too early a transference can cause a miscarriage of both of the children. I will search the ages and find a good strong woman to love and raise our child. It only says date not year. Even if I have to search thousands of years into the future, I will find one for you, my love." With determination in his eyes he bid his wife farewell and headed to the future.

Modern times, February 1987 England.

"Lils, I can't believe how big you're getting. Are you sure there's only one in there?" His wife hit him playfully on the shoulder. "James you should know better. If there's more than one than we will find out in July." Lily was a beautiful woman. She reminded Merlin of Nimue. Vibrant, strong and loving. She was the one. Her husband, James Potter appeared to be the ideal man to help his child grow. Responsible but still young at heart and they were the only people to match the date exactly. After thousands of years, they were the only ones. Storing the year and place in his memory, Merlin returned to his time and to the woman he loved.

Medieval- year unknown, February, England.

Taking a memory of the family in his pensieve, Merlin walked to Nimue's chambers. Nimue was having a more difficult time of her pregnancy than Lily Potter. "My love, I have found a suitable family. Would you like to see?" Merlin placed the pensieve on the bedside table and sat on the bed next to his wife. "Show me. I want to be sure myself." Nodding his head, Merlin and Nimue entered into the memory. After viewing the memory, Merlin positioned Nimue so she was sitting up on the bed. She was muttering under her breath about him doing this. "I am not so weak that I can not sit up in bed. Very well these Potters are the ideal family. It is also possible that if we do not send our child to them, their future will become a very bleak place." Merlin hugged his wife who was upset but determined and then went to his study. "I will make the preparations."

Modern times, July 31st, St Mungo's magical hospital

"Come on Lils you're nearly done." James held his wife's hand as she brought their child into the world. There was supposed to be another two weeks left of the pregnancy but no one expected her to go to term. Another contraction caused Lily to shout and break her husband's hand when she squeezed it too tight. It also brought out a baby boy who the healer placed in a blanket and handed him to James. "Welcome to the world Harry James Potter." James got out before the healer called above Lily's renewed shouts of pain, "There's another one coming." Merlin watched, invisible, as his baby was delivered one minute to midnight. "It's a girl." The healer waved his wand and Lily was given a potion. She sat up and took her daughter into her arms. "You're so beautiful. I shall call you…Gweneviere. Gweneviere Nimue Potter." James looked at her a bit strangely but decided his wife just loved history a tad too much.

Merlin looked on astonished from the corner before going back to his wife. As much as it pained him, he would let his daughter grow up before visiting her with his wife.