Deal with the Devil

The rain that morning was intense. It pounded on the windows of the dataDyne building while the workers inside were bustling about. One of these workers, a middle sized red haired woman with blue green eyes that could be soft and warm one moment and as cold and hard as twin chips of ice the next, walked calmly into a room. The door had a nameplate that read, "Meeting Room."

The room had plain beige walls and a hard blue marble floor with dataDyne's emblem on it. There was a sleek Maplewood table in the center of the room with six chairs placed around it. The only chair that was filled held a brooding man in a white coat. He had blond hair and almost black eyes with a subtle hint of brown.

The woman set her tote purse .on the ground beside her as she sat at the opposite end of the table so she could face the man. "Is there a reason you called me here today Mister Blonde?" she asked in a small voice that gave the slightest notion that the woman feared the man she had called Mister Blonde.

Blonde smiled thinly as he answered in a deep voice, "As a matter of fact, there is. I'm sure you are already aware of this, but Cassandra De Vries is dead."

The woman, who had just been about to drink from a mug of coffee, abruptly dropped the mug onto the floor, shattering it and spilling the hot coffee. She didn't appear to notice. "Wh-what did you say sir?"

"Ah, apparently you didn't know. Yes, Cassandra De Vries is dead."

"That can't be all. You didn't call a meeting to discuss funeral plans did you?" The woman had recovered most of her composure for she was gathering a few towels and mopping up the mess she had made.

"You do realize that she has a daughter that she had wanted to run dataDyne when she died don't you, Katrina?"

Katrina scowled at Blonde. "Of course I knew that!" she snapped, her voice losing the frightened edge and replacing it with a much sharper tone. She was about to go on, but Blonde stopped her with a raised hand.

"I understand what you mean. Why have an inexperienced teenager run such an important company"

"What are you getting at, sir?" Katrina asked impatiently.

Blonde ignored her. "Unfortunately, Cassandra has already placed maximum security on her computer. I believe she's rigged it so that only she and her daughter can get on to her personal files. That will present a problem if we just kill her daughter."

"Would you get to the point already, sir?"

Blonde just placed a small vial onto the table. "Think about it," he whispered. Then he got up and left without another word.

Katrina sighed softly. "I knew it would come to this."