Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters.

Summary: The Montecito jet crashes on an island in the south pacific. Does everyone survive?

Authors notes: I was up late one night, I hadn't slept for nearly 30 hours and I came up with this, a semi cheap rip off of the plane crash on lost, minus the monster and the freaky people and polar bears. Set around the end of season 4/ start of season 5 and Danny and Delinda are NOT together and Jillian has divorced Ed. Mainly Sam.

Chapter 1

"Tell me again, why are we going to Australia?" Sam asked, not fully understanding the reason she left a million dollar client in the hands of her assistant.

"Because after the success of the paintball excursion, I've decided we should go on another team building retreat," Ed told the small casino host.

"If paintballing was so successful why do we have to go to another one?" she asked.

"Because I said so," Ed growled, signally the end of the discussion.

"This sucks," Sam mumbled, as she collapsed on one of the chairs.

"I heard that," Ed said.

"Well I can't wait to get there, I want to hold a Koala Bear," Delinda said with a smile.

"Did you know Koala's aren't actually bears, they are marsupials," Mike informed her.

"Danny, what do you want to do when we get there?" Mary asked.

"I wanna relax on the beach and watch all the hot Aussie babes in their natural habitat," Danny replied, eliciting a chuckle from Mike and a glare from Ed.

"You're a pig," Sam told him.

"I'm a pig?" He asked with a raised brow.

"Yeah, you are,"

"Will you two shut up?" Ed yelled from his seat.

Sam was about to say something when the plane lurched.

Sam was thrown from her chair and hit the ground with a thud. Danny laughed. Sam glared at him, if only looks could kill.

The plane lurched again.

"What going on?" Mary asked worriedly. She never did well on planes.

"Probably just turbulence," Mike told her.

Mary gasped as the lights in the jet went out.

"I don't think this is turbulence Mike," Sam said, who was still on the floor.

Moments later the plane fell from the sky.

Sam groaned as she heard someone say her name.

"Sam? Wake up" Ed told her.

Sam slowly opened her eyes. "What happened?" She asked, as she rubbed her head, and felt a cotton patch on her forehead.

"The plane crashed, you were knocked out," Ed told her.

"How long was I out for?" Sam asked as Ed helped her to slowly sit up.


"Is everyone one alright?" Sam asked worried about her friends.

"The Pilot didn't survive, but everyone else is pretty banged up, but fine," Ed replied.

Sam got up with the help of Ed and took in her surroundings. They were on a tropical beach, the plane behind them, the front of the jet was completely destroyed but the fuselage was still intact.

"Where is everyone?" Sam asked as she noticed her friends weren't in sight.

"They're collecting wood, so we can make a fire," Ed told her.



"Where the hell are we?" Sam asked, with a small voice.

"I have no idea,"