Summary : When Naruto gets hit by Sasukes chidori Kyubi ends up channeling too much chakra to his system and it starts to mess with his body, is that also a reason why he has a single circle with tomoe around his pupil?

In the valley of end , we can see two people who are so similar , yet so different. One who has set his path to that of revenge. The path which leads only to suffering and most importantly emptiness , this person has dark hair and most importantly blood red eyes with three tomoes looking directly at his opponent who is wearing bright orange jumpsuit and has spiky blond hair, that are sticking at every direction, and deep blue eyes which are intently glaring back at him.

Some people would call these people friends , some would call them rivals . No one would ever thought that there two people are right now the biggest enemies . Both looks ragged and have many bruises and cuts , none of them wants to give up because both of them have their own goals. This of course leads us to the conclusion and final moment of the battle.

On the side of Uchiha Madaras statue stand boy with very dark skin , wild hair , cross shaped scar on his nose and bloody red eyes with one circle , which holds three black tomoes, around its pupil , the backgrounds of his eyes are black . From his back there are two hand-like wings , prepared to make any action needed to ensure the persons victory. This boy wears white shorts and blue T-shirt with holes for his wings and fan symbol between them. This boy is Uchiha Sasuke , The only Uchiha who survived the slaughter of his clan and now the traitor of konoha for leaving it without permission and associating with its worse traitor , The Orochimaru.

Across him at the side of Hashimara Senjus statue there stood the shorter figure with blond spiky hair and deep cold blue eyes , his face was adorned with three whisker-like marks, sharp canines coming from his upper lip, and held pained if not emotionless expression . His bright orange jumpsuit directly requested attention but what would catch you the most was cloak-like shape of red chakra surrounding his small body . This boy is Uzumaki Naruto . Naruto has many nicknames which people would call him going from demon, hell spawn to king of pranks and most unpredictable ninja of konoha . This last nickname is the most used and many people who thinks they know him , don't know him at all… You see they think that Naruto is dumb, but… what kind of person could be dumb with his heritage and thousand years old library in his belly? No , Naruto isn't stupid , he also isn't Shikamaru but his intelligence is quite high.

As these two people are staring at each other they subconsciously starts drawing their powers and form their strongest attacks. In Naruto's hand chakra starts to slowly rotate and make a bright blue ball with streaks of red running through it. From Sasuke's direction can be heard chirping of what sounds like thousands of birds , his hand is slowly incased by black lightings forming flawless chidori.

When Naruto notices this one small tear slid down his cheek and when it falls on ground all hell broke loose. Both fighters propel themselves off the ground heading with tremendous force towards each other with their techniques ready to clash.

While this is going on outside , in the mind of one specific Uchiha is hell, he knows about ways to gain mangekyo but isn't the price too much? Isn't it too much to kill your best friend? ´fuck, friends or not… my quest for revenge , it can't be stopped by these pathetic emotions! DIE, naruto!´ With his mind cleared Sasuke's decision was final , Naruto… will die today.

With the help of sharingan , Sasuke used its calculation abilities to change the direction of his attack ever so slightly and now it was heading towards Naruto's heart. Naruto noticing this with his highly improved senses noticed this but was too late and to completely dodge this attack would be impossible for him , tilting his hand slightly so it will hit Sasuke he prepared for the world of pain… and it came just few moment after…

Ungodly scream filled the valley as the two strong attack's hit theirs intended targets . Sasuke's chidori pierced Naruto just under his heart missing it just by couple millimeters creating a wound that was bleeding drastically fast leaving an unnaturally big pool of blood under the blond. Meanwhile Sasuke's shoulder was slowly tore apart and separated from his torso, blood was shooting in spirals out of his wounds and just as his arm was about to be torn off the rasengan exploded and his chidori dissipated.

Each boy ended in deep crater on their own sides of mountain , Sasuke already lost consciousness from all the blood loss and Naruto was hardly keeping up. This was the scene on which Kabuto arrived and his face turned into a horrid expression as he saw the state Sasuke was in. He quickly went over to him and checked his wound with a fast diagnostic jutsu , confirming his worries. Seeing as there was no other way than stabilize Sasuke on place before moving, he got to work. Meanwhile Naruto couldn't take it anymore and slipped into unconsciousness.

