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The boys sat on the bench in silence, taking off their skates and putting their shoes back on. They each made their way back to the cottage and set their skates by the door. Harry made his way towards the kitchen and Draco towards the fire place. While Harry placed a pot of water on to boil, Draco poked the fire to life, adding wood until the fire burned warmly. Draco selected a book from one of the shelves and settled down to read while Harry cooked.

Harry in the mean while was preparing a pasta dish for the two of them. He made it simple, not in the mood to do anything special. He chose to make pasta with oil and garlic, one of his favorites. When it was finished he plated it and selected a wine that would go well with it. Once the table was set he called Draco over and the two sat down to eat. They sat in silence that was broken by requests to pass various items and comments by Draco on how good the meal was. Eye contact was avoided for the most part. Harry found every time he met the blonde's eyes his mind would automatically stray to that almost kiss on the lake and he would find himself turning red.

Eventually the wine took its course and the two began to participate in conversation. By the time the meal was over more than half the bottle was gone and each man sported a slight flush. With a flick of his wand, Draco set the dishes to clean themselves. They each grabbed their wine glass and Draco grabbed the wine bottle. They seated themselves on the couch and Draco topped off each glass. Conversation ranged through a variety of topics. Classes, quidditch, politics, and what ever else came to mind. Each of them were surprised by how easily conversation came despite the wine.

"You can't be serious," exclaimed Draco, "the Appleby Arrows, that's your team?"

"Well yeah, I suppose you cheer for the Falmouth Falcons?" said Harry, wrinkling his nose in distaste of the notoriously violent team.

"As a matter of fact, yes, I do." Said Draco with a smirk. "Makes for an interesting match to watch. Since when do you shy away from a little rough play?" Draco asked, a twinkle in his eye. Draco held Harry's eyes until the brunette looked away, blushing slightly from the alcohol and the memory from earlier. Harry cleared his throat and reached for his wine glass. Draco smiled slightly and leaned back, relaxing. He stretched his arm along the back of the couch. Harry sat close enough that his shoulder was within reach of Draco's hand. Draco took advantage of this and ran his fingers gently over the other mans shoulder. Harry snapped his head to look at where Draco's fingers played along his shoulder. He could already feel the goose bumps working their way along his body. Harry looked from Draco's hand to his face, a puzzled look on his face. All Draco did in response was smile slightly.

Harry didn't know how to react to this deliberate contact. It stirred feelings in him that he didn't fully understand. "What the hell!" Harry thought. "Is he messing with me, trying to embarrass me? No, that doesn't seem likely, not after how he's been acting lately. Maybe… maybe he's…" While Harry was stuck in his musings he didn't notice Draco scooting closer to him on the couch and lean in. In fact, he didn't notice until Draco's face was right in front of his. Harry, startled, tried to move back only to realize he was already against the arm of the couch. Harry's heart beat sped up as Draco leaned in closer. Harry couldn't meet Draco's eyes, afraid of what he might see in them, so he looked away. Draco would not stand for this and reached forward and placed his hand on Harry's chin making it so that Harry was once again facing him. Harry sat frozen, not even daring to blink. Draco leaned his face closer to Harry's, grey eyes locked with green. Their breaths mingled together, warm and spiced from the wine. Still holding onto Harry's chin, gently but firmly, he leaned foreword and pressed his lips against Harry's. That was all it took for Harry. Harry closed his eyes and tilted his head, pressing his lips more firmly against Draco's.

Draco was surprised by the reaction but didn't let that stop him from responding in kind to Harry's kiss. He could feel his body reacting to the kiss and that only spurred him to seek more contact with the brunette. Draco's hand moved from Harry's chin to his hair, tangling it into the already tousled locks. His other hand found its way to Harry's waist. Harry's arms wrapped themselves around Draco's neck, moving them even closer together. Draco went up onto his knees to gain better access to Harry's mouth, bringing them chest to chest. At the first tentative swipe of Draco's tongue, Harry nearly moaned. Harry granted him entrance to his mouth, further aroused by the feel of the blonde's probing tongue. At this point Harry decided to let Draco takeover the kiss and relaxed himself against the couch. There was nothing needy or rushed about the kiss. It was relaxed, allowing each man to savoir the experience.

When Draco finally moved away Harry remained exactly where he was. He sat, leaning back against the couch, eyes closed, and head spinning; and that wasn't just because of the wine either. All he could think was, "Wow." When Harry finally did opened his eyes it was to see the bedroom door clicking shut.