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Chapter 11

Healing touch

Anknadin hurried down the hall. The full moon was only five days away and he had to have the boy in hand before that day came. He was watching the boy very closely. Yugi was never without someone by his side and every day the boy began to open up. But he would not give up! There had to be a way!

"Yo Pharaoh! I gotta talk to you!" Joey shouted running into the throne room, quite literally through the door. Yami looked up from the document he was reading. Surprised before he remembered no one could see or hear the other boy coming into the room. He acted nonchalantly as he looked back at the document before nodding and making his royal mark handing it back to the council member who quickly left the room.

The Pharaoh got up and stretched signaling to his guards that he was leaving the throne room before doing so. Joey followed him and once they were in the hall He turned to the boy.

"What's the matter Joey?"

"Yugi's been back for a few weeks and you haven't even let him see us!" Joey shouted angrily, Yami froze and looked at Joey as if he had answered all of life's questions.

"Joey you're brilliant!" Yami shouted as he started off again faster than before. Joey stood perfectly still looking confused as Yami walked through him.

"What'd I do?" He asked blinking away his confusion. "Yami what's going on?"

"I've been trying to figure out why nothing I do has been working! Why has nothing helped Yugi remember who I am and who he is? It's because I'm not the one he needs he needs you! His best friends! Come on!" Yami said breaking into a run trying to make it to Isis' chambers as quickly as possible.

Joey was confused but followed Yami through the halls of the palace any way.

"Isis!" Yami called as he entered the room. The healer did not look up from the wound she was tending on a servants hand, though the servant jumped and winced in pain.

"Pharaoh, I care not who you are if you cannot enter my chambers without respect for those I will treat I will ask you to refrain from entering at all." She said as she continued wrapping the girl's hand. Yugi was sitting on a chair in the corner dangling his short legs over the edge. He jumped slightly and his eyes hit the ground.

"My apologies Isis, I came to get Yugi." Isis looked up at the Pharaoh and raised an eyebrow.

"I do hope you're not going to overwhelm him. He still has not recovered fully." She said with obvious distaste.

Yami smiled and rolled his eyes. He liked Isis, she was one of the only people who treated him like a person rather than a ruler, most thought she was insane and if anyone but the trusted healer treated the pharaoh with such an air of equality no one would stand for it.

"No Isis, but he cannot stay in a room alone or by my side at all times I have an idea." Isis rolled her eyes but there was a small smile on her lips as she nodded and gestured her approval.

Yugi stood without being told and walked over to Yami standing as ever dutifully behind him. Yami sighed and left the room Yugi trailing behind.

As soon as they were out of the room Yami turned to Yugi and knelt down in front of him.

"Yugi please look at me." He said softly, shaking Yugi obeyed and amethyst stared into crimson.

"Yugi, some of your friends are here, would you like to see them?" He asked Yugi shuddered and looked down again tears falling from his innocent eyes.

"N-No…please sir, I'll be good! I promise!" He whimpered falling to his knees before the Pharaoh. He remembered the last time he had been told his friends were there.

"Slave!" Yugi shook as he stopped and stood respectfully as his master entered. His wrists crossed in front of him and his head bowed.

"Yes Master." He answered. His Master approached him. And grabbed his hair ripping it backwards forcing Yugi's head back as he whimpered in pain. The Master smirked and looked at the boy with evil eyes.

"A few of your friends came by asking to see you. Would you like that slave?" Without thinking Yugi looked at his Master in confusion. Instantly a hand whipped across his cheek reminding him of his place. His eye met the ground again.

"I asked you a question slave! You would do well to answer it!" Yugi began to tremble, there was something wrong with this but for the life of him, Yugi could not place what it was.

"Y-Yes master." He finally said still trembling and trying to keep himself from looking back at his Master. The Master smirked and released Yugi hair only to shove him in front of him.

"Well let's get going then." Yugi stumbled as His Master pushed him along again and again he almost hit the floor. His Master muttered under his breath calling him useless and pathetic. Tears fell from Yugi's eyes he had to be more than that he had to be.

"Ah here we are." The Master said standing in front of a door. "Say hello to your friends for me!" He spat opeing the door and pushing Yugi inside. With a yelp Yugi landed face first on the stone ground and groaned. He heard cold laughter above him. And looked up it was the same men who had forced him to lick their boots! Micha laughed.

"Looks like you're all ours tonight slave!" He said cracking a whip. Yugi whimpered wondering if he would live to see morning.

Yugi shuddered as he remembered. That night had left him scarred in more ways that one his body had been beaten almost beyond recognition but he had lost all hope of anything in life but slavery. Now it was about to happen again. Yugi wondered what more could be taken from him. He had nothing left to give.

Why would his master do this? He had thought things were going so well between them. He had been a good slave! Only doing what his master told him to do, never over stepping boundraries or forgetting his place. What had he done to deserve this?

"Here we are!" The pharaoh said stopping in front of a door and pushing it open.

"Yugi!" Came a cry from inside and before he could react he was surrounded on all sides by hugs. There were three people, two boys and a girl.

"God we missed ya kid! Don't you go pulling that stuff again!" One with blonde hari and honey eyes said.

"Seriously man! We were worried sick about you!" another one with dark brown hair and eyes said.
"Yugi are you okay? I was worried about you!" The girl said. Yugi was confused, they were worried about him could it possibly be true. He tilted his head and looked at them again. He gasped. He knew them, Joey, Tristan and Tea! He smiled widely and ran into their arms laughing and crying all at the same time.

In the hallway Yami smiled the road to healing had begun.

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