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Family Ties


December 2009

Finn Hudson grimaced at the crowds of people at the mall. His mother had dragged him along with her to pick out some last minute Christmas presents for his aunts and grandmother. He would rather be at home, listening to the loudest, angriest music available and trying to drown out the raging thoughts in his head. But his mom needed him to come along with her to help her carry the bags. He sighed.

He was a glorified man-servant.

"C'mon Finn! One more store and then we're done!" Carole Hudson beamed at her only child and rubbed him on his back. He couldn't say no to her. He and his mom had a different kind of relationship than most guys his age had with their moms. They were all they had. His dad had died and left them to depend on each other for love and support. She had always worked hard and sacrificed for him, so he would do the same for her.

Even if his heart had just been ripped to shreds by his best friend and girlfriend. Well, ex-friend and ex-girlfriend now.

He sighed as he looked at the store he was going into. Macy's. Another store where people were going to spray stuff in his face.

He followed his mother around the large store and tried to maneuver himself and the large bags around the other patrons. Little kids kept running in front of him and under his long legs. As his mother was leading him to the makeup counters, he thought he recognized a familiar voice coming from the skin care display.

"I have to make sure I buy the cleanser that won't dry out my skin. Dry skin causes break-outs!"

"Does it really matter then, Kurt? You're buying the stuff to make sure you don't break out but it can still make you break out after you use it." Kurt scoffed at his father.

"Dad, you'll never understand skin-care. It's all about the pH of the skin and the moisturizers and toners. We should really try to find you a shaving gel that will lock the moisture into your skin after you shave. It will reduce razor burn."

Finn knew he had recognized that voice. School had only been out for a few days, but he hadn't spoken to Kurt- or anyone else in glee- since Sectionals. In his opinion, they were lucky he hadn't quit the club altogether. He was still furious at Quinn and Puck, but also at the other gleeks for keeping mum about the situation for the sake of Sectionals.

Everyone except Rachel. He still needed to thank her for that. She was the only one who had cared enough about him to tell him the truth. That meant a lot to him, and she was the only person who he was still on speaking terms with.

But he figured while he was out with his mother he should be civil. He should at least say hi. He saw Kurt from across the aisle and waved, the heavy bags still hanging from his arms. He saw Kurt wave frantically at him from the skin care department, and he took his dads arm and dragged him over to where his mother was looking at perfume.

"Finn! How are you?"

Finn shrugged his shoulders. "Alright I guess. It's good to be away from school, you know?"

Kurt nodded. "Yeah. I'm still really sorry about all of that."

"Yeah, me too." Kurt looked at Finn's mother, who was still distracted by the salesperson.

"Is that your mom?"

"Yeah, we're doing some last minute shopping."

"Us too. Dad, this is Finn. He's the quarterback of the football team. And he's also in glee with me!" Finn shook Mr. Hummel's hand. His mom had finally finished talking to the salesperson and turned around.

"Mom, this is Kurt, from glee club. And his dad, Mr. Hummel." He looked at his Mom and she was staring at Kurt's dad. Her eyes were very intense. Finn looked up at Mr. Hummel, and he was also looking at his mom the same way.

Weird. . .

"Burt. Call me Burt." He held out his hand and she took it, blushing.

"Carole. Carole Hudson." They both smiled and they wouldn't stop shaking the other's hand. Finn looked at Kurt and he had noticed their crazy look too. They both shared their own look of confusion.

"It's nice to meet you, Carole." Burt said it in a daze and Carole's face burned brighter and brighter. Neither of them had broken apart their hands yet.

"It's nice to meet you too, Burt." Carole looked like she was in a trance. Neither boy really knew what to do. Kurt was the one to break the silence and cleared his throat, loudly. The two adults snapped out of their daze and let go of the other's hand. They looked embarrassed and laughed awkwardly.

"I didn't know our kids had so much in common." Carole was smiling at Burt, and Finn felt very awkward. His mom was kind of flirting with Kurt's dad!

"Me neither. We should get together for coffee one time and talk. I'm sure we might have other things in common as well." Finn looked at his mom and he had never seen her look so happy. She beamed at Burt and scribbled down their home phone number on the back of her receipt.

"I would really like that. How about tomorrow?" She handed Burt the piece of paper and their hands made contact again. They stood there for a second longer than necessary, and Finn felt monumentally awkward now. He looked over at Kurt and he looked terrified.

They were watching their parents make plans for a date!

"Well, we really should get going. But I'll call you about tomorrow."

"Okay. Happy Holidays!" Burt yelled as Kurt practically dragged his father away.

"Happy Holidays!"

Finn looked down at his mother in complete and total shock. What the hell had just happened?

"Mom? What was that?" His mother looked up at him and had the most radiant smile that he had ever seen on her face. It melted years away from her face, and he felt like he was looking at a completely different person.

"I don't know, baby."

"You and Kurt's dad were, like, hypnotized!"

She looked at her son in shock. "You noticed that too? I can't explain it, but, there's something about Burt that makes me feel like a teenager again!"

He didn't know what to think. He had never really seen his mom date anyone before. There was the guy from Emerald Dreams who had broken her heart when he was a kid, but he had never seen his mom even express interest in seeing other men until today. But he couldn't make himself feel bitter or upset about it. His love life might have been in shambles, but his mom should be happy, at least.

He was happy for her. She deserved it.

"Well, I'm happy for you, Mom. Kurt is a good buddy. I'm sure his dad is a good guy too."

"So you wouldn't be upset if I started to see him?"

"I'm not a kid anymore, Mom. I understand that adults can date, too. It's gross to think about, but I won't be mad if it makes you happy." She leaned up and gave her son a kiss on the cheek.

"You're a good boy, Finn. I'm lucky to have a son like you." Finn smiled at his mom. His life might be a mess, but he could still make sure he made his mom proud.

Little did he know that his life was about to change forever.

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