Inside Naruto's mindscape

Walking through the sewers with ankle deep water level, he already knows why he is here… he is dying, and of course the great Kyubi will not end like that. Coming to a stop just before the tremendous gates , he looks up to see two big red eyes staring at him and big mouth laughing at him.

"So, why are you here pitiful mortal?" Kyubi asked in his deep voice laced with slight hatred but more of expectations. Looking at the boy he notices that he is a bit different than before, for first he didn't even flinch when he looked at his eyes and that certainly didn't happen before. For second his normally dumb expression was substituted with something different, the boys eyes had radiated intelligence but most of all wisdom that doesn't belong to such a young child, and for third his face was set in an emotionless expression, this of course scared the Kyubi the most, (well as much as a demon lord can get seeing little boy) he always thought this guy wouldn't close his mouth and shut up for a second and of course that annoying smile of his, but now that it wasn't there … he looked different.

"I guess you already know what I need Kyubi, after all we share the same boy" answered Naruto. Kyubi froze in his cage unable to move, did the boy just admitted that they were one? The same boy who swore to never use his powers? No this wasn't the boy he knew… could it be? Could it be that the boy fooled him? That his entire attitude was just a mask? If this was true than Kyubi was deeply mistaken at the boy, but he didn't want to assume things before he got the answers from the main core.

"Mortal, did you just admitted that you are me, and I am you?" Kyubi asked in a voice that surprised the young boy, the voice was like always laced with hatred and malice, but this time he could almost feel the surprise and hope in its voice. Naruto shook out of his thoughts and looked straight in the eyes of the humongous kitsune.

"That I did, it would be foolish to declare otherwise seeing as if one of us will die , then so will the other. Now to the main issue which we need to decide. As of now I am officially dropping my mask of happiness and becoming what I am without it. I don't know if you had or hadn't idea about it, seeing as the seal will only allow you to be connected with me when I am in near dead state or I will let you."Naruto replied in him emotionless voice.

Looking at the Kyubi he didn't look surprised "Well, of course I knew I am the great Kyubi no kitsune mortal!" Naruto sweat-dropped because he knew that the Kitsune lied "And as you were mentioning I know what you are here for, you got your ass handled by that foolish Uchiha and now your body is a giant mess and you want me to repair it." Kyubi replied and started to send waves of red chakra to Naruto's body "One last thing mortal… I don't want to see you lose again!" and with that Kyubi went back to his cage to concentrate on repairing his vessel's body.

"Don't worry… I won't." replied Naruto just before the chakra reached him. In a matter of seconds the red chakra flooded his body and he let out another inhuman scream. Every chakra and blood path were hurting, it was like acid was poured into his body to slowly dissolve every tissue every nerve and every vessels to end his miserable life. Just as he thought he got the pain under control he heard a crack, this was quickly followed by another and by the time he figured what it has been his entire body was broken and limply lying on the ground. Increasing his already inhuman scream he could feel the pain slowly moving from the lowest half of his body upward. His muscles ripping and reforming, his bones shattering and growing anew his chakra and blood paths widening and chakra in it compressing and becoming denser, his nerves forming anew. Just as it was about to reach his head he with horror realized that his eyes burned out and there wasn't anything but dull eye socket. Now only in his head the red chakra started to form the last organ required to be repaired… his eyes.

Naruto was panting in his mindscape from all the stress his body suffered just now, he was about to stand but caught reflection of himself in the water. He was looking just like before , but his muscles were more ripped and defined , but what caught his attention were his eyes. These eyes weren't his normally ocean blue, no… There eyes were red , and they had one tomoe on a circle around his pupil.

"Sharingan?" Naruto asked , unsure if it was real or just illusion. He got his answer when he looked at his arm, he could see the powerful chakra flowing around it and when he waved with it he could see it in slow-like motion. Naruto, fascinated by this new discovery cut the chakra flow in his eyes and looked into water to see his normally ocean blue-like eyes looking back at him. When he again focused some chakra into his eyes he silently muttered "sharingan" and there it was again, Naruto realized that it wasn't a dream , he really had sharingan.

