Trapped in a Winter Wonder Land

Just a little ficlette that popped into my head during the 3.5 days of the snowicaine of 2010. Just a funny little story that popped into my mind. I haven't abandoned my other stories, it's just thos one wouldn't leave me alone.

Description: Draco and Harry some how become trapped in a pretty little snow globe. They are forced to stay inside until they work out their differences. Just how long is that going to take?

'Italics'= thoughts

Warnings: Some sexy, slashy, smutty goodness. M/M, Anal, WAFF, HJ, Oral, WIP, others to come


"Watch it Potter, sneered Draco Malfoy, Prince of Slytherin, Head Boy and school-wide Sex God.

"Stuff it Ferret Face," was the response of Harry Potter, The Chosen One, resident Gryffindor hero, and sworn enemy of said Slytherin. Draco's response was to put on his trademarked Malfoy smirk and continue down the hallway. All Harry could do was glare at his retreating form and continue walking with Ron and Hermione. What Harry didn't see was the exchange between his two best friends; the rolling of the eyes, shrugging of the shoulders, and Hermione's pointed look in the direction Malfoy had just went then back to Harry. Ron subtly nodded his understanding and Harry never noticed any of this. The Golden Trio continued to their next class, Harry grumbling about stupid ferrets the rest way until they took their seats in the classroom.

"Ron something has to be done about those two," Hermione said in hushed tones, meaning Harry and Draco. "The war's over, they fought on the same side for Merlin's sake!"

"I know Hermione," Ron said quietly, casting a look around the common room to make sure no one was paying attention to them and that Harry was no where about.

"Well I might have an idea, but it's kind of extreme…" Hermione began tentatively.

"Well lets here it, anything's better than seeing those two go at it all the time," Ron exclaimed, excited for some kind of solution.

A Few Days Later

When Harry walked through the portrait door after his last class, it was to enter an unusually empty common room. Harry thought it was odd, but ignored it as he began to walk over to his favorite chair by the fireplace. He was just about to sit down when he noticed something out of place sitting on one of the tables used for homework. Getting up, he walked over to inspect the wayward object. It looked like a snow globe that held a winter scene with in. 'How odd,' Harry thought as he reached down to pick it up. When his fingers made contact with the glass of the globe he was gone.

Draco Malfoy entered his common room after his last class and walked into the dungeons to find it over crowed and noisy. He immediately made his way to his bedroom. Making his way to his bed he noticed an unusual object sitting in the middle of it. He glanced around to see if any one was around before moving closer to his bed. He saw that the object in question appeared to be a snow globe with a winter scene inside. Curious as to why someone would leave a snow globe on his bed he reached out to pick it up. As soon as his hands grasped it he was gone.

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