Ch.2 "Girly Secret Exposed"

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~~~Last Time~~~

"Er... Here's the scroll for your friends. They want you to keep in contact by writing into a notebook they sealed in there." Naruto nodded, putting the demon that nearly destroyed Konoha into a head lock and then gave it a noggie. "Well... Bye!" Gamakichi puffed away, too scared from Naruto's anger to ask for the snack she had promised.

"Will you stop that!" Kyuubi hissed as one of the students from another nearby dorm opened the door.

"Huh?" The teen blinked as he saw Uzumaki nogging a hissing fox. "What the heck are you doing to that fox?" Naruto stopped and sweated.

'Uh-oh... How to explain this...' Naruto thought before smirking. "Oh, nothing. My pet fox, Kyuubi just chewed up a brush I liked." Naruto chimed as Kyuubi glared at her. There was no way he was her pet!


'Stupid fox…' Naruto let out a sigh. After some major arguing, he managed to convince the fox he was just pretending being Naruto's pet and wasn't at all indeed the blond's pet. Naruto rather have a cobra for a pet before making the Kyuubi.

"Naruto-chan!" Naruto turned around to sweat as Itachi threw Shisui over his back and onto the floor. Shisui got up with a smile while Itachi let out a sigh.

'Why am I making his, too?' Itachi thought as the three grouped together.

"Itachi-chan, what's for lunch today?" Shisui chimed as Itachi let out another sigh and Naruto grinned at the scene before her. It was like her relationship with Sasuke except no spats or fights.

"Those three are really close together, recently… I heard that they have really good lunch." Fan girls and other people began talking.

"Uzuamki-san's homemade?" One girl chimed.

'Good! They haven't found out!' Itachi thought with a sigh of relief.

They really make a great picture! It's like three princes!" Several thugs glared at the group of three.

"This is good." Naruto chimed with a smile as Itachi blushed when the blond was eating his lunch.

"I want to see the happy expression… Please show me that smile more…"

Itachi shut the manga he was reading. "I'm throbbing." Itachi grabbed the pillow on his bed and hugged it. 'If I'm with her, my real side always come out.' Itachi looked at his room. 'My room's getting more girly and girly! No… Stop, stop!' Itachi slammed his head repeatedly on his pillow before sighing. 'But… Now that I think about it… cooking for someone could be this much fun!'

"I really admire you." Naruto chimed the next day the three were having lunch. Itachi lightly blushed as Naruto smiled. "I think guys who can cook are really fantastic."

"Eh? Then, maybe I should start learning to cook." Shisui chimed. "Naruto-chan, you like those types of guys?"

Naruto looked down at her food and pondered. "I don't know about type or anything, but I admire those who are like real men." Naruto sighed. At least, she wished she was still a guy, but he did admire true men and such, so maybe trying being a girl would help her out.

'Like real men?' Itachi thought as the group finished their lunch, however Naruto had to leave earlier to do something for one of her classes

"Itachi, boys should be like boys…" Itachi remembered his father's words as he leaned against the railing of the roof and looked at the sky.

"Hey, Itachi-chan, why won't you confess to her?" Itachi turned around to fins Shisui standing there.

"W-What?" Itachi stuttered, trying to hide his emotions and failing.

"Why are you hiding it now?" Shisui sighed. "You two really have something together. If it was me, I'd be confessing already."

"…." Itachi just kept his mouth shut as Shisui continued. '"Real men…"' Itachi looked down, depressed.

"Do you think that she'll hate you if she found out about the real you?" Itachi looked at Shisui with shock as the curly hair Uchiha smirked.

"What are you mean, the real me?" Itachi sheepishly smirked.

"I mean, of course, the cooking and sewing!" Shisui chimed with a angel glowing aura around him. "Not to mention the love of fluffy, sparkly, cute things. Things like preferring a caramel macchiato over coffee, pink over blue. Hating snakes and frog and the dark and scary stories. Being moved by romantic stories and shoujo manga as well as having an incredibly girlish way of thinking. That's you, Itachi-chan!"

"H-How did you know that?" Itachi asked in embarrassed shock as Shisui knew everything and in detail!