"What did I do to deserve these accursed eyes? Well no matter they will help me with my objectives, I will have to ask Kyubi as to what happened to me because I don't believe it was intentional. " Said Naruto, already concentrating to leave his mindscape.

If he wouldn't have left he could have hear the Kyubi muttering something to himself "Hm, very interesting I will have to investigate this and find the cause because I sure as hell don't know what happened."His voice was surprisingly filled with excitement.

Outside the mindscape 5 minutes ago

Kabuto finally ended stabilizing the Uchiha as the damage was very extensive and couldn't be healed properly without time and medical instruments, which he didn't have. He was about to leave but remembered the Kyubi jinchuriki. His master wanted him dead, so why not kill him when he is vulnerable? He created shadow clone and handed him Sasuke. Doing five hand seals his right hand was enclosed in blue light which soon formed into a scalpel. Jumping over the river he kneeled next to Naruto and prepares to stop his heart. Focusing on his attack he didn't expect to be blown away by a powerful red chakra what surrounded naruto in a shield showing no weak point for breach.

Kabuto seeing this misfortune sighed and too Sasuke back from his clone, that dispelled. "This big chakra surge will surely be spotted and I can't afford to lose my time with trying to breach it, I have to deliver this little Uchiha to lord Orochimaru. Well, see you next time Naruto-kun." He cackled evilly and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

About two minutes later Naruto awoke to see the destruction he and his former teammate caused. This was the scene that Kakashi arrived to see, he looked over to Naruto and his on eye slightly widened at the picture. Naruto was perfectly fine and there wasn't as much as a scratch on him, but his clothes spoke otherwise, in his clothes were two holes which looked like chidori made them. Mostly his clothes were torn , ragged and stained by blood. Kakashi of course frowned upon the thoughts of Sasuke using chidori to kill Naruto, this surely wasn't the purpose he taught him for.

Seeing as Naruto was awake he called to him "Naruto!" Naruto turned with his now new emotionless façade and answered with "Hello Kakashi-sensei how are you doing?" To say that Kakashi was startled by this emotionless Naruto would be an underestimation, his visible eye widened and even though he had a mask you could see that his mouth was fully open and jaw as low as the mask allowed it. Naruto allowed himself a small smile as he saw his ´teacher's´ reaction but it disappeared as fast as It came.

Kakashi coming from his shock asked him a question that Naruto knew was coming "Where is Sasuke Naruto? Tell me your mission report." With that Naruto proceeded to explain everything that needed to. He told Kakashi as he came to the valley and reasoned with his teammate, he also told him how they fought and that Sasuke aimed to kill him, and lastly he told him how Sasuke changed trajectory of his chidori to kill and that Sasuke almost pierced his heart and he almost torn Sasuke's arm. "So how did you survive ?" Asked Kakashi innocently although he already knew the answer as he felt the pressure of Kyubi's chakra miles away from the valley. His suspicion was proven correct when Naruto confirmed that the fox somehow healed him, Naruto decided that Kakashi didn't need to know the truth.

Just as Naruto finished the story , Kakashi asked him if he needed to be carried or if he could run alone. Naruto said that he was okay and that whatever the fox used healed him fully. And so they both got on their journey home, to Konoha.

The journey went easily without any conversation between sensei and his student , Kakashi was contemplating on why Sasuke left and that he had failed as a teacher. Naruto's thoughts were completely different as he was thinking about his plans and what would he do in the future, he had already decided that Konoha wasn't a place for him , but the real issue was how to get out without being listed in the bingo book and having hunter-nins on his tail.

Just as they reached the gate they could already make out the blurs that were standing in it. There was everyone from Konoha twelve except those who has been injured, also there was Tsunade, Shizune and Jiraya, the last two people standing near the gate were gatekeepers Izumo and Kotetsu. Just as Naruto stepped in the gate he was enveloped in a bone crashing hug coming from a slug princess, pat on the head by Jiraya and another hug , not so vicious this time, from Shizune who was mumbling about never letting her little brother doing something like that again.

