Pull The Trigger

Wasn't one time enough? Raccoon City gave us enough horrors to last a lifetime, but I had to deal with Rockfort Island and you then went to Spain...

We've learned to pull the trigger on monsters that used to be humans and animals. We never gave it a second thought. They were dead; our survival was the most important thing now.

This was worse than the boogieman under the bed or in the closet or in the halls, like a child's nightmare...this was real and it wasn't a child's nightmare. It was ours.

I used to say I'd give anything for adventure. I used to crave excitement and thrills. I guess I got them, but not how I expected it. But I suppose that's what people mean when they say, "Be careful what you wish for..."

Leon, are you still alive?

Did those monsters take you?

I haven't seen you or Sherry since we left Raccoon City. I entrusted her to you, but she was taken away...

I don't blame you for that. Against the powerful odds, you couldn't do anything.

I don't have anything left. All I have is my brother.

But, even though he's been through those horrors like us, I don't feel comforted. I need to know...Leon, are you still breathing?

Is destiny screwing with us?

Damnit, I feel so messed up. Who am I to talk about destiny? As far as I know, you and I were screwed over a lot. Can't we catch a break?

Heh...I'm talking as if you're still alive. I don't even know if you are. Pretending seems to help me keep my mind intact.

Because the only thing worse than losing your mind is finding it again.

I think I had lost it back in Raccoon City. You were always there, though...having you there reminded me of days when Raccoon City used to be a real city. You kept me from losing my sanity and giving up.

Now I know I need you.

I got back from Rockfort with Chris after he found me, but he saw how messed up I was becoming and left me to be cared by one of his friends, Rebecca Chambers. She's a nice girl and seems to understand why I wake up with nightmares, even though I'm not a kid.

I think she's just like me. She had someone who experienced horrors like she did and now that person is gone.


Please find me.

You can set me right. You're the one who helped me live. You're the one who told me to pull the trigger on those monsters that used to be human.

As I lie here and contemplate my own nightmares, I also can't help but wonder...

Do you feel the same way I do? Do you need someone to help you stay sane?

Is that person me?



I suck.

I need to play more Resident Evil before I can get into the minds of characters more. And then come back and write some better stuff.

'Sides, there's nothing regarding Claire in RE4 or RE5, so I wondered what DID happen to her. I think she might have lost her mind somewhere along the events of RE2 and RECV. Since Leon was her first partner, she feels that he's the one who understands her.

Also, I love LeonxClaire. Haters, begone.

REVIEW. Tell me how I can improve as well. I NEED TO KNOW.

-Moonlit Assassin