"Actually, I've been watching you, Itachi-chan since a long time ago." Shisui sighed with a smile.

"…You wouldn't understand what it's like. You live life as you please, hiding nothing." Itachi sighed, glaring at the man before him.

"Even I have some secrets, you know." Shisui frowned at Itachi.

"…My mother… Used to dress me up like a girl when I was little." Shisui blanched as Itachi continued. "She always wanted a daughter, so she did that when my father wasn't around and I began to like being girl like… However, my father soon found out and ordered me to be masculine after finding out my like of girlish hobbies… It doesn't mean I want to be woman, I rather die than that happen…


"So that means you fear that Naruto will reject you like your father." Shisui let out a sigh and looked at the sky."If it were me, I feel like I wouldn't want to lie to someone I really care about. You want to be who you really are when you're around someone you like, right?" Shisui grinned. "Even if she won't accept it in reality."


"Itachi should just get it over with and tell him how she feels. Aww, how exasperating!" Itachi looked at two girls reading Love Chick.

'That surprised me.' Itachi sighed as he turned to the shoe locker that was his. 'There talking about the manga, the main character does have the same name as me.' Itachi blinked, however, when he opened his locker to find a later for him on top of his ninja sandals. He opened it up to find Naruto wanting to talk to him at the abandoned building at the school at eight at night to talk about something. Itachi instantly blushed and decided to go.

'What could this be about?' Itachi thought, standing before the scary building, sweating beads down his head. 'Actually… Don't people say that ghosts are seen here?' Itachi thought, having a fear of ghosts. Once inside, Itachi was on edge as the place was full of extra stuff and such for school.

"I…got here a little early, huh?" Itachi groaned, shivering at the vibe the place gave him.

"Itachi." Itachi jumped and turned around to find Naruto.


"Um… So what did you want to talk about?" Both asked unison before blinking. They then showed each other the letter they had gotten. "Is this some sort of prank?" Naruto asked with a frown, being a prankster herself and mad at being pranked.

"Either way, I don't think it's a good idea to stick around here…" Both nearly leapt out of their skin when something fell over and turned around to find a skeleton for anatomy had fell over and then noises from animals filled the air.

"..It's all right… Let's just get out of here quickly." Naruto blinked as she noticed Itachi pretty pale and took her hand. She noticed the Uchiha sweating and shaking.

'Itachi…' Naruto took her hand out of Itachi's hand and got in front of the Uchiha and took his head. "It's fine." Naruo sighed as Itachi's eyes widen and he blushed.

'Ah, it looks like I really do like her.' Itachi sighed as Naruto lead Itachi to the door, however they found the thugs hat were bullying some weaker ninja standing in the doorway.

"Oh ho, what's this?" The thugs smirked. "Uchiha-kun being protected by a girl?"

"You guys…" Itachi narrowed his eyes at the three thugs he scared off when Naruto was protecting a weaker guy.

"So, it's true that you hate the dark and ghosts, huh?" Itachi's eyes widen in shock. "What was it again, frogs and snakes, too?" Naruto's eyes were wide while she looked at Itachi. "We heard you talking to your distant cousin. You really embarrassed us before, but you think you can win now? We came prepared this time, as you can see." The thugs showed off their weapons.

"Then that letter was…" Naruto frowned, glaring at the thugs.

"I can't believe that the legendary strong and cool Uchiha Itachi is just a pansy with embarrassing hobbies." Naruto's eyes widen in shock. "You don't have a speck of manliness in you."

"…" Itachi remember what Shisui said about not lying to someone he cared about… Even if Naruto would probably not accept him. "I-It's true. I'm not really manly. I've always hidden my real self."

"Move it!" One of the thugs grabbed Naruto while trying to charge Itachi with a bat. "You're in the way!"

"Watch out!" Itachi shouted, ready to protect Naruto, only for the blond to kick the thug across the face and knocking him out, shocking Itachi.

"I've always been a brawler!" Naruto chimed. "The whole time I looked up to the idea of 'manliness.' I wanted to be strong like that myself." Naruto smiled. "Itachi… You're really cute… When I look at you, I start to want to protect you." Naruto happily smiled at Itachi. She didn't know why, but she liked Itachi.