"Hello everybody." Said Naruto, surprising everyone with his monotone voice. Tsunade was first to recover from her shock and asked what happened, so Naruto once again explained everything except the Kyubi interaction part, everyone's eyes were wide and dangerously near to fall from their sockets. This reaction was due to several circumstances , most of people were like this because of Naruto's speech, there was no anger, no regret , hell not even sadness that he lost his teammate and best friend , his voice was like before emotionless and blank. Then there were single reaction like anger on Kakashi for teaching Sasuke technique that almost killed Naruto and some others, but the reaction of one person was different from all of them.

This person was Haruno Sakura, her eyes told everything she was mostly sad , sad that her Sasuke-kun didn't come back and that he betrayed them all, then there was regret, regret that she couldn't have stopped him herself and that was weak like always, the last was something that she tried to cover but was failing miserably. The last emotion flicking in her eyes was anger, anger towards Naruto that he failed to fulfill his promise and bring back her Sasuke-kun, the only love in her life.

With that in mind she prepared her fist and went over to Naruto. Naruto feeling the low killer intent coming from his pink-haired teammate turn just in time to see punch coming for his head, reacting quickly he caught her wrist and palm stroke Sakura to the abdomen, sending her ten meters from the gate.

Everyone was in shock as Naruto hit his self proclaimed only love in his life, but that quickly increased with the words Naruto said "Why were you about to attack me Sakura?" Again, there was not even a sliver of his past attitude, which shocked all of them most, this couldn't be Naruto right? He was always asking Sakura on the date and cherishing her.

"Because you failed to fulfill your promise! You are nothing but a monster and I hate you! Don't ever come or speak to me again!" Sakura cried out running away.

The crowd was angry at Sakura but this once again turned to shocked expression with Naruto's reply "Okay" he said , and again there wasn't any regret or sadness , not even his eyes betrayed anything, this was just so out of place, this emotionless face just didn't belong to Naruto… no something had to be wrong, motioning for the gate keepers to leave she decided to solve this problem.

"What the hell happened with you Naruto ?! You are just completely different from the boy we knew and who was sent on the Sasuke retrieval mission." Shouted Tsunade getting nods from everyone present and calculating look from perverted sannin. Naruto once again shocked them with his simple answer.

"Well when your best friend runs chidori through your heart its pretty easy to change you know?" He lied but faked it with a small smile that immediately warmed all of the people in vicinity. With that they left all dispersed with Tsunade, Jiraya and Naruto going to the Hokage tower with the latter wondering about his changes and what have Kyubi found out about it. After they arrived at the Hokage tower Naruto wrote down the written report and left for his home to get some sleep.

Inside Naruto's mindscape

After getting home Naruto entered his mindscape and prepared to talk with Kyubi. Coming into the room with big gate he stood patiently waiting for two red eyes to appear. He wasn't waiting too long as two red eyes and mouth with sadistic grin, ´he must have born with it´ thought Naruto, came into view."Well Kyubi, what do you have for me?" asked Naruto calmly.

Kyubi seeing his calm façade just snorted "Weak human not fearing my presence , I must losing my touch" mumbling the last part although Naruto heard it. "Anyway you have there one pretty interesting body so ask me one question at a time and I will answer it, then we will proceed with other questions" added Kyubi.

"Okay then, the first question I would like to ask is, why was my body ripping and changing? It was like reforming…" Naruto left his question at this. Kyubi's mouth formed amused grin before answering "This … reformation as you formulated it , is something that was caused by my chakra … and your bloodline" Waiting for the blond's outburst he sighed in dismay when it didn't come, he was so sure that he having a bloodline would get a rise of him, well never mind.

"I will start with your bloodline, it is the coming from Namikaze clan, children of this clan have about fifty percent of receiving it but even if they receive it there are gaps between them, some are stronger and others are weaker. Yours was exponentially strong , its abilities are following, as Namikaze's were known for their speeds their bodies need strengthening or they wouldn't survive. So easily said, your bloodline is increasing your resilience , bone density , chakra density , widening blood paths, chakra paths, well just whatever you can think of."Kyubi stopped here to let everything sink in before continuing.

"Normally these changes would have happened over the time but in your case it was drastically increased in speed and capabilities. The catalyst , of course, my chakra. When I was repairing your body I had to put too much chakra in your pathways and it found your hidden bloodline and started to expand it, because of this your body had to be reformed as to satisfy the new changes . But now your body is beyond human, I will go and try to compare it to opponents you met. " Kyubi again paused to let the information sink in and continued after getting Naruto's nod.

"Starting with your bones, hmm… I think that your bones are close to Kaguya clan, while they are not as strong and dense as theirs they are pretty close. Your blood paths widened slightly and organs increased in their size pumping more blood and air in your muscles, and this in human terminology give you a perfect body, of course you can be hurt and bleed to dead it will just take more wounds and serious injuries. Now to the most interesting topic, your chakra." Here again Kyubi let Naruto ponder on the information so far and after few minutes continued.

"Seeing as you already had pretty big chakra reserves , the pathways had to be increased , so your chakra became twice as big , now you are somewhere near kage level chakra reserve and it will increase.. to my calculation in your prime you will have the chakra reserves worth of three tails of my power, but then again reserves aren't what make you strong , it is the control. But the most interesting thing that happened is that your chakra became to a point where your chakra is so dense that you can probably, with a lots of control, mold it into shaped objects , like kunais etc… actually this has already happened as your are subconsciously creating a small layer of chakra, invisible to the human naked eye, on the top of your body, like a shield if you will.. so all in all your chakra density , while not same as mine, is pretty close." With this Kyubi ended the anatomy lesson.

Naruto stood there , flabbergasted at what he just heard, but at the same time he was extremely happy, he needed some aces so he could leave Konoha and not worry about the hunter-nins but now if he would train and then leave there would be no problem. Still there was one more question that was plaguing his mind "Well that is pretty interesting , but now to the other question, why do I have Sharingan? "

Kyubi chuckled at this, the curiosity of humans was never-ending, and he liked that."Heh heh, I have intentionally left out this part, but it is also because of my chakra and your bloodline. For you to understand you have to know that I am apart of entity which sharingan descended from, lets just say that my DNA carries sharingan and leave it at that. Normally your bloodline would upgrade your eyes, for them to be able to keep up with your speed, but seeing as that bloodline transformation was already mixed with my DNA from my chakra, it started to reform your eye differently. First it burnt out your old eyes and then used your DNA to form new ones with the enhanced vision, but seeing as my DNA is very powerful it also mixed in your eye and created Sharingan. Easily said you have eyes like any normal Namikaze , well just sharper and better, but you can also activate sharingan with all of its perks." Kyubi finished the long explanation and took a breath, he needed water… ´Damn this cage! Damn you Yondaime, you could have at least leave me some water and food in here´ thought Kyubi.

Seeing the evil smile on Naruto's face he leaned in to hear him better "This is fantastic Kyubi! Now with Kage Bunshin no jutsu and Sharingan we can become strong really fast and then leave Konoha!" Naruto shouted not hiding the delight in his voice, preparing to leave he was hold by Kyubi's voice once more.

"Wait, mortal! I have one more thing to tell you, and that is about your affinities." Here he paused but grinned slightly at catching Naruto's attention "I don't know if it can be classified as a bloodline but you had pretty high affinity for water, wind and lighting" said Kyubi mysteriously. "Had ? What do you mean had?" Naruto asked with narrowed eyes."What I mean mortal is that thanks to my chakra increasing your chakra development your nature chakra changed, it didn't change nature but more like its potential." Seeing as Naruto processed the information he set on quickly explaining this."Since I am , what you could say product of nature, I am deeply bonded with it as is my chakra, by having my chakra altering yours, your nature chakra became more violent and more potent than any human could ever dream of. I don't know its exact capabilities but we will soon work on this, for now I am going to sleep but be prepared for harsh training once I decide myself what I want for you." And with that the red eyes disappeared and Naruto faded from his mindscape.

Outside Naruto's mindscape

Looking at his arms and sending chakra to his eyes, thus activating the sharingan, he can see the thin layer of chakra resting calmly on it, he smiles at this and close his eyes. Just before falling asleep he thinks of his grandiose plans and a way to get out of Konoha ninjas site.