Hello there, well isn;t my first story, just the first one here.

General story info:

Takes place during Dawn of the duel, other season spoilers.

Main characters will be Yugi and Yami.

Full Summary: For some reason, when the gang enters Yami's world in dawn of the duel, Yugi can be seen and touched. he is imediatly kidnapped and sold as a slave. Yami begins a search for his Hikari as Yugi is tortured to the breaking point. Will Yami ever find him? and if he does, will Yugi ever be the same?

Rating may go up at authors descretion.



Chapter 1

More than a Memory

"We made it guys, the world of the Pharaoh's memories!" Yugi said looking at the Egyptian city far below. Joey, Tristan and Tea ran to see, but Shadi stayed back.

"This is where I must leave you." Shadi stated causing the friends to turn to him.

"WHAT?!?!" Joey asked looking at the spirit.

"I am not permitted to enter this land. I wish you luck, you will need it." Shadi said as he began to fade into the background. Yugi and the others nodded as Shadi faded completely.

"So any idea how to get down from here?" Joey asked, Yugi smiled and threw himself from the sky-ridden pyramid.

"YUGI!" the others shouted, "I was afraid of that!" Joey said as he and the rest of the gang followed Yugi's example.

They fell through the air, Yugi laughing, the rest screaming. Surprisingly enough, they all landed on their feet, even Joey. The gang looked around, surveying their surroundings. The people were dressed strangely, most wore tan or white robes or tunics and quit a few wore turbans.

"Whoa, look at all these people! It's like we stepped back in time or something." Tristan said

"You mean fell out of the sky back in time, and what did you expect? He's a 5000 year old Pharaoh! They didn't exactly have jeans 5000 years ago!" Tea commented dwelling once again on how she really needed some female friends.

"Whatever, point is, we're gonna stick out like sore thumbs!" There Tristan had a point.

"Maybe, you guys will," Yugi said causing the others to turn to him, "But I think I'll fit right in." he was right. Gone were his blue jeans and tank top, Yugi was now wearing a rough tan tunic with a chord belt at his waist. While the rest had maintained their 21st century garments, Yugi looked like he belonged here.

"Whoa, Yug, what's with the costume change?" Joey asked as Yugi plucked at his tunic.

"No Idea." Yugi said looking down at himself. "Maybe it has something to do with the Millennium Puzzle."

The friends began to discuss this new development; unfortunately none noticed they were being watched.

A man with a rough robe and turban watch the young boy. He was perfect, just what Kassim was looking for! Although the boy did seem to be talking to himself, but that could be easily fixed. Silently he snuck up behind the young boy.

"Maybe it was something you ate?" Tristan suggested only to be hit over the head by Tea.

"That's right Tristan; Airplane food has such magical properties." The rest of the group laughed at Tristan's expense. Yugi suddenly felt pain blast across his head and he lost consciousness.

"YUGI!" His friends shouted as he toppled and fell face first into the dirt. They looked behind where Yugi had been standing and saw a man throw a club to the side. He wore a robe and turban just like most of the people, but unlike most he had an evil smile.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? YOU CAN'T JUST KNOCK OUT MY FRIEND LIKE THAT!" Joey shouted at the man, he didn't seem to notice. He just stared at Yugi and smiled wider.

"HEY I'M TALKIN TO YOU!" Joey said and took a swing at the man, but his fist passed through the man's cheek like he wasn't there.

"What the-" Joey said as his momentum carried him in a full circle. The man bent down and picked up Yugi throwing him haphazardly over his shoulder.

"HEY! LEAVE HIM ALONE!" it was now Tristan's turn to throw a punch, he too passed right through the man. The man chuckled and started off with Yugi thrown over his shoulder.

"What's goin on?" Tristan asked, "Why can't we slug the guy?"

'I don't know but I get the feeling we can't touch anything here!" Joey said trying to touch a little girls head as she passed by. Sure enough his hand passed right through her like she wasn't there, and she continued on her way as if nothing had happened.

"Not only that, I don't think they can see us either!" Tea commented thinking about the man's lack of reaction. "We have to get to the Pharaoh! He'll know what to do!"

"Good idea, but how do we know he'll be able to see us?" Tristan asked.

"We have to try." Tea said and he nodded, it was their only hope.

"You guys go ahead." The other two looked at Joey who was watching the man walking away with Yugi on his shoulder.

"Aren't you coming?" Tristan asked confused.

"No." Joey said not turning, "Yugi's in trouble and if we leave him now we'll never be able to find him again. I'll follow the jerk and find you two when I know where he's taking Yug. Then we can bring the Pharaoh to him."

'But Joey..." Tea said trying to reason with him.

"No buts Tea, My minds made up, Yug's always had my back and now he needs me to have his. I'll see you soon." Tea Nodded and Joey took off after the man who was just turning a corner with Yugi still unconscious on his back.

"So what now?" Tristan Asked as Joey disappeared.

"Now we find the Pharaoh." The stepped out onto the street and turned around. Tea gasped, right in front of them was a huge golden palace.

"Well," Tristan said, "I guess that would be a good place to start." Tea nodded and the headed off to find the Pharaoh.

Yami was sitting on his throne speaking with his counsel. It was mid afternoon and the Egyptian sun was blazing over head.

"My Pharaoh, we must do something to protect the people from Bakura. For I know he will return."

"Are you suggesting that the Pharaoh is doing nothing?"

"Not at all, I was merely saying…"

Yami ran a hand through his tricolored hair as the two counsel men continued to bicker. He had a headache, and the constant bickering of old men was not helping.

He missed his friends, the adventure they had had together, but most of all he missed Yugi. He missed his age belying wisdom, his quiet company and his angelic smile. A smile crossed Yami's own lips when thinking of his Hikari.

Pain erupted in the back of his head and Yami cried out. The pain lasted only a second, but it was intense. When it passed, Yami was surprised to find he held his head in his hands. Releasing himself he raised his head and looked at the counsel. They all stared at him, silence covered the room.

"Pharaoh…are you alright?" Yami nodded and gestured for the men to continue, which they did cautiously and a little quieter than before. The Pharaoh, however was no longer in the room with them, no his mind was back in the future, back to the 21st century.

He knew the pain had not been his own, but it made no sense that it would be Yugi's because the link had been silent since he had arrived here.

/Yugi…/ He called through the link, not expecting an answer. He was not disappointed. The link remained silent. Yami was sure that the pain had come through the link, so what was going on? Yami was worried about his Hikari's well being, but he had no way of contacting him, after all Yugi wouldn't be born for nearly 5000 more years.

"Pharaoh?" Yami looked back at the counsel; they were staring at him again.

"I'm sorry, my mind is elsewhere. Let us continue this discussion later." He said rising from his throne, the rest of the counsel followed suit. The members bowed as he past them and went out the door. Yami walked silently down the halls considering the events of the day. He arrived at his quarters and walked past the guards stationed by his door into his room. Taking off his heavy cape he went out onto the balcony.

He stood on the edge and surveyed his city, the sun was just beginning to set casting the whole city in a golden glow. He could see the damage Bakura had done on his last trip through town. His thoughts of Bakura were short lived however as his lind turned back ti his light.

Yugi, he thought, be safe. What yami couldn't know was that Yugi was anything but safe. That Yugi was about to wake up in hell, and I would be many months before they would see each other again.

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