"That girl." The thugs growled before charging for Itachi.

"Ever since I met you…" Itachi turned around and punched one of the attacking him and knocking the other off track. "My disguise has been steadily stripped away. I finally realized you can't continue lying to yourself in front of someone you care about." Itachi took a wooden pole from one of the thugs and knocked out two more of them with his kendo skills. "I like you." Naruto's eyes widen. "Please let me protect you, too."

"Okay!" Naruto chimed before the thugs sweated and both gave them a beat down.


"This is good stuff, Itachi-chan." Shisui chimed while drawing at his working table cover with manga supplies. "My performance as the rival character was also quite impressive… I'll tell him my secret someday, too." Shisui chimed, looking at his work of a female character that looked like Uchiha Itachi and a male character of Naruto. "I wonder if he'll get angry when I tell him he's the model for my main character in Love Chick." Shisui chuckled. "So, my manga will outbeat Icha Icha Paradise, soon!"

"Aniki? Are you-woah." Sasuke blinked as Itachi stopped sewing the cute teddy bear he was sewing out of happiness when his brother came in. Sasuke looked at his brother's dorm room and was kind of shocked at all the girly stuff inside as the hallway and visible places near the door of the apartment didn't show anything.

"Um… Um…" Itachi was speechless, knowing that his little brother probably now looks down on him for seeing all the girly stuff. 'I lost my brother to my girly heart!' Itachi knew his brother would tell his father and he would get scolded.

"So, my guess was right. You're in love." Itachi blinked as Sasuke smirked.

"Eh?" Itachi looked at his brother as if he was crazy.

"You always seemed miserable to me." Sasuke sighed while sitting onto Itachi's couch. "Like you hated being yourself, so I guessed you have been hiding your real self… Though, I didn't think it was a girly self." Sasuke sighed while holding a cute teddy bear with bows on it.

"So, you don't hate me?" Itachi asked, confused.

"Nah… Now that I think about, I guess dad is to blame of making you hide yourself. At least you being girly is better than cousin Obito being a pervert." Sasuke sighed as Itachi nodded. "But, who is the lucky girl?"

"…Uzumaki Naruto…" Itachi blushed, admitting he liked Naruto.

"…You're gay?" Sasuke gasped for Itachi to glare at him. Who knew Itachi hated girls enough to go to looking at men for love.

"Naruto is a tomboy in my grade." Itachi sighed as Sasuke nodded, though the younger Uchiha wondered how the girl got the boy's name. "She has blond hair, lively blue eyes, wears an orange trench coat."

"I see…" Itachi blinked as Sasuke got up. "Well, I'll see you later!"

"…What was that about?" Itachi asked before going back to sewing.

'So, Naruto is a tomboy and wears orange.' Sasuke smirked outside of Itachi's dorm room. 'So, this girl must be super awesome to make Itachi reveal his real self!' Sasuke's eyes sparkled before jumping when the door next to Itachi's opened.

"Heh, heh! Time to do some training!" Sasuke gapped as he saw a blond hair guy come out of the room with lively blue eyes and wearing an orange trench coat. The guy didn't even see Sasuke as he walked down the hall towards the stairs to go probably training.

'N-Nani!' Sasuke looked at the name tag next to the door the blond lived at and he gapped as he saw it was indeed Uzumaki Naruto. '…Wow… Who knew girls could also be transsexuals…' Sasuke sighed, wondering what Naruto was really like. 'Research time!' Sasuke chased after the girl who looked like a guy. He wanted to know who this girl was and why Itachi fell in love with her.


"…So, Naruto is stuck in school again!" Inuzuka Kiba laughed as all of the Konoha Twelve minus two, their senseis, and Jiraiya and Umino Iruka were in the Hokage's office. "Ultimate punishment for all the days he skipped at the academy!"

"Shut it, Kiba!" Haruno Sakura and Yamanaka Ino each punched the dog boy on each side.

"At least we know Naruto is safe." Iruka sighed, glad Naruto was alright.

"Yeah, he is, but we don't know what kind of dangers he might face." Tsunade pinched the bridge of her nose. "I just hope he doesn't do anything stupid